Reason #4,340 Why The Kiwi Saxon Began To Hate

Even for the most stable, rational, and forward-thinking in our circles, it’s easy to lose hope with this decadent and fallen world.

Think about it:

The economy is rigged against us, and the old cliches the Boomers and older Gen X folks like to rattle off no longer apply thanks to corruption, nepotism, monopolization, and Affirmative Action.

Degeneracy reigns supreme – we’re told by the “religious” Conservatives that they’ll halt things like abortion, homosexual “rights,” and 6-year-old kids getting their genitals lopped off, but all they’ve managed to oversee is the hollowing out and destruction of Christianity.

We have no political representation worth speaking of – Movements exist, but whether you’re an American, a Brit, a Swede, or a Kiwi, it remains clear that the political class exists to grovel before Jews, import millions of foreigners, and slander/destroy White populations.

And even when you wind up with something resembling hope, as happened with Donald J. Trump, in the end all you’re left with is this:

New York Times:

On a Sunday morning at Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, N.J., a bearded pastor named Jonathan Cahn stood on an elevated platform, gazing over a full house. Stage lights shifted from blue to white as the backing band played a drifting melody. Two men hoisted curled rams’ horns and let out long blasts.

“Some of you have been saying you want to live in biblical times,” Mr. Cahn said, pacing behind a lectern. Then he spread his hands wide. “Well, you are.”

Sitting at the end of a sleepy drive an hour from Manhattan, Beth Israel may look like any common suburban church. But the center has a highly unusual draw. Every weekend, some 1,000 congregants gather for the idiosyncratic teachings of the church’s celebrity pastor, an entrepreneurial doomsday prophet who claims that President Trump’s rise to power was foretold in the Bible.

Mr. Cahn is tapping into a belief more popular than may appear.

A recent Fox News poll found one in four Americans believe “God wanted Donald Trump to become president.” Celebrities like the televangelist Paula White and Franklin Graham have boosted the idea. The president’s own press secretary suggested as much in a January interview. And on the opening day of the Conservative Political Action Conference this month, the millionaire businessman Michael Lindell took to the stage and declared President Trump “chosen by God.”

This is modern American conservatism – a former coke fiend turned pillow salesman telling us that Drumpf is a figure chosen by God to cut Jeff Bezos’ taxes, spread anal joys across the globe, and usher in at least one or three foreign wars.

Mr. Cahn was ahead of the curve.

He has dedicated an entire book to this very thesis, an insight he claims to have received from God. “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times,” in fact, is only the most recent installment of a best-selling series dealing with the supposed mystical meaning behind all manner of current events. In it, Mr. Cahn likens Mr. Trump to the biblical king Jehu, who led the ancient nation of Israel away from idolatry.

With his growing stature, Mr. Cahn is also a rising figure in some quarters of conservative politics. In an email to congregants, Mr. Cahn shared his latest good news: This weekend he is making his first trip to the president’s vacation retreat, Mar-a-Lago. He is set to address a small gathering of activists and advisers.

Central to Beth Israel’s story is the unlikely rise of its pastor, a liberal Jew transformed into an end-times evangelist. The tale is also a step into a controversial and burgeoning layer of American religion, where commerce, supernatural belief and patriotism blend freely. Daniel Silliman, a Valparaiso University professor of religion, called Beth Israel and its pastor part of a long tradition of Americans “looking to prophecy as a way to absorb the chaos” of current events. “It can make someone feel that God is working through human history,” he said, “transforming anxiety into a sense of fullness.”

The son of a Holocaust refugee, Mr. Cahn was raised in a nominally Jewish family in the New York suburbs. But from an early age, he was drawn to the more esoteric corners of belief.

He devoured the writings of Nostradamus, the Virginia psychic Edgar Cayce and far-out conspiracy theories about ancient astronauts. Mr. Cahn soon stumbled on “The Late Great Planet Earth,” the 1970s best-seller that argued doomsday prophecies of the Bible were playing out with events like the Cold War and Israel’s Six-Day War. Mr. Cahn bought the book thinking it was about UFOs; instead he was given a crash-course in Christian eschatology.

Despite nauseating occurrences like this, I would’ve told Brenton Tarrant to hold off on going full Black Ops on a random mosque or two, as these things rarely result in anything beneficial for Whites.

I would’ve told him that although it is truly terrible to witness the decline of nations, with America reigning supreme over the filth ready at the drop of a hat to squash anything resembling a White revival anywhere in the West, all is not lost.

Things are about to take a very interesting turn in the Empire of ZOG – a turn that could very well topple the old order if the dice fall in the correct way.

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  1. Another bugnuts Minnesotan, Lindell. MySmother him with his own MyPillows. Thank Christ I’m soon getting outta this asylum disguised as a state. And so-called Christians are looking to Trump as the savior of America? You don’t need to be a theologian to know there’s only one right answer to the question, “Who’s your savior?” Judeo-Christianity is a perverse lie, and a repudiation of the faith.

  2. I just finished watching some condolence messages to New Zealand from the usual people like Trump, Pompeo, May and so on.
    What hypocrites! All of them have murdered more Moslems than you can shake a stick at.

    • not exactly. One of the (((essential purposes))) of the GWOT is to blow ragheads out of sandyland…and into White countries. Naturally,

      the Jews and their political stooges get upset if some YT goods a few of the invasives.

    • LOL.

      First off- that concatenation of idiotic Jersey-ites, listening to a hook-nosed Kike pretending to be an ‘Xtian,’ is NOT: a) Christian, b) a Church, c) Biblical, or d) Sane.

      Secondly, neither Trump (nor Hitler, Napoleon, etc. ad nauseum) was ‘predicted’ in the Bible. The Scriptures ended with the closing of the canon, and the destruction of Jerusalem, both occurring ca. AD 70. While heretics and apostates occur in every era, no one individual is ‘predicted’ in Scripture, save that of the race of the Jew, who forever destroyed their covenant with YHWH God, by: a) their sins and b) their crucifixion of their Messiah.

      Thus, as the fathers have consistently noted- ANY affinity/friendship/connection with the Jews (in governance, finance, ecclesiology, marriage, art, culture, or food) is VERBOTEN to White Europe.

      And there lies EVERY problem of the modern world.

  3. fails to undestand that USA is VERY NOT a direct-democracy. Further misunderstands the BRIEF histories of direct-democracies.

  4. “I would’ve told him that although it is truly terrible to witness the decline of nations, with America reigning supreme over the filth ready at the drop of a hat to squash anything resembling a White revival anywhere in the West, all is not lost.” – He mentioned that this was done in part to precipitate balkanization here, I think he overestimates us however, the 2nd amendment will probably go out with a wimper.

  5. I wouldn’t worry about the shooting hurting white causes. I really can’t think of anything that is helping white causes. Besides our military kills Muslims almost daily.

  6. This End Times stuff wrapped in religious garb is laughable but why is this information being produced?
    Just relax White people. Ignore those naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews trying to warn you about a phony White Genocide. Trump was chosen by God to lead you to peace and prosperity. Just go about your business and never stop supporting Israel.

  7. Never mind Pastor Hook-Nose, if Mike Lindell is involved in this church you know it’s a scam. Funny how every jew is now a Holocaust Survivor in some capacity, either directly or as the relative/acquaintance of one.

    • Q) How many Holocaust survivors were there?
      A) Six million.
      Just a little humor for the day.

    • And they seem to be finding more and more of them every day. You can barely find a living WW2 vet yet these hollow cost survivors seem to get younger every time. Maybe they were all babies in striped diapers.

  8. Several thoughts here as one who was a Christian Zionist (AKA Judeo-Christian) in his youth but now recognizes the whole belief system is a heretical. First of all taking a page out of the IRA handbook to be effective terrorism must target a person who is both well known and has alienated a significant portion of the population so that when he is done away with people will say-its sad what happened to so and so but a significant portion of the population will also think he had it coming to him. It must also be a person who is not only hostile to our cause but has alienated a substantial part of the population. Random acts of violence just for the sake of violet that generate sympathy and support for our enemies fail the test. Shooting up Churches or Mosques or an innocent disc jockey nobody outside of a three county area does not cut the mustard! (But as for me and my house we remain remain non-violent and condemn terrorism. I am just quoting it in the philosophical sense of the word)

    Second of all Revelations, whether you believe it or not, says the Antichrist will rule from Jerusalem in a rebuilt Jewish temple and will have the support of the Jewish people. By supporting Israel Judeo-Christians are supporting that which brings the Anti-Christ to power as only after Christ comes-not before- does the regathering of Israel take place. And yes the Antichrist will be Jewish not a Catholic or some European ruling a revived Roman Empire. Besides, we are not even supposed to be here! Hal Lindsey, foremost Christian Zionist, said we would all be raptured off in 1988 and yet we are still here. Now what was the penalty for false prophecy in the Old Testament?

    Always amazed at Christian Zionists who say when the Antichrist comes they will not take his mark and will prefer death. And yet I tell them they have already taken his mark, as least spiritually. as the religion they belong towards worships that which will bring him to power!

  9. There is no reason to believe a single thing in Revelations. People who are waiting for the world to end will be waiting until the Sun becomes a red giant and swallows it up.

  10. Another hate crime HOAX brought to you by the kosher media. This whole contrived story has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.

  11. Why do these “nutjobs” always go after the symptom of the problem and never the source of the problem? Why do the leaders of mass immigration into white countries never even get skinned knees? Or, an occasional pie in the face?

    Any sound-minded person who has ever studied the Dylann Roof “massacre” would have confusing conclusions at the very least. But, among the mentally controlled who are content being in that state for to actually question the official story and point out discrepancies would be a war they’re just not willing to fight. And, of course, being respectable will always trump being a pariah regardless of your supposed convictions.

    In the end you’re a pariah anyway and there you will stay.

    • Those are some very good questions Snowhitey. If someone chooses to effectively forfeit their life by committing this type of act, and risk being shot to death or spend the rest of their life in prison why would they go after a bunch of low value targets praying in their local mosque?

      Who benefits from this attack?

      * Israel, who did a massive air strike on Gaza the same day, which went pretty much unnoticed in the media due to the Christchurch spectacle.

      *Gun grabbers in New Zealand and elsewhere.

      * All those who are looking for a reason to further censure the internet and shut down free speech platforms.

      * Those who are looking do demonize White Nationalists and seize on this opportunity to legislate against white people organizing to preserve their race and furthering their ethnic interests.

      In other words, jews and jewish interests will profit from this. Jacob Rotschild are still safe and sound in his castle, laughing at us as he counts his money, and so are the shabbos goy politicians and the enemy (((media))).

      Who looses?

      * White Nationalists everywhere.

      This whole operation reeks of gefilte fish!

    • OMG… stop with this stuff, you are a lunatic. AJ must be right about them putting something in the water for so many of you Q-tard nuts to exist. You have the same problem as the left and right wing media trying to paint him as insane, or a nutter. Your simple little brain apparently can’t process the brutal reality of life and that people on both sides of any conflict can do some amazingly barbaric things. I realize I’m not know here so if I pissed in some ones churios sorry.

      • I knew YT would scrub this evidence. Forensic video analysis took it apart piece by piece. The ejecting cartridges were CGI, they weren’t landing on the ground, they were disappearing.

        Anything to do with gun grabbing politicians, you must question. The frst thing out of the female PM mouth was “Our gun laws will change.”

        How many false flag gun grabbing coincidence’s are mathematically impossible? I don’t know whether this shooting was real or not but one thing I do know, forensic photo analysis doesn’t lie. I’ve seen several video analysis of this shooting taken apart and they all show the same evidence.?

        • That was a really interesting vid that you posted. Thank you for that. Yeah, I’ve noticed that it’s rapidly being taken down everywhere on the internet, but the chills will probably tell you it’s because it’s unimportant and we are being tin foil hats 🙂 Anyway, I’ve found it again. If the website won’t load at first; refresh.

          • Another interesting note, the shatter proof glass windshield. When firing through the windshield there’s no glass shards or even a sign of a shot out windshield.

            You would think these black ops would have better video production. No wonder they want the video scrubbed.

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