MIGA: Golden Boy Jared Kushner Plots Legal Immigration Increase

Everything he touches turns to gold, right?

“Even as President Donald Trump threatens to shut down the southern border, his administration is quietly working on a plan to expand some forms of legal immigration into the U.S.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has been working for months on a proposal that could increase the number of low- and high-skilled workers admitted to the country annually, four people involved in the discussions told POLITICO. …”

That’s what we were told yesterday.

When he isn’t working on securing the Golan Heights and West Bank for Israel or organizing jailbreaks with Van Jones because of his daddy issues, Jared dedicates his time to ensuring that our beleagured corporations can have the cheap labor they need to hold down the miniscule rise in wages that has occurred under the Trump presidency. Isn’t conservatism lovely?

Now, I know that many of you will say that you never voted for this, but since when has that ever mattered to conservatives? The essence of the scam that is mainstream conservatism is running on one message for all your dumb voters to exploit their fears and resentments and then spinning around on a dime and using political power to cash in all the chips for donors who buy the policies.

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  1. Sometimes in life you are in a relationship or a project that is just not working out. Its not sustainable and you learned that the hard way by constantly going the extra mile and trying to patch it up. Sometimes its best to walk away and start over as what your trying to save is beyond redemption. Its time for red state secession and the formation of a Heartland Republic with a Constitution that prohibits that which doomed the United States and turned it malevolent against it founding stock. I think you know in your hearts it is the only solution left. Even the enemy knows that as regards where they settle non-white immigrants. They seldom put them in blue states but in red state America to make it more diverse and to break up its majority white and conservative base. Has Hillary won she has a plan to appoint Julian Castro as head of Housing and Urban Development and plant massive section 8 housing all over red state America and not only plant them but to give its inhabitants a stipend that would be equal in salary to what the local residents make thereby facilitating their “integration.” Ask yourself if a presidential candidate can concoct such a plan are we living in the United States or the United Soviets because that plan reeks of Soviet collectivism!

  2. The U.S. federal government is a corporation. It’s under the edicts of Maritime Law. Until Americans understand that they are not governed under a Constitutional Republic but a corporate dictatorship, nothing will ever change. All laws passed in DC should not even be enforced or followed by patriotic citizens. They are illegal and usurped our Constitution.

    Now go look at your social security and tell me what the number on the back of it is for?

    • A. Ralph Epperson has a couple books on this topic…other shills that write out our reality for us like etymology expert jew (((jordan maxwell))) are all occultists that get discredited for that specific title but they both extensively cover the Maritime law aspect to our lives in Joomerica with we the citizenry being publicly traded commodities in which the entire purpose of wall street and the ZOG exist to suck the life force out of.

  3. It was once a joke, but it seems as if we really do have President Kushner.

    Foreign policy in the Mideast, legal and illegal immigration, convicts out of prison, so many Never Trump appointments, and more– from Kushner.

    Trump just whines and blusters and yells and tweets and (impotently) threatens and brags and insults and so on.

  4. Kushner is weird looking even for a Jew. In some still shots he can look goyish, but when you see video, his face morphs like it is constantly shifting between different A Wyatt Mann cartoons.

    • @Dart, jared and his tribe are shapeshifters and destroyers of others cultures and civilizations because their the progeny of The Father of Lies.

      • You ever see that Woody Allen movie Zelig? It’s not just an offbeat comedy about some nebish trying to fit in with society. Like many jew-directed films it’s actually a glimpse into how jews operate. Like you say they are Protean shape-shifters.

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