Live Thread: 2019 European Elections

I’ve been so immersed in history and preoccupied with covering American politics lately that I have neglected to keep tabs on recent political developments in Europe. I have so much on my plate that I also failed to write anything about the recent election in Australia.


New York Times:

“The results in Britain were a striking success for a party that has existed for only a few weeks, and for Mr. Farage, the campaigner for British withdrawal from the European Union. He is one of the country’s most divisive politicians but also one of its most effective communicators.

The elections also looked set to deal a crushing blow to the opposition Labour Party as it lost votes to two center-left opponents, the Liberal Democrats and Greens, which both took a clearer position against Brexit and supported a second referendum on the issue.

With many of the votes counted, the Brexit Party was ahead with 31.5 percent of the vote. The Liberal Democrats were second with 20.5 percent, followed by Labour with 14.1 percent and the Greens with 12.1 percent. The Conservatives pushed into fifth position with 9.1 percent of the votes.

The Conservative Party’s dire performance will increase pressure on those campaigning to succeed Mrs. May to take a hard-line approach to Brexit that could result in the country leaving the European Union without any agreement. …”

Nigel Farage is doing well for himself after getting milkshaked:

Conservatives BTFO … they came in FIFTH PLACE:

Sargon and UKIP imploded:

Tommy Robinson lost his race for MP:

Theresa May broke down in tears as she resigned:

All things considered … it was a good result in the UK.



“French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a narrow defeat to Marine Le Pen’s nationalist movement in Sunday’s European parliamentary elections.

Macron’s Republic on The Move had 21.9% of the vote compared with 24.1% for the anti-European National Rally with 90% of ballots counted . The Greens rose to third with 13.1%, the conservative Republicans got 8% and the Socialists 6.4%. In the last EU vote in 2014 Le Pen beat the conservatives by 4 percentage points with Macron’s Socialist predecessor Francois Hollande trailing in third.

The result is a setback for 41-year-old Macron in his battle for legitimacy as he tries to persuade the rest of the European Union to pursue tighter integration. Still, the narrow defeat most likely won’t derail his domestic agenda as the government prepares for a major overhaul of the pension system. Polls in Germany showed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats came first, although with fewer seats than last time. …”

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally is now the most popular party in France. Emmanuel Macron was humiliated again at the polls. The cope is that the National Front had an even better performance in the last EU election and its level of support hasn’t changed much, but the story in France is the collapse of the Republicans, Socialists and Macron. Conservatism has collapsed in France and the UK.



“Matteo Salvini is set to make his League party Italy’s biggest political force while falling short of the knockout blow that would allow him to seek the premiership, according to projections of votes in the European Parliament elections.

The deputy premier’s rightist, anti-migrant League won 30% of the vote, a projection by state-run Rai television showed, as his ruling coalition ally and campaign rival, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, slipped to third place at 20.2%. …”

Matteo Salvini is the boss in Italy:



“The far-right Vlaams Belang booked a huge win in Belgium’s triple election Sunday, offsetting losses by parties in Prime Minister Charles Michel’s outgoing government coalition.

In the northern, Dutch-speaking Flanders region, provisional results put the far-right party on track to finish second with about 20 percent of the vote — a surge of over 14 percentage points. The right-wing New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) would remain the largest party in Belgium with around 28 percent of the Flemish votes, a drop of almost 5 percentage points.

“This election was about our people, and our people have to come first,” President of Vlaams Belang Tom Van Grieken told a gathering of party militants in his victory speech.  …”

Huge win for Vlaams Belang in Belgium:


The Local:

“Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and allies Christian Social Union (CSU) were set to garner around 28 percent, two separate polls by national broadcasters ARD and ZDF showed, sharply under their 35.3 percent in 2014.

Her coalition partner SPD was also headed for its poorest showing in an EU poll with around 15.5 percent, as the centre-left party was knocked from second position by the Greens, which surged to between 20.5 and 22 percent. The far-right AfD was set to improve on their 2014 score of 7.1 percent, with exit polls seeing it coming in at around 10.5 percent. …”

In Germany, the story of the day was also the decline of the mainstream parties – Merkel’s CDU and the leftwing SPD – and the rise of the Greens who took 20% of the vote. AfD made a slight gain in the polls. Conservatives lost in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.


Croatia News:

HDZ (centre-right, EPP) 23.04% - 4 seats

SDP (centre-left, PES) 18.46% -4 seats

Croatian Soverenists (right-wing) 8.35% - 1 seat

Mislav Kolakuši? (independent) 7.73% - 1 seat

Živi Zid (populists) 5.77% - 1 seat




"(CNN) Dutch Pro-European parties are predicted to triumph in the European Parliament election against populists, an exit poll on Thursday has unexpectedly revealed.

Dutch Labor Party PvdA of European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans is forecast to win five out of the 26 seats allocated to the Netherlands, according to an Ipsos exit poll for public broadcaster NOS.It's a surprise victory for Timmermans, whose euroskeptic challenger Thierry Baudet -- who has been described as the "suave new face of Dutch right-wing populism" -- had been topping the polls in this year's election. ..."

Geert Wilders Zionist party collapsed:



"BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary’s ruling right-wing Fidesz party won 52.14% of votes in the European parliamentary election on Sunday on a hardline anti-immigration platform, scoring a big victory over a divided opposition. ..."

Viktor Orban's party won an absolute majority:




"WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) came out narrowly ahead in Sunday’s European Parliament vote, seen as test of the party’s nationalist, eurosceptic platform before a national election later in the year.

An exit poll by pollster IPSOS showed PiS heading towards its best result ever in a general or European Union election with 42.4% of votes. It won 31.8% in the EU ballot five years ago and 37.6% in the 2015 parliamentary election. ..."

Nationalists are consolidating power in Hungary, Poland and Italy:



"VIENNA (Reuters) - Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz strengthened his hand in his fight to save his job as his conservative party came far ahead of rivals in Sunday’s European election, but the main opposition party said it would seek to depose him on Monday anyway. ..."

In spite what you may have recently heard, the Freedom Party is hardly dead in Austria and the "far right" has hardly collapsed.


The Local:

"Sweden's ruling centre-left party, the Social Democrats, won 23.7 percent of the vote according to the preliminary results, with a slight decrease of 0.9 percentage points.

The Moderate Party followed in second spot, with 16.7 percent, ahead of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats at 15.6 percent, less than they both got in public broadcaster SVT's first exit polls earlier in the evening. The latter saw the biggest increased compared to the last European elections in 2014. ..."

The Sweden Democrats gained ground:



"Election authorities in Slovenia say an anti-immigrant party has won most votes in the European election but less than allied moderate groups together.

The State Election Commission said Sunday that near-complete results showed that the Slovenian Democratic Party of former Prime Minister Janez Jansa — an ally of Hungary’s hard-line Prime Minister Viktor Orban — has won 26.5% of the vote. ..."

Populists won in Slovenia.

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  1. No difference between there and here. The anti-White forces will still win, no matter how the people vote.

    The British Oligarchs have no intention of carrying out the will of the British people. Only the will of the Jews and the few interests that they allow the native ruling class to have, matter.

    The same applies to the rest of the EU. So called Democracy is a scam. Like it is here. Nobody in Europe voted to be overrun by the hordes of Africa and Asia. Just as none of us voted for the mud flood here.

    • In Europe people actually voted. Anti immigration parties are around for decades but people rejecting them. In Netherland, most pro immigration party with Hans Timmermans in charge just won the EU election.

      Despite mass hysteria, nationalist get their traditional 20 something per cent and borders remain open.

      • Most Whites have reached the stage in evolution, where they’ve evolved passed their animal instinct to survive. So if you don’t constantly remind them of their mortality, they commit suicide.

        In America, I’ve been getting the feeling we were coasting for a couple of years on the work that was done before.

        When Trump was running for office, I’d see the White Genocide meme used everywhere. The movement leadership didn’t like it, because calling it Genocide is not respectable, so they encouraged the more respectable Replacement meme instead. For seveal years I’ve only seen Replacement posted, if I see it at all, and we are back to losing.

        Calling it Genocide was like a rocket propelling us up into space. Calling it Replacement was like turning off the rocket’s motors. We coasted for a while, but now gravity has taken over and is dragging us back. The losing was slow at first, but it is getting faster and faster. Eventually there will be a big crash at the end.

      • Unfortunately prophecy right. Those yuuge gains were 10 to 30 %. It means that at least 70 % Europeans voted for open borders.

        Worse. Mainstream parties lost their seats to more liberals parties. It means that actually Europe moved more left.

          • “As always, the story out of Europe is of creeping gains for nationalists, but never actual victory or the ability to change policy.”

            mostly true but of the mid-sized countries currently Italy, Hungary, Poland and (very quietly) Denmark have actually changed policy – badly needs one of Britain/France/Germany though.

        • Imagine if that 10%-30% got the idea to move to a certain area, crowded out the 70%, and declared independence. If nationalists decided to do something like that, it would be a relief to go there.

          • I think that is what will happen. This is called society collapse and when you can,t save the sheeple, you can save yourself and your friends.

            Soviet Union came down this way. Economy collapse forced areas with better shape defend themselves from people outside. First checkpoints went up to avoid food and goods taken away, then there came some production outside Government. Also laws were broken to produce something to sell or change. Infamous Scorpion submachine gun for example. Finally Self Governance to maintain areas. Some of those areas still exist, Transnistria for example.

            Economy is the key. You can`t ignore the problems anymore when you and your family starving. And both US and EU economy is in coma and stands only on money print.

            The system comes down anyway. Only serious issue is recognizing genetic white liberals to avoid going second round with white ethnostates and end up like Sweden.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. It will be business as usual, with the ruling elite and media cabal continuing to do everything possible to diminish native Europeans. Mass democracy is a complete sham when a hostile group manipulates and controls the narrative.

  2. I long to see the day when the European Union is reformatted as a United Europa, a true cultural and heritage union, stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals! Petty nationalism must give way to the greater nationalism of the race and the future may be Yockean albeit minus his view of horizontal racism.Something is going to have to give since China will surpass America sometimes in the latter part of the 21st century. And once whites reach minority status by 2040 in the U.S. of A do you really think they will hover at 49% indefinitely? How low will the percentages go?

  3. We will rapidly see the completion of “Airstrip One” of the Babylonian Oligarchical Socialists Thalassic Empire (“Oceania”) for their final war on the World-Island …

    The “How and Why” of a thalassic empire by the Babylonian Oligarchical Socialists of debt usury:

    Oligarchical Socialism (debt usury):

    The World-Island:

    “Russia”, “Russia”, “Russia” …

    • Kill usury, and you kill the main tool the kakistocracy uses to control us. If we learn to turn off the money spigot on all the forces allied against us in education and media, the world will be a very different and better place.

  4. The Guardian reports: “the majority of Greeks aged between 17 and 24 voting for ND and neo-nazi Golden Dawn.”

  5. Tommy Robinson loses. Out side the Overton Window you lose, hard.

    Inside, you win big, like Farage and others.

    Simple, no?

    • If you want to move the Overton Window to the right, you have to get outside its safe confines and push it in the right direction. Radical activistists know that in office is not in power.

    • nonsense, Farage is also well outside the UK media’s Overton window but by a smaller distance – that’s the key, judging how far you can go (also having people further to the Right helps him a lot as the media attacks get diluted).

      if i was managing a party like Farage’s i’d want t to fund a more right-wing alternative purely for that reason.

  6. Regarding the Brexit party triumph in Britain – article on ‘Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage’

    Jewish hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer & his daughter Rebekah – the biggest Trump 2016 donors – funded media to support Farage’s parties and Brexit in Britain

    When Farage was with UKIP till the end of 2018, his UKIP EU parliamentarians, gave more support than any other party to the ultra-Zionist ‘Friends of Judea & Samaria’ helping steal land from the Palestinians

    Veterans Today flat-out calls Farage ‘an Israeli front’

    People tend to forget that along with the Soros-tied Jewish funding for globalists, there is Netanyahu-tied Jewish funding to support Israel-friendly ‘nationalists’ all across Europe as well as the USA … and most of them indeed make their Wailing Wall show of loyalty

    Tho to be fair to Nigel, he once did briefly agree with a radio caller in 2017, that Jews and Israel had a big lobby in the USA, whose influence was far greater than their 2% percentage of the US population … and of course he got totally slammed by the ‘anti-semite’ police for his simple nod of factual agreement

    • If I recall correctly Farage bragged about purging UKIP of all its “racists” and “white nationalists.” I wouldn’t trust him. Another Trump. These elections seem like a big victory for Europeans but unless they carefully monitor these politicians it’s highly probable they will be betrayed by them.

      NEVER trust a politician.

  7. Needs more Eastern Europe coverage. Apparently the “nazis” in Slovakia got 2 seats in the EU parliament.

    • Yes, we got some votes but the depressing events in the West pushed away lot of voters and energized the secessionists. We have small Nazi civil war down here. One bunch of Nazis want to support West and take over Europe and the other bunch want to make something called Intermarium , the union of Eastern Europe and let Western Europe go.

      So, from Eastern Europe, most of winners were nationalists but interest and voting activity was very low and also expectations are low because there are not enough nationalists in the big western countries to take over EU parliament and change course.

      Btw, EU leaders are not elected but appointed by members government,s So the Nazi Government in Slovakia is much more important than those 2 guys who just got well paid job but are very much useless.

  8. The latest from Italy is Salvini with 34,49%, pretty good. The projections were around 30%. It’s crucial because now he can dump the 5 Star, wich is making only around 17%.
    In general in Europe not excellent, but good, better than expected results so far,
    In Germany though, it doesn’t look good
    Great week to everybody.

    • Germans are(unjustly) too infused with shame and guilt. WW2 was meant to crush the spark and spirit of the German people and it was a huge success. I see they voted for the Greens. You would think a party which is supposedly concerned about the environment would be against mass migration, but not so when it is controlled by Yahweh’s Chosen Ones and their minions.

  9. The EU parliament will increasingly become a right wing authoritarian organ. By the time the libdems and greens realise this the UK will sit outside the border of the EU. The shift to Libedem and green means that Brexit will now happen. Corbyn was playing fabius cunctator quite well.

  10. Don’t read too much into the EU elections. The European parliament is mostly toothless. Small parties often win seats in these elections but rarely translate these gains into power in their home countries. Farage for instance is an MEP but couldn’t win a seat in the UK parliament.

    The real power in Europe is in the permanent apparatus in Brussels, which reports to the European Commission, which is made up of political functionaries appointed by the member states.

    EU elections seem to act as a pressure release, allowing discontented voters to oppose the ruling parties without giving them any real power. The small opposition parties are drawn into the system, paid well, and induced thereby into more conciliatory positions.

  11. What’s Ironic about all this malarkey is that Corbyn is the only politician on the left effectively thwarting Brexit. The Libdems and Greens have done nothing but fascillitate Brexodus.

    • That is hillarious. And the top comment: “If this is accurate I’m done with the Conservatives.”

      We don’t have to beat the Conservatives, they are committing suicide.

  12. So there are two pro Brexit partys, but one got wiped out and the other got 24 seats. What are they doing over there? Playing musical chairs? Why was UKIP rejected but Brexit Party embraced? Is it a cult of personality with Farage?

    • Ukip tried to use some youtube personalities to get more of the youth vote but what’s edgy on the internet is too edgy for the mainstream so it blew up in their face. I don’t trust Farage but he’s a smart cookie and avoided the problem by starting a new party.

  13. Does this mean the nationalists are the ruling party in France now, or is this a an election for half the seats? When can we expect to see Macron removed from office? The only thing that could top that is the SJW rejected by Canada.

    • No. In the Europe, there are many parties and winner is name only. Madame Le Pen got more votes than any other party. 24 something per cent. But the other parties, all anti white, got 76 % and it means that despite “victory” , Macron and open border and all bad things remain. In Europe, anything below 50 % is as good as 0%.

      So despite yuuge victories, nationalist actually lost. Including Brexit Party. They got 31% but their enemies got 70%. and this is more than enough to derail Brexit.

      This is going on for decades.

  14. 1999: 0.3% (*)
    2004: 1.2% (+1)
    2009: 3.3% (+2)
    2014: 9.7% (+7)
    2019: 16.9% (+7

    This could have happened here if nationalists in this country were not such morons. When are we going to have a party for us?

      • “Buying more time” is just a meme like racist. The other meme they repeat at election time is, “The nationalist doesn’t have a chance of winning. The Republican has a chance, so we support Republican”.

        I saw them repeat those two memes thousands of times at election time, just on Stormfront. They do not want us to start anything in North America, so they repeat, repeat, repeat.

  15. It’s all theatrics. Wait until the ending to figure out the whole story.

    Without an erection of the gallows in town square, nothing will change. NOTHING!

  16. Incidently I am now of the opinion that Carl Benjamin is a military intelligence asset. When he dud the blood sports and live chats with TRS he was probing the communications of the American right.

    He comes from nearby various bases and his family were all soldiers and he grew up on base.
    His rape tour was so spectacularly inept that it had to be pre planned. His appearance on Victoria Derbyshire was so catastrophic that it was deliberate. He’s far more disciplined and on point when he needs to be. I think he was sent to annihilate the rump of UKip and shield Farage from extra scrutiny.

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