#MAGA: American Cities Disappear From List Of Best Places To Live

Drumpf promised us a reprieve to the Great American Decline, and assured us for years that the Forgotten Man (AKA Whites) would have new life breathed into him at the eleventh hour.

Instead we have a decaying corpse of a country presided over by Orange Man, his Jewish son-in-law, Jewish convert daughter, Neocon administrators (many of whom are Jewish), Jewish/White Jew oligarchs, and Cuckservatives more eager to pay illegals $5/hr for work than even deal with White Americans.

Market Watch:

Maybe we do need to make America great — to live in — again.

Global consulting firm Mercer has released its quality-of-living rankings, and, for a 10th year in a row, Vienna took the No. 1 spot. It was followed by Zurich, with Auckland, Munich and Vancouver tying for third place.

The company ranks hundreds of global cities based on a number of factors, including recreation, housing, economy, public services and transport, political and social environment, education, medical and health considerations, and the natural environment.

Let’s go through the list of qualifiers, shall we? We’ll just take other factors like addiction, obesity, poisoned processed food, and mass immigration as givens.

Recreation: It’s well known now that many suburban complexes here in America have been forced to remove basketball courts and playgrounds in order to avoid drawing in transient Negro/Hispanic herds. City parks have now often become dens of prostitution, drug use, and gang activity, as well.

Housing: Housing in cities is dictated by class for the most part, with affluent Whites hiding in the gated suburbs, while the poor and working classes become trapped in a catch 22 of having to work 3 jobs to afford a decent home, or to fall into neighborhoods overrun with undesirable genetic waste.

Economy: If you’re part of, say, the top 10%, you enjoy opportunities and privileges that the working class can only dream of. Debt slavery, nepotism/corruption in employment, and rising costs prohibit social climbing, while the stock market prices mean nothing other than blurbs on a television screen.

Public services and transport: Nonexistent in many places, decrepit and crumbling in others, and just plain dangerous in the rest. I’ve got stories about how many times I used to see crackheads straight-up hitting the pipe on Boston-area buses/trains when I was growing up.

Political and Social environment: Read this website – American politics have become a contest on who can insult Whites the best, grovel to Israel in the most subservient manner, and on who can accrue the most lobbyist dollars in a single term.

Education: America is getting dumber, and not all of it can be blamed on non-White invaders. The drive to explore, to study, and to invent is dying in this country, and right now we’ve fallen behind East Asia in the scientific race.

Medical: Non-Whites and the elderly receive free healthcare, the wealthy can afford treatments unknown to us peasants, but yet whenever someone dares to suggest something like single-payer, they are hit with a Patriotard tirade about “muh socialism” and “muh free markets.” 

Natural Environment: Whether it’s Dollar General bags failing to rot on interstate medians, or whether it’s the non-White flood that threatens to turn us into Mexico City/Port au Prince, the environment is also in decline.

There is a solution, though, that might save us from a total nightmare scenario.

One solution that is so radical that some are terrified of its implications:

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  1. Not mentioned here is Davao, one of the cleanest, safest cities in all of Asia because its mayor for 22 years was one Rodrigo Duterte. His solution is simple and inexpensive: Immediate execution without arrest or trial for everyone who deals or uses drugs. Drugs aren’t the only evil in the world, but are so attractive to oxygen-wasting degenerates that eliminating druggies solves 90% of your social problems right there.

    This is also why drug tests are so common when you apply for a job: They’re a simple, legal way to filter out the sort of people who will cause no end of problems if hired.

      • Another thing that is NOT taken into account, in these ‘marvel cities’- they are often in countries that have advocated overt acceptance of sodomites, lesbians, and other sexual perverts. A few years ago, my family and I were on a tour- We arrived in a German city, and (not having been told by the tour company or our director) were literally ‘caught’ in a Faggot Pride Parade’ that went on for two hours! How is this a “plus” for ANY sane White Man/woman/Family? When we finally could exit our restaurant and make our way to our travel bus, I felt like Lot and his family, and feared for the worst.

        I never want to go back there, and would actually find the same city, [that once paraded Hitler and his forces] to be a better venue to visit, had I that time travel option, on my vacation app……

        • The faggot’s life is dedicated to the pursuit of meaningless orgasms, and when that fails to satisfy, they turn up the volume with hard drugs like meth. Thus an effective war on drugs is also an undeclared war on faggotry.

  2. Lol yang? America is dead. But a new nation is the answer, not throwing gasoline on the corpse.

    Yangism is Nihilism.

  3. And the Italians and Spaniards have the highest quality of life. Concerning food, medical and living. America ranks near 40

  4. The entire USSA is now flooded with the scum of Mongrelia. Somalis in the frozen north, nig nogs in the northwest and Alaska, beaners in every 50 states. Bush/Obama made sure to spread the shit thick and let no white bastions remain. You cant move anywhere without seeing some brown shade of shit staring back at you.

    “Game over man, game over!” Hudson was right, but about the wrong kind of aliens.

  5. So stating that we must organize and start formulating militias is wigNat status but acting like low iq dindus who needs gibbsmuh is the new WN movement?
    There really is no hope left.
    I wonder where my family and i can move that doesn’t face a similar fate in the white western world?
    Well, its not out of the range of possibility that we may want to look into living in some Asian nation that would at least protect your right as a human being to exist and not be raped ,robbed ,assaulted or murdered by mohammedans ,mestizos or Africans..
    I wouldn’t mind taking me and my family to Japan, but its hard to become a citizen and move to places like this.
    I want out of this jew concentration camp for goyim ASAP.
    These evil blood thirsty genocidal mass murdering child raping demon spawn kikes want us ALL dead.
    This is obvious.
    Politics is a waste of time..
    These sites are great to read and get to know people and maybe get linked to some great data or see hilarious memes or whatnot , but we better get serious here.
    This nation is a corpse and no 1000 shekels a month is going to keep this white man and my loved ones trapped in this prison.

    • I hear Russia is giving away land in the far east if you want it. I think Hungary or the Baltics would be better, but not sure how difficult it is to become a citizen in those places.

    • Irishman, the US is littered, littered I say with 95% white towns that aren’t super expensive. Eastern Kentucky and WV are constitutional carry and you can go weeks on end without having nonwhites in your business. Those places need good men to fight the drug problem.

      I’m not sure if UBI encourages segregation or not, but anything that puts $ in the pockets of poor whites is a start.

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