Bolsonaro’s Death Squads Are Taking Back Brazil From Violent Criminals

Bolsonaro hasn’t been inaugurated yet, but this is the second incident we have seen go viral:

Note: Trump spends his time pushing prison reform.

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  1. That’s how the invaders on the southern border should be dealt when they set foot in u.s. territory.

  2. In Brazil, the cops have to do this to enact the will of the people.

    In America, the ordinary man on the street could start to take out the scum- if he was only given permission.

  3. It seems that the people love a good Death Squad, as long as it’s going after the correct type of scum. Bravo for Bolsonaro!

  4. I guess thats the diff between USA and Brazilians. Americans would film the cops with their cell phones, scream “hes a human being!” Etc etc.. Brazilians just cheer the deaths of scum.

      • Police are being trained to kill whites that even look like a threat. Look how the local police killed a white man just after he killed a black home invader that sttacked his grandson. This incident occurred recently in CO. Imagine how that boy will view police and the government when as a young man. I hope he will regard both as his enemies.

        • Yes and that’s one of the things that disgusts me the most about America’s political landscape. The Right (“alt” or otherwise) always sides with pigs, and the Left only protests police brutality against niggers.

  5. “Brazilians” in the center and north of the country have an average IQ of 87, most are brown or blacks, uneducated, not far from bestial level. Whatever happens the explanation is always low and crude.
    So most “Brazilians” are primitive.
    On the other hand white “Americans,” naive, gullible, obedient, conform to the social rules and norms of the day don’t matter how insane they are, project their values, thinking, and their own lives on peoples that have nothing to do with them.
    Only a demented or totally dumb would have children in this world.

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