The Great Cuckening: President Trump Offers DACA Amnesty For “Wall”

I had a gut feeling about how Trump would react to this shutdown, and I understood thanks to a long learning process that his shekel-satiated aging mind could not cope with the stress, but I honestly thought he’d hold up until at least February (I figured Valentine’s Day or thereabouts).

But perhaps I was too optimistic about Orange Man…

Fox News:

President Trump, in a televised White House address Saturday, offered Democrats a compromise package on immigration in an effort to end the nearly monthlong partial government shutdown — although some prominent Democrats were dismissing the olive branch as a “non-starter” before Trump even spoke.

Trump announced that he was prepared to back a three-year extension of protections for 700,000 immigrants who came to the country illegally as children and were shielded from deportation under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This, in exchange for the $5.7 billion he has requested for a barrier on the southern border with Mexico.

I’ve written about the DACA babies more than once, and would again like to remind everyone that this is the generation that is being groomed by (((certain elements))) to be a managerial class for the middle of this century.

As in – your children are going to have to grovel before these sniveling subhumans when looking for work, seeking loans/mortgages, or when trying to achieve something in higher education.

They are virulently anti-White, tend to easily assimilate in the multicultural sewer that is modern America, and have been given literally every advantage by the Jews who run this circus of a country.

There can be no compromise aside from whether they get deported by plane or by ground transport.

“Walls are not immoral,” he said, adding that a wall “will save many lives and stop drugs from pouring into our country.”

“This is not a concrete structure from sea to sea,” he said, addressing some previously expressed concerns about the so-called “wall.” “These are steel barriers in high-priority locations.”

So basically Orange Man is reverting to the policies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and yes, Barack Obama.

All supported fencing along the border, and all supported increased funding for the region.

Bill was actually about as hardcore as Trump ever was – far less cuckoldry if you want to be straight up about things.

The offered deal would also extend protections for 300,000 recipients of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program — which protects immigrants from designated countries with conditions that prevent nationals from returning safely.

Get ready for the other half of Somalia to move to Maine and Ohio, Goyim.

They’re scared of meanies, you know.

“Our immigration system should be a source of pride, not a source of shame as it is all over the world,” Trump said, before urging politicians to “take off their armor” and find solutions.

It would allocate $800 million for drug detection technology to secure ports of entry, 2,750 new border agents and law enforcement professionals, and 75 new immigration judges to reduce an immense backlog of asylum requests.

Government sources told Fox News before the announcement that the speech would form the basis for new legislation he hopes to get before the Senate next week. The proposal is similar to a compromise put forward by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., that would include three year work permits for DACA recipients and extension of legal status for TPS holders, in exchange for the wall funding. Graham called the proposal “fantastic” in a tweet after the announcement.

Note that I’m not going to act supportive of this BASED Log Cabin Republican like certain websites have been doing.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., praised Trump for his “bold solution” to re-open the government.

“Compromise in divided government means that everyone can’t get everything they want every time,” McConnell said in a statement. “The President’s proposal reflects that. It strikes a fair compromise by incorporating priorities from both sides of the aisle.”

Basically it’s like locking your door AFTER the gang of Negro rapists enter and find your daughter’s room.

Likewise, Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, voiced support for the president’s compromise plan, pledging his support for it via Twitter.

“@POTUS has put forth a reasonable, good faith proposal that will reopen the government and help secure the border. I look forward to voting for it and will work to encourage my Republican and Democratic colleagues to do the same,” Romney wrote.

I want out.

I want this shutdown to continue until this whole rotten structure comes crashing down.

I wholeheartedly thank Democratic leaders for rejecting this rancid proposal outright.

And, of course, I bet that my words will make it onto at least a couple Cuckservative outlets as part of a cry about how White Nationalists are secret “liberals.”

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  1. So Trump offers an amnesty. And more Somalians and other undesirables. What’s next? A third reversal of the decision to get out of Syria? A “surge?”
    What a disappointment.

    Only a collapse…

  2. Who needs Donald Duck when you have (((donald cuck))).

    You know that drumpf sits down when he take a leak.

  3. Somalis will go to Maine or Ohio? As we in Minnesota are already so blessed by Somali diversity that we have one as a Congresscritter (she’s incestuous, too!), I’ll bet that we’ll get more of them than anyone else. Minneapolis is already has a “Little Mogadishu,” after all, although most of us just give ALL of the city that name.
    Trump was elected to build the wall and drain the swamp. If he doesn’t do both of those things, he is a failure. This shutdown is probably his last chance to fulfill his promises. The Trumptards are already saying that this second DACA offer is another genius move that will allow Orange Man to push his agenda through! After the dems turn down his offer, the 4D Chess-Playing Stable Genius will use the opportunity to build the wall, get rid of the obstructionist bureaucrats, etc. I hope that’s what will happen, but I doubt Trump will do a damn thing.

    • No wall, no swamp draining, but plenty of caving. I’m sorry I voted for Trump. The only minor bright side was I won money betting on him at PredictIt. A little money for me is no comfort when the whole country gets betrayed over and over.

  4. Well, that orange piece of spittle has selected William Barr, a gun ban enthusiast, for Attorney General.

    I had a sneaking suspicion a couple of months into his presidency that he was going to be the one to try to disarm the populace. Not sure what caused that, just a feeling. Looks like it may have been correct.

    • Trump and his Jew owners aren’t trying to disarm the “populace”.

      he and (((they))) are trying to disarm the Whites.

      some of whom are stupid enough to actually obey “gun laws”.

      Black thugs and Spic ‘bangers will not even notice.

    • And now there’s bipartisan support in Congress to expand the totally unconstitutional reach of ERPO’s:

      “Senate Bill 5027, sponsored by Senator David Frokt (D-46), and Senate Bill 5072, sponsored Senator Steve O’Ban (R-28), would expand Washington’s existing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). These bills would affirm that the ERPO can be issued against minors while also infringing upon the self-defense rights of law-abiding parents or others in the household without due process. SB 5027 and SB 5072 are scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice at 10:00AM on January 17th.”

      Another bill just introduced “would ban the possession of ammunition magazines with a capacity greater than ten, encompassing most standard capacity magazines commonly used by law-abiding citizens.”

    • Oddly enough, I had the same thought, that it would be republicans, after all their blustering, who would actually be the gun grabbers.

      • Yep, gotta prove they are good people and all. And they will prove it until they’ve lost everything, most likely.

  5. Trump is softer on immigration than either McCain or Obama when they were running in 2008. What used to be seen as the moderate, mainstream position on immigration, with strong bipartisan support, is now considered to be Nazi fascist Hitler sixmillionjews. Now you are portrayed as a Satanic Hitlerian Monster if you don’t like ILLEGAL – to say nothing of LEGAL – immigration.

    But keep on telling me how “the Overton Window shifted to the right” since 2016.

    • Well said, Jijcf.

      The Overton Window shifted to the right in 2016, but it was “Trumped” by the
      (((Greater Overton Window))) which pushes us ever leftward.

  6. I rest my case. THE CONFEDERATE PARTY is the answer. Can you think of a better one ? I mean if even WE southern white nationalists can’t even agree on something THAT BASIC … 🙂 we’re no different from the 1/2 dem 1/2 rino bunch that never gets a thing done. We’ll all just “bitch” as The Titanic sinks.

    • @The Gray Ghost, the Confederacy is a memory and a fading one at that.

      Please stop listening to Charlie Daniels “The South’s going to do it again,” and drinking moonshine.

      North Carolina goes Demonscat as often as RETARDican. South Carolina gave us some of the worst zio-neo cons in the country. Georgia might become Zimbabwe in four years. Florida is right on Georgia’s heels, and Texas probably will become the next California in a decade, if not sooner.

      Where is this mythical Confederate Party going to rise from? Alabama and Mississippi?

      We’re better off looking to reactivate the Northwest Territorial Initiative as a de facto ethnostate.

      • That’s your lazy voice talking. It wants to sit on couch and eat donuts while militant lesbians take over. If we all allow ourselves to have a defeatist mentality, while our enemies are very vigorously pushing THEIR agenda … well, we’ll get what we deserve for being lazy.

        10 % of whites in the south would join right away. Soon, with proper marketing, another 30 % easy would join. More later. That’s not counting all the whites that would move from other parts of America and even South Africa and Europe to gladly join. Get off that couch and hit the gym !

        Northwest ?! Washington and Oregon became libtard a decade or more ago, and there’s that huge volcano about to waste ALL the northwest, and 1/2 of it’s desert. Meanwhile, the bible belt’s already loaded with conservative whites waiting for A PLAN TO BE PRESENTED.

        Now if you’ll excuse me the couch and donuts are waiting.

        • The best advice I ever heard from a pro White activist is to stop telling other people to do things for you, and do it yourself.

          So register your White Christians’ Confederate Party, and report back when you’ve done so.

        • @The Gray Ghost, First of all, Oregon and Washington state are both controlled by libtards, but if you travel 30 minutes outside of the urban areas, it gets a lot more “old school” White communities and I guess what you’d call “conservative.”

          The Northwest Territorial Imperative would consist of Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakotas, Idaho, Washington, and parts of bordering states.

          Secondly, the northwest is already overwhelmingly White, and the racial stock there is as strong and hardy as any in Dixie, if not more (look at obesity rates in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia.

          The Yellowstone Super Volcano could erupt tomorrow or in a million years. That’s about the same odds of a continent killer meteor or asteroid hitting North America.

          By the way, to get physically fit, a gym membership isn’t necessary. Pull ups can be done on ” monkey bars” found in many playgrounds, push-ups need no equipment, nor do jumping jacks or squat thrusts, and you can run or jog just about anywhere.

          Who’s going to pay for and create this marketing campaign for The (New) Confederate Party?

          If you insist on fighting for the Confederacy, they’re are LARPers all over the country that still bivouac and pretend to fight the War of Northern Aggression.

          Please believe me, if I thought that Dixie was our best chance at surviving as a culture, society, and a race, I would consider what you’re proposing feasible with a few tweaks, but it’s just it’s not feasible.

  7. But, but….all these Somalians are tomorrows inventers and rocket scientists who will fund your retirement….and greatly enrich you…

  8. Oh, I dunno’ goys. Sounds like more 8d underwater backgammon to me. I wonder how Jazzhands is gonna’ spin this garbage.

  9. On current predictions and trends, America will be minority white in 2042. Now…..that is 23 years away, which is NOT a long time. 23 years AGO was 1996. To a man of 50 like myself, that feels like yesterday. Well in that amount of time over again, America is going to be a latterday South Africa.
    Time is running out for you to unite, plan and have strategies. Divisions over things like Catholic vs atheist or working class vs upper class and men vs women is just petty nonsense that will mean nothing if we’re extinct. The white South Africans-I don’t see a way out for them, except to find a way out of South Africa. Do you want their predicament?
    Don’t run from the Left, blacks or degenerates. Own your cause. Own the battle. Take responsibility….then one day-re-own you’re nation. Trump isn’t the answer. One day you’ll need to take the wheel, and take back you’re nation-its your grandchildrens rightful inheritance which they have every right to expect from you.

    • Correct! However, some of the writers here would rather hang out with thugs (destroyers of civilization), because they are more exciting, than boring (civilized) old white people from the north. Or, their negros are ok as long as they’re southern. Same stuff we’ve been hearing from the conservatives, that they love to hate, for decades. To them it”s still about north vs south, instead of us vs them.

    • The White South Africans trusted their conservatives, until their conservatives signed South Africa over to the blacks.

      Its got nothing to do with divisions. Its WN addiction to Conservatism, and they are too damned lazy to build anything that represents their own interests.

      Memes Republican Operatives repeat at the WN lemmings, to keep them marching off the cliff:

      1) The Republican has a chance. Our candidate does not.
      2) Republicans are the lesser of two evils.
      3) Republicans are giving us time to “prepare”.
      4) One day the Republicans are going to realize they are the White Man’s Party.

    • no, “2042” is the number.

      it is a lie.

      counting spics as spics, Jews as Jews, Muslims as Muslims (instead of scoring them as “Whites”)

      makes the country majority non-White by 2030 at the latest.

      • @Haxo

        Yes you could be correct. I was highlighting the fact that even with conservative estimates, its still not far away, and of course when it does happen, you’ll unlikely hear about it from outside the Right.
        Things we can do include:- encourage white birth rates (an innocuous suggestion at worst),when engaging with the public, be friendly, be truthful and use facts and figures (facts and figures are very racist, but should still be discussed), discuss our support for the environment, animal wellbeing, jobs and law and order. Clarify that we OPPOSE war. Pester MP’s constantly. Begin lobby groups for whites-everyone else has them. Push for direct democracy-the only true democracy. Highlight hypocrisy whenever you see it. And shout from the rooftops that whites are awesome and west/civ wouldn’t exist without us. Say it loud. Say it proud.
        If white birthrates are up, you won’t need those future browns to fill labor shortages and be our ‘retirement funders’. The key is birthrates-if we get them well up among whites ,many of the other issues will sort themselves out. Its ironic how in every white nation, whites are the only demographic whose population percentage is not increasing-that alone should tell you something is not right.
        No point waiting until we’re 5% of the population…..we have to get our shit together NOW!!

        • “If white birthrates are up, you won’t need those future browns to fill labor shortages and be our ‘retirement funders’. The key is birthrates-if we get them well up among whites ,many of the other issues will sort themselves out.”

          Wake up john! You are half asleep!

          The borders of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc were opened to the Third World during the Baby Boomer Generation, when White birthrates were EXPLODING.

          Everyone is worried sick about losing their jobs to automation, so why are they STILL flooding the Third World into White countries for jobs that are’t going to be there?

          Non-whites aren’t going to fund White Baby Boomers when they are trained by the media and education system to hate Whites. White Baby Boomers aren’t going to be looked after, they will go to squatter camps like the Whites in South Africa.

          So this has nothing to do with birthrates. Birthrates is just one of an infinite number of excuses they make up to justify White Genocide. If you eliminate “birthrate problem” they will make up another excuse for White Genocide and keep doing it.

          If you have to enter into a breeding competition for survival in your Own Lands, its proof that White Genocide is deliberate, and the establishment aren’t going to stop until we stop them.

          “Have more babies!” They can bring in more full grown third worlders, than we could ever make babies. They have been doing. They are doing it now. They will keep doing it.

          • @Alex K

            I’m aware that non whites will have little interest in looking after people like us when we’re old-they want everything handed to them on a platter, but give very little back. I mentioned it in a sarcastic context that they’d fund our pensions.
            Low birthrates isn’t a problem in itself-its good for the environment, but when combined with high immigration and high non-white birthrates, logic would suggest we will soon be outnumbered if we don’t increase them. Just do the math. And do understand-I want no immigration and no non-whites, but because we do have them, and they ain’t going anywhere soon, we need to start replacing ourselves with at least 2-1 kids each. The Left doesn’t want us to breed……and anything they don’t want is likely something we should have.
            Thanks for your response-I’ll take it on board.

          • “Low birthrates isn’t a problem in itself-its good for the environment, but when combined with high immigration and high non-white birthrates, logic would suggest we will soon be outnumbered if we don’t increase them. Just do the math. A”

            Japan has a lower birthrate than the lowest birthrates in the West, yet Japan is 98% Japanese. The Japanese are in no danger of becoming a minority in Japan for the forseable future, because no one is demanding Japan be flooded with unending millions of non-Whites and demanding the Japanese people be force assimilated with all these non-Whites against their will until they all turn brown. This Policy is only demanded of countries, where the skin by some strange coincidence, happens to be white.

            What you are saying is as nutso as someone in a prison camp telling his fellow inmates, We gotta make more babies to make up for the ones the guards are shooting and burying out the back.

            I am trying to shake the movement awake john, because we are in a house that is on fire. But they are all still murmuring about the dreams they are still having.

            Wake up and deal with the prison camp’s guards, right now!

          • Heck the low birthrates you mention are also a result of what the camp guards are propagandising the White inmates with:

            1. They are telling people in White countries to have fewer babies, to save the environment.

            2. Then they are demanding that Whites and only Whites let in unending millions of third worlders into their countries, because of “low birth rates”.

  10. You just know that something awful, immigration-wise, is going to come out of Trump like it did with that other darling of the Republicuck Party – Reagan – who granted amnesty to 3M illegals.

    • @Alex K

      ‘Japan has a lower birthrate than the lowest birthrates in the West yet Japan is 98% Japanese. No one is demanding that Japan be flooded with unending millions of non-Japs’.

      Ummm…..thats precisely my argument-I know all that. Japan has no immigration, so they don’t need high birthrates to counterbalance any high non-Jap birthrates. You need to clarify exactly what it is we’re differing on.

      The scenario is that you want a white ethnostate, so do you achieve it by removing all non-whites, encourage more white births, or both? Ultimately in every case, I agree.
      The West will not survive with someone else’s babies.

  11. I wouldn’t thank the Dem leadership. They’re holding out because they know this backstabbing cuck will give them more. Trump pisses down our backs and his cheer leading useful idiots call it rain.

  12. All Trump cares about is the survival of the Republican Party, because he thinks they will protect his fortune. Like the (((GOPe))) he believes non-Whites will vote for the Republican Party, if he throws his White supporters under the bus. (They won’t.) That is why he keeps brining back this DACA BS, when his angry supporters keep telling him NO!

    I hope when the the country turns brown and Communist, they strip the Trump family of all their wealth. No one deserves punishment more than traitors.

  13. Next month, presumably, Trump will offer a new compromise to the Democrats: Mass deportation of all white Americans to Antarctica and an open border policy for brown people. I’m not sure how we’ll be forced to pay for their free shit forever, but they’ll work it out.

  14. He didn’t really offer them anything. A three year DACA extension in exchange for full wall funding (when the constitutionality of DACA is already in question)? Thats nothing. He’s just throwing them an offer that he knows they will find insulting and not accept. If no compromise is reached it will justify declaring a national emergency.

    You fools like to jump to knee jerk reactions because your low IQ white nationalist brains lack any political astuteness at all.

    • if Trump, who has now cornered himself, declares a “National Emergency” over his Wall Problem…

      he will be impeached AND convicted w/in a week.

      and that would be perfect for us:

      no more Trump,

      no more Republiscam Party.

      but he won’t. Because like you,

      he’s a cuck for the Jews.

  15. ” Call th’ White House, call yer’ Kongressclown, burn them phone lines down, goyim! ”
    ” It’s a Pro Forma offer…now activate Public Law 85-804…” Thus McFeels&Halberstram.
    Then I read AA’s take and I conclude that both TRS&DS are singing from the same hymnal.

  16. I suspect Trump will be the last gasp of white conservative America. What we do after Trump will determine our fate. I noticed Lynn Cheney said Steve King needs to find another job that there is no place for him in Congress. Republicans devour their own.

    • White Conservative America (which has conserved nothing) needs to go. Indeed, they were at the head of the line trying to lynch the Covington Catholic Schoolboys based on the lying Indian, Nathan Phillips.

      Whites need to get radicalized. Right now the only radicals are on the left but when White Leftists realize that Southern White “racists” aren’t the only Whites that TIIC want to vote off the island then all hell is going to break loose.

      • Couldn’t agree more. White Conservative America(WCA) worships Israel. WCA worships nigger sports and culture. WCA believes Jeezus and his daddy will eventually make everything alright. WCA is seemingly clueless about the demographic landslide which is building up to wipe them out, and everything they’ve ever built.

  17. so.. what if Trump made the offer, including concessions for the ‘pet group’…. knowing it would be rejected? it really shines a bad light on the dims… after all isn’t their prime concern those poor, ‘oh-press’ DACA recipients?

    • Another “maneuver” that accomplishes exactly nothing except leaving the existing situation in place? That will be forgotten in 24 hours, if most people even notice in the first place?

      How brilliant.

    • You are pushing a dems are the real racists narrative. “Trump showed the dems don’t care about the Dreamers, checkmate!” Pathetic.

      The fact that so many on the al-right are like you depressing. The entire point of having an alt-right is to keep this DR3 garbage out.

      We failed as a movement to police ourselves. We were too tolerant of ideologically unreliable new people coming in and didn’t do enough to teach them correct thinking. We just assumed they would learn by osmosis. That was a mistake.

      DR3 believers who will mindlessly shill for the GOP no matter what are now the majority on the alt-right.

      We were wrong to think that people who embraced edgy memes were really with us. Let’s learn from this lesson. We need to do more to separate ourselves from conservatives. That was the the whole idea before Trump came along. The mistake was to blur the boundaries between nationalists and conservatives in hope that we could influence the conservatives more.

      We need to make our movement completely separate from conservatism and focus on building a pro-white political party. We have to build for the long term and not sacrifice building our own party for short influence in the GOP. We have to accept that we will not have any real power until we get our own movement’s members in elections. We don’t even have to win those elections, but we have to run candidates under our own banner.

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