Miley Cyrus: Don’t F*** With My Freedom

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Who can blame the Iranians when they call us The Great Satan?

What has mainstream conservatism been conserving? Are we really God’s Country in the 21st century? Isn’t it obvious that America has a thriving Satanic popular culture under classical liberalism? Who in their right mind looks at our culture and politics from abroad and concludes that is what we want to be like? Who are the role models being held up by the “mainstream” culture for our daughters?


“Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Marc Jacobs to release a $175 pink hoodie benefitting Planned Parenthood. The star announced the news on her Instagram Tuesday, using the hashtags #WomensRightsAreHumanRights and #DONTFUCKWITHMYFREEDOM.

The limited-edition cotton sweatshirt features a screen-print of Cyrus on the front, with the insignia, “Don’t F?? ck With My Freedom.” The back reads, “Miley Cyrus x Marc Jacobs,” and the long sleeves are printed with, “The Charity Hoodie Marc Jacobs.”

All proceeds from the jacket will go to Planned Parenthood.”


I agree with the Iranians that the West has degenerated under classical liberalism:

Oh … and one more thing.

F*** THE PEOPLE who are promoting degenerate trash like Miley Cyrus who are poisoning our culture too. It is about time they were called out for too instead of having their asses kissed 24/7 by Conservatism, Inc. which revolves around their interests because of a handful of wealthy donors.

Note: Sorry French Fry, you got no guts!

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  1. America has a huge trade surplus in exporting degeneracy to the rest of the world.

    Will Blompf crow about that in his next State of the Union speech, or will it be another sermon on holocaustianity?

  2. I will always wonder what happened to create such a toad of a young women. burning through her young life with no concern how she is going to be remembered when she is old. she is rotting while we watch her.

  3. Trash whore. Sad thing is, her parents enthusiastically promote and encourage her. And yes, American “culture” is pure poison and is destroying the world.

  4. it seems people are against abortion because it’s a leftist thing, but it’s a good idea nevertheless.
    90% of people around me should have been aborted, boring soulless zombies, but abortion should be promoted and practiced much more on non-europeans. 7 billion people on this planet is way too much, too much people together cause all kinds of degeneracy, as observed in rats. I notice that this “respect for all human life and its dignity” is just another Northwest European crap.
    It must be reduced to around 500 millions, 7 billion plus and where’s a Da Vinci? not even close. We have porno watchers, homos and negroes running after a ball.
    Another leftist thing that is good is the global warming hoax.

    • I’m not against abortion because it’s leftist, but because it’s murder. Who will decide which of us get to survive your human slaughterhouse, where only 500 million are left? I guarantee it won’t be a “nobody” like you or me. We’ll either end up as Soylent Green, or lion chow for the kakistocracy’s entertainment. Before setting up a barbaric society where it’s okay to kill people you don’t want or don’t like, remember that people higher up the social food chain will get to make the decisions on who gets to eat a bullet.

    • @Nemo; verrry provocative — and thought-provoking ! This website is one of the last bastions of true Free Speech and an exemplar of its value.
      Just heard the other day that the Clown World meme is now considered “Hate Speech ” by the mainstream…

    • Pretty much agree. The only thing we should be exporting to the 3rd world is birth control and sterilizing agents. Global warming is real though, and it is at least partially a product of way too many humans on this planet.

  5. Perhaps a country has its youth, middle aged, then old age and death. If that is true then the USA is an overweight geriatric that is riddled with cancers and has heart problems.

    Some countries last a long time because they look after their health, but the USA was never like that. She was a heavy smoker, heavy drinker, and ate copious amounts of junk food all her life.

  6. I never noticed how flat Miley Cyrus is. You could land an entire F-15 squadron on her.
    Once upon a time you actually needed to have breasts to be a sex symbol.

  7. Isn’t it obvious that as a child Miley Virus was subjected to an extensive “audition” by the yids at Disneyberg? She, along with Lyndsay Lohan, Jenna Jameson, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Jayne, Sharon, Marilyn and countless other Hollywood shiksas sold their souls to our racial/spiritual enemies in exchange for a brief fling of eartthly fame and fortune.

    • No, some were sold by the entire Hymiewood establishment. Remember Heather O’Rourke – she was gangraped to death by a pack of directors, Spielberg likely being one of them or at the least complicit.

      You ignore italian and even irish participation in the gang rape of white girls and women.

      You’ve made grotesquely inappropriate comments about me on here at times, designed to vindicate guineas and roman catholics for heinous crimes against my family. Yet you think you can speak for ‘Charlize, Sharon and Marilyn.’

      Oh and you can keep Madonna and (((Jenna))).

      Q: What’s worse than a NYC jewboy?

      A: A WOP who wants to be one.

      • Any personal reservations (there aren’t many) I may have about a certain white ethnic group or religion, I keep to myself.

        Why? Because once we’ve won, if we do, then we can hash out all the stupid ethnic and religious differences. If we dont win, it isnt going to matter one iota about whose ethnic group or religion is better-there wont be any whites left to compose the group, nor to engage in its spirituality.

        At this point, the Loyalist vs Republican feud for the past 10 years is a good example. Both fight for their ethnicity and land-which is being rapidly overrun on both sides by immigrants.

        I already fully understand you dont give two s**ts about what I’m saying…but I’m weary on this mind of thing and am going to speak my mind. Regards

        • I’m weary of people pretending that north africans are ‘white’ and can be in any way integrated into a white liberation movement.

          There is no jewish problem without a roman problem.

          I can barely stand ‘racialists’ who obsess over ‘white DNA’ superiority since I’m a tribalist and an egalitarian, but the hypocrisy of pretending that the north african roman DNA in Roman Catholics isn’t problematic will kill us. Under 10% to maybe even 25% max is tolerable and might add some spice to our culture, but the evils of the judeo-roman theology and the admixture the Romans injected into our homeland can’t be denied. Or ignored.

          You might have missed spahnranch’s obscene remarks to me many months ago but they reeked of roman hatred of women.

          Or are you just some jew attacking me, a fair-haired anglocelt woman, for defending my people’s girls and women from roman violence?

          • I got you, you hate southern Europeans, etc.. Im saying I disagree. I feel the way forward is not to divide the race up–but there are sections of it that you dont feel are white, and should be jettisoned.

            A lot of people are misogynistic–I disagree with that line of thought, and was not condoning it.

            I suppose I could respond to you calling me a jew with an insult assuming you are this or that, but I don’t know you. I’m also not sure how me disagreeing is an attack.

            I dont feel the need to describe my appearance or heritage, other than to say I am white, and my people originated not too far from where yours did.

          • So you think the southern europeans treat women as well as the northern and especially northwestern european men? That seems totally in denial to me.

      • “Mary Phagan’s Ghost”….OK, now I know who you are. Did you enjoy your extended stay at Marlboro State Hospital?

  8. Iranian shia and yazidi muslims might be the only based muslims in existence they are jwoke and call out degenerative behavior when they see it Warmongering jews say Iranians are behind 911 terrorism when we all know damn well it is saudi Arabia and jews behind Wahhabiist (((American))) funded terrorism its sad but very true

  9. Funny how that “freedom” Mizzz Cyrus cherishes so much doesn’t include the right to question the sacred Holocaust religion or to organize a peaceful protest against the removal of Confederate war hero monuments from city parks. The right of young, no-talent shiksas to act like depraved sluts shall not be infringed.

  10. Not defending her, but being a child star in hollywood and being this screwed up as an adult, there’s no way she wasn’t molested.

  11. “The truth is men are tired of liberty”- Benito Mussolini

    I know I am. I definitely could do without this sort of “freedom”, as could most others

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