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  1. Whether we like it or not, Trump has greatly benefited from kissing Jew ass. His father did. You simply cannot make it in JYC not doing so, especially in real estate. They have a monopoly on everything that ensures wealth and power. He will continue to benefit and he will continue to smooch. It’s possible that the whole presidency was sought to ensure his family remains on top for a long, long time. Globalism continues to be ushered in so MAGA was never part of the plan. He’s made lots of behind the scenes deal since November 8, 2016. I think, from our perspective, he may go down as the worst president in our lifetime simply because of the enormity of his betrayal.

    I want to destroy the capitalists. Every stinking one of them. Since they control my destiny, my path to freedom will only be cleared by their destruction.

    We always look at the poor and downtrodden as useless eaters but I believe it is the upper classes that are the ultimate parasites. They serve no greater good from our viewpoint. The lower classes do it out of desperation. The upper classes do it out of sheer greed. And, desperation is not one of the 7 deadly sins.

  2. It is also tied to the Jewish desire to demean all of Western/Christian Civ, and then using their shabbas goyim, like Jesse Jackson, to sh*t on the Patrimony of the West, and then inculcate this evil bacillus in the university system.

    Great Video and book on this subject.

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