Andrew Yang Acknowledges White America’s Suffering

It is an understatement to say that many of President Trump’s former supporters in the Alt-Right, especially those derided as “wignats,” are fed up with the GOP:

Over the past few weeks, these “wignats” have been flirting with supporting Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign, but lately enthusiasm for Aloha Nationalism has chilled in light of her many recent politically correct statements. Still, the discontent is there and very strong and these people are looking for a new outlet to cast an anti-Trump vote in the 2020 election.

President Trump has never once acknowledged his White supporters who drove his victory in 2016. It is like we don’t exist. Meanwhile, the Trump administration can’t seem to shut up about record unemployment for Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and women.

There is some buzz now on Twitter about Andrew Yang’s 2020 campaign.

Andrew Yang not only acknowledged the suicide and opioid epidemic, but specifically acknowledged it as a crisis in White America. This is more than Donald Trump has ever done – opioid overdoses have continued their climb to new records under the Trump presidency.

Anyway, it is remarkable that Yang is talking about White Americans as an interest group and has some policies to address these problems. There are a lot of people who are grateful for that and are now open to hearing what he has to say. While it is doubtful that most will ultimately vote for Yang in the Democratic primary, the fact that so many “Far Right” voters are even entertaining the idea of voting for Tulsi or Yang shows the degree to which Trump has lost their support.

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  1. Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam.Fall of Saigon.Symbolic for China and the fall of U.S. empire.Venezuela is the tipping point and the far East flex its influence.

    • Funny thing, Trump didn’t want to go to Vietnam back in the 60s when the Draft board was looking for him.

      • 1776 revolution was won guerrilla warfare tactic, attack and retreat.Vietnam was a guerilla warfare of attrition.DC elites knew exactly what was happening.It why many of congress families were kept from the draft.

        • “1776 revolution was won guerrilla warfare tactic, attack and retreat.”

          No it wasn’t.
          The American militia units in the Rev. War actually did quite poorly on the battlefield. They gave the British regulars a hard time in the opening engagements, but once the British established their own light units to deal with American militia and irregular troop it was never a real issue again.

          The fledgling American government recognized that they would need a European-style regular army using the standard linear tactics of the day in order to have a chance (let alone beat) the British Army. So regular units were raised and trained. Militia and irregulars fought throughout the war, but every major battle of the war after the Concord/Lexington era was decided by regulars utilizing standard 18th century tactics.

          The whole “we hid behind trees and shot up the stupid redcoats” trope is simply mythmaking.

          Sorry to break the news. My military history geek side had to reply!

  2. I have no yen for Yang.

    a) he is not White, he is a slant.

    b) casting a vote, ANY VOTE,

    is voting for the (((system))) that is destroying us.

    on election day, go to the gun store, shooting range, or learn some other useful skill: bicycle repair, potato-digging, almost anything makes more sense than voting.

    • @Haxo,

      I commend Yang for noticing the Dying White Race, and taking a shred of pity on us. But this highlights the fundamental issue with our Race; we won’t take out own side. I find Yang’s sympathy to be a wee teeny tiny bit condescending. It’s as though he is taking pity on a small, dying bird. At least he’s noticed, though. This is more than any-one else had done, excepting a handful of our own people. We’ll do everything for every-one else, especially for people that hate us and want us dead Most Whites will recoil in horror if one of us suggests that we do anything, ANYTHING, to help our own kind. Trumpenkike, and his Jew Tribe? They can’t wait for us to cease to exist. I wonder if the MAGApedes will ever notice his treachery………..

      So what now?

      I have no idea………..what do you do with a Race of people who don’t care if we even exist? Yes. I thank Yang for noticing and taking pity. I hope his Race learns from our demise.

      • Denise’s pessimism is unwarrented.

        be patient. Help the dollar die. When it does, the Jews will no longer be able to buy compliance by spewing out debtbucks.

        then: ‘Murka goes to a rural vs. urban race war that Whites are likely to win.

        • The jews’ power comes mostly from their control of paper Monopoly money and trashy pop culture entertainment. If we can learn to live without those things we can disarm the jew.

  3. The US isn’t a free republic, but a majoritarian popular junta for the gibsmedats. TPTB like us to be poor and dependent, and most of the great unwashed are doing their damnedest to cooperate. Globalism rules, peasants drool. Stop looking to politicians to save you, they’re in it for themselves. They’re just a better-paid class of central banker knobgobblers.

    Blow the system up, salt the earth under it, and start over.

  4. Getting ready for the next Great Disappointment/Betrayal, right, guys? And we go from lauding a Shabbos goy with Jewish grandkids and in-laws to an Oriental, who’s not even huWhite….It looks like Clown World is not just on the left.
    Seriously, it’s called WHITE nationalism for a reason and none of those reasons can be understood, articulated, or promoted, let alone brought into reality, by non-Whites.
    We’re on our own and not voting our way out of this.

  5. Chinese are small. They are a petty people, easily controlled, no independent thought, no soul.
    Extreme materialists, they are incapable of friendship, they have business relations, family, and acquaintances that they do things they like with.
    There is no real attachment or capacity for human ‘feeling’ in those people.
    Chinese are the Jews of the East.
    Despicable dog eaters. The solar system will be colonized by soulless dog eaters, fucking unbelievable.

  6. That Trump car is the stupidest looking thing I’ve seen in a long time. Hopefully Antifa or some niggers will make it look nice by setting fire to it.

  7. no far right voters are entertaining voting for any of these democrats hunter keeps bringing up.

    i’m convinced now this stuff is all in his head. show us on the doll where trump touched you, hunter.

    LOL at the idea of EVER voting for a vibrant democrat, for anything.

    hunter is desperate at this point. i remember when he tried to claim that the confederate flag was getting more popular.

    he just shows his age and his, not so high, intelligence with every post. maybe people don’t listen to guys under 35 for a reason. maybe, the constitution is right, that men under 35, have nothing to teach us.

    • I’m just commenting on what I see on Twitter.

      It was Tulsi Gabbard a few weeks ago. Now, I see people entertaining the idea of voting for Andrew Yang. They don’t agree with either of those two Democrats on everything, but their reasoning is that it is better to get something than nothing, which is what we have gotten after three years of Trump.

      • Getting someone, even a democrat, to talk about white people as a interest group in the primaries will be hilarious. I’m sure that candidate won’t be elected but maybe the massive campaign to shoot that candidate down will wake few more white people to reality.

  8. Goyims and goyrls, you need to accept that democracy just doesn’t work, as it always leads to the same outcome. Instead of chasing your tails trying to pick out the least worst candidates that you waste your time voting for, just keep reminding yourself that most of them can’t, or won’t help you. Just deal with the reality of it. Next election day, stay home, do some housework, prepare a favorite meal, read a book. Your vote won’t change a thing. Save your time, energy and gas for other things.
    Taxes, diversity, wars, crime, mixed marriages, Chinese made shit, Jewish control…you get all these things regardless of who is in office.
    And hey, I’ve been guilty of it, thinking my one vote would actually change the entire country….but I was swiftly pulled back down to earth.
    Until a revolution , or new system is in place, nobody will help you.
    That Hawaiians and ding dongs even look like more attractive candidates than Trump tells you what a mess the Western political system is now in.

  9. I’m voting for Bernie. I’m not an accelerationist, I just think we have deserved way worse than we are getting. Most Americans haven’t suffered enough to match their laziness and abandonment of God.

  10. It’s funny that the non-whites trying to get our votes are more likely to advocate for white people, than actual white people, who spend all of our time trying to get the votes of non-whites. Clown world.

    So, we’ll have white guys learning Chinese to get the Asian vote and Asians doing square dancing to get our vote. lol

  11. “President Trump has never once acknowledged his White supporters who drove his victory in 2016.”

    He never acknowledged them during the campaign yet they still voted for him.

    The fact is they married a man who had never even kissed them. Now it’s much, much worse. They’re getting screwed by him and yet he still refuses to kiss them.

    This is the guy who broke Palm Beach for the Jews. And, that was known before election day. He will always be their water boy. Remember the old adage “Actions speak louder than words.”

    Now the fools are gravitating to Yang.

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