AI Superpowers: China’s Sputnik Moment (Part 3)

Editor’s Note: This will be another long day on this website. I’ve been reading Kai-Fu Lee’s AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order which our man Andrew Yang has brought to my attention and want to start breaking it down chapter by chapter.

Let’s continue.

“China’s government is also doing everything it can to tip the scales. The Chinese government’s sweeping plan for becoming an AI superpower pledged widespread support and funding for AI research, but most of all it acted as a beacon to local governments throughout the country to follow suit. Chinese governance structures are more complex than most Americans assume; the central government does not simply issue commands that are instantly implemented throughout the nation. But it does have the ability to pick out certain long term goals and mobilize epic resources to push in that direction. The country’s lightning-paced development of a sprawling high-speed rail network serves as a living example.

Local government leaders responded to the AI surge as though they had just heard the starting pistol for a race, fully competing with each other to lure AI companies and entrepreneurs to their regions with generous promises of subsidies and preferential policies. The race is just getting started, and exactly how much impact it will have on China’s AI development is still unclear. But whatever that outcome, it stands in stark contrast to a U.S. government that deliberately takes a hands-off approach to entrepreneurship and is actively slashing funds for basic research …

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates AI deployment will add $15.7 trillion to global GDP by 2030. China is predicted to take home $7 trillion of that total, nearly double North America’s $3.7 trillion in gains. As the economic balance of power tilts in China’s favor, so too will political influence and “soft power,” the country’s cultural and ideological footprint around the globe.”

Excuse me, Kai-Fu Lee, but have you even read Locke?

Have you even read Ludwig von Mises? If China continues to ignore the counsel of our free-market theorists, it will rapidly sink to the status of Venezuela. Now, I know you might respond that Shanghai looks nothing like Detroit in the 21st century, but capitalism has defeated socialism.

“Based on current trends in technology advancement and adoption, I predict that within fifteen years, artificial intelligence will technically be able to replace around 40 to 50 percent of jobs in the United States. Actual job losses may end up lagging those technical capabilities by an additional decade, but I forecast that the disruption to job markets will be very real, very large, and coming soon.”

50 percent job losses? Nigga, what?

Oh, I see now. The labor of these people will be unnecessary because deep learning AI, automation and robotic workers will abolish wage slavery in our lifetimes.

“At the same time, AI-driven automation in factories will undercut the one economic advantage developing countries historically possessed: cheap labor. Robot-operated factories will likely relocate to be closer to their customers in large markets, pulling away the ladder that developing countries like China and the “Asian Tigers” of South Korea and Singapore climbed up on their way to becoming high-income, technology driven economies. The gap between the global haves and have-nots will widen, with no known path toward closing it.”

Wow. Just wow.

If the application of deep learning to agriculture, manufacturing and services abolishes in a single stroke both wage slavery and the need for cheap labor under the paradigm of free-market capitalism and creates vast amounts of wealth in the new robot driven factories which are coming back to the US market, then what is the point of continuing with mass immigration?

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  1. Since when has our hostile alien ruling elite ever felt the need to justify their actions to us peasants?

    • @spahnranch1969

      “Since when has our hostile alien ruling elite ever felt the need to justify their actions to us peasants?”

      Since they’ve realised that AI and Automation will unleash social, economic and political forces that they can’t control, and which will overwhelm them.

      Since their blackout of News from Europe and Asia, and their control of domestic news, and of information in general, has been defeated by the internet, cellphones, digital video and PCs.

      Read Power Shift by Alvin Toffler. It’s the second in his series “The Third Wave.” It describes how information based technology will shift power away from traditional institutions, governments and authorities, and towards smaller organisations, groups, and individuals.

      Toffler’s books explain how information technology, instant global communications, AI, robotics and automation will transform the world beyond recognition to 20th Century people.

      We’ve always lived in an information based society. What’s changed is the ability to access and communicate that information.

      The oligarchs controlled the masses by keeping them illiterate. Mass education and the printing press defeated them.

      They can’t stop the spread of IT. Everything they do from here on out, is an attempt at damage control, and save ass.

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