This Government Shutdown Is About To Get Really Interesting Really Quickly

This scenario is tough to lay out because I’m struggling with two different viewpoints here:

One the one hand, we cannot have President Trump cave like a sniveling coward on this issue – it’ll for the most part spell the end of the beginning stage no matter what sort of deal is worked out (it would come down to either the same old game, or an exchange of DACA amnesty for a few hundred miles of pathetic border fence).

But on the other hand, I feel for the millions of Whites dependent on food stamps, WIC, and other essential programs that are set to run dry by the end of next month at the very latest.

I understand their pain and worry, and fear for their well-being if everything continues on its current course.

But perhaps (I’m going to get a bit dark minded) this is what’s needed – take away comforts and security and make the White Man realize the real nature of things.

NBC News:

The country would face an economic hellscape if the government shutdown lasts “months or even years,” as the president has suggested it might, experts tell NBC News.

The doomsday scenario might be unlikely — the longest the federal government has ever shut down is 21 days, a record that will fall if the current closure lasts until Saturday — but it is chilling.

“We’ll be in no man’s land,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told NBC News.

If the worst were to happen, experts say the devastating impact would be widespread:

38 million low-income Americans lose food stamps

6 million face an uncertain timetable for collecting tax refunds

2 million without rental assistance and facing possible eviction

800,000 paycheck-less federal employees plunged into dire financial straits

Shuttered parks and museums while overstressed airports cause tourism to tank

Federal court system slows to a crawl

Disaster relief money doesn’t get to storm-ravaged areas

Lapsed FDA and EPA inspections lead to dangerous outbreaks

Private companies looking to go public are stuck in limbo

Stock market plummets

The end isn’t near — yet. But if the standoff persists — talks blew up at the White House on Wednesday — and Congress and President Donald Trump can’t reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling in a few months, “it’s game over — you’ll have a pretty severe recession,” Zandi said, adding that given the trade war with China, and Brexit looming, “you could start seeing some pretty dark scenarios” worldwide.


By the end of February, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, run by the Department of Agriculture, would be out of funding — meaning almost 40 million low-income Americans could find themselves struggling to pay for food, said Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist for the accounting firm RSM US.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, meanwhile, has already seen 1,150 contracts with private landlords housing low-income tenants lapse. Another 500 will expire by the end of this month, and another 550 by the end of February, the agency says.

Funding for rental assistance for millions of tenants could be at risk as soon as next month.

“The near-term impact is people getting evicted, having their heat turned off and not having enough food,” Brusuelas said.

The list goes on and on – remember that tax refunds are about to get disrupted or delayed into timetables of insanity.

But we can now say that this (not Supreme Court picks, not fights over bump stocks, and not Obamacare) is the focal moment of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

He has the chance to become something truly of legend (memes aside), or the chance to go down in White folklore and history as the bumbling Orange Fool who had the chance to prevent catastrophe on an epic scale.

It really comes down to the Nationalism description, and whether President Trump holds to his statements or whether he was lying for the tasty news coverage (I have my suspicions, but let him show his hand publicly).

Because you see, a true Nationalist is willing to sacrifice himself for the common good of his people – legacy means nothing, and individualism and freedumbs mean nothing contrary to what Cuckservatives will tell you.

A Nationalistic President would not care if his reelection fails, and wouldn’t care one iota if a gaggle of Jewish journalists slam him until he lies on his deathbed – it’s the race and/or nation that matters above all, and personal feels are expected to be relegated to a secondary role.

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  1. no, no, and no again:

    social security checks are going out on time;

    tax refund checks are already going out to early filers;

    and, be assured, the end of the month gibs-me-dats will get their dats.

    Trump’s “shutdown”, like his “Wall””

    is a complete hoax.

    Trump, (((Pelosi))), and (((Schumer))) are running a

    dog-and-pony show.

  2. Good article Marcus.
    I tend to be pessimistic that Trump will do anything noble.
    I suspect we are going to get some form of DACA amnesty deal out of this. But if they keep kicking the can down the road long enough, it could spiral into a total economic collapse that the ruling class cannot control. And maybe even a political collapse after that. Being unable to feed one’s children would get Joe Sixpack’s attention more than the most brilliant ideology speech ever made.

  3. Does anyone really believe any kind of border wall will “save America” at this stage? Good fences make good neighbors, or they used to. You all know the fix is in. You all know what is coming, wall or not. It is only a question of when. Kalergi Plan USA is in motion, wall or not.

    Donald Trump cannot save you, or America. The parasites would simply send him to meet JFK, if he really tried. Just more slow, grinding demise is what is coming. And, the marxists will use this “shutdown” event to gain even more support for the next “election cycle”.

    • It’s coming to a “broken arrow” moment I think. Whites are going to literally have to tear down the infrastructure and form new enclaves to survive.

    • I get it. There is a problem. The problem is every other race ? is being taught to hat ? white people. They are indoctrinated to believe that We are devils and just downright evil. Once the haters of White People convince the other races that We are terrible it makes it that much easier to put us down economically and other ways. Of course those methods can not be used against other races ? because They, especially those of the Hebrew persuasion, are pure and sanctimonious with not an evil bone ? in their precious Bodies. Now how do you counterintelligence that one ????
      The Pukes that purvey this nonsense make up less than 1% of the World ? population, yet they are able to carry out a genocide campaign 24/7.
      I took one ?? small step a while ago.
      The local temple was having a 4 week Jew religion study course. I spoke my mind when some woman said she was offended by people praying in Jesus Name. They were speechless ? when I spoe up simply saying, “That is How We Pray.
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are

  4. The tidal wave destruction is coming, regardless of what Bad Orange Man does. America is flooded with worthless, stupid, parasitic Orcs, and we have an enormous population of home grown Ferals. The White population is shrinking; no one will be left to prop up the decaying corpse. Let the waves break NOW…..while the Functioning Few have the barest numbers to defend ourselves…..

  5. I would feel bad for whites on WIC, but let’s face it, we could organize food drives via churches in 5 minutes flat. What about the people who are 70% on food stamps (blacks, hispanics). They’d be in serious trouble, and well deserved. I pledge here and now to feed every poor white person around me, who swears allegiance to their race above all.
    If not, starve.

  6. What I don’t understand is why poor Whites on food stamps are not already revolting, when they are treated like garbage and spat on and abused by the whole power structure and by everyone. I have no idea how they can take life under capitalism anymore.

    I hope the shutdown starves the US military. Not one penny, not one dime for the bloody US military!

    • Poor whites feel powerless. They know that the anti-white system is against them. Many of them are disabled and elderly and are grateful for the little bit that they get.

      I sure hope that the social welfare system that sustains our white needy continues to help them. I also hope that the wall gets built all along the southern border.

      The border wall could help prevent more people from entering this country and put less burden on the already overburdened social welfare system.

  7. I see everywhere people wringing their hands and crying over the plight of federal govt employees who are coming close to missing a payday or two. (No matter that they’ll get their back pay eventually and those on furlough are essentially now on extra paid vacation.)

    I didn’t hear this much crying when entire industries shut down, whole towns were destroyed, and millions lost good manufacturing jobs and ended up delivering pizzas so that jews on Wall Street would be happy.

  8. Returned for an extended visit to my hometown, a place that was once a small auto manufacturing powerhouse and then cratered in the early 1980’s Great Recession. A majority White stronghold with a contentious racial past.

    I see…..houses that are literally rotting, boarded up businesses downtown, young White wiggers who are going to a methadone clinic on a ‘good’ day, and older White people toting around their 1/2 Black grandchildren- — whom they have probably taken custody of from their coal-burning daughters.

    Too late for a wall here. If I were to judge by the daily scene here, the White race is already lost. A wall would still be an important symbol; but at this point, not much more.

    • @ Carl Green, Those towns litter the landscape across the nation.

      One positive use for the wall would be to line up the White traitors and their cohorts against it.

      • Well, it really doesn’t look good when you look around. Half-breeds and whatizit mongrels everywhere. We almost need a directed program to improve the ever more polluted white genome. Separation of the best elements at the least. And yes, I think of killing myself quite often. Probably won’t do it just yet, though.

        • >>Well, it really doesn’t look good when you look around. Half-breeds and whatizit mongrels everywhere. We almost need a directed program to improve the ever more polluted white genome. Separation of the best elements at the least. And yes, I think of killing myself quite often. Probably won’t do it just yet, though.


          …I know how you feel. Last year’s big round Syrian airstrikes saw me losing any last shred of hope I had in Trump or peaceful change of the system, and at about the same time I lost the affections of probably the only woman, possibly the only human being, I’ve ever really loved. Came damned close to eating my shotgun. Still tempted every day.

          Why haven’t I? Well, think of it this way: there are 44,965 suicides in America, 70% percent of those are adult white males. That’s 31,475. Turn even half of those into murders and you increase the national murder rate by 48%. Would the Pig Empire be able to handle that?

          No, I don’t think we could literally start recruiting from the asylums (even though the Red Army Faction wanted to do just that, and most suicide bombers are said to be depressives), but I do think we could harness a lot of the pent-up energy held by people who are literally sick to death of this Kike System and would leap at a chance to help us tear it down. Winning or losing doesn’t even matter for people like that. I mean, you planned on dying anyway, and you probably weren’t going to Heaven, so why not go out in a way that’ll increase your odds of having a place for you in Valhalla?

  9. Re creating a bigger better Confederate States is THE only solution. Embrace it and push it … or waste the few remaining years you have of quasi freedom.


  11. @Carl Green

    It’s true. The old timer Americans (as pictured in 1800s) haven’t resembled any Americans 1940+….in otherwords, extinct. Maybe it can come back but it’s going to take a miracle from God. It’s really sad to me that it has gotten this bad before our government says there is a problem. We have at least 40% foreign occupation and they are just now in panic mode!

    Anyway, I’ve started questioning whether I even want a wall/fence now, I don’t want to get trapped in here!

  12. If the god damn System does collapse I know most Whites will instinctively help each other out, the way they do in hurricanes and snowstorms. There are too many moochers at the public trough anyway. A great culling of the herd is in order!

    A breakdown of central authority would also mean that the mestizos would be able to deal with the niggers, who of course are universally hated. That would save us the problem of having to eliminate them ourselves. The mestizos aren’t a bunch of softies like we are. And without ZOG mercenaries around to protect Satan’s Chosen? What would become of them?

    Do any of you really want this gay disco known as the USA to re-open for business?

    • @Spahnranch1969

      The system has collapsed. They are losing trade power across the world on the dollar. That’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Expect hyper inflation from this point forward. When foreign governments look questionably at your money the only logical next step is they look questionably at your legitimacy as a nation. It will meander this way for a little while as people on payroll for ZOG keep getting their Monopoly money paychecks.

      • Spot F-ing on! The French are going to collapse the Euro. I don’t see how that doesn’t bring it all down.

  13. People say ‘it’s too late for a wall,’ ‘they deserve what they get for race-mixing,’ ‘the government are all liars,’ etc., etc., etc. Well, it’s all true. But what are YOU going to do about it? Not just the usual kvetchers on this forum, but AMERICA. What are YOU going to do about it, White Man?

    Gith Yankee has the right idea: ” I pledge here and now to feed every poor white person around me, who swears allegiance to their race above all. If not, starve.”

    I would go a bit further. Mandate that they attend BIBLE studies and forced worship, (Bullshit about ‘freedom of conscience’ – There is only ONE God, and the Christian/catholic Church is His Body. End of Story) before you give them food. In Scripture, even a glass of water must be given with a caveat-God is not mocked. We are DONE throwing EVERY SINGLE DAMN PEARL WE OWN, BEFORE SWINE!

    I concur- We ALL gave God the ‘middle finger,’ as it were, decades ago, and only NOW are we concerned that the USA is going to enter into a ‘thirty years war’ or some such historical analogy? I don’t want it any more than you do, but if it is the means to awaken my fellow Adamites… well, then – “Suck it up,” as a friend of mine used to say. Now is the hour, now is the day to repent, peradventure the Lord be gracious unto His Israel (no, Spawn, I’m NOT talking about that ‘shitty little country’ in the Levant- I’m talking about Christendom/White Lands).

    Have YOU been prepping? Have YOU moved to a majority White/Christian/Normal area? Have you purchased a gun, and begun to pray you won’t have to use it, when the ‘golden horde’ is breaking down your front door, and your son or daughter is in the line of fire?! Dear GOD, deliver us from such scenarios.

    But, OTOH, if the niggers and spics (foreigners, enemies ALL) stop getting free largesse from my illegally stolen taxes if Trump holds firm, (Please, Lord, give that man a backbone!), so much the better. Let the Amalekites and the Amorites destroy themselves in the inner cities, for all I (or God) cares. No, they are NOT made in the image and likeness of God – they wouldn’t be such animals, if they were!

    Thank the Lord, I am at least aware and ‘am convinced’ that Whites will NOT perish off the face of the earth, until the End. (America, however, may end, and partition of the continent can at last began – “Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!” And then, if the USA falls, it is because God is in control, not the ‘seed of Satan’ [Jews] nor the abominations before the Lord, (sodomites, tranny freaks, lesbians, and murdering abortion walking wombs), nor the lowest circle of Hell (traitors and Politicians).

    Find your own Pella, Ladies and Gents. And pray that your flight be not on the Sabbath, as it were.
    (That’s a biblical allusion, Pagans/Odinists/Fools. In case you are ignorant…. and you are.)

    • >>I would go a bit further. Mandate that they attend BIBLE studies and forced worship, (Bullshit about ‘freedom of conscience’ – There is only ONE God, and the Christian/catholic Church is His Body. End of Story) before you give them food. In Scripture, even a glass of water must be given with a caveat-God is not mocked. We are DONE throwing EVERY SINGLE DAMN PEARL WE OWN, BEFORE SWINE!

      You find a way to make set up some kind of J-woke, racially-healthy Catholic Theocracy under the wise and benevolent reign of Pope Mel Gibson and I’ll be happy to kiss the crucifix. Might even pop an extra adderall on Sunday so that I’ll be sure not to fall asleep in the sermon. But…

      …have you been to any Catholic churches recently? I went to one, thought I would like it. Congregation was medium-sized, almost all white (more Asians than spics, which is shocking in this area), I had been told that they sometimes did their mass and chants in Latin, which I’ll admit I’m a sucker.

      The priest gave us a bland Social Justice lecture of a kind that only the cuckiest of Baptists would dare give. 30 minutes he talked without saying a damned thing beyond “God is love”, “love thy neighbour”, “love the world” and “borders are raycis.” The guy was some fat old boomer who I could guess had been a hippy in the old days. He had a weirdly lumpy face and a weak voice that made me wonder why he ever decided to go for a career in public speaking. They literally ended the sermon with excerpts of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech playing on the speakers.

      Maybe some churches are better, but the Light of the Lord has clearly been taken been taken out of that one. The only way we’re getting any illumination from a church of that kind is by setting it on fire.

      • Just to be clear (or you are new here, and are ignorant) I am NOT a Roman Cleric. I abjure and denounce Rome as a valid organization AS SHE EXISTS TODAY, and call Bergoglio as an antichrist, just for the record – [ ]

        So, your comment is not directed against me, as it does not apply to my situation. It’s just a lot of hot air. However, you/one can’t fight the increasing judaizing secularization of this land, with nothing. As Rushdoony and North said almost forty years ago, ‘There is no such thing as religious neutrality. You are either serving God, or satan.’

  14. I just read this:
    This is your country… on Liberals.

    How about another option?

    Martial Law- Leftists shot on sight. Pelosi and Schumer, hung….. in effigy, before the nearest courthouse. A general bounty for any and all “Anti-fa”ggots, and a Presidential Medal of honor for same.
    Fight fire with fire. Operation Wetback… on steroids, as it were.

    Of course, before ANY of this were to happen, we’d have to remove the Pseudo-Psemite from our midst: spatially, morally, psychically, religiously-

    Till then, the best I can come up with is:
    “Yellow Vests, arise.” Merde.

  15. Banks are hyper sensitive to political pressure. If the League of the South started protesting in front of banks that were working against traditional Southern & American values, things would turn around quickly. No need for any violence, just plain old informational picketing! As Friday said on Dragnet, just the facts mam.

  16. Until the government stops collecting taxes, there is no true government shut down. Are the fat cats still being paid? Is foreign aid frozen? The “government shutdown” is really just some agencies being denied funding as ransom for the wall.

    I think the shutdown has been engineered to hurt Democrats the most. Of course, it should be a wake up call as to how much they are dependent on a system that is not sound and their future is bleak if they continue to dependent on it for survival.

  17. It’s still not to late for a serious National Populist oriented red state secessionist movement! It took the Spanish 700 years to expel the Moors. Are we to be any less dedicated when our entire race is under global assault? If so we deserve our extinction! The problem with America can be boiled down to two things-it is too big and too diverse.Those two factors destroy the natural communal bonds that holds a nation together.

  18. Get ready to take a stand against tyranny. Join us at Stone Mountain for #RockStoneMountain on February 2nd,2019. For further details visit our Facebook page #RockStoneMountain or

    The Battle of Stone Mountain

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Michael Weaver and I’m the media spokesperson for Rock Stone Mountain. We are organizing a rally for February 2nd,2019 at Stone Mountain. The purpose of this rally is to preserve the monument that special interest groups want to remove and send down Orwell’s memory hole.

    I am available for comment at:678-438-8109. We are expecting hundreds or perhaps thousands to attend this event. Our Facebook page #Rock Stone Mountain is gaining ground and we will no longer tolerate this egregious assault against our culture and heritage. Furthermore, the US Constitution gives us the right to peacefully assemble and any attempt to deprive us of a Civil right is a Federal Felony!

    Read 42 USC -1983 civil action or Title 18:sections 241&242. I’m conducting an interview with Reuters tomorrow but feel free to contact me for further details.

    Sincerely,Michael Weaver

  19. Maybe with the partial shutdown, a teasing precursor to the long awaited collapse of this Communist Swamp controlled government, this will start the return of real “law and order” — the only real law and order that some people respect and obey. Tragic.

    “In December 1931, Salisbury was the site of a lynching of a black man. Members of a 300-man white mob dragged Matthew Williams, accused of murdering his white employer and wounded while being captured, from his hospital bed. They threw Williams from a third-floor window to the crowd below, where he was stabbed, tied to a truck and dragged three blocks to the county court house. There they hanged him from a tree, before he had any chance of a trial. The mob paraded his body through the black part of Salisbury for intimidation, and mutilated and burned him. It was the 32nd lynching in Maryland since 1882…”
    — Wikipedia, “Salisbury, Maryland”

  20. It’s past time to set up underground nationalist supply networks. Use “Irish festivals” or “Italian festivals” to get familiar with your community. If you have to use the underground networks before ww3 starts, don’t let anything heavier than diapers and blankets move through them

  21. Freedumbs? fuck off. Countless Americans died for those. Nobody intended for it to be twisted to mean faggot marriage and weed.

    • Fruits of a poisonous tree, Brah.

      This stuff was all part of a long march that took generations to manifest itself.

  22. The dumb looking creature in the red jacket (on the extreme right) looks charred. That’s genuine pitch black. I don’t think you can get any blacker. He’s darker than the necklace.

  23. All Trump ever had to do is to be as strong as White men used to be before WW2.

    1) Bring the troops home and put them on the border.
    2) Post signs in all languages, that border jumpers will be shot dead.
    3) Shoot dead anyone that tries it.

    1) Border crossings will drop to near zer, because no one will try it.
    2) Ivanka and Jared will cry.
    3) Trump will be re-elected by his White base.
    4) Anyone that runs on the shoot policy will win elections
    5) Whites and America will regain the respect it used to have, before WW2. We will no longer be seen as pushovers.

  24. Kings and royalty in financial distress yelled loud and clear: Get Me The TOP JEW. Today in every capitol of the world and in financial centers, the TOP JEW is on call. Mother Nature through trial and error chose the wonderous trouble shooter–THE TOP JEW.

  25. Lots of blustering on here.

    How many of our Volk are actually ready, willing and able to lay everything on the line? 1%, 3%, maybe? How many are willing to listen to Rockwell, Pierce or Butler’s theories, learn their tactics, and implement them?

    Who is ready to shed blood, bury his racial kin, and toil until he drops dead in the furrow to protect and feed our women, our children and our elderly? Who among us can forge a blade or a barrel? Make powder and shot? Hew a bow, fletch an arrow and harvest meat or kill an “other”…?

    Very few of you are willing to go without your coffee, fast food, Talmudvision, motorized transportation, cellphone, hot water on demand. Very few “Christians” are willing to admit that your faith is just another way the eternal parasite “fleeces the sheeple”… Have you never wondered why rabbis come to churches preaching that you need to “love and support the chosen of god”? Have you never wondered why 98% of all church charity funds are sent to care for brown skinned, not white skinned? Why does your grandfather, and most other White American males born before 1946, have a foreskin, and those born afterwards do not? The Gov’t of the USA sold out to the Rothchilds fully after the 2nd world war. Dishonest Abe started the slide, FDR and Truman finished it.

    I proudly fly a Southern Cross and a Blood Banner… I honor our ancestral ways… let the shutdown go on indefinitely, The gene pool needs chlorine.

    • We need to dispense with the idea that running away to the backwoods to play 16th century settlers and Indians is practical politics. The Indians could do most of the things you mention, and they lost everything.

      The reason the right loses is the left repeats what hurts the right, while the right never repeats anything that hurts the left. You can go to Coulters Twitter feed any time of day and see teams of anti-White lefties repeating RacistNaziWhiteSupremacist at the Conservatives over and over. They never get tired of it.

      The right rarely leaves their internet ghettos to take their message to the people, but if they do, what their leaders tell them to repeat is watered down and weak and does not hurt the left in any way. This is why the left is the establishment, and the right is always out of power even when it wins office.

    • @WDinTN

      “Very few of you are willing to go without your coffee, fast food, Talmudvision, motorized transportation, cellphone, hot water on demand.”

      You nailed it there. That is something I’ve been contemplating on lately.

  26. ” Have you never wondered why rabbis come to churches preaching that you need to “love and support the chosen of god”? -For stupid protestant sectarians, yes. For some in the liberal churches, possibly.

    But not my church, not the Orthodox…

    “No. It’s not a matter of a name (God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Supreme Being, the Power), so that it doesn’t matter what we call Him, as long as we call upon Him. No. Not so! Our God is Christ: “This is the true God and eternal life. Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:20-21). Outside of Christ every other “god” is an idol.

    As far as all of us being children of God, clearly we are all God’s creation, but not His offspring.”

    WDinTN, don’t think everyone is as ignorant or stupid as your neighbors.

  27. Imagine thinking you can be saved with politics.
    That is so laughable, our countries are half brown. And majority of those browns have the same citizenship as us. To think you’ll get a candidate elected that is remotely pro white is probably the best joke I’ve heard in some time. Trump barely won( IIRC around 200k votes) and our demographics get worse every year.(nazi germany was 100% white and hitler barely won) We won’t get a candidate like trump in office ever again. Whites no longer have any power within our own country. Our fate is not ours to decide any longer.
    My solution is to save up and by a piece of land of live off it with my family. This is purely a means of survival and to live a meaningful life and by no means does it solve the problems we have but I will not waste what little life I have left trying to persuade other whites to fight for their existence.

    The war and our countries were lost at the end of ww2. Politics are not the answer

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