France: Student Riots Rage Across Country, Government Fears Yellow Vest “Putsch” This Weekend

Student riots typically (but I suppose not always) mean Leftists rampaging through the streets demanding things like social justice, more mass immigration, and other such nonsense.

But in today’s France, we could in theory be seeing the beginning of something entirely unique in the last few decades – a realization among many of the youth (we’re talking about the White ones here) that the current Judeo-Globalist New World Order spells nothing but a bleak, cold, and miserable future devoid of any kind of hope.

France 24:

Around 200 French high schools were blocked or disrupted Thursday by students protesting a raft of education overhauls, on a fourth day of action called to coincide with anti-government demonstrations which have rocked the country in recent weeks.

Dozens of people wearing face masks threw Molotov cocktails, torched trash bins and clashed with police in several cities during violent protests ahead of a call for nationwide demonstrations on Friday.

“The situations are quite varied, with total or partial blockages, barricades to control access, burning pallets,” an education ministry official told AFP.

Although the students are demanding an end to testing overhauls and stricter university entrance requirements, they have seized on the momentum of the ongoing “yellow vest” protests against President Emmanuel Macron.

“We’re the ones who are going to eventually have to pay higher fuel prices,” said Ines, one of around 150 high school students demonstrating in the southern Paris suburb of Cachan.

The “yellow vest” protests began on November 17 in opposition to rising fuel taxes, but they have since ballooned into a broad challenge to Macron’s pro-business agenda and style of governing.

The government announced Wednesday it would cancel planned increases in fuel tax due to take effect in January in a bid to appease the mostly low-income protesters from small-town and rural France.

“With the yellow vests as a pretext, we’re seeing all sorts of individuals joining with people demonstrating in good faith, including students, and this is leading to serious violence,” Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told BFM television.

At least two cars were burned outside a school in Mantes-la-Jolie northwest of the capital on Thursday, while a student was seriously injured by a rubber bullet fired by police in the central city of Orleans.

The main farmers’ union said Wednesday that its members would hold demonstrations every day next week.

Two truck driver unions have also called an indefinite sympathy strike from Sunday night, while blockades at fuel depots have caused shortages in Brittany, Normandy, and southeast regions of France.

Blood is in the water now, and in what might be quite a shock to the ruling classes, the Yellow Vests have refused to back down and accept the bribe offered by President Macron.

They’ve seen and tasted their power as a mass movement representing true Populism, and are now beginning to come to terms with the fact that France, the EU, and the White Western world as a whole faces problems far more dire than just a nasty tax on diesel.


With more Yellow Vests protests approaching this weekend Elysee Palace is worried about a possible coup attempt. Calls have been made to attack parliamentarians and police forces, French media report.

Even though the French government abandoned the fuel tax hike after sweeping protests, the movement still calls upon its followers to gather on December 8. “The Act IV” will be held under the motto “we stay on our course.” The Facebook event has already counted 6,000 people who wish to participate and 22,000 others who are “interested.”

On Thursday Eric Drouet one of the movement’s most famous leaders announced the Yellow Vests plans to approach the residence of Emmanuel Macron. “Saturday will be the final outcome, Saturday is the Elysee, we all would like to go to the Elysee,” he said.

The government is going to send the army into Paris if this weekend starts off interesting – they can’t risk possibly losing the capital.

But remember that soldiers are oftentimes a wild card when deployed against their own people.

Therefore, I recommend that folks like the below shut their lying Jewish mouths – unless they enjoy a Pandora’s Box scenario unleashed in full glory.

The intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace, the official residence of the president, that there have been “calls to kill” and “carry arms to attack” parliamentarians, government officials and police officers, Le Figaro newspaper said on Thursday.

“They are putschists. [There is] a coup attempt,” a source claimed. The ministry has even been reportedly instructed to forbid its staff and ministers from working this weekend.

Security forces were also tipped that Saturday’s demonstrations may be hit by unprecedented violence caused by both “radicalized…extreme right and extreme left,” Le Figaro added.

According to Jean Bricmont, a French writer and political commentator, the fiery protests have more to do with the “incompetent,” EU-dependent government policy than the rising gas prices. “The revolt is not just about the gas prices, it’s a general revolt against the policy of the government,” he told RT.

Only time will tell, but if we base things on the emotions running hot, and on the fact that the French are not exactly the kind to show restraint once worked into a frenzy, expect the coming weekend to be one that will be remembered for many long years to come.

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  1. I can envisage a time in the future when the wearing of yellow vests will be illegal as they’ll be synonymous with right wing uprisings. We should all don yellow vests this weekend in solidarity with them.
    Yes, the youth of today are going to be paying higher fuel taxes…..and be a hated minority in their lifetime…and be taxed to death to pay for diversity….and have all their industries exported to China…..and be told they can’t speak out against it.

    • I don’t think the Jews have that much time left now, the match has been thrown into the space full of an explosive mixture of fuel and air. I think the first shots of the war of liberation for white Europeans have just been fired, and there’s no stopping it now. Anything Macron and the Jews do will be as effectual as tossing water balloons at an approaching mega-tsunami.

  2. I don’t know much about French history but I think it is likely that the French were “worked up” as you say by the Jeffrey Cohen types of their day the last time. So, what is going on now, I think we can figure most of the kids are multicult morons and no use to the French nation. My first guess is all the yellow vests are dupes in a master plan they do not know about. Who makes and sells those vests? Who passed the law to make them have those vests? Who backs that politician? That’s what I want to know.

    • Almost everybody in Europe has yellow vest. You must have it in your car with medical package, fire extinguisher and other safety stuff . I have couple of them also and I use them all the time. Too many people got killed on the roads because of winter low visibility. China makes those vests and almost every shop sells them.

  3. Establishments are not removed by voting, they are removed in times of great calamity. Wars, civil wars, arnarchy. When a country falls into chaos, the call will go out for someone to lead. Those who are ready and do not choke, will reach out and say “We will do it.”, and they will become the establishment for the next century or so. There is opportunity in chaos, is no joke.

  4. I suspect the left has seized on this to create the excuse for government violence against its own people and martial law. I’ve been skeptical about the credibility of the whole movement from the start. Not one mention that I’ve heard or read having to do with genocidal 3rd world migration. We’ll see.

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