The Great Awokening

Here’s an important thread on Twitter:

White liberals are now immersed in their own discursive bubble which is called the “mainstream” even though their views on social issues skew far to the Left of the non-White base of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, social conservatives are increasingly at odds with woke capitalism.

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  1. Why would big corporations be willing to alienate a giant percentage of their customers? If you consider that they’re pursuing power over profit, it makes sense. It’s a leftist approach to business, thinking that power is all-in-all.

    • To confuse the enemy. Big corporations are actually enemy troops. They do not want to serve the customers but confuse and destroy them.

      Fake purpose and real purpose is two different things. One of the greatest corporations ever made was The Gulag. Theoretically this damn thing should keep best workers and bring value to Soviet Union but poor prisoners could not understand that Comrade Stalin is smarter than them and thought 2 steps and 2 decades forward.

      Big boys think big and do big. Working for money is only for poor people. When you have enough money, then you put your company in the service for what you really want.

      Long time ago , one guy worked in the Soviet Union gas company. He worked hard and got up from average workman to gas company general inspector.

      This guy was the Soviet Union first serial killer, who spend his entire life to get access to his favored victims living rooms alone.

      Do not underestimate liberal madness. Some people working for decades for single purpose and for the few words like… Mozgas, open the door.

      Those corporations do not want your money, they want you dead.

  2. This guy hit the nail on this subject, but forgot to mention ‘decision making boards’ of these big corporate beasts, are made up more and more of snow flake safe space sjw brainwashed young zeros. IF corporations were smart, they’ld be careful to hire white CHRISTIAN conservative / Confederate males. But they’re not …

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