David French: The Government Can’t Do Anything About Social Media Censorship Because That Isn’t Conservative

Editor’s Note: The cuckservative is a familiar type in mainstream conservative politics. He is a weak, pretentious, hypocritical, grinning, effeminate, housebroken, sanctimonious loser. He is always fighting against those to his Right and sucking up to the rich and powerful in the name of his “principles” which he applies inconsistently. He is often seen being bossed around by his wife.

David French has written a new column on social media censorship that has thrown gasoline on the debate about whether a conservatism based on classical liberalism is capable of resisting the Left. The broader Right is finally beginning to see the cuckservative in their midst.

The reaction has been brutal:

David French:

“If you pay any attention to conservative Twitter, you’re aware of this week’s incident in social-media censorship. YouTube has “demonetized” conservative comedian Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel. He’s not banned, but he’s lost one of his income streams. His offense was targeting a Vox journalist, Carlos Maza, in his bits, including calling him names like a “lispy queer” and a “sprite.” …

The regularity of the controversies — combined with the persistence of the overt viewpoint discrimination — is resulting in a demand that government “do something” to solve the problem. But the problem is far too complex and deep-seated for the government to solve. And if the government tries to step in with too heavy a hand, it’s going to violate the law. It’s past time for an honest, realistic look at the true cultural, commercial, and constitutional challenges to social-media fairness. …

But to say that there is no easy way to combat the challenge of social-media censorship is not to say there is no way at all. Persuasion, engagement, and market pressure are preferable to attempts to recruit the government to erode First Amendment protections that, in other contexts, stand as a firewall protecting conservative causes and conservative speakers from the emerging culture of coercion. …

But what conservatives cannot and should not do is use the government to erode freedom for the alleged purpose of saving freedom. The alleged “easy” solution — the fast fix of federal legislation — is likely blocked by the First Amendment.  Moreover, there’s something fundamentally entitled and not-conservative about claiming that you should have government-mandated access on terms you prefer to a platform you didn’t create, that’s maintained by people you oppose, and that you should have that access for free. …

And with the impulse to censorship on the rise, the answer to that question will be “yes.” The government does not exist to correct market outcomes that well-connected conservatives do not like.”

In summary:

1.) Yes, Big Tech is systematically censorsing conservatives on their platforms.

2.) Unlike bullying Iran or Venezeula, the government can’t do anything about it.

3.) True Conservatism is classical liberalism with $750 billion dollar military budgets.

4.) Big government is bad. The free market is good. Except for the military.

5.) It is a violation of the eternal principles of True Conservatism for the government to enforce anti-trust laws against Google or to regulate these platforms to prevent viewpoint discrimination.

6.) Yes, the government broke up AT&T and regulated telephone service as a common carrier which is why your phone calls and text messages can’t be censored by your provider, but that is completely different and there are reasons why this can’t be done to Google and Facebook.

7.) Even though they have the power to do so, government agencies like the FCC and FTC simply can’t regulate Silicon Valley because of True Conservatism.

8.) Silicon Valley probably needs to be rewarded again for its censorship and job destruction in Middle America too with more tax cuts, deregulation and cheap labor.

9.) Finally, you’re an entitled brat for complaining about corporate censorship. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and hire your own army of lobbyists. These “American icons” like Google and Facebook are providing their services to you for “free” out of the goodness of their hearts!

This is what a neutered dog looks like:

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  1. For what it is worth on a Protestant website classical Liberalism was condemned by my religion in the 19th century as a mortal sin. And most liberals a couple of centuries ago would be considered right wing extremists by 21st century standards.

    So I think currently both conservatives and liberals in the USA are deranged.

    • David french most punchable face ever how does this so called Christian cucked loser leave the house without getting smacked upside his head in public didn’t he a adopt a black kid to show how virtuous he is

    • Spicy latina says only bad things happen under Protestantism no bad problems happen in mehico cause everyone catholic catholics apparently have never adopted progressive or liberal idealogies thoughout history huh senorita?

      • Thom,

        Bad things happen everywhere. And what I think of Francis (who may or may not be a valid Pope) would curl your hair. As for Mexico it is wonderful in many ways and not so wonderful in many ways.

        There might not be one decent country on earth at this point in time.

        • Christina, I recently read an article stating that 80% of Mexico is under control of the drug cartels. Do you think that’s true?

          • Rich L,

            I would not have thought it was that high. But maybe so.

            I looked up the casualties: according to an official report 90% of deaths in the drug wars are cartel members, 7% are soldiers and policemen and 3% are regular civilians. This comes from the Mexican Attorney General. It may or may not be completely true. Other estimates vary of course.

            The cartels are a huge problem however. They obviously can not be destroyed by current methods.

            I believe the only way to solve the situation is by all out military war against the cartels. The USA will have to do its part as well. Perhaps using amnesties combined with ruthless government action is the trick. I believe in massive public executions in cases like this. Any bets if Mexico started to do that then whites in the world would be against our actions. Mostly only whites no one else.

            Mexico is ruthless enough but very corrupted in the government. i do not think the American govt. is strong enough mentally to do much. I mean a country that is outraged when a woman tells someone speaking Spanish to go back to Mexico is not a country than can solve anything. And some video is always going viral in the USA over something like that.

            Perhaps at the highest levels of government in both countries they like the current situation.

          • Christina….Whites are too soft, there is no doubt about that. And I doubt what you think about Francis would “curl my hair”. When you(my people) have become the softest, most naive, least ethnocentric group in the world, your days are numbered. Something has to change or we are done.

          • Sorry about my original take earlier I was just trying to point out hypocrisy but i was a bit too brash but modernday Protestantism is not like its former self. People like David french are NOT Protestants you know why they aren’t protesting anything thats what it truly means to be Protestant to protest. David french worships the beast power like in book of revelations men like this have no honor or integrity Frenchie boy is also a cucked zionist he worships at these satanic jew Pharisees feet

          • Yes also pope francis is another phony Christian like french you should read about his former religious order the society of jesus and ask yourself if these liberal jesuits are good catholic christians or a bunch of subversive scoundrels secretly practicing another faith and suppressing others throughout history like the jews as david duke would say these aren’t good people folks

      • Thom,

        That was nice of you to say. Yes, both Catholics and Protestants are a pale reflection of what they used to believe in and practice.

        Catholics have been suspicious of the Jesuits for centuries. This suspicion led to them being temporarily suspended in the 18th century . It also led to the race purity laws of the Jesuits where from 1593-1946 no one could be a Jesuit unless they were pure. The one drop rule where any moorish or jewish blood banned entry into the Order.

        Evidently, the results of WWII led to the lifting of the rule. I am one of those Catholics who is deeply distrusting of the Jesuits.

  2. The readership of the New York Times is mostly non-White, and Jewish centered in New York City. Sure they have a Roman Catholic readership—Italian and Irish also centered in New York.

      • Catholics ruined themselves with the second vactican council and even had a special swearing in ceremonies for rich wealthy zionist jews that hate christ. Whether its pope francis or pope john paul the 2nd it doesn’t really matter they have absolutely no integrity they worship their own image as religio political figures No frenchie is a good shabbos goy doing exactly what hes told like the good doggy he is. Actually i take that back dogs are much more honest then he will ever be

  3. The social media operate through the Internet–which was created by the government, i.e., the taxpayers. This gives “we the people” the right to fight censorship though a medium we funded.

  4. These internet media platforms were initially promoted to enrich a free wheeling access for the plebs to deliver and share content.

    Unless something literally violent (snuff, incitement) is being produced these companies are undermining their entire ostensible purpose.

  5. But to say that there is no easy way to combat the challenge of racial discrimination is not to say there is no way at all. Persuasion, engagement, and market pressure are preferable to attempts to recruit the government to erode Freedom of association.

    After all Negroes did not build those busses, schools and restaurants and its the height of hubris that they feel entitled to access.

  6. Shouldn’t the best ideas win, the greatest truths become apparent and know to all? They can’t defend themselves with reason. And reason is what separates humans from animals. Christ is coming and he will be heard. You have to wonder if all of this silencing is in preparation for Christ return.

  7. David French is truly the poster boy for mainstream cuckservatism.

    The GOP, national review, and MAGAtard boomers will be D.O.A. after 2024.

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