American Greed: Whole Foods Slashing Workers’ Hours To Sneak Around $15 Minimum Wage

I called this, and promised that this trend is going to discredit both “trickle down economics” Cuckservatives, as well as Leftists with their lukewarm economic proposals.

The corrupt cancer within the American economy is just too strong, and the fight we engage in has a distinctive and unavoidable class element to it that so many just like to overlook.

The Guardian:

In response to public pressure and increasing scrutiny over the pay of its warehouse workers, Amazon enacted a $15 minimum wage for all its employees on 1 November, including workers at grocery chain Whole Foods, which it purchased in 2017.

All Whole Foods employees paid less than $15 an hour saw their wages increase to at least that, while all other team members received a $1 an hour wage increase and team leaders received a $2 an hour increase.

But since the wage increase, Whole Food employees have told the Guardian that they have experienced widespread cuts that have reduced schedule shifts across many stores, often negating wage gains for employees.

“My hours went from 30 to 20 a week,” said one Whole Foods employee in Illinois.

Workers interviewed for this story were reluctant to speak on the record for fear of retaliation.

Now I know unions became mob fronts in the Northeast, but you’ve got to imagine the need to curb the American-style bossman and his love of profit.

The Illinois-based worker explained that once the $15 minimum wage was enacted, part-time employee hours at their store were cut from an average of 30 to 21 hours a week, and full-time employees saw average hours reduced from 37.5 hours to 34.5 hours. The worker provided schedules from 1 November to the end of January 2019, showing hours for workers in their department significantly decreased as the department’s percentage of the entire store labor budget stayed relatively the same.

“We just have to work faster to meet the same goals in less time,” the worker said.

An internal email shared by the employee from their department manager cited the across-the-board shift cuts as “the direct result of guidance from our regional team”.

In Maryland, another Whole Foods worker said their regional management is forcing stores to cut full-time employee schedules by four hours, to 36 hours a week. “This hours cut makes that raise pointless as people are losing more than they gained and we rely on working full shifts,” the worker said.

Another Whole Foods employee in Oregon noted: “At my store all full-time team members are 36 to 38 hours per week now. So what workers do if they want a full 40 hours is take a little bit of their paid time off each week to fill their hours to 40. Doing the same thing myself.”

Know this:

For White members of the working class, the American Dream is dead and rotting in a dumpster.

Drug, alcohol, and suicide deaths have reached a new high, hordes of feral Third World creatures are pouring into the country to drive down wages, and most employment sectors long ago decided to go the route of corporate greed instead of seeking a happy and prosperous workforce.

Even if you’re a brilliant man or woman who works like a horse, many avenues of promotion are now closed to you – it comes down to who you know, who you blow, or how much non-White blood you have flowing through your veins.

It therefore comes as no wonder why discussions of Socialism are now becoming mainstream on both Left and Right.

Our choice in the end will be whether we receive a Nationalistic form of Socialism, or an International form conceived in some Jew’s sick little mind.

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      • Distributivism is merely National Socialism, with a little more Thomism thrown in for good measure.
        Hitler and his ideas cannot be eradicated. They are the only viable alternative to Jewish hegemony.
        Or is that ‘HegeMONEY’?

  1. As a career entrepreneur and business owner I can’t believe I am saying this. The US is more than ripe for a massive unionization movement. The laws are on the books. The Jews used them on their ladder to control we need to use them now.

  2. I didn’t see it when I posted the previous but holy crap that Streicher cartoon hits home. (((They))) executed him for his cartoons which is a bit of a portent to the situation we find ourselves in today. I believe they hung him with piano wire which would be a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions. The USA has been a force of pure evil since 1913 and probably even 1861 when the (((reconquista))) started.

    • My view on every international conflict since at least 1861 is to back whatever side is opposed to the USA.

    • They (Americans) also crushed his testicles during “interrogation” prior to his “trial.”

    • You’re right, the Jewnited States has been a force for evil in the world. It has been responsible for the success of the Red revolutions in Russia and China, killed millions of civilians in Europe, the Middle East and the Orient, imposes brutal economic sanctions on countries that won’t submit to Wall Street, creates Islamic terrorism and poisons traditional societies with its trashy pop culture. The fact that America hasn’t fallen yet means the Gods are preparing an especially severe punishment for it.

      • I think we are in the end game. FEMA apparently has been purchasing and mislabeling for shipment hydrogen cyanide from Brazil. I don’t have verification of this but I think these FEMA camps were designed as death camps/gulags for dissident whites from the start. I think shit is falling apart too fast for this to happen but we are in the middle of an attempted white genocide clearly.

  3. “Leftists and their lukewarm economic proposals”

    Pointing that out is necessary. The problem with Bernie and AOC is not that they’re “communists”, it’s that they AREN’T. Capitalism can not be reformed. There is no “good” capitalism. While getting rid of the Jews is necessary, if it means getting Jews out of capitalism and “Aryanizing” the system of exploitation it is a worthless goal.

    • Here is the main issue with just raising the minimum wage in the USA.

      So, overnight everyone is getting $15 minimum per hour. Sounds great, right?

      Well, it wouldn’t take long for the automation and schedule cuts to start because there’s nothing guaranteeing hours with part-timers, and full-time can be anything from 30-40 hours (depending on state law).

      Then rents will rise because Schlomo who owns multi-complex units will see dollar signs, and same for cable and cell phone companies.

      Retail itself will bloat prices to adjust for raises, and at the end of the day you’ll be paying the same percentage of your higher income for living expenses as before.

      The whole American system is geared against the worker, and nobody can argue otherwise in an objective manner.

  4. Kudos to you for your trenchant writing skills, Marcus. You are like another Dr. Goebbels or Julius Streicher.

    “In ancient and medieval times, when the gentiles were ruled by strong, wise kings and emperors, the jews had no choice but to behave in a grudgingly subservient and obsequious manner, lest they be annihilated by their hosts. During the industrial revolution and the rise of modern capitalism the jew emerged from his ghetto and adopted the appearance and mannerisms of the bourgeois, in order to gain respectability and acceptance. And now in this age of globalist, Zionist tyranny the jew has finally come into his own. He is the master of the world and will show no pity to goyim, before whom he had to bow and scrape for so many centuries.”

    – Written on the bathroom wall of a Negro elementary school in Baltimore

  5. I’ve always been a socialist at heart, and when I read Mein Kampf even more so. Profiteering is a cheat, much like usury, allowing a few to magnify their wealth at the expense of the many. You will NEVER have the cooperation necesary to form to form a strong community under such a competitive system. Competition creates enemies. Cooperation creates friends. We already have enough enemies to compete against. What we really need is to cooperate within our race.

  6. “I believe they hung him with piano wire which would be a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.”

    Not true.

    He, and the other individuals that were executed by the Nuremburg kangaroo court were hanged with ropes using the US style “standard drop” (as opposed to the more effective and humane British style “measured drop”) hanging method. Please don’t engage in myth-making. What actually happened was shameful and bad enough as it is. (executed for producing propaganda? please….) By adding easily debunked falsehoods into the narrative it harms our credibility and help to alienate those we need to reach.

    • But in Julius’ case, all he literally did was produce his newspaper.

      By the time of the War, he had actually fallen out of favor, and didn’t play much of a role in government during the 40’s.

    • The hanging of Field Marshall Keitel was especially brutal, and deliberately so. The “Nazi” portrayal of America as a country run by gangsters was spot-on.

    • I appreciate your correction but I don’t really think it matters. I do believe the “Nazi’s” will be rehabilitated but probably not before the the French or Italians collapse the Euro and thus the international (((banking system))).

  7. Many big corporations will raise wages. However cut people’s hours. You’ll see less cash registers open in retail stores. Things like that. It’s really a battle between the Super Rich vs Working Class. All raising the minimum wage does it make things cost more. It’s a never ending game. All about Greed. That’s what happens when people have nothing in common. We solve the problem with Nationalism and caring about Workers. Deo Vindice !

  8. Nothing says, “I don’t have a clue about how things work in the real world,” like complaining when companies try to minimize their costs and maximize their profits.

    • And nothing spells American idiocy and greed more than corporate scum dictating hourly budgets when they’ve never balanced a payroll in their cushy privileged little lives.

      Note: nearly all retail companies who have gone this route have either collapsed, or have become clown shows…

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