And This Is Why Most Americans Now Support Straight Up Wealth Redistribution

I finally decided to take a long break during January, and I feel as if the time focused on family, non-political issues, and personal contemplation has made me far more energetic and ready to tackle the future.

Because you know, this whole American circus just gets sickening after going around, and around, and around once again.

It gets nauseating to watch the same cucks turn 2016 Presidential Campaign memes into holy relics, while at the same time posting the same gun pics six million times on Gab and Faceberg.

And it eventually becomes a test of sanity to watch alleged traditional “Conservatives” literally reduced to worshiping a degenerate New York billionaire who’s currently got the revival of discredited trickle down economics as his only accomplishment aside from standard Neocon subversion.


Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, the man who has profited most from the era is his foremost nemesis in the business world, Inc. founder Jeff Bezos.

Trump has repeatedly vilified Bezos, threatening his company with tax increases, antitrust prosecution and higher shipping fees, attacking the Bezos-owned Washington Post as a “scam” and even mocking the billionaire for his pending divorce. Trump dubbed him “Jeff Bozo.” No figure in corporate America is attacked more often in Trump’s Twitter posts.

Yet no one has made more money than Bezos since Trump’s election. The president’s social-media huffing and puffing hasn’t hurt a solidly constructed business riding the rise of electronic commerce, web advertising and cloud computing.

Since the election, Bezos has become the world’s richest person, his net worth swelling by $66.8 billion through Monday, surpassing the gains of the world’s second-fastest riser during that period, French luxury-goods tycoon Bernard Arnault, by 50 percent. Bezos’s wealth was valued at $135.4 billion, making his fortune a third bigger than Bill Gates’s, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

And before anybody starts with the line, “but Bezos introduced a living wage for Amazon and Whole Foods workers,” trust me when I say that behind the scenes things are being balanced out.

Whether it’s Whole Foods gutting low level management and introducing self-checkout on a large scale, or whether it’s the rate hikes on company benefits, it’s all going to end in the Bald One resembling the nastiest Capitalist dog rather than an altruistic friend of the worker.

Within the U.S., the closest anyone has come to the Amazon chief’s Trump era gains is investor Warren Buffett –- who added $19.2 billion over the same period. Bezos’s and Amazon’s success has made the tycoon and his company a fixture of American society. During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Bezos sat with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell while Amazon aired ads for its Alexa service starring Harrison Ford. A Washington Post ad narrated by Tom Hanks celebrated American journalism with the pointed line, “Knowing keeps us free.”

Even as Amazon’s low-margin electronic commerce business has matured, the company added fast growing lines that are more profitable. The company dominates cloud computing, benefiting from a rapid transition among businesses toward renting computing power and data storage space rather than maintaining their own facilities. Digital advertising recently emerged as a new profit center as the tech giant leverages its deep data on consumer purchase behavior and position as the web’s most prominent marketplace.

Trump’s threats have so far been idle. The federal government hasn’t launched any antitrust prosecution against Amazon.

The article goes on to explain multiple instances of Trump and the GOP cucking to the big business/1% Lobby, and leaves the reader wondering just what exactly can be done to stop the rise of monopolies like Amazon.

I’m personally not going to get too much into the opinion spinning, but let me put it this way:

I wouldn’t exactly be shedding tears at this point if someone like Sandy Ocasio-Cortez gets her wish to eat the mega-rich like nice juicy steaks.

And neither would the majority of the country, just for the record.

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  1. Amazon is the new coal mining operation and they’re making us all live in their company town. Won’t be long before they introduce their own currency, also.

    The greed is out of control. So is the control that govt is putting upon us. It cant hold out much longer.

  2. There is a natural alliance between A, the VERY rich, and C, the VERY poor. They tend to unite against B, which is the entire class of people from millionaires to plumbers to whom taxes and regulations are a real burden.

    Billionaires don’t have to worry about paying taxes. They can afford the best lawyers and accountants to take care of all that for them. And if that fails they can visit to the D.C. brothel, and rent some politicans of the night.

  3. It’s Alexandria, Marcus.

    I became an anti-corporatist a good decade or more ago. I think we keep getting fooled and misled because we don’t know the rules. Almost everything that occurs with big business has a goal that is not apparent or known to the ignorant. Change is never for the better at out level. We lose benefits and tax write-offs all the time. We have subpar medical coverage while the people we elect have some of the best healthcare plans in the world on our dime – and without contributions. The working man and woman is always on the losing side of the deal. Yet, we don’t change our behavior.

    I don’t care anymore if Ocascio-Cortez gets in or not. If my class is going to be destroyed, I want to take the upper classes with us. What better method than to get the maniacal alphabet crew, sensitive minorities, and the delusional disenfranchised in a state of mind that mirrors total anarchy. And we must also make sure that everything bad is blamed on the rich. The enemy isn’t whites but rich whites.

    All the markets are rigged. Against us.

    My house is worth less than what I paid for it. Almost a decade and a half ago and counting.

    They’ve destroyed most decent institutions.

    As I get older, my health insurance coverage gets weaker with each passing year. And, it continually increases in cost each year.

    My kids educations cost a fortune and they learned very little while attempts at Bolshevik indoctrination were relentless.

    Everything I buy, no matter how prudent I think I am, is basically junk. Even “Made in America” is of a lower quality than a few decades ago.

    Nothing I buy lasts a decent amount of time. Clothing gets destroyed more and more with each wash cycle.

    Our food supply is killing us. Slowly.

    My neighbors are basically self-absorbed idiots. Wave to you one day and ignore you the next without ever saying a word.

    My extended family is filled with parasites or religious lunatics who are very un-Christian in words and deeds.

    Everything seems to be a con job in one way or another.

    Even the sky is rarely blue anymore.

    Yeah, Ocasio-Cortez will do the trick. Destroy everything so much faster. But at least it will affect everyone, including those in ivory towers.

    • Apparently she went by Sandy when she was a bartender.

      But on a serious note, yes, you are absolutely right.

      Without a hard Blood and Soil ideology binding the rich to those less fortunate, you typically wind up with the scummiest and most cutthroat at the top of the pyramid. And not just Jews, but a goodly number of Whites that would wipe out millions in order to horde a few extra shekels.

      Let it all come crashing down if that’s the most feasible option – let the hardcore Bolsheviks tear into the ivory towers.

      • Hey Marcus,
        Good piece. Duty to the poorer classes is something that men like George Fitzhugh understood, but our modern elites have forgotten. I too sense that nothing but an economic collapse will shake Americans awake to our corrupt system, and give us a chance to rebuild as we should.
        Part of the problem with average conservatives today is that they cannot grasp that the government and the government chartered corporations are really one, operating in each other’s best interests, as I argue in the 10th chapter of my little book *Rethinking The Propositions*.

      • No, let righteously vengeful whites put those ivory towers to the torch, it is time for purificationstion by fire.

    • Very well put, Snowhitey. Excellent description of the social and individual destruction those of us who aren’t wealthy and connected are experiencing. The elites have gamed the system in so many ways that it’s difficult not only for the plebes to move ahead, but not to lose ground. An article I recently read in Evo and Proud talked about how the US had the greatest expansion under Eisenhower. The formula for success was interesting. We had the highest corporate taxes, the most unionization, and so on. There were levers to bring the lower classes up economically, and checks on how much control and money the upper class could have. Of course, the nation was more moral and less under the sway of the Marxists (and Luciferians behind the scenes) in education, media, and entertainment then, which was also a brake on elitist manipulation. What it comes down to is, too much inequality destroys healthy societies. The elites believe that consolidates control, but it tends to bring violent pushback from the peasantry.

  4. I never, ever use self-checkout. Even when the lines are long at the manned registers. I don’t want any working class Americans to lose their jobs. I always try to buy American first. Even my Christmas cards.

  5. On one hand, wealth re-distribution goes against my natural instinct, but it can’t be denied that the growing disparity between the rich and working people is a massive problem. We are headed towards the same situation that you see in 3rd World countries….a small number of mega-wealthy and masses of poor people. So how much good is our vaunted capitalism/free market really doing us? I don’t know how to fix it. Executive pay needs to go way down and pay for workers needs to increase, but how do you force it? Can’t expect a corrupt legislative branch to enact laws against their own kind.

    • I’ll say this:

      People sometimes talk about how Mr. H made a deal with industrialists in 1932-1933 to move away from more hard Left economics, but here’s the deal.

      Those industrialists may have been the top 0.1% in Germany, but they still had ties to the land and ties to their blood kin of lesser means.

      American elite by and large are rootless cosmopolitans (including the White ones), and even in the South (which held onto their identity longer than elsewhere), the rot has progressed far enough for the wealthy to have forgotten what the duty of those on the top truly is.

  6. How much do you want to bet that if “wealth redistribution” were enacted as policy in this shithole, the billionaires and millionaires would handily avoid it through various legal dodges and it would be the poorer Whites who got plundered and their resources handed over to niggers?

    • Well of course.

      And give the Niggers 10 trillion dollars, and it wouldn’t take even a year until the (((1%))) had it back once again.

  7. I live in socal. I will now call the remaining tea party assholes “racist cunts” since they only blame mexicans and never jewish finance. Fuck them. Truly.

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