Travelogue: Wild Adventures

The blog was quiet this weekend because we went on a family vacation to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, GA. I decided to leave the laptop behind because I didn’t want to be distracted while celebrating my son’s birthday and I spend way too much time here anyway.

I’m not going to post any family pictures this time. I think some of the commentators are right about the weird, violent leftists who monitor this blog. It is why I have traditionally kept my personal life separate from my writing. I’m still going to write about more family stuff though mainly because of the weirdness that has crept into our corner of the internet which has turned off so many people.

The Good

  • It was perfect spring weather in the Sunny South and a great weekend to enjoy the outdoors in south Georgia. It wasn’t too hot and there was a steady breeze.
  • My son had a great time in the water park and the amusement park which is the only thing that mattered as it was the rationale for the trip.
  • I like to collect t-shirts, books about local history and coffee cups and I found a great red brick color Georgia t-shirt which I am wearing now.
  • It seemed to me that everyone at Wild Adventures was enjoying themselves and having a good time. Overall, I managed to have a good time too this weekend.
  • The best part was the nature trail that leads through the swamp because you can check out the local wildlife as well as various species from around the world. It is also quieter and shadier than the rest of the park and was thus more enjoyable from my point of view.
  • There is a train that kids can ride on through the park which is like the one at the St. Louis Zoo. My son loved it.
  • As a historicist, I am highly aware that our ancestors in Georgia a century ago didn’t have anything like this and the park itself is wonderful and is really a marvel when you think about it.

The Bad

  • Unfortunately, we went out to eat at a local steakhouse on Saturday night and I woke up suffering from food poisoning which I am still dealing with and which made me miserable on Sunday. The food poisoning had nothing to do with Wild Adventures though.
  • As is the case with any public accommodation these days, I was bombarded all weekend by visual images which I found constantly assaulting my sense of order and propriety: the obese, blue-haired lesbians, the interracial couples, the 400 lb White guy who literally drove in his scooter off the set of WALL-E through the water park, the 400 lb black guy in the Bob Marley t-shirt, the wave pool which was about 60% black, the haggard looking White woman at the wave pool who was covered in tattoos with wings across her shoulders and lower back, the overwhelming impression that I got that over half the people in Wild Adventures could have diabetes.
  • This isn’t even a “racist” observation because I didn’t feel any sense of hatred or dislike for anyone in the park. They were obviously just people having a good time. I was also reacting mostly to the White people as I observed them in the water park and while floating down the lazy river there in a tube. Instead, it felt more to me a lot more like that the place was disordered. I thought to myself … this is what a water park looks like on lolbertarianism.
  • The thing that I most disliked about Wild Adventures was the lack of order, hierarchy and homogeneity. I suspect this is why so many people who share my sensibilities have simply abandoned these public places to all the blue-haired lesbians and the fat people. They would rather just stay home and have the kids play in their private pool.

What do you think?

Do you think our society has culturally progressed since the 1960s? It has progressed in the sense that “discrimination” (against everyone but Whites) has been declared immoral and evil has been redefined as various -isms and -phobias, but what have we lost in the process?

Note: No joke.

I found myself thinking about the Rise Above Movement this weekend. It is an amazing coincidence that three of them just had their charges dropped. We desperately need groups like that to revitalize our culture with authoritarianism, social conservatism and its sense of order and taste that has been so obviously lost over the course of the last 50 years.

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  1. We’ve been programmed to think of ourselves as just one part of the glorious American rainbow, with big screens and Cheetos for all.

    What have we lost? A societal sense of morality. Christianity was the basis of Western civilization. It has been replaced by atheistic consumerism and the nonstop encouragement of self-indulgence. We are being turned into the passive blobs of the WALL-E world.

  2. It’s always difficult to find places where I actually want to take my kids. Maybe I shelter them too much, but they are still young.

    You notice when driving through small towns in the South that lots of public facilities were built 40 or more years ago, and are now abandoned or run down. People driving through may assume that there is no money for upkeep, but the truth is more likely that there is no will to spend money on pools and parks that are more likely to be scenes of conflict or abandoned to the lowest.

    • public facilities, in the South, will be overrun by Negros who will aggressively run everyone else off. So if Whites can’t use it why pay for it. Same with public schools. You can’t have an orderly school with Negros so why bother.

  3. I think it’s a good idea not to show your family for now. But I’m glad I saw him, he was a wonderful boy. But do talk about what’s interests you and your family. We in the movement need more of this kind of normalcy.

  4. Interesting observations, Hunter. Public spaces (popular ones like amusement parks and restaurants) in America are like walking around Walmart – degeneracy, debasement and general uncouthness in-yer-face. Guys in baseball hats ordering food and cussing loudly in pricey restaurants. Tattooed dyke-freaks with screaming mixed-race blomblies in tow. All-round slack-jawed herd mentality with an undercurrent of rudeness and aggression. I’m sick of it and prefer to avoid such feed-yards for the quiet of wilderness and countryside. There’s just a general lack of courtesy and traditional manners across classes and races. Even the wealthy white are entitled, spoilt brats and bad examples.

    • Absolutely true, @Jannie. Even the necessity of going to the grocery store has become an ordeal in rubbing elbows with people you wouldn’t want anywhere near the front door of your home.

      Also, I too enjoy very much the tales of normal family life.

  5. “What do you think?”

    I worked at “Dismal”-land in the 1970’s- for about a month. Back then, it was VERY clear that all of the ‘Tragic Kingdom’ workers HAD to exhibit a ‘wholesome, clean-cut, WHITE’ appearance- even if you weren’t. THAT WAS THE NORM there, and at Knott’s Berry Farm, when I lived in So Cal. And, like worker, like ‘guest.’ That held true until about a decade later, when the Rock Culture became ubiquitous.

    And then the sodomites began their relentless assault on normalcy, and by the 1980’s, ‘gay-friendly nights’ at Disneyland began to appear. Unthinkable.

    But yes, you are correct, HW. When our children were small, we attended Disneyland -more than a decade ago- and ALREADY, the degeneracy of the PARENTS was on full display. It sickened me. Was there NO PLACE on earth, to avoid this onslaught of ugliness?

    And it began to affect all spaces- malls, grocery stores, you name it. But it is only as we have come to the South, that we have seen such overt indulgence in the ‘petty sins’ of the ‘saved by grace so that we can sin more’ crowd. I’m sorry to say it, but such gross obesity, and slovenliness we have witnessed, is nowhere as prevalent in the Upper Midwest, as we see it here in the South.

    As you say: “it felt more to me a lot more like that the place was disordered.”
    It IS disordered!

    This is what SIN does to a people- whether you are an opiod-addicted PWT (poor white trash), a slovenly obese GOB (Good Ol’ Boy)…… you are indulging in SIN…. and whites of all people, NEED TO REPENT OF SUCH SINS.

    – Remember, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, and it is so easily avoided- stop eating so much!
    Pursuant to our discussion of Keto Cheesecake bars, there is needed a modesty about appearing in public- no more pj’s for kids at McD’s when Grandpa takes them somewhere- Teach the children to dress for public! No more niggers in slippers and muumuus (if even that!) in the grocery store- Take the time to dress for public! Pastors should be talking about decency of dress and manners, decrying tattooing, and the crap rock bands need to be thrown out of the sanctuary, as well as the Rapture bunny madness, masquerading as Christianity!

    We whites are going to have to do the ‘benedict strategy’ if this keeps up. Which sounds actually quite nice. I’d rather have a ‘Village’ a la Shaymalin, than the modern mall anti-culture, any day.

    • Father John,

      Well I did like this particular comment of yours. The school I attend—-or did since it is summer and school is out has a code where we have to wear dresses. In public I almost always wear a dress. A person should dress according to their station in life I have been taught. You dress up not down. How you dress represent decency and dignity.

      The first time I visited a Walmart was in rural Texas 3 years ago when I was young. I felt like a visitor at a zoo.

      And fat people? Unfortunately, Mexicans in the USA seem as fat as anglos. California people seemed less gross than Texans. My experience is northern California which is beautiful—-the land is anyway.

  6. What did you eat at the steakhouse? If it was steak i can see why red meat isn’t good for you even tho it tastes better rare, eating bloody meat is not healty. I hate going out to eat and everything is so expensive nowadays last place i went to wanted to charge me 7 dollars for a bowl of oatmeal absolutely ridiculous just ordered a 2 egg special with hash browns and toast instead

  7. Why does everyone hate blue-haired lesbians? Or blue haired anyone?

    Why do people assume all lesbians are fat? Or that all fat women are lesbians?

    Right now I am sort of fat, about 20 pounds overweight at near 5’8″.

    Some skinny women dye their hair odd colors to be trendy, while some heavy ones keep theirs natural. When I was a young woman I occasionally used henna to brighten up my flaming tresses even when I didn’t need help to I guess look cool or hip enough. At times I was very slender and at others, chunky, but always bright-haired. Maybe some young girls want to stand out and get people’s attention, so what.

    Who gives a fly about blue haired women?!

    This not-so-skinny woman just played at Kingston Mines in Chicago to a captive audience of boomer regulars, tourists and twenty-somethings. I think I even saw a few college kids dancing around:

    Right now she’s skinnier but her blues chased mine all away.

  8. Here’s another video of Joanna, this time at the actual Kingston Mines club in the Windy City:

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