Paris Riots Beginning To Turn Anti-Jew, Police Mutinies Reported

Note: I see these protests continuing to escalate in the coming days and weeks – the Yellow Vests currently have no official leadership, and all previous attempts to negotiate with self-appointed Neoliberal cucks have been ignored by the movement as a whole.

The Judeo-Globalist elite just doesn’t seem to understand that they had a chance to wipe out the White Race through a “death with dignity” scheme.

They could have kept the immigration and subtle miscegenation propaganda flowing, but let the people have some material comforts to ease extinction for a few more decades.

Instead they’ve mocked us, censored us, broadcast their plans for the world to hear in the most arrogant manner possible, and even deprived working class men and women in France of the means to go to work to feed their shrinking families.

Is it no wonder then that the powder keg is starting to go off?

They’ve brought this upon themselves (thankfully).

The only recourse Macron has had is to allow Antifa to infiltrate Yellow Vest groups in order to sow any bit of chaos possible.

The police and fire departments are on the side of the people – it’ll be interesting to see what the French military will do if deployed in order to keep Paris from being taken over.

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  1. “Instead they’ve mocked us, censored us, broadcast their plans for the world to hear in the most arrogant manner possible, and even deprived working class men and women in France of the means to go to work to feed their shrinking families. Is it no wonder then that the powder keg is starting to go off?”

    I hope that powder keg catches the entire Western world on fire, gets ALL of our people activated!

  2. the french voted for this. this is what they wanted. let them get it good and hard.

    and they’ll keep voting for leaders who plan to make france disappear. so why feel bad about it?

    france should be allowed to disappear.

    just make sure to not save france from themselves, yet again. allow them to go away permanently this time.

    not one american troop to help save france from their coming civil war and dissolving into eurabia.

    • @Garg blarg

      Understandable sentiment and frustration, yes, but I’d wager that if you counted only actual white French votes in the last election, maybe 60-65% voted Le Pen. But factor in the mud vote along with white leftist votes, that 60-65% is diluted down to below 50%. Leftist parties see immigration as their future voter base. It isn’t fair that the third world hordes get to come in and vote, when they’ve contributed very little to the wellbeing of the nation….but they can.
      As its illegal in France to take statistics on race, we don’t even know how big the mud voter base is.
      Ask your average REAL Frenchman if he wants Sharia law, FGM and burquas in his nation, I’m sure he’d say no thanks.

      • Are there any “real” Frenchmen even left anymore? I don’t think very many. They are extremely mongrelized. Hitler knew it 80 years ago.

  3. At the beginning, I thought it was another “General Strike” protest like you see very often in France. Then I thought that movement will be reined in by the establishment like the Tea Party and most of the Alt-Right in the U.S. But the movement seem to be growing and getting more radicalized.

  4. “”…They could have kept the immigration and subtle miscegenation propaganda flowing, but let the people have some material comforts to ease extinction for a few more decades…..””

    Well, they can,t. Their own grown genetic white liberal elite is out of hand. EU is printing 30 billion Euro per month to calm down angry people but genetic white liberal business elite is not raising wages despite cash avalanche.

    This is yuuge issue down here in Europe. On the businesses board level is such a dissipation that probably Louis XV would ashamed but nothing reaches to workers.

    Because of liberalism is genetic They do not change by the very same reason why serial killers and pedophiles never quit.

    Capitalism is Jewish invention like communism and designed so that only worst people succeed. In the beginning it helped Jews to power but now it became self destructive.

  5. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was anti-Jewish from the start. In Central and Eastern Europe, Communism was/is always synonymous with Jews. Even inseparable.

    People further west are starting to realise that Jews use ideology the way other people use hand tools. Something Central and Eastern Europe figured out a long time ago from bitter experience.

    The Jews have put down the hammer of Communism and taken up the screw driver of Globalism.

    • “The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was anti-Jewish from the start.”

      David Irving also says this in some of writing and talks on the subject.

        • . . . and why Irving has become persona non grata. If you’ve never read about the Hungarian uprising, his “Uprising” is an excellent place to start. And yes, there was more than a whiff of anti-Jewish pogrom in it. All the top Hungarian commies were Jews, and they were hated.

  6. I hope this spreads and begins a trend Europe-wide. The French can see that places like Hungary, Italy and Poland have leaders with some morality and principles……and they’re stuck with Macron.
    And is France going to sign the UN refugee folly without asking the voters?
    I’m hoping the stand that Hungary is taking rubbs off on every other white nation.
    Revolution or extinction-thats what it has very gradually come to.
    They think whites don’t notice subtle little things like mixed-marriage Christmas ads on TV or our welfare bill going off the charts due to
    immigration……well we DO notice and we DO get angry.

    • Correct. From Paris to Budapest is 1500 kilometers, On the European roads this is 10 hours something. And Western Europeans see 100 % white peaceful normal city. Eastern Europe is example. People see that there is possible to live without diversity madness and the Viktor Orban government is not horrific regime but very nice people who don,t put people in jail because they said or wrote something. And despite free speech and legal guns there is no mass violence against women or sexual deviants or mass shootings or whatever what is used in the west to take away freedoms.

    • The idiots think by silencing the anger, the anger and fortitude to seek change diminishes. Nothing could be further from the truth. We regroup and wait patiently.

  7. I guess the “elites” were getting impatient to implement their global super-state, so they threw caution to the wind and accelerated the tyranny and mass nonwhite immigration. By now the USA, Canada and Mexico were supposed to be fully integrated and using the Amero as their currency.

  8. ”…They could have kept the immigration and subtle miscegenation propaganda flowing, but let the people have some material comforts to ease extinction for a few more decades…..”

    They sped up the time table, because they know they’re running out of time. Its called panic.

  9. If Macron steps down it’s most likely the next “leader” will be no better. The French people should be protesting their traitorous government’s plan to eradicate them as a people and demand a leader who will stop it. Glarg blarg’s comments above are harsh and bitter but I understand where he’s coming from.

    • I disagree. To a great extent France lost its sovereignty in 1940. They seemed happy enough and then the US had to D-Day. Did the French vote for D-Day?

      White voters in France didn’t hold the balance of power either. FN can be perpetually shut out by combinations of racial others acting in concert.

      • Allied bombing killed far more French than the Germans ever did. France would still be French if the Germans had won.

    • I think this might be revolution here. The French have always had a bit of a Fuck You attitude towards authority. The problem is it will probably take martial law to calm this down and that would infuriate the natives even more. This could be a major tipping point for the west. I honestly never guessed it would be France setting off the bonfire.

  10. Our enemies are powerful in many ways, but their egotism prevents them from having any moderation or self-restraint. Let’s pray that their pride will hasten their fall.

  11. White Pride Worldwide flag evident in 3rd video.

    These yellow jackets are turning out to be some of the best protesters in Europe in many decades. We are constantly remarking on French inaction but maybe they will make up for it. They need to specifically go after government traitors, aristocrat traitors, wealthy traitors, and the globalist traitors and their Jew masters. I’d torture them before hanging them but I’ll leave it up to the protestors to find the most accurate and sordid means of dealing with them. Nothing should be left off the table. Do what they do, act by making them an example.

    Yellow Jackets – they killed your grandparents, great grandparents, and great, great grandparents through phony wars only to give France away and you along with it. They flooded your nation with Third Worlders to put you at the lowest rung on the ladder. Revenge is best served cold.

    Viva La France!

    • Indeed revenge is a dish best served cold, colder than a corpse left to freeze outdoors in the French winter.

  12. That first photograph has all the right elements. And, the Frenchman and his flag look so glorious. Personally, I’d frame it in gold.

  13. The fact they are waving the flags of France, Breton, WPW, etc. tells me these protests have a lot to do with Macron’s traitorous comments about nationalism. When they finally get their hands on him, they should treat him like he’s a frog in a science lab.

  14. “They could have kept the immigration and subtle miscegenation propaganda flowing, but let the people have some material comforts to ease extinction for a few more decades.”

    That’s mathematically impossible because white genocide is very expensive. As non-white welfare recipients immigrate and breed like rabbits, they impose an ever greater burden on the shrinking population of white taxpayers. This can masked by technological advancement, borrowing, and money-printing, but technology has limits, and financial trickery only increases costs in the long run.

    It’s to the point where I don’t want to discuss politics anymore because I see no solutions that don’t involve millions of people dying of hunger, cold, violence, and treatable illnesses.

  15. If the French are doing this when they have to pay more tax on fuel, imagine what they’ll do when the oil wells runs dry.

  16. France est fini. France is finished. Macron needs the additional capital to pay for the welfare for the muds. Unless the muds are returned to Algeria and the rest of africa, France has no hope with or without Macron.

  17. It’s been like this for millennia. You rid octagon aka Swissy we’ll live… Zio is just an offshoot

  18. I was hopeful at first, and to a large extent I still am…

    …but, the more I look at these protests, the more I’m reminded of what happened last year in Catalonia.

    Y’all remember that? The majority of the people wanted to do a thing, they voted overwhelmingly in favour of the thing, world opinion was largely in favour of letting them do the thing…

    …and then Madrid said they couldn’t do the thing, sent the cops in to beat up anyone who protested and threw their leaders in jail (where most of them remain today), and all was back to normal.

    This is bigger and more widespread than Catolonia, but is there any reason to think that Macron can’t ultimately suppress his revolution in the same way Rajoy did?

  19. Funny fact, the body size of the average French man in the times of the French Revolution was about the same of the average 12-year-old European girl of the 21st century.

    • @Nemo When Napoleon went to Egypt, the people were so tiny there that the army was unable to find any clothing or shoes that would fit them, even the stuff made for the largest Egyptians was too small for the smallest frog.

    • Vegetable diets all round. Average height declined in Europe from the Middle Ages, when it was actually fairly close to today. The late 18th and most of the 19th centuries were the low point (which also coincided with the longest work weeks and least number of holidays in all of recorded history).

      The exceptions were the Americans and, to an extent (later on, once a freeborn population was established) Australians, who, with extensive mostly uninhabited continents where they could raise sheep and cattle, were noted as being large, burly, and well-formed.

      Ironically, the “Little” Corsican, Napoleon, was relatively tall for his era at 5′ 7″.

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