“A Dark Day For Israel”: President Trump Slams Ilhan Omar

A new vision is governing America … from this day forward, it’s going to be only Israel first, Israel first. I’m not even really joking as that is Trump’s guiding policy:

He called on her to resign from Congress last month for offending AIPAC:

What use is this guy?

He’s moving the Overton Window by declaring a global war on homosexuality? A tidal wave of Guatemalans are streaming across the border … and what? He wants to raise legal immigration?

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  1. 535 members of Congress and it takes a Somali Muslim woman to point out the glaringly obvious about Israel and its lobby.

    I especially enjoyed her comment about how she should not be expected to show allegiance/ pledge support for a foreign country [Israel] in order to serve in Congress and on the foreign affairs committee.

    Has anyone stood up for Omar or are Congress and the WH totally Israeli-controlled?

    • I’m just going to come out and say it – Trump is my enemy. As an American I have never felt this unsafe or this betrayed by any other politician.

      • I don’t think it has ever happened in history that leaders have welcomed invaders into their countries. Generally, invaders are met with fire and sword, not teddy bears and blankets.

        • Have you never heard of Vortigern?
          Treachery .. or stupidity … seems to flow through the veins of Albion’s seed.

    • she’s fulfilling her strategic function….. providing a ‘conservative White/Republican accepted’ target to legislate the criminalization of the ‘culture of critique’. there could be no more transparent Hegelian neocommie example.

      • Yes, but is she RIGHT!? That’s all that matters. [Because she is.]

        “…she should not be expected to show allegiance/ pledge support for a foreign country [Israel] in order to serve in Congress and on the foreign affairs committee.”

        Brilliant observation.

      • @kikz – agreed – but it won’t work. The demographics are changing. Omar has her own people supporting her. They obviously have no intention of being a craven, whipped, cringing to Der ewige Jude, as good old Whitey has been, for centuries. Orcs don’t care about Rule of Law. They understand power, and the use there of. Omar will do just fine.

  2. Popcorn and beer time! I want to watch how the Yids try to keep a cap on this. The Great Lie is coming apart.

    • memories are short in the Land of ZOG:

      remember that Black congresscritter Cynthia McKinney?

      she said a few things the Jews didn’t like about Jews/Israhell.

      2 terms, then out.

      most of the Black/Brown orcs will continue to take dictation from the Jews.

  3. The irony these anti-Whites won’t see is that she is the product of Diversity which all of them demand and condemn people like me for objecting to it. There are plenty more out there like her, coming here endlessly, and none of them are big lovers of America’s most reliable ally.

  4. Whites will NOT take our own side. To all you Yankee Blaming Southrons – your region is ROTTEN with Jew worshipping Evangelitard morons. Jews have been abusing and looting Dixie since the beginning. (Keep blaming “Yanquis” though….)….

    At this point – all we can do it watch the utter ruin of the West, and stay out of the way as much as possible. Whites do not possess a voting bloc, or even a sense of collective identity. And don’t seem to want one. Those of us who do care about White existence are few and very far between. The diminishing White herd is scattered by all kinds of nonsense. Faux news is pimping for “The Poor Jews” harder than any-one. Faux, as every here knows, is the “Conservatard Channel”. Tucka has obviously been instructed to STAY AWAY from Israel; he’s doing what he can. Hannity fellates AIPAC on air, and Ingraham is a big old lesbo Mud Shark. So there we go.

    Omar and Tlaib and AOC and the rest of the Diverse Americans don’t give Flying One about us – nor should they. Why should they, or any-one, care about White Well Being? Most Whites don’t, after all….just do what we can for those that care for us, We Remnants, and enjoy the show.

    • No group of people in the entire world is more subservient to Jews than white Southerners. They have debased themselves to worship Jews like no one in all of history. It’s absolutely vile.

    • Don’t give up. The fact that Jew panic of late is near going over the top indicates to me that all is not going well with those who hate us and want us gone forever.

      • I agree, more of the same, they wouldn’t be pushing this so hard if they were confident of the outcome.

  5. I unironically love Ilhan Omar. Some guts this Muslim lady has!

    By the way, did any of you see the news about Sheldon Adelson having cancer? Could it be that this warmongering Jewish supremacist is about to get his comeuppance?! Fingers crossed!

    • Neira – sorry to be a Black Piller, but when Adelson the SS Poster Cartoon Jew goes – alas, there are plenty more to fill his slot.

  6. I suspect if Trump loses many liberal judges will retire to be replaced by younger liberals by whoever is in the White House. In other words Trump’s legacy will not last and conservatives can no longer say at least we got some conservatives on the Supreme Court. Soros was right when he denounced Trump as something fleeting and temporary.He has become, as FPY would put it, the inner enemy and the inner enemy is always more dangerous that the outer enemy because he posed as one of us.

  7. Stephen Steinlight & Michael Savage have been warning for years that the new immigrants would eventually be coming for the Jews… And now it is really happening!

    The USA 2019 is a lot like the USSR in the early 1950s. The Slavs had no political power and the fat Georgian peasant Stalin finally ran the Jews out with the Doctors Plot & Prague Trial. Francis Parker Hockey wrote all about this.

    Interesting times ahead, where is the pop-corn?

  8. Just to lift y’alls spirits a bit: Today at the MS State Basketball Tourney in Jackson, Belmont High is playing Choctaw Central ( yes it is a genuine “Indian school”). Belmont took the court for their pregame warm-up wear in t-shirts with Andrew Jackson’s face on them. All is not lost folks. Our ppl are quite red pilled. We just need leadership

    • unlike the scam-artist Trump, Jackson was the Real Thing:

      when he liquidated the Second National Bank,

      the (((Rothschild)))s tried to assassinate him multiple times.

      he killed (in duels)

      every one (((they))) sent.

      when I was in college I had a history Prof named ((((Michael Rogin)))

      who authored a venomous bio of Jackson. Really hated the guy:

      now I know why.

  9. Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of Israel declared:

    “For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed.”

    John 8:44 Christ told the Pharisees: “Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you do. He (Cain) was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.”

  10. Mooselimbs are out for themselves. Don’t be fooled by Omar’s anti-Israel stance, which is a standard raghead attitude. The incestuous Somali is not pro-White, but just another identity politician. We’ve got more “smalleys” in Minnesota then anywhere else in the US, so I can tell you they don’t want to assimilate. Quite the opposite. They’re a retarded version of the Borg. They’re low-IQ inbreds, and causing a lot of problems here.

    • Yup. And yet, you Luterfiskers continue to allow Lutheran Social[ist] Service, and ‘Catholic’ Charities, to maintain their tax-exempt status, instead of calling them TRAITOR 5th Columnists, for allowing the Hmong, the Spics, and the Bulbhead demoniacs into your land!!!! The ELCA, the RCC, and the other liberal ‘church’ Impastors (John Piper, anyone?) are ALL COMPLICIT in the Islamification of Lake Wobegon. As are every effin’ Jew you allowed into government, as well. The Rot goes all the way back to HHH. Don’t DARE pretend the DFL or the Republitards were innocent.

      • Who’s pretending either political party is innocent? A strong Recuck governor or legislature could’ve said no to vietnamese boat people and hmong, let alone the smalleys. But that would’ve been rude, donchaknow. And raycissism is really just not accepted by the local Lions or Rotarians. You might not have been allowed to bring a hot dish to the church social. (I love the insult Luterfiskers, btw. Damn, that’s funny.) I agree that LSS and CC has a lot to answer for, too. Minnesota is a progressive state. Even when more people were Recucks here, we voted in Wellstone his first Senate term because his opponent (another Jew, btw) had tried to make Wellstone look less Jewish and got caught being a manipulative campaigner, which was (horrors!) just unseemly. We’ve been a lost cause for a long time, Padre.

  11. We’re so lost that we look in awe at this little Muslim woman willing to state the obvious.

    We better figure out how to save ourselves quick because if another people get there first we will never be free.

    The glory will go to the people who stand up and fight. It can’t be outsourced.

    Today’s Score

    Muslims: 1
    Whites: 0

  12. On the lighter side, an Israeli billionaire died yesterday in Paris during a penis-enlargement operation.

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