Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French

Michael Brendan Dougherty:

“What has conservatism conserved?” That question rang out during the primaries. In truth, actually quite a bit if you’re old enough to remember the 1960s and 1970s. And I’m not sure that in a time when there is a renaissance of pro-life legislation across the states we should say that we have only “won discrete victories” while “the overall balance of forces has tilted inexorably away from us” because of Drag Queen Storytime at a library in Sacramento. …”


The tax cuts for wealthy people and multinational corporations, global free-trade, deregulation of Wall Street and the American economy, crushing the labor unions, a generation of wage stagnation, The GDP, open borders for business lobbyists, the US Empire and endless wars in the Middle East, the Pentagon’s absurd military budget, political correctness and multiculturalism, virtually anything Israel wants due to wealthy Jewish donors, the stupidity of the American Right due to the purges, etc.

We’ve conserved quite a lot!

“We must remember that a small cohort of people experienced Trump’s rise during the primaries as a complete loosening of constraints, and threw away a decency this country has always sorely needed; they ventilated their hatred of racial and religious minorities in Trump’s name. Some of them aimed this poison directly into the family life of David French. Trump winked at these extremists, and far from promoting cohesion, he promoted physical assault at his rallies. With the “Highest Good” Trump disclaims all personal relationship, whether mediated by the non-conformist altar call in his own heart, or the grand public liturgy. “I never ask God for forgiveness,” he boasted. …”

There was a brief moment in the 2016 primaries when the gloves came off and the grip of Conservatism, Inc. was relaxed a bit. What exactly happened during the primaries that was so awful?

David French was relentlessly mocked for being the archetype of the cuckservative. He was ridiculed and trolled by the Alt-Right for being a cuckold whose wife writes Op-Eds in The Washington Post about how she carried on a sexual relationship as a teenager with her family pastor. She also adopted a black kid from Ethiopia and took her to CPAC where she showed her off in a “I Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me” shirt. In traditional societies, weak men who are bossed around by the wives and who raise the children of other men like French Fry were laughed at and rightly so by their peers. In our society though, the tables have been turned upside down and people like French Fry are in leadership positions and we wonder why the Left continues to march from victory to victory in the culture war.

Dougherty sounds like a liberal who has no confidence in his values. Social conservatism is about order and hierarchy. Yes, we supported Trump because he was going to build a wall and deport illegal aliens and was going to ban Muslims from the United States. The idea that we should act to preserve our own country and strengthen the social order rather than being a doormat for the world is decried as “they ventilated their hatred of racial and religious minorities in Trump’s name.”

If this is “conservatism” in the United States, then I will either just tune out of politics altogether or take a second look at the Left because it will never “conserve” anything I care about.

“I agree with Ahmari about the necessity of building a conservatism focused on the common good and in moving beyond liberal conservatism. My intention is to bring good men such as David French into that fight even if I have to drag him there. …”

I disagree.

In 2016, we tried to reform conservatism and make it more masculine and less effeminate by electing Blompf and skewering French Fry. Unfortunately, the Trump administration was staffed by all those people and he sold out to the Republican donors and we returned to the status quo ante. In hindsight, we should have just let Jeb! have the nomination because what we have gotten from Blompf isn’t any different. It’s a waste of time to bother with “conservatism” as it is currently constituted.

Instead of going after it with a bulldozer in the primaries, we need to drop an atomic bomb on it by just voting for the Democrats.

J.J. McCullough:

“Left-wing anti-French-ism, which argues that religious liberty is inherently worthless and must be sacrificed for mandatory, totalitarian secularism, is an arrogant rejection of the American system. Like Charles Cooke, I have no real clue what exactly the right-wing style of anti-Frenchism favored by Ahmari entails, but to the extent it’s something similarly authoritarian and unconstitutional, it is equally worth rejecting. …”

If mainstream conservatism has been reduced to railing against “authoritarianism” and making “the conservative case for transgenderism,” then what is the use of it at all? At what point can we just say that it lost the culture war and move on to a different set of issues?

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  1. To those who hate God, even the thought of bending the knee to Christ the King is anathema.
    So, they seek to stifle discussion of the claims of the King, in both public and private space.

    This IS a RAHOWA- a war of White Christendom, against multicultrual Satania.

    • FJ!

      What’s with the ‘white Christendom’ ? ROFL!!!

      Are you mormonized? ( no blacks need apply?)

      FYI, Antebellum Dixie whites were the most miscegenated whites in America. By that I mean: the most AFRICANIZED. This is still largely true even after 150 years of racial animus. If whites doing” 23 and me “etc. find an African Y chromosome or whatever…. it almost always traces back to Dixie.
      Google it sometime – but make sure you are sitting down.

      Take a look at pictures of Varina Davis(our First Lady) she certainly looked like a mulatto.

      You people! with your ‘white this’ and ‘white that’ are hilarious! Kind of like the Yankees who would come down here and faint dead away at the sight of black Mammies suckling white babies or the Massa’s children frolicking with African children or ‘white supremacists’ dressing up to play Santa Claus for slave children. ‘Something must be done to stop all that degradation!’ (The northerners eventually did manage to ‘stop that’.)

      You really should stop dreaming about Dixie and appropriate some real apartheid people like Mr ‘let’s-deport-blacks’ Lincoln.

      • This has to be one of the weirdest comments I have seen on this site. It is like you are commenting from experience in an alternate dimension.

  2. “In truth, actually quite a bit if you’re old enough to remember the 1960s and 1970s.”

    I remember the 70’s. I was an elementary school student until 1980. The adults, including my parents, and even my teachers, all ridiculed Leftists and were contemptuous of Plutocrats, Carpetbaggers, and Scalawag politicians.

    My teachers would show us Communist propaganda films about “weez all ekuls an sheeit,” but they ridiculed these films. They said Liberalism was nonsense, but that they had to show us these films, anyway. The principal said the same thing.

    All the old Folks kept voting Democrat, even though the party had been coopted by Yankee SJWs and Jews at this time.

  3. Trump is making good court appointments. Despite all the bluster, there haven’t been many, really any new Neo Conservative/Zionists wars, attacks on Syria, Iran, Russia. Russia very handsome White secular Arabs won in Syria.

    Unless you really believe “worse is better” (then come live near me in Chicago), Trump is way, way better than the Black Ruled America, Antifa, abolish ICE Dems and cuckservatives.

    Hey Hunter, I have a new phone number, I’m having trouble reaching you.

    • I think Trump has been identical to cuckservatives with a few exceptions (Syria and TPP most notably). However, I can’t quite remember a policy on which Trump has been demonstrably better than both cuckservatives and Bernie Sanders. The failure on immigration has been abysmal. I think the best case for 2020 is a Dem presidential+GOP Senate win.

  4. The fact of the matter is that it is impossible to have a serious discussion of American politics without race and it is impossible to discuss race without discussing the Jewish question.No ethnicity is totally monolithic int term of thought as most Jews, like most people everywhere, are apolitical in nature. However,that does not negate the reality of the current Judeo-Liberal Coalition(JLC) that has such a stranglehold on the United States. Reality Politics dictate we accept the fact that political reform is now longer possible within the system regardless of who we elect. Donald Trump ought to be living proof of that! Why ride the USS Titanic in its slow journey to the bottom? Accept the fact that the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! America will not survive to see its Tricentennial. It is time to mentally secede from this whole anti-white system which is the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended! After all, metal secession must always precede actual political secession as behind ever revolution is a collective vision of a better way. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what I mean by Reality Politics!

  5. David French is not just a cuckold in the political sense but literally as well. His wife is attracted to large, muscular Negro males and she encourages their teenage daughter to be the same way. French is one of the weakest, most pathetic and un-manly public figures I know of. He is a by- product of the good times that up until recently America still enjoyed.

  6. ““We must remember that a small cohort of people experienced Trump’s rise during the primaries as a complete loosening of constraints, and threw away a decency this country has always sorely needed;”

    I respond:

    Like the J Media mafia led by the likes of sex pervert Harvey Weinstein really had a lot of “decency” – such as mass opening up the hate Southern White people snuff film “D’jango Unchained” on Christmas Day!

    We have to give the Devil his/their do – in this case the Children of The Devil and their cuckservative lackies like this this poofter David French (guy really looks like a creepy homo perv).

    These people always accuse us of being, doing exactly what they do:

    They are a small cohort/cabal of vicious, hateful people that monopolize the American media. That certainly ain’t us.

  7. Something similar is brewing in the U.K. over Brexit. The Liberal Democrats and Greens are about to force Corbyn to openly support Remain and a second “peoples” vote. Once he opens up his mouth to support the Remain status quo the Tory Party will immediately unite to spite him and pass a Brexit Bill.
    Meanwhile he’s being hammered for being Propalestinian and anti-Semitic.
    Once the Conservatives pass Brexit Corbyn will be blamed by the same clueless c*nts for the Tory Party passing the nuclear option on the EU. The left are mentalists.

  8. As an aside;

    In the 70’s and 80’s I knew old folks who voted Democrat because “their daddy had voted for FDR.” Some of them voted in honour and in memory of FDR. Some of them were old enough that they thought that they were actually voting for FDR.

    There was nothing you could say to convince them that the Dixiecrat Party was dead.

    They couldn’t believe that the party now only cared about Boston, New York, and Chicago, and about steel mills, auto plants and corn/soybean subsidies, using Niggers as political weapons against them, and not about “choppin’ cotton,” being employed by the Katy(M-K-T) railroad, working in the oilfields, or the economic problems of farming and ranching in Texas.

    In short, they couldn’t believe that the party had become Northern oriented, anti-Southern, and anti-White.

    My parents, who’d been Dixiecrats, and everybody else under 55, became Republicans out of necessity, not choice.
    What drove then too it was the radical social engineering schemes of the Left.
    Not economics.

    • That may have been true at first, but Southerners bought into extreme “free market” economics a long time ago.

    • Yes, I know this to be true. But, frankly it’s huge fault of our people, mostly afflicts English speaking White people in the South, USA or England. They are stuck in the past and just can smell, hear, see or think about brutal realities in the here and now.

      You see this play over and over again – Reagan Conservatives wasting the 1980s fighting the Russians in Afghanistan, why? Well, because Conservatives had been telling them the Russians/Communists were the worst bad people since the 1920s, with a brief substitute of German Nazis and Japs for a few years.

      I had heated arguments with my own brother when we were in high school over this hating on the Russians and ignoring the worst Black criminals, Iranian Muslim mobs storming the USA embassy and holding our people hostage for a whole fu*#&$@ year.

      I screamed at my brother that:

      “hey we’re 25 % Russian, why do you hate your own people”?

      With English/Brits it’s always Winston Churchill and “England’s finest hour”. Margarete Thatcher was still obsessed that the Germans were Britain’s enemy/rival.

      The worst, ugliest, dark, hairiest Pakistanis could literally take ever entire English Northern post industrial towns, sexually groom, rape thousands of young White English girls and the locals wouldn’t see it and would hold on to their old world view of 1944.

  9. As things degenerate, am less sure that Andrew Yang’s 1000 a month is really a good answer

    Tho Yang deserves much credit for highlighting the automation & loss of jobs wave

    The experience really seems to be that, masses of people with a secure income, no job, and little fear of losing anything –

    Often turn into somewhat feral street groups looking for real-life dominance-and-power experiences, against vulnerable targets

    Tho this may be true more heavily of tribal immigrant minorities, it is also relevant to less-mentally-together euro-heritage whites, the same people doping themselves to hell on opiods etc in the USA

    Most people in the West are not instinctively social creators or even eager family providers, in today’s circumstances

    Eastern Europe is holding together because economic life there still has an undercurrent of fragility, people have enough fear they work hard etc

    But in the West in general, it is not clear that guaranteed income will do much … We wind up back at the question of draconian social controls, as was true under East bloc Communism or earlier literaly fascism etc …

    Or the fact that, from the point of view of the elites, it is not far from the time to cull a lot of the world’s population … particularly those troublesome european heritage people who always seem to spawn a group of troubling, effective revolutionaries & dissidents

  10. So what is the alt-right going to do? Wait until the next boomer tea party type movement and then tell us we have to support the GOP again.

    Unless we are talking about building a pro-white political party in the USA, we are just wasting time.

  11. Third parties are all failures. The way to political power for any particular interest is to develop a base within a major party. Racial tribes are carving out their niches with the dems, and the repubs take care of the chamber of commerce while pretending to care about the forgotten (white) underclass. Repubs don’t want to serve our needs, so we might have to slide into the other party and caucus with them to get positive attention. Time to be as mercenary as every other group, for near- and long-term.

    • That strategy has been failing for 50 years. Nationalists in every other white country have their own parties. Why is there such hostility towards having our own party among American nationalists?

      • Weird response. Who’s being hostile? Prove your point. Name a successful third party in the US. Besides, ostensibly pro-White, third party candidates like Pat Buchanan have lost in the past. Can you argue that racial groups aren’t getting attention from the dems? Either get the repubs to start taking care of White issues, or threaten to go to the dems. Remember that the dems were the party of segregation for a long time. They changed after their power base did. This is a pretty obvious and proven strategy.

      • The excuse they give is its too hard to do it in the United States. Yet clowns like the Libertarians are able to run presidential candidates and have had two senators. Before Ross Perot even ran for President, he told his supporters they would have to do the hard work of getting him registered to run in all states, so his supporters just went and did it. And if Perot hadn’t dropped out due to threats against his daughter, he would have won. So the “its too hard” excuses are not believable.

        I think its because American nationalism is hopelessly Jewed. Greater Israel was their main base thousands of years ag, but the United States is their main base today, so they work extra hard to subvert anything starting here.

        • Libertarians have had two senators? In what parallel universe did that happen? And Perot certainly didn’t drop out. In 1992, he got 19% of the votes. WTF are you smoking, and where can I get some?

      • ATBOTL – there are many reason Americans have gone for separate Nationalist/Populist parties like in Europe. One of the biggest reasons is America’s terrible Constitutional system of winner take all. If your candidate/party doesn’t win > 50.01% you get nothing, you lose. In a parliamentary system of proportional representation, a nationalist/immigration restrictionist party can have lots of influence by winning ~ 20%, they could be the largest or second largest party in the parlament. So in the USA it always comes down that the Dems can mobilize public sector workers, block voting Blacks, block voting homosexuals, elderly dependents on Social Security checks and they’ve got states like Illinois, Connecticut, California locked up.

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