Google Sends Alex Jones Down The Memory Hole


Tech giant Google has de-listed Alex Jones from its website search engine in its latest effort to unperson the Infowars founder.

When plugging “Alex Jones” into Google’s search engine, his flagship website doesn’t appear until the third page of its search results.

The apparent move by Google comes after an employee in April leaked damning internal documents detailing how Google manually manipulates its search results to exclude conservative media websites.

“T&S [Trust & Safety team] will be in charge of updating the blacklist as when there is a demand,” reads the policy document. …”

Solution: tax cuts.

If Alex Jones and Infowars had dropped Blompf and the GOP because of the censorship, I would have more sympathy for them. Now, it is harmful to our interests to reaffirm the status quo in the 2020 election. These people aren’t doing shit for us in Washington and reelecting them will only prove that our support can be taken for granted and that we shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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  1. Alex Jones was a powerful figure for Years. That all changed when he supported Trump. Before he would go after Democrats and Republicans. He didn’t care. It was all about telling the truth about the NWO and World Government. However he got brainwashed on Trump. Now look at Info Wars. He and Info Wars have been deleted over and over again on Social Media and You Tube. Now being pushed down on Google. That didn’t happen when he went after Democrats and Republicans. It only happened when he Cucked. You think Trump will do anything for Info Wars? Heck No! Never gonna happen. All Trump did was use people and get in office. The only people who still support Trump are nothing but a bunch of brainwashed idiots that will never do anything for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • Trumpo should post to @GAB. That would accomplish A LOT more towards advancing Free Speech than whining about Twitter!

  2. “”….These people aren’t doing shit for us in ….””

    Thought the people, who let rotten Russian aristocracy behind in the wear 1917. Probably everybody knows what happened next.

    By some weird inexplicable reason, genetic white liberals still have not got yet what they really want. Perfect communism with everybody dead.

    Only sane reason is that rotten defense line is better that no defense line at all.

    We also wanted punish our corrupt Czar Nicolas II and gave power tho New York journo Trotsky. What we found out that his Red Army, created from Antifa snowflakes, wiped out all world war experienced Military Academy educated conservative gun owners.

    Antifa winning last 50 years now for the conservative gun owners. You do not want to know, what will happen when the real shooting war breaks off.

    Trump is your last defense line.Like we had Nicolas II

    • A rotten defense line won’t hold for long. I’d say it’s already been breeched. Trump has proven himself to be a big fraud on immigration and foreign aggression, the two issues that got him elected.

  3. Hunter, your site is incredible. Everything you post is spot on. (That said, I am from KC so I don’t have any interest in southern history, ergo I don’t ever read those)

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Unpersoning Jones feels like the the GOP are going to go to war and are cleaning up the narrative disrupters. One thing that Jones did was make it tough to believe in anything.

    • Alex Jones is not worth defending. He himself is VERY CENSORIOUS. He’s VERY CENSORIOUS of anyone who doesn’t support Jew Israel to THE MAX.

      I don’t worry about Alex Jones, that’s because the RED JEW COW is watching over him and protecting him.

      He’s a JEW asset and the JEWS know he’s on their side and is on their payroll, the Jews know that, ALL the Jews know that. When he retires, he’ll probably wind-up living in Jew Israel.

      The Jews are putting on a show of not liking Jones but the Jews actually greatly appreciate him and again, ALL Jews know that Alex Jones is on the Jew payroll.

      He’s on the Jew payroll and he’s ready to retire anyway. Jones is all about Jew vaudeville and his being sent down the memory hole is just more Jew vaudeville theater. Alex Jones is NOT a Christian. He’s a LIAR as he claims to be a “Christian” but he is NOT a Christian. Jones worships the religion of the Jews, he’s a Jew in spirit ; More specifically, he worships the RED JEW COW aspect/cult of Judaism which involves the Jews taking over the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and razing it and re-building Solomon’s Temple on The Temple Mount, a JEW goal and a Freemason goal for a very long time.

      Jones worships the RED JEW COW religion and the RED JEW COW religion is ALL about The New World Order Jones claims to be “opposed to”. He claims to be “opposed to” the New World Order yet he worships the religion of the New World Order, the JEWS’ RED JEW COW religion. The Jews’ RED JEW COW religion is ALL about the New World Order and Jones worships that, the New World Order RED JEW COW religion.Alex Jones is disgusting. Good Riddance to Jones is what I say ; More specifically, good riddance to Bill Hicks is what I say, for Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks. He’s a REAL Jew vaudeville show business character alright.

      The Jewish Left doesn’t like Jones, or claims to not like Jones, yet Jones has the same goal as the Jewish Left, Jewish Zionist take-over of the United States, the Middle East, and the whole world, and Jewish Zionism is THE SAME THING AS JEW LEFTISM/JEW COMMUNISM. But Bill Hicks was always a die-hard LEFTIST and the Jewish Left fully well knows that Alex Jones is really the die-hard LEFTIST Bill Hicks.

      Some say the United States is “clown world” and that’s true. One can also say that the United States is a maudlin JEW vaudeville show writ large on the world and Alex Jones/Bill Hicks epitomizes modern-day American culture, a maudlin JEW vaudeville show with a cast of pathetic useless clowns with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks the second most pathetic clown in the JEW vaudeville clown puppet show for clown world USA. Donald Trump being THE MOST pathetic puppet clown for the Jews in this Jew vaudeville circus clown show writ large on the world. Alex Jones/Bill Hicks comes in second, though he does win the Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actor in this JEW sh*thole show called “The JEW New World Order”.

      The JEWS’ Sacred Heavenly RED JEW COW is watching over and is protecting Alex Jones/Bill Hicks. No reason for anyone to lose any sleep over Jones being sent down the memory hole. Jones is going to retire very soon, he wants to retire from show business, and what’s going on is the Jews turning his retiring into dramatic JEW bullsh*t which of course benefits the Jews and only the Jews and Jones himself is in-on-it and fully approves that only the Jews benefit from his media work and his retiring and he plays his part in the JEW vaudeville circus show very well. The Jews certainly pay him well enough to put on a “good” show. Jones can’t retire fast enough for me. He’s detestable and has always been detestable. He’s disgusting.

  5. I would like to suggest that Trump is a version of Henry VIII. Multiple wives, desperate to start a dynasty. He’s seen for many years as a golden boy in popular culture and his coronation looks like a new dawn. But that new dawn fades. You are left with a gouty angry man who turns in his allies and fixers. Bannon is much like Wolsey, but we’ve seen several Cromwell, More and Tyndale figures. Dare I say it we even see something like his Luther condemnation in his attack on Duke and Charlottesville.

    The point is to make sure we’ve got our Latimers, Foxes, Cranmers infiltrated in the system. Trump will be gone in either 2020 or 2024. The measure of the realignment will be how the successors have to adjust to the Nationalism populism, racism and antisemitism that launched Trump into contention.

    The second tier of conservatives like this French Spat are willing to voice militancy now. Even the Democrats are adjusting regards Gabbard and Yang.

    It’s not so bad to have digital martyrs.

    • Its disgusting what trump and sessions did to james fields and the alt right at charlottesville especially fields he really is innocent in all this and he fingered fields as a killer during a cnn interview he just let the left win on that issue and accepted their version of events like the stupid shabbos goy he is

  6. It is literally impossible to make friends or form alliances with anyone in the unscrupulous alt-light, especially “Jew Wife” Jones. To hell with all of them.

    • Same exact shit happened at dailystormer when the whole charlottesville charade went down.

      I was a lurker suspicious of (((AA))) and hung around for a year.
      Then he frantically pushes his followers to go to charlottesville.
      Then the baloney happens.
      Then (((AA))) gets kicked off the web.

      M o s s a d ops the both of them.

  7. Jones operation for years propped up libertarianism as the solution to everything. It’s all coming back to bite these people in the ass. Trump woke up the left and they are dead serious about shutting it all down. The question is – is anyone on “the right” ever been serious about anything other than grifting?

  8. I can’t believe people are still using Google, after the revelations came out about them collecting data on their customers and selling it. Most people are incurably silly.

  9. If I had untold millions I’d def give it to Hunter to make this a Breitbart reach. Like the Mercers did, before they were hounded out of the space by….well you know who.

  10. Silly goyim. The ADL and their mafia cohort AIPAC are responsible for the shuttering. They finnaly realised the zionist pig big mouth Alex Jones was the gateway drug to the truth and to the goyim know movement. Alex made millions protecting the zionist pigs and the ME yids after all those years him screaming ‘globalist’ misdirecting truth seekers. I’d bet he doesn’t give one damn while he’s sitting on his pile of gold. He’s laughing all the way to the bank whilst snickering at all the suckers who bought his penis pills and globalist shill lies. A perfect scam with the help I’m sure from our zionist enemies. He even admitted several times he has connections to deep state alphabet agencies.
    Looks like the real life joke in real time was on all of us. Once they start taking it doesn’t stop. They’re clever but they’re not smart, they make too many mistakes quickly and we must act on those mistakes.

  11. It really seemed to escalate against him after they had pretty much shut down the Far/Alt/Dissident-Right (whatever it’s called) and the only ones left on the street were the Proud Boys/Patriot Prayer. There was that big rally in Portland where the Right destroyed Antifa and that one Proud Boy KO’d that SHARP. The butthurt J-Left saw that had given some energy to a demoralized Far/Alt/Dissident Right and shutdown escalated again. Then, I think shortly after that there was another Portland rally where InfoWars was up in the mix filming everything and the cops went after Antifa hard. I’m pretty sure that right after that is when InfoWars and Alex Jones started to experience the mass deplatforming. That’s when the J-Left really started to focus on shutting down Proud Boys/Patriot Front leading up to that NYC event with McGinness since the Far/Alt/Dissident Right was already in retreat.

    From the Daily Stormer to InfoWars. Bit of a stretch. But, the J-Left’s intent was to completely castrate the Nationalist Right.

    Now, they’re burning down houses.

    And Blormpf is tweeting…….

  12. Jones was the gateway drug for me into exploring a lot of issues I never before thought about. But if you’re as skeptical as AJ encourages you to be, you’ll soon understand that you don’t need to dive as deeply as he does. A lot of the info you need to understand what’s really going on is not hidden, it’s just not reported by the corporate media. All the history with the facts left out in gummint skool are easy to find in the internet age. I don’t need to go to Bohemian Grove to know that the elites are a misdirected kakistocracy. The evidence of that is readily available.

  13. I am sure ziotard jones is crying in his big pile of shekels.

    Now he can play the role he was born to do: villain in the WWE .

  14. I’m no fan of Jones. I find his bombastic persona extremely annoying. He’s made some very nasty anti-law enforcement comments that have irritated me. And many of the conspiracy theories that he pushes (Sandy Hook etc) are absurd. But I hate to see it happen to him.

    It’s a show of force by our enemies. They are not so much that they are afraid of him spreading narratives they find dangerous, He’s a loud mouthed clown and they recognize that. His “un-personing” is a move meant to spread fear. It’s meant to broadcast the message “We can shut down anyone, so keep in line”.

    That’s why it’s important that they not be successful in getting away with it.

  15. “He’s VERY CENSORIOUS of anyone who doesn’t support Jew Israel to THE MAX.”

    AJ has hosted Texe Marrs and Pastor Steven L. Anderson on his show so this is clearly false!

    Infowars is a good source for Alternative News and is a welcome respite from Fake News. Stop making the good the enemy of the perfect!

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