Charlie Kirk: Trump Is Fighting To Decriminalize Homosexuality Across The World

In a single hot take, Charlie Kirk perfectly summarizes why I not voting for Trump or the GOP in 2020, and why you are wasting your time on conservatism:

Watch this Turning Point USA activist get beat up in California and Charlie Kirk whine about the unfairness of the media on Twitter:

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  1. The neocons behind this could care less about the lives of common Gay Iranians. And if they really did, they would push for improved relations with Iran, including more cultural exchange, trade, travel, etc., for that would much more likely prevent extreme anti Gay policies like public execution in Iran than anything.

  2. Conservatards are like the snot nosed, whiny little brother, chasing after the Bad Big Boy Dems, “Hey! Whattaabout me! Take me with you!”. Pathetic. Incredible. You are on GAB. I cannot BELIEVE the Magatards who still believe Trumpenkike will build a Wall.

  3. Insanity. Conservative, who does not enjoy the protection of the law in his own country, is crowing about a Republican President who is working to give the protection of the law to perverts in other lands.

  4. The Democrats and Republicans are against Christianity, the South, and White Nationalism. This should be another reason why Christians should stop supporting the Republican Party. Same goes for that social liberal Trump. He’s nothing but a supporter of Homosexuality. He’s against Southern Heritage & Culture. He’s never getting his Wall. So what if he gets his Wall. He’s looking for the largest number of Legal Immigrants in American History! That would result in the White Race being a minority in the US in 10 years or less. People should stop being brainwashed on Trump. He’s no friend of Christians, the South, and White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  5. Charlie Kirk is a faggot so not really that surprising. I will not be voting for globohomo shabbos goy Trump or any Gay Ole Party member either.

  6. I’m confused, Charlie…are you a coal-burner,or a queer, or neither, or both? Either way, I’m sure you wouldn’t take offense. Or would you? Perhaps you are, as are many “conservatives” are, a moral coward.

  7. Who is this Charlie Kirk? If you asked me who this eceleb is two weeks ago, I couldn’t have told you. And he’s Blue Checkmark Stasi as well. Must be legit!

    Is he Jordan Peterson’s butt buddy by any chance?

  8. Look at this Tweet. No self awarness! lol

    “Today @IvankaTrump elegantly pushed back on @AOC “Unwilling to work” proposal Ivanka said “I don’t think most Americans, want to be given something” Instead of giving stuff away, we must focus on training, and workforce development, which Ivanka has been leading the charge on!”

    This Jewish Queen of Neoptism should tell those made unemployed by automation, and her rich Daddy’s policy of massive non-White immigration to eat cake.

  9. Iran executed 5000 fags? Over what time period? What is the source? Memri? Total bullshit but they inject it into the controlled media and it becomes the next talking point about why we should carpet bomb Iran.

  10. Good piece Hunter. This story which broke about six days ago has gotten little mainstream coverage. “Conservatives” need to see stuff like this to be reminded what their President is doing. I agree that voting Trump 2020 and trying to save conservatism is an act of futility, as I detail in *Rethinking The Propositions*.
    In a different vein, perhaps we can use this Trump pro-queerness story as a way to wake up our mainstream relatives. Last week, I printed off the 21 Feb Jerusalem Post article on this where the Jews are wildly celebrating Trump and Grenell supporting queerness, and gave it to an anti-homo evangelical relative of mine. I chose the JP piece because she is a blind supporter of “Christian Zionism”, and would have to see the supposed “chosen” ones supporting sodomy. She never commented on it. I am going to re-bring up the subject next time I visit with her. “Your President and these Jews support sodomy? How can this be Biblical or conservative?” Smile.

  11. I loved watching this idiot get punched. I will be having fun joining the dems against trumptards this election cycle.

    • “I will be having fun joining the dems against trumptards this election cycle.”

      To each his own I guess, but it’s not something I would do or advocate. The whole “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing sounds good on paper, but in the end you wind up working with and helping to prop up evil. I’m no fan of Trump at this point either given how he’s done nothing he ran on and in fact done several destructive things.

      I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils in presidential elections since I held my nose and voted for the first Bush in 1988. It sucks that one has to vote for crappy candidates in order to keep the bigger danger out of office, but that is how the real world works. I can’t willing vote for Marxist filth, so until things change the only alternatives are mediocre at best barely center-right neo-cons. Eventually things will blow up and the system will be changed. But until then, it’s the only (in my view) moral policy.

      And “trumptards”? Really? Why is it that Right wingers persist in adopting the language of our enemies? We should really be above that sort of childishness.

      • We have a fundamental disagreement about who are enemies are. Marxist filth is just a tag for someone young and foolish, oftentimes.

        I am your age, and my red pill was the bank bailouts. Why would anyone involved in jew finance not be the enemy. Why did you not scream bloody murder about Trump like I did? So many in this movement are blinded by issues other than the real one.

        • @ps_mike
          “Marxist filth is just a tag for someone young and foolish, oftentimes. ”

          Communists have killed 100 million of their own citizens so far, but every time they do it, they’re always “misguided”. DUH…

          @Texas Alt-Right Gamer
          Conservatives are just as anti-White as the Commies. Every time they get power, they bring in 10s of millions of non-Whites that want Commies into power.

          “I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils in presidential elections since I held my nose and voted for the first Bush in 1988”

          I’ve seen the lesser of two evils meme repeated thousands of times at nationalists since Trump started running. I can’t tell if the people repeating it are Jews, or they really are that dumb.

          A vote for evil, is a vote for evil. Period.

          • @allie walker

            I’ve only heard that a few thousand times now. lol

            Who cares? It’s a front for revolution. Use it to your advantage.

            Voting republican or democrat is irrelevant anyway.

          • “I can’t tell if the people repeating it are Jews, or they really are that dumb.”

            Ah yes.
            “Anyone who does not agree with me is obviously a Jewish infiltrator”. Come on. You’re smarter than that.

            The whole “lesser of two evils” thing is an exercise in damage control. It’s simply recognizing the reality of the situation we find ourselves in and acting accordingly. We on the right are (or should be) the adults. That is to say those who work with the world the way it actually IS rather (in contrast to our leftist enemies) than how we feel it should be.

            I would love it if a proper Nationalist candidate would run for national office and have a realistic chance of winning. Hell, I’d love to see the whole current system thrown out and replaced with something akin to Spain under Franco. But I’m realistic enough to see that simply is not our reality and act accordingly. Thus I look at who is going to do the most damage in the relevant office and vote to try to keep them out. Absolutely work to change the sorry situation we find ourselves in. But at the same time work to minimize the damage and slow the rot were possible.

            Others will disagree of course…and that’s fine. But it does no one any good to libel anyone to disagree with on a course of action by accusing them of being “Jews” or idiots.

          • ” But it does no one any good to libel anyone to disagree with on a course of action”

            “But it does no good to libel anyone you disagree with on a course of action” is what I meant to type.
            Sorry, I usually proof-read better than that. My bad.

          • @Texas Alt-Right Gamer
            “I can’t tell if the people repeating it are Jews, or they really are that dumb.”

            Ah yes.
            “Anyone who does not agree with me is obviously a Jewish infiltrator”. Come on. You’re smarter than that.

            If a group of people are repeating the exact same meme thousands of times at White Nationalists, to prop up the Zionist regime that rules America, they are either:

            a) Evil and know exactly what they’re doing.

            b) Simpletons who’ve been conditioned by group a) to repeat their meme for them.

        • “We have a fundamental disagreement about who are enemies are. Marxist filth is just a tag for someone young and foolish, oftentimes. ”

          If you really don’t think that Marxists are our enemies then I really don’t know what to say to you. Go read some 20th century history perhaps?

          Ah well. To each his/her own I suppose…..

          • I’ve taught history before, my ignorant friend. You are obsessed with throwing “isms” around instead of telling a true story. For example, Hermann Goring didn’t really care about Nazi ideology. He saw the party as the toughest and most viable to carry out a revolution.

            You can’t seem to grasp that many people, and really I mean young people, are going to gravitate toward “something” that they feel will bring about change. That “something” is going to be the far left in this cycle. Deal with it and be a part of it.

    • I am looking for an Antifa chapter in this area to join, so I can insult cuckservative Trump fags, then watch them run away like little girls. And I know I’ll be able to get away with it, because the pigs only arrest right wing demonstrators.

      • “because the pigs only arrest right wing demonstrators.”


        It’s sad when otherwise decent Right Wing folks emulate our leftist enemies and spew anti-Law Enforcement nonsense. You know who has a knee-jerk hatred for the police? Leftists, criminals, negroes, and surly teenagers going through a “It’s ‘cool’ to hate authority figures” stage. We should be none of those. We should be above it…and there is also a practical reason it’s a bad idea as well.

        Yes, the police leadership in the big urban areas are leftists as are most police unions. But the rank and file, especially in rural regions and smaller cities, are often a different story. They see the enemy up close and they know who are committing the crimes etc. Many are race realist and many quietly support us (and as a 28 year criminal justice veteran I should know) but have little choice but to follow orders for the time being.

        But when (not if) things go post-political the armed, organized, and trained police can be a useful ally. Go read up on the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s and how existing Law Enforcement and military organizations split up along ideological lines and threw in with faction of their choosing when the military coup failed and open civil war began. Police units played an important role on both sides in the opening weeks of the war before formal armies could be formed. In that case the urban police forces such as the Gardia de Assaulto tended to side with the reds, but on the other hand the majority of the rural police and good percentage of the border and customs police sided with the Right Wing revolutionaries. We are looking at a similar split in the US when the balloon eventually goes up. Thus we alienate law enforcement at our peril.

        Yes, the only political prisoners currently in US prisons are our people and in some badly compromised areas such as Charlottesville and Berkeley the police are badly indoctrinated and thus enthusiasticly act against us. But in other cases acting like reds, criminals, negroes, and badly behaved 4chan children is not in our cause’s best interest.

      • While you’re at the chapter meeting, be sure to get names and addresses. When the revolution they’re hoping for arrives, they should get the violence they’re wanting up close and personal.

        • Exactly. In fact white nationalists do not do enough of that thing…infiltration.

          Imagine a thousand WN infiltrating, observing, recording, reporting, informing, undermining.

          In fact there should be an elite corps of whites formally organized for that task.

          That’s what they do to us.

  12. White anti-Whites and (((The Nation Wreckers))) support anything that hurts White people.
    Trump has shown his true colors.
    Do MAGAtards really believe he’ll get them the wall?

  13. I suspect that literally no one in Trump’s base asked for this. It’s like the awful pro-criminal “Criminal Justice Reform” nonsense in that it came out of nowhere and is going to be opposed by most of his supporters. Yet another reason I’m terribly demoralized about the president and our path forward. I voted for walls, restrictions on legal immigration, and a strong push for the rule of law. I did not vote for letting (mostly black) drug dealers out of prison, nation building in third world crap holes, and pushing global tolerance for homosexuality.

    The internal political policies of other nations are absolutely none of our business anyway. I’m not too keen on the execution of people suffering from a mental illness. But I would not be so arrogant as to attempt to dictate the internal policy of another nation.

  14. Our acceptance of perversion of one kind has led to acceptance of all like sicknesses. Allowing open homosexuality has regressed us to the point where child drag queens dancing for old pedophile queers can be done without consequences for the abused child’s parents or the fags. Being trans now makes you a member of a protected class. America is the home of the depraved.

  15. Kirk is a Millenial neoconservative spawn like Dan Crenshaw. He’s a total caricature of the “freedom fries” ‘Murica idiot of the Bush Years. The rest of us, who likely supported Ron Paul in 2008, caught onto the Zionist bullshit early which is why we find it so easy to dump on him. He was the dickhead that argued with you about the 9/11–WMD lies. Candace Owens he’s sitting with there is seizing on cuckservatism to make a buck. Likely funded by same people behind Kirk. Liars all.

  16. The Sewer also Rises. ZOGusa is set to unleash the Faggot Offensive. Bet you anything it won’t be released on the Muslims – ZOG is very respectful of Sharia Law. It will be released on Western ZOGs that haven’t yet caved to equal marriage (a nonsense if ever there was one) which leads straight to the Faggot instruction/grooming sex ed in the schools where 7 year olds are made to learn about obscene and degrading perversions of which I will mention a few – dildoes, S/M, sodomy at the less putrid end of the rsewer.

    • I make this argument to my father (boomer) all the time. I can only conclude their support of the GOP is the result of fear. Knowing full well in their hearts how fucked we are they would rather drag their feet and put off the consequences of apathy as long as possible. It reminds me of when I was a child and would do anything I could to delay my (well earned) spanking, in the end only making my eventual punishment that much more severe.

  17. “In a single hot take, Charlie Kirk perfectly summarizes why I not voting for Trump or the GOP in 2020, and why you are wasting your time on conservatism.”

    Are you going to change your mind again in a few years when another Trump like figure in the GOP comes? Maybe this one will be a little more grown up and ideological. What then? If the Democrats get the White House back, will you get behind another Tea Party type reaction with vague racial overtones? This is the problem we have. There are ALWAYS these phony white backlashes happening on the plantation of the GOP and conservatism. If we keep following them, we will never build a real nationalist movement.

    We need a clean break. A completely separate movement that takes pains to draw distinctions from conservatives rather than one that tries to infiltrate conservatism. We need our own party and own movement, and then grow it until we have more followers than the conservatives. That’s what nationalists did in Europe and it’s working. Conservatives will be second place to nationalists in a series of countries after the next few elections. It’s already happened in France and Italy. That’s a tipping point. Once that happens, the losses for the center right will accelerate as the main reason for voting for them, electability, goes out the window.

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