Government Shutdown Week 3: President Trump Addresses Nation

We’re now on day 18 of the government shutdown, and tonight President Trump had the opportunity to turn everything around and once again possibly rebuild at least some of the coalition that put him in the White House to begin with.

And he fumbled the ball – sort of.

There was no call for a state of emergency (which would have allowed for wall construction without Congressional approval), and there was no call for something resembling martial law along the southern border.

Instead, although his speech wasn’t terrible or horribly weak all things considered, we witnessed reason number 4,648 why governing as a Conservative fails abysmally under current conditions.

A revolutionary spirit is needed to break the deadlock (come what may), and a revolutionary mindset is, and will be, essential for anything resembling victory to emerge.

Much of the Left understands this, and most of the leadership (especially Jews like Senator Schumer) realizes that a holding pattern works in their favor when combined with sweet-sounding platitudes and calls for “unity” despite the rather demonic look that is sometimes hard to suppress.

The invasion continues with each passing day, and with each moment, the demographics skew more and more towards a dark (literally and figuratively) future.

Perhaps, however, we’ll see something come about if the shutdown continues, and programs like EBT and WIC start to fall apart due to lack of funding (as they are scheduled to within the next 30-60 days).

History does tend to work in these random and odd ways, and while I personally do not expect society to reach the point where it collapses, there is the potential for a misjudgment here.

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  1. I’m a rigorous skeptic of both sides. I think Trump held a slight advantage.

    The Dems come across as shifty; they jumped from one argument to another, signaling that no specific one is particularly compelling and engaging in logical contradictions that undermine them all.

    The real wall to consider is the one materializing between the jews and the blacks, however. And that one isn’t just symbolic, to either side.

  2. It could have been a lot stronger and I wish it was. But in looking at the initial takes around the community on twitter and in comment sections, I didn’t think it was as bad as some on our side are making it out to be (it is obvious a lot of the criticism on twitter and in comments is coming from d/c and demoralization system trolls).

    While I was rolling my eyes and groaning through most of it, I thought Trump closed out well by bringing up all the raping and murdering that illegal immigrants do. No one else would have said those words, much less called for a barrier of an kind. Jeb or Rubio would have a signed a 35,000,000 person amnesty by now.

  3. Conservatives fail because they really aren’t opposed to infinity 3rd world immigration. They just prefer to give it the color of legality. We’re flooded with legal 3rd worlders and force assimilated with them every year.
    Conservatives never talk about it
    If I tell them the legal ones are chasing down the last White person they’ll call me a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    Conservatives ratify White Genocide.

    • Exactly. I would also argue there are very few pro-White Republicans, as many on our side do. Ultimately, it is a ruse for votes.The 50/50 Republican v. Democrat split is baked into the cake. As the anti-White rhetoric intensifies, the more Whites join the Republican side, but the Republican Party’s only true job is to manage the White replacement/defeat and nothing else.

      • Divide and conquer. Although I’m starting to notice that some Whites are waking up to the fact that this isn’t about D v R or Lib v Con but about White Genocide.

  4. Marcus Cicero, you’re not kidding about the inability of the juden disgusting their innate evil. It manifests itself in the physiognomy in their facial features, especially their reptilian eyes.

    As for the lunatic left, they can’t suppress their insanity. It is clearly evident in their “windows to the soul.”

  5. “History does tend to work in these random and odd ways, and while I personally do not expect society to reach the point where it collapses, there is the potential for a misjudgment here.”

    I would bet against you here. You are brilliant but you are still young (not your fault).

    • Thank you, and yes, you’re right.

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and yours truly are almost exactly the same age.

  6. otto skorzeny
    JANUARY 9, 2019 AT 12:14 AM
    “Until White Americans watch their children go without food nothing will change”.

    Spot on. What we do with the time between now and then is crucial. Make no mistake, White Americans will die en masse. The masses of (((television))) brainwashed whites in poverty and miscegenation will be first. The cucked, so-called Christians- that worship diversity, inclusion and tolerance instead of Christ will be the second group along with their liberal white friends and LGBTQRX offspring. The third group will be the middle class sports worshipers and those that financed their way into (((debt))). THOSE whites need to go without food. Those whites need to die.

    I’d love for a post here now and then on how to help Whites prepare for the collapse and reset that coming. I’m prepared, along with my family and our network of white friends- but most aren’t.
    When it happens, it’ll be too late to prepare. What our ancestors survived during the Civil War and Reconstruction was pure Northern genocide. You might want to pick up a book on the subject written before 1960 and start getting ready. Trump only bought us time, and it’s running out.

  7. We don’t need this Leftist Swamp controlled tyrannical form of one-Republic Government. Strong state governments are to keep this beast in check. Shut the Federal Government down permanently. Declare this January as “National States’ Rights Month” and honor the Confederacy (CSA) …

    “The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.”
    — Robert E. Lee

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