An Argument For Accelerationism


Editor’s Note: I don’t think Identity Dixie understands the 3.0 movement we are starting to construct here and elsewhere.

Otto writes:

It seems that in today’s declining world we live in, as a mechanic of various individuals’ coping mechanisms, accelerationism has been on the rise. I just want to say for those of you who have taking a horse pill sized black pill that I get it, I’ve been there and I understand why you would want or advocate for accelerationism – it’s despair. “

I don’t feel blackpilled.

Just the opposite is true. I feel whitepilled. I’m not advocating accelerationism out of despair. I’m doing it because I have rethought a failed paradigm and created a better one.

“Deep down inside, when you peel away all the anger you will find it like a tiny sapling at the root of your anger. You only need be honest with yourself and look. If you can’t admit there is a problem, how will you ever go about fixing it?”

It’s true that I am angry with Blompf and the GOP.

I’m tired of watching people being screwed over by these con-artists. While I was angry about it at first, I decided to channel that anger and frustration in a constructive direction by creating a new paradigm, discourse, cultural and political strategy and tactics for a 3.0 movement.

“As I mentioned in my “Everything In Moderation” article, demoralization is a powerful weapon which an adversary can wield against you with damaging consequences. It takes only passive effort on their part to sustain it; although, in other cases the effort may be more active. “

Maybe you are demoralized.

I’m feeling reenergized after shaking off conservatism. It is why I have been writing so much lately. When I was demoralized, I didn’t feel like writing much on this website.

“I understand where this despair comes from. You are mad and upset with what has become of the world. I’m right there with you. You have every right to be and I won’t for a minute tell you otherwise. Our countries have been stolen from us, the rug pulled from beneath our feet and we have become marginalized by those who seek only to expand their control and power. “

What are we going to do about it?

Are we going to vote for Blompf and MIGA in 2020? I’m not going to do that. I’m going to vote for Andrew Yang who is going to wipe our conservatism and give everyone in this country $1,000 a month. After we jettison that dead weight, we can rebuild the Right.

“If you desire proof of that statement, I encourage you to explore how conventional gays and other such dregs have also become marginalized for the purposes of attacking them. Remember in the 90’s and early 00’s, how these groups were championed by the Left and held on their festering pillar of rot? Now, in a twisted sense of irony, they have served their role and because they are no longer useful must be eliminated. Even as we speak, even some of the most devout LGBT members are stumbling out of the reverie from decades of manufactured propaganda meant to twist the minds of the ignorant, emotionally compromised and mentally weak.”

Mainstream conservatism lost the culture war on LGBTQ. It was the Republican-controlled Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts that legalized gay marriage in this country. This should be clarifying because now that mainstream conservatism has lost the culture war we can vote on the basis of economics again in national elections.

“When we look at general snapshots of society from 40, 50 and even 60 years ago, it’s blatantly obvious we live in the dystopian future that many among the general populace (at the time) largely held as inconceivable. I understand why you are filled with despair and I also understand why you also may just want it all to end. I get it. “

George Fitzhugh and Robert Lewis Dabney both saw it coming. They saw it coming because both understood that it was caused and being driven by free-market capitalism and the “conservative” resistance to it.

“Let me make an argument as to why you shouldn’t give in and embrace accelerationism. The metaphorical mountain we must climb is inconceivably massive. Heck, we can’t even see the top when we look up at it. To understand why that metaphorical mountain is so vast you must understand it took arguably over a century to raise it. This was done by repeated, concerted and deliberate efforts by leftists.”

Well, I would say that I have climbed the mountain. It took me 18 years of research and effort, but I reached the top of the mountain. Now, I see a real path forward whereas I didn’t see a path forward before. We can accelerate the demise of Conservatism, Inc. by voting for Yang.

” I simply point to the Dark Ages as an example. If you studied or remember any history you were taught, the Dark Ages were held as a time of great suffering for our people for a damn good reason. Essentially, we were going nowhere and just dying. Nothing was happening in a large scale sense. While this period in time was brought about, not necessarily by accelerationism, the result is still the same as accelerationism.”

I’ve studied the Dark Ages.

In fact, I recently bought another book on the Dark Ages which I will be reviewing here in May. I’ve also studied other periods of history that remind me more of the era we are living through now. Specifically, it reminds me of the beginning of the Early Modern Era.

It got real bad at the end of the Middle Ages

“Everyone wants a war, until they have to fight in one. Only those so indoctrinated or brainwashed tend to favor war as an outcome. I’m not suggesting this is always bad, but should be considered as a last resort. So, until such a time, I suggest shelving such notions and focusing on solutions in the here and now where you can make a difference.”

I agree that violence isn’t the solution.

We don’t have to engage in violence to accelerate the demise of Conservatism, Inc. It is much easier to just vote for the other party especially when it offers you $1,000 a month.

“If you are so vehemently against this notion, understand I’m not trying to convert you to my way of thinking. Frankly, who am I to tell you how to think or do? You are, after all, your own person, right? Take everything I’m presenting as it is meant to be taken.”

Okay, I will point to virtually every headline about Blompf in the news to illustrate why voting for conservatism is a failed strategy.

“Now, suddenly a group of demoralized people tell us we should throw all of this away? Just piss all over the legacy of those who came before us? Please explain to me how you can count yourself as a traditionalist of any facet when advocating for accelerationism. Accelerationism is throwing away everything because you are so full of despair that you see no other way out.”

Is any of this the legacy of conservatism?

Was it mainstream conservatism that won the Space Race with the Soviet Union? Did mainstream conservatism split the atom? Maybe you can explain to us how Boomer conservatism and free-market capitalism and voting for the GOP in the South is “traditionalist.”

“I have my gripes with individuals who profess themselves to be “Yang Gang” but not just them, others who have came before them who argued for the same exact thing – destroy it, all of it.”

Why shouldn’t mainstream conservatism be destroyed? What do you have to show for it except losing the culture war and decades of economic stagnation for the White middle class and working class?

“These are the same people I’ve found that would embrace nuclear annihilation if you packaged it right. What a horrifying thought. Imagine for a second that you have become so insane that despair turns into zest and zeal. This is what we are dealing with and it is my hope to keep others from falling into this pit-trap. “

Wait a minute.

Isn’t it Blompf who rekindled the Cold War with Russia? Isn’t it Blompf and his coterie of neocons who is warmongering against Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Venezeula and other countries? I don’t support international conflict which is one reason why I am not voting him in 2020.

“How does this start? Negative spiral thinking patterns. That is how, innocently enough. When left unchecked or with no positive outlet, it progressively builds into a pattern of mentally self-destructive thinking inducing exactly what the enemy wants – despair. Mind you, they didn’t even have to lift a finger for them to do it. You did it to yourself.”

From our perspective, you’re the one who is suffering from fear and despair. You’re the one who thinks you have no choice but to reaffirm the awful status quo because you are so afraid of Andrew Yang. The rest of us are excited about getting $1,000 a month and moving beyond angry Boomer politics.

“Why give them the satisfaction of a mental defeat when they want you to be mentally defeated?”

I’m not mentally defeated.

Far from being mentally defeated, I see now that Southern Nationalism can’t succeed in this generation because the Southerner has been dissolved under free-market capitalism. Therefore, we have to fix our culture and economy and politics before we can reconstruct Dixie.

“You are better than this. It is in your blood. Embrace it. Let it come to you naturally. You are heirs to the greatest people the world has ever known. Start acting like it. At the end of the day, there is one thing no one can take from you unless you let them – your mind.”

Well, I agree except for the conclusion that Blompf, mainstream conservatism, identity politics and the GOP is the answer.

“A healthy positive mindset is important when tackling any difficult challenge in life. If you can’t bring your best, don’t expect to get the best out of something. Instead of despairing about how the world around you is failing, get out there and start fixing it. You don’t need to be a politician or some self-fantasized dictator to do it.”

We’re not despairing about the world though.

On the contrary, we are excited about how Silicon Valley and China are restoring Slave Society with AI in the 21st century. We’re excited about a future in which the problem of scarcity has been solved.

“Make the world what you want it to be – by being a part of it. The way I see it is you have two choices, you can sit around on the internet all the time griping and moaning or you can link up with like minded people getting involved in the real world.”

Unfortunately, we are making the world what we want it to be. We’re not sulking on the internet about how the Confederacy lost in 1865 or the Third Reich lost in 1945. We’re building the Silicon Reich now.

“Think of it this way, the leftists spent close to over a century to get things to the point they are now. It will take equally as long for us to get it back to the way it was. Massive societal level change like that does not happen overnight. It happens slowly over time with incremental changes, shifts in the Overton Window, policies here and there.”

I don’t think so.

I agree with Yang that massive societal level change is imminent. I think the cause is deep learning AI which will transform the global economy. I also think the legacy Jewish oligarchy will succumb to the New World Order as surely as agrarian slavery was doomed to lose to industrial capitalism. Sheldon Adelson and all the other elderly Jewish donors simply don’t have enough shekels or years left on earth to stop the changes that are coming in the world.

“Why throw in the towel when we’re just getting started? Once we were frogs boiling away in the water unaware that our demise loomed, but things are different now. We realized what was happening and more are as well. We’ve managed to arrest the momentum that has seized our societies in the interim.”

Conservatism has been given its chance.

To be completely honest, it has been given more than its chance. It was given 40 years to reverse our social and economic decline. I also disagree that electing Blompf in 2016 arrested our decline.

“Accelerationism reeks of defeat.

Stand up and be counted.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.”

Conservatism is synonymous with defeat.

Don’t believe me? Just check your Twitter feed. Watch the news.

God bless you and God bless Dixie!

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  1. I have completely tuned out on immigration and social issues. I only talk about it these days to mock Trump and the GOP. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that it is a waste of time. It keeps you chained to the “lesser of two evils” party simply because the Democrats are supposedly worse on those issues. Of course this isn’t true either since Obama was better than Trump on immigration.

    Race and culture? The GOP? lmao. Look no further than poor Steve King who is now the red-headed step child of the party because he brought up Whites. The GOP love identity politics as long as it isn’t White so how is that any different than the Democrats stance on racial issues?

    Once you focus on what is in the best interest for a vast majority of Whites economically you can no longer be a Republican – that is where I am at. The GOP is for people who are conservatives or lolbertarians. It is in no way shape or form a populist party and never will be.

    • > I have completely tuned out on immigration and social issues.

      Same. The ship has sailed on the USA / the “West”. Our society is done for just as certainly as was ancient Rome. Something new will arise – indeed, it is already in the process of being born.

      Mourn the loss of the good, celebrate the end of the bad, and look forward to building something new.

      • Ditto. Like hard work it can suck but sometimes the results are wonderful. We don’t have to be miserable. There was nothing worth saving from what the boomers left anyway.

    • “Once you focus on what is in the best interest for a vast majority of Whites economically you can no longer be a Republican – that is where I am at.”


  2. Everything in our current system will not fall apart at the same time or at the same rate of decay. I want the system to fall apart so that it can be rebuilt, but some structures will be left standing: government, monetary system, transportation, and so on. You rebuild on what was already there. That presents opportunities we can take advantage of, as they come up. People are generally passive, but if something isn’t working, most people will also find ways to adapt. A time of great societal evolution is coming, and we will all need to adapt. Presenting alternatives and building up cooperative networks will be a necessary part of that adaptation, imo.

  3. Just think, if Alabama had de-emphasized football in 1960, when the Negro hand writing was on the wall, I wouldn’t have to see “Joey Boy” Namath advertising some sort of Medicare scam on TV today.

    I played against “Joey Boy”, before he went down to Alabama, and you put some weight on his hunkie ass. Really he wasn’t that good or important in the WPIAL. I vaguely remember him from high school football, and I didn’t connect him to the WPIAL until he played for the Jets.

    • He wasn’t good at all. I think he had more interceptions than td passes. He got famous because his big mouth was right one time.

      • I’m getting older than dirt. LOL. But, I am younger than “Joe Boy”.

        I remember back in the way back, I was flying back from the Caribbean, into New Yawk to change planes. I was sitting with a couple of nice looking New Yawk secretaries, when I mentioned that I had contributed to Namath’s bad knees. The one girl dropped her drink, and, both seemed to be outraged that at my comment.

        There were a lot of really good athletes in the WPIAL, and I wasn’t one of them. LOL. I had friends who went to, or coached football power house high schools like Uniontown, “Little” Washington, Mt. Lebanon, Bethel, St. Clair, etc.

        I wish I had Chuck Knoll as my high school coach. There might have been a different outcome, or, I could have ended up a hell of a lot worse like some guys I knew.

        Should College and Pro sports all be 60% plus Black/non-White?

  4. Therefore, we have to fix our culture and economy and politics before we can reconstruct Dixie.

    We have to start with politics. We have to remove hostile outsiders from the Southern political equation. And our own worthless politicos, too.

    We can’t fix our culture and economy with hostile strangers opposing us at every step, or sabotage from within by those pandering to, and seeking the approval of, our Cultural/political enemies.

    • Man I haven’t even started yet. We have nothing but time and I am enjoying the back and forth (rudely interrupted by my end of semester flurry).

      • “Yang understands full well that automation will also completely abolish cheap labor.”

        They’ve already shifted gear to justifying the mud flood on Humanitarian grounds, rather than on the need to pick tomatoes, or scrub commodes.

  5. Interesting…. Point to me where I said conservatism. I blatantly said traditionalism. There’s a huge difference between the two. You seem to want to label me as a conservative yet I’m only a fundamentalist if not a red shirt at times.

    If you also must know it wasn’t trump who kicked things back off with the Russians it was Obama but what would I know? I was only an intelligence analyst at the time and watched it happen daily. I watched as that chimp single handedly destroyed decades worth of work on purpose so as to further the deathblow.

    If you think self improvement and working to better your community is sulking I don’t know what to tell you.

    You also have this misconception that when you hand leftists power they are going to just magically let you continue to exist. I encourage you to take a strong look in history when governments have changed hands radically and the subsequent results. There’s many examples. One of the first things they will do is secure their power and that means hauling you off to be shot.

    That’s especially easy now in the digital world where they can just check your voter registration, find where you live, and scoop you up.

    A general never advocates for less time to prepare for a battle and I don’t know about you but I’m all for increasing our odds instead of pissing away the chance to really make an impact that will actually last.

    If you aren’t demoralized as you claim congratulations, that part was not directed at you.

    You can still agree with some of the points someone is making but still not support them. You should try it sometime. If you think I disagree some massive changes aren’t need you’re out of your mind. It’s your proposed method to achieve that change which is what I have a problem with.

    I named you as one of the ideologies I have seem come along in the past advocating for essentially the same thing.

    Your proposed solution will not bring your prosperity but ruination, destitution, and death. You can understand why I’m not eager to jump on your sinking ship.

    That being said it’s nice to see other view points on the subject. I simply do not agree with all yours for a multitude of reasons too long to list here.

    • Interesting.

      What do you mean by traditionalism? There are an endless varieties of traditions. Saying you are a traditionalist doesn’t mean much unless you first tell us what tradition you are identifying with.

      Why not just admit the tradition is voting for the GOP and backing mainstream conservatism because the Left is going to destroy us all and Blompf is the lesser of two evils?

  6. @Hunter

    “I see now that Southern Nationalism can’t succeed in this generation because the Southerner has been dissolved under free-market capitalism”

    I have said this since Charlottesville as the premier reason we need National Socialism. And people are ready for it. They are tired of Conservativism being their leader. We are all tired of Mitch McConnells and Ted Cruz’s. In fact, I would deport Ted cruz.

    Why not hit the streets with me? Two makes three, makes four, etc. Unity makes strength. There is a tipping point to this business as usual. We don’t have time for Yang to interject 8 years.

  7. I see the Jewnited States as a 747 that needs to be hijacked and flown directly into an active volcano.

    • Yeah my eyes are as good as yours Spahn, but the truth is, if we don’t hit the streets our people are extinct here. The government is always going to keep our people in the dark about our genocide (yes even Yang). Answers must come from within us to help our people.

      • The government combined with the media keep the masses in the dark. And we know who owns and controls most of the media.

  8. “I see now that Southern Nationalism can’t succeed in this generation because the Southerner has been dissolved under free-market capitalism”

    To quote that great fascist Bill Clinton “that depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is”

    Personally I am pretty squarely post-nationalist. We are for better or worse breaking newer and better ground here than any of the whizzbangs in academia or the political establishment so why not quit wailing back and forth about ID being boomercons (I am one of the original translators of Ernest Niekisch and that makes no sense…your NazBol memes would not have been possible without me) is patently absurd.

    It is also absurd for you NPC’s to continue wailing about the fracturing of Dixie. Its all in the dialektiks baby.

  9. So we’re supposed to allow our trusted govt. to extract and fork over ~$270 billion ($1000 x ~270 million adults) per month, just so we can pwn the boomer cuckservative class and shame them into becoming nationalists again? Yeah, that’ll teach ’em. As someone once accurately quipped, “If you think ___ is expensive now, just wait ’til it’s free.” Obviously Hunter is trying to troll / provoke with his support of Yangcelerationism, but the ice is getting a bit thin.
    Yes, Trump’s MIGA obsession is infuriating, but if it can cause even 20% of ((journalists, professors & entertainment execs)) to switch sides, it will help our cause for generations. A little 6.66-D chess, as it were. I’ll take that gamble over the Yang / UBI gamble.

    • No, it is more like technology is changing, which means the global economy is changing, which means that our culture and politics are going to change in turn.

      Dumb people are focused on the fact that Yang is Asian. Smart people are focused on the fact that his analysis is correct. If what he is saying is true about automation destroying 50% of American jobs over the next 15 years, then it follows the result will inevitably be massive social upheaval.

      In such a world, the only you thing you can do is expand the welfare state and give people money to survive the economic transition. If it doesn’t happen and the black hole of automation continues to expand, then eventually the result will be a violent revolution.

      • “If what he is saying is true about automation destroying 50% of American jobs over the next 15 years,”

        American industry has been falling behind the rest of the advanced world since 1945. By the 1970’s, it became obvious that innovation had practically ceased, and by the 1980’s, production machinery was hopelessly obsolete.

        Most companies, technology wise, haven’t caught up with the 1990s.

        Culture wise, they’re going back to the 19th Century. Shifts have been lengthened to ten and 12hrs. Some companies have brought back the six day work week. Some companies have four shifts, so that they can run seven days a week. The reason for this isn’t high volume business, it’s because their broken down and obsolete machinery just can’t keep up with normal production demands anymore. Nor can doing repetitive jobs with hand tools and muscle power.

        Their excuse for all of this lack of advancement, production technology wise, is that they just can’t afford it.

        They’ll make the same excuse for not adopting automation, which has already been underway in Europe and Japan for nearly 40 years.

        If American industry can’t afford capital investments in new machinery and technology, and they’re just one lost contract or customer away from bankruptcy, then we have a more serious problem than automation rendering 50% of the labour force idle. We’re in danger of industrial collapse.

        In my estimation, Automation and AI are nonstarters in the former United States. Our industrial and Scientific cultures have been destroyed. Our leaders won’t give up their power and relevance to the new Century. They cling desperately to the past. Leftists dominate the social and political spheres with their steampunk labour politics and their 1960s racial pandering and politics.

        The problem is Human, not technological.

        As an aside;

        European companies are going to a 35hr work week, made possible by advanced, and way more productive machines, as well as increasing automation. Factory workers don’t work weekends and holidays. Or twelve hour shifts. Some companies don’t even have night shifts anymore.

        The U.S. machine tool building industry is extinct. The better equipped U.S. facilities have machinery imported from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Japan.

        Outside of Japan, Sweden and Germany are the top countries for robotics and automation. Norway is actually ahead in software for machine tools, robots and automated production cells and facilities.

        American industry has become all but irrelevant.

  10. The demise of Conservative, Inc. is a noble and worthy goal. I can clearly see it now. It’s pumping (wasting) energy into a line that is completely diverted from its intended goal, especially, for the White working class.

    As a working class White, I’m not voting anymore to help higher class Whites get tax cuts or improved capital gains from Wall St. I’m not voting anymore for a party that hates me as much as the Left does. There is no reason that any working class White should vote for the GOP. Being White isn’t a legitimate reason. At least the Left admits it’s anti-White. The GOP are snakes who dog whistle to corral disaffected White votes and then betray them every single time.

    The government mandates and enforces anti-White diversity and anti-White affirmative action in the workplace. This was put on steroids during the Obama years. Yes, Blompf ‘improved’ the economy but left this government mandated anti-white diversity in place. Add this to open border mass immigration/ cheap labor replacement, which is also government allowed, and you have a nightmare for the White working class.

    It’s time for higher class Whites who vote Republican to feel these acute and toxic effects, firsthand. It’s time for the demise of Conservative, Inc. It’s time for the GOP to be a permanent minority at the federal level. Unlike California, there will be no Texas to run to and Israel only allows in those who have a certain haplotype. It will be interesting to watch how the White GOP reacts to this. I’m looking forward to it.

  11. Excellent thoughtful stuff. Conservatives are a lost cause at this point. When your very existence is under threat, to be preoccupied with tax rates and regulations is pretty baffling.
    If accelerationism is going to benefit us as individuals, without regard to ‘eternal principles’ then in a time when we’re under such attack, it makes so much sense to take the benefit where you can that it’s almost surreal to even have to make the argument.
    That’s assuming that accelerationism won’t destroy the system: if it does, it stops the system doing more harm. I mean do anti-accelerationists think the risk of war with Iran/Russia is a price worth paying to avoid the spectre of ‘socialism’?

  12. I stopped following Identity Dixie after this sad display:

    Gentlemen. Ladies. I come to you today with an honest plea: put down the JQ. Let this be our version of #walkaway.

    Grandpa Lampshade did a good takedown of that nonsense.

    These guys are justifying their hiding behind Tucker’s skirt. “I don’t have to risk losing my Faceberg. Normies will hear Tucker and join us–as long as we don’t say anything.”

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