Tulsi Gabbard Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

UPDATE: Tulsi Gabbard condemns US intervention in Venezuela.

Tulsi Gabbard has announced that she is running for president in 2020:

She is essentially running as a single issue candidate:

Tulsi Gabbard’s argument that President Trump has sold out to Sheldon Adelson and the neocons is going to resonate with his own supporters:

A key part of Trump’s appeal in 2016 was getting rid of the neocons and their endless wars.

Gabbard could easily away with that constituency.

I shouldn’t even have to repeat how much of a disappointment Trump’s foreign policy has been: some of the highlights include the current campaign for regime change in Venezuela, attacking Syria twice over fake gas attacks, pinning the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Sheldon Adelson’s wife, hiring neocons like Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliot Abrams to run our foreign policy, $38 billion for Israel, ending the Iran deal, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, expanding NATO to include Montenegro, arming Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles, imposing round after round of sanctions on Russia and withdrawing from the INF Treaty and restarting the Cold War.

The single bright spot has been talks with North Korea and the possibility, which the Republican Senate voted almost unanimously to oppose, of withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Trump hasn’t delivered any victories on foreign policy for his base and has more or less pursued the Marco Rubio foreign policy of the GOP establishment. Meanwhile, the Democratic establishment has embraced the neocons, Russia hysteria, the wars in Syria and Afghanistan and intervention in Venezuela.

The Trump foreign policy has been nothing but endless victories for Israel:

Vice President Mike Pence gave the most cucked speech to the Knesset of any American politician in history. It was described as “a Zionist sermon.”

The knives are already out for Tulsi Gabbard:

There are lots of people in the Alt-Right with nothing better to do and no incentive to support Trump and the Republicans who are gravitating toward Gabbard:

Gabbard is arguably the most anti-Zionist candidate in the race. Why not back Tulsi Gabbard as a protest vote in the 2020 Democratic primaries? It’s unlikely she will win the primary, but her campaign could be used to send a message to the GOP that our votes can’t be taken for granted.

Note: When Trey Knickerbocker floated the idea of infiltrating the Democratic Party, it was controversial at the time. Now, even The Daily Stormer is on board with it.

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  1. Besides being anti-Zionist and sexy (her fitness and femininity triggers man-hating feminists), she once wrote that marriage is between a man and a woman – and that gay marriage was immoral. I would vote for her in a heartbeat!

    Tulsi 2020!!!

  2. Tulsi Gabbard is a very attractive, intelligent young woman with very sensible, practical views on foreign policy, military adventures. She doesn’t “Name the Jew” or even Name the Neo Conservatives, but she does honestly state that the whole Iraq interventions were a disaster – she served in the US military and knew very honorable, decent Americans that were killed and maimed. Plus she just comes out and says the obvious that the results of our regime changes, interventions in Iraq and Libya were disasters – total anarchy and the coming to power of ISIS. What could be worse than that? I’ve always liked the honest liberals – they are so few.

    • She’s a politician.

      I’m not going to enthuse over one again, nor vote for one that isn’t explicitly pro-White.

      I’m through with this system and all its lying stooges. It’s a blight and a disease, why vote for one plague pustule over another?

      • Chaos.

        Nothing else to do. It’s highly unlikely she will be the Dem nominee. Voting for her in the primary won’t hurt. If she won, it would at least be an interesting contest on foreign policy. That’s the reasoning.

        • If she is even allowed into the debates, probably doubtful, she can get the anti-war message out and make it part of the conversation. Nobody else is going to do it.

        • @Hunter
          Wasn’t one Trump enough? She’s promising the same as what Trump promised, and nothing changed when he won office.

          How many times do we have to repeat this cycle before we get bored and jump off? Campaigning for yet another Republican/Democrat hasn’t changed anything in the past, and isn’t going to change anything in the future, because Elections Don’t Matter.

          If you truly want CHAOS, encourage Whites to spread memes that will get their fellow Whites to stop cooperating with the system and rise up.

          White Genocide

          Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

          Convince 70,000 Alt-Right to ignore conventional politics and do the above for a couple of years, and you will see big things happening, not just in America but globally.

        • Your position appears rather incoherent.

          You’re (understandably) anti-Republican, going so far as to not vote in the midterms and thereby helping to relinquish control of the House to the Democrats. You also appear to be determined not to vote for Trump in 2020, assuming he even runs again.

          You then say that the point of voting for Gabbard is “chaos.” However, since by your own admission she will not gain the nomination, it is completely pointless chaos. It could only conceivably slightly benefit the Republicans, but since you’re not voting for the Republican candidate, it’s not going to benefit anyone you support (since you support nobody).

          It seems like the only consistent positions would be:

          1. Voting for Gabbard to create chaos, then voting for Donald Trump to exploit said chaos.

          2. Giving up Donald Trump, which renders any “chaos” among the Dems moot, and thus having no reason to vote for Gabbard.

          There seems no logical reason to vote for Gabbard in the primary if you’re not voting for Trump in the main election. I don’t get it. Why waste the time and effort on a contest whose outcome you’re not interested in and are not going to try to change directly?

          I truly don’t understand it.

      • We’re not going to vote our way out the predicament we find ourselves in.

        Zog will do everything in its power to destroy Tulsi Gabbard, if it appears that she’s has a chance at the nomination.

      • @Ironsides

        “She’s a politician.

        I’m not going to enthuse over one again, nor vote for one that isn’t explicitly pro-White. ”

        No, no, no. I never get tired of voting politics, because I can’t remember what happened last week. Lets do Groundhog Day to infinity!

    • She is an ignoramus; she supports Assad and does not get that isis is the result of the US persecuting Sunnis Iraqis and installing a Shia/Kurd regime with a green light to persecute all Sunni Iraqis.The US cleansed Baghdad a once fifty -fifty Sunn/Shia and and Christian city of all its Sunnis; we murdered them all, and this created resistance . ISIS in Syria is the opposite; we did nothing and would not intervene when unlike Iraq, the people rose up to topple this dictatorship. We turned our backs on the Sunni Syrian who Assad’s regime took to murdering en masse with the support of the Russians and Iranian. Hence the refugee crisis of millions of Sunni Syrians and Iraqis. She wants the holocaust against Sunnis Syrians and Iraqis to continue; she is a genicidist; a 21st century anti Semite; against Semitic Arab Sunnis this time.

      • Drump will remain popular with aging white Babby Boomers whose simplistic opinions are formed by Rush and Sean. But that demographic is becoming more irrelevant every day. Like it or not Tulsi, Alexandria, Kamala et al represent the future of American politics. Hopefully they will not let themselves get pushed around by the Israel First mafia, the way that every single white politician has.

        • Cut out the generational hate, support Whites who think correctly, who support the White race whatever generation they are in. Remember, it was us detestable ‘boomers’ who formed the basis of support for Trump (who I now detest).

        • @spahnranch1969, The ‘youngest’ baby boomers are turning 74 years old, so they’re aware that their time on this side of the dirt is close at hand. No only do some allow themselves the delusion of the MAGA propaganda to fill in the nostalgia of their youth, there’s a much worst group of white baby boomers that don’t give a rat’s ass about the generations of Whites behind them, and are of a scorched earth mindset. As long as they get their tax cuts on their 401Ks, social security checks, and pension payments, and Medicare, their world looks wonderful for what’s remaining of their lives.

          What else would one suspect of the “me” generation?

          • You’re nothing but just another anti-White. Worrying about the ‘boomers’ while spics, niggers, and jews are destroying the country. A group of people who had absolutely no access to information and who lived normal lives. And by the way, we all got shafted as far as pensions go, 70% of pensions have been stolen by later generations who took over the corporations. Or maybe you think a bunch of us, when we were 12 years old should have gotten a hold of shotguns and taken over our town halls. We couldn’t even vote in 1965 when the infamous immigration bill was passed. And in case you didn’t know it, there was no internet back when we were young.

      • Actually al-Qaeda and ISIS grew out of an American CIA effort to arm the Mujahideen who were fighting the Soviet invaders of their nation.HBO made a whole movie about this called Charlie Wilson’s war. Elements of the Mujahideen mutated into al-Qaeda. Assad had nothing to do with that mutation.

  3. I wonder what Kieth Preston would say about white racialists, and even National Socialists, supporting the candidacy of a mixed-race Samoan Hindu?

    Well, she’s got my vote. Assuming Mueller doesn’t have me, her, and anyone else who doesn’t support nuking Moscow shot for Russian Collusion.

  4. When you see Republicans like Ann Coutler joining the anti-white lynchmob, against Ralph Northman you see Conservatism for the scam it is.

    How many non-white politicians or normals do we see destoyed for the heresey racism? It is always whites that are annihilated, while non-whites get a free pass for doing the same thing as long as the target of their racism is white, or they are actively pushing anti-white policies. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    On Spencer’s Twitter yesterday, Liberty Lamp admitted they’re destroying Ralph Northman, because he’s lukewarm on tearing down Confederate monuments. She said the anti-whites have a black politician waiting in the wings, who can’t wait to tear the monuments down.

    The Republicans are collaborators with Anti-Fa. There are no good Republicans. The entire party is rotten to the core.

  5. Gabbard supports every Third World immigration program there is, and is pro-gun control. No way in hell could I support her.

  6. It will be a cold day in hell if I ever vote for any dirty politician again, and Hell would have to freeze over twice if I would vote for a nonwhite female.

  7. “Trump hasn’t delivered any victories on foreign policy for his base and has more or less pursued the Marco Rubio foreign policy of the GOP establishment. ”

    Trump’s base is Zio-Evangelical Globalist Warmongering Death Star Isahell First!

    • Good point. Most of Trump’s base are petty-bourgeois Zionist evangelicals. The idea which I keep seeing repeated that Kushner is forcing him to be a Zionist and that he is betraying his base with his Zionism is ridiculous.

  8. Ditch Pence, Trump-Gabbard is the ticket. Provided the Jews reject Trumps peace initiative of course.

  9. Who T. F. is this broad? Is she a Hindu or what? She sounds like that Nikki Haley thing that cuckold
    South Carolina. She will tear down Confederate Monuments. By the way, Confederate Soldiers were Federalized in 1956. If they were alive today, they could receive United States Veterans Pensions and go to Veterans Hospitals. Soamoans or Hawaiians call us Howlies. I do not think that is a compliment. Hindus think we are bugs.
    Do not be fooled by these designer, flavor of the month, candidates.
    She is just another opportunist bent on destroying us.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.


  10. I registered Republican in early ’16 to vote Trump in the primary. I will register Democrat to support Tulsi in ’20. She’s better than Trump on dismantling the Empire, and Trump has done bupkis on his promises, so f**k him. At this point I’m advocating chaos. Imagine Trump vs. Tulsi in the general? I’ll buy popcorn buy the barrel.

    • There’s no way I’m voting for Drump again. He is a weak, inept, bumbling, stumbling arrogant buffoon. I’ll vote for Tulsi or Kamala but that’s it.

  11. Tulsi is better than most politicians, which is not saying a lot in itself, but I’m still hoping Cynthia McKinney runs. She is a true hero who I would gladly vote for.

    • …I DID vote for Cynthia McKinney in 2008. Partially because I was still an edgy anarchist back then and I thought it would be lulzy, partially because I did see something appealing in her populism and anti-government rhetoric (even if even back then I thought it was overly anti-white) and partially because I was sincerely impressed by her having to go on the Alex Jones Show and call out 9/11 as an inside job.

  12. Just so we are clear her mother converted to Hinduism. She is not Indian. (As in the non-Native-American variety)

  13. I know this is a shocking idea for an American, but how about running and supporting your OWN candidates, instead pouring all your sweat into someone elses candidates?

    My thought, instead of doing the usual fail of a Nazi running as a Republican, run as a Pro White Democrat. Say you’re doing it because working class White Americans are not representated by Republicans or Democrats, and Democrats are the most anti-White of the two parties.

    Pick the most anti-White of the two anti-White parties, and run as their pro White candidate. 3D Chess!

  14. For me, my biggest problems in life other than race issues, are my student loans, and the fact that my cities’ only hospital closed down.

    A democrat is closer to helping me than a republican. And neither is capable of helping with race issues at all. In fact, a non-white is more effective for us because they can actually be nicer to us than any white politician can.

    We should be skeptical though, does she have Jewish husband? Jewish ancestry? 12 Jewish grandkids?

  15. I was a very loud and obvious supporter of Trump during 2015-16, and had at least some small amount of real faith that he would positively change our circumstances. That, obviously, was foolish in hindsight.

    I won’t be making that mistake again, not for the sake of chaos, nor for the sake of ‘getting [X] issue out there’. No politician aside from maybe Nehlen or Little is worth any energy from me. If I vote, I will do so quietly and without fanfare. Maybe Tulsi in the primaries (and the general if she makes it), maybe a ‘worst evil’ type like Keith Ellison just to rip the bandaid off. But that’s the most I’m willing to do in the conventional sense.

  16. “Why not back Tulsi Gabbard as a protest vote in the 2020 Democratic primaries?”

    I plan on voting for the blackest candidate on any ticket. Blackest as in “pitch black” where you can only see the whites of the eyes even in daylight. And, with extreme anti-white, extreme anti-capitalist views reinforced with genuine Bolshevik ideology who runs on a platform of “eliminating” all rich white folks for wealth redistribution to people of color.

    I wouldn’t mind retiring to Iceland.

  17. I have voting rights in two countries and never voted in my life.
    It’s understable if a teen or a woman or a negro take seriously the voting process, in a grown man it’s ridiculous.
    Like Gadaffi said “What good is democracy, if you have to choose between two liars?“

  18. Go to any leftist site – the Jews fear and loathe Tulsi. She’s a vet, a patriot, she’s got my vote.

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