German Politician Walter Lübcke Found Dead


“They have launched a criminal inquiry into the death of Walter Lübcke, the 65-year-old head of the regional council in the city of Kassel.

Suicide has been ruled out but police say they have no motive.

“We are deeply shocked by the sudden death of our friend,” said Hesse state premier Volker Bouffier.

Lübcke’s body was found at 00:30 on Sunday morning (22:30 GMT Saturday) on the terrace of his home in the village of Istha, police revealed. He was declared dead two hours later and leaves a wife and two grown-up children. …

Lübcke was a leading local member of Mr Bouffier’s ruling centre-right CDU in the central German state, running the authority in one of Hesse’s three regional areas for the past decade.

He came to national prominence in October 2015 when he spoke out in favour of providing accommodation for refugees. Germany had decided to let in Syrians fleeing the civil war, and big numbers of asylum seekers were crossing Germany’s borders on a daily basis.

He reportedly received death threats and was given personal protection after telling a rowdy town hall meeting they had to stand up for Christian values. “Whoever does not support these values can leave this country any time, if he doesn’t agree. This is the freedom of every German,” he said. …”


I’m not familiar with this guy. It seems that he is a virtue signaling German cuckservative politician who supported Merkel’s liberal immigration policy. The subtext here is that he was likely murdered for his beliefs although that is a premature conclusion. While we don’t support political assassinations, I will note these things tend to happen when elites lose their legitimacy.

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  1. This event and many more like it are the inevitable results of taking away the White peoples means of peaceful change and racial self-preservation

  2. “Christian” do-gooders and their modern descendants are the end of us all. Real Germans won’t have to leave….they will be replaced and ethnically cleansed thanks to people like this.

    • The 9th circle of Hell, the lowest and worst circle of Hell is reserved for traitors. That is where he is now. Whatever they are doing to him down there is far worse than the punishment he just got on Earth. Hell is about repetition.

  3. Its worth mentioning that daily stormer, or whatever is left of it, have not reported on this. Is it bad optics?

  4. One good thing about the Jews, what we all must appreciate, is that they always wash their dirty laundry. This event is not the first of this kind and definitely it will be not the last….:D

    4D chess for beginner analytic. When average liberal screams, who he or she is really afraid of ?

    Horrific Nazis who are really average guys who want borders closed and their jobs back ?

    Or the Elite who may consider that useful idiots became useless idiots and it is time to clean up the house?

    This happened before. Comrade Stalin and comrade Mao Great Purges are very interesting topic about getting rid from genetic liberals.

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