MILO Spills The Beans On The Alt-Lite


“But Lauren Southern’s relationship with the pair was especially close and lasted until May 2019. Not only did she live with Robertson and Llewelyn-John in London for a time, but Llewelyn-John wrote the majority of the script for Borderless, as well as Southern’s speech at the European Union.

Southern, famously, writes very little of her own material, and has often embarked on sexual liaisons with men who have helped her with video scripts or notes for her content. While giving speeches about the “trad life,” which typically refers to fidelity in same-race nuclear families, Southern was, in the indelicate words of one major YouTuber, “throwing herself around what seemed like the entire conservative movement in exchange for help with her writing.” We approached four of the men she has been linked to romantically, each of them a prominent Right-wing media figure in a position to help Southern succeed professionally. All four begged not to be named in this story. …”

Oh man, this is rich coming from MILO.

The archives are full of stories about MILO lashing out at his fans for giving him grief about about his spending, MILO being millions of dollars in debt, MILO defending pedophilia, MILO bathing in blood for shock value, how MILO launched his career by carrying on a gay relationship with an editor at the UK Spectator. I can’t seem to find that story, but I clearly recall reading it on his site.

The whole Alt-Lite rat pack seems to have turned on Lauren Southern all of a sudden who recently announced she was leaving politics because the story was about to drop. I’m not taking sides in this affair, but Southern isn’t any worse than the rest of them and does better work.

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  1. I’m willing to make the sacrifice of allowing ladies to write my comments here, in exchange for sexual favors.

  2. Many smart people already knew this of Southern. It is obvious that she is a cute girl who was getting advanced through her looks. This is not exactly a new phenomenon in this fake conservatism that feeds off the resentments of Whites.

    Southern is no worse than any of the other many numerous cute conservative women who for years have gone around making cottage industries off the “trad life.” The only difference is she surrounded herself with an especially egregious crowd of people like MILO who were bound to get jealous of her and get the drama going.

    Conservatism is a billion dollar industry. It attracts this crowd of grifters who just con populist voters and their resentments over and over again for easy money. MAGA just upped the ante on the con job even more but now it is all collapsing as the fraud it was. Trump drew these people even more than usual because they saw an opportunity due to the flim flam nature of his entire persona and saw how they could profit by it.

    The alt-lite were never a alternative to mainstream conservatism – as a matter of fact they are way worse.

    • Niggers get o e thing correct. Extract money from your hoes, do not give money to your hoes.

    • ALt-Light is Conservatism Inc. Version 2.0.

      I didn’t like Lauren going back to her libertarian phase, when someone talked about White Genocide on her Twitter feed, and she posted a picture in response of a fat dork doing a Nazi salute saying, “Muh White Genocide!” There was real anti-White hostility behind that Tweet. Not long after that a queer protestor dumped a bottle of urine on her head, and then she moved towards the Alt-Right’s orbit.

      I can’t believe women carry on like her outside of Hollywood movies. ‘If you do my home work for me, you can have my body.’ It really lowers my respect for humanity even more than it already is. Yuck.

      • See the covering comments under her muh white genocide tweet:

        Lauren Southern
        ?”if you want people to care about the loss of European culture and tradition, going into comment sections and saying “White Genocide” is the absolute worst way to go about it.”

        Lauren Southern
        ?”look, to me saying “white genocide” is like saying “rape culture” – fear mongering”


        Southern sez:
        If a white opposes the genocide of their people they are a naziwantstokillsixmillionjews.

        Southern sez:
        Don’t fear monger guys. You are losing your home, your children groomed, your streets unsafe, affirmative action against you, you are taxed to support invaders and force assimilated with them, but what ever you do, Don’t Sound The Alarm!

        The left controls everything, but don’t use their tactics. Tactics that have worked to ake everything from you.

        Southern sez:
        The invasion of Europe is not about Europeans its about culture. So if the invading third worlders LARP as Europeans, then its okay!


        No wonder the EU invited this 26 year old girl to speak before them, just before she “retired”. The anti-White left wing establishment only tolerates opposition that makes THEM feel comfortable.

  3. I don’t know what purpose it serves for this guy to drop all this information. I suppose spite might be his main motivator. As for Lauren; she is only human. She will have the same urges that the rest of female humanity will have. By the standards of today she is even ‘good.’ At least she understands the “red pill,” even if she has trouble focusing on practicing that understanding. Easier said than done. Maybe now she can settle down and find a husband.

    Also, notice that it was men working behind the scenes to make this happen, lol!

      • Women can be silly, daft, volatile creatures who make bad decisions. They can also birth children. No need to disparage them for what is only their nature. The term “White Knighting ” is just another form of simple-think programming.

        • So, Anglin was correct in his assumption of non-Christian White Females, is what y’all are saying.
          And all the virtue signaling about the chattel possession of a Man, known as the state of marriage, was for show only…….. OK. Got it.

  4. Let her go and live the rest of her life — as you say, she was always Alt-Lite, but was probably the ‘gateway drug’ to the Alt-Right for some, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

  5. Who proved she did any of this? Unsubstantiated attacks aren’t legit and shouldn’t be treated as such. If you can’t prove it, then it didn’t happen. Didn’t any of you learn that from Roy Moore and Kavanagh?

  6. If M.I.L.O. ( Megaflamboyant Intersexual Levantine Onanist ) was around in the 1970s he would’ve been as big of a star as Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Lynde or Truman Capote. And he would’ve appeared as a frequent guest on Dinah Shore, Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin. He might even have been a regular on Hollywood Squares, too – occupying the bottom center square in between Redd Foxx and Rose Marie. But alas, that campy, over-the-top kind of homosexuality is no longer in style.

    Maybe he’ll dish on Nick the Spic or Cernovitch, both of whom I suspect made an alcohol-fueled pass at MILO during the DeploraBall. As Klaus the East German goldfish might say : “Come on Francine, deets!”

  7. A whore is just a whore. That’s why they’re called whores for the good of gold and fame. Either selling their vaginas or being a flaming faggot for shock value. Milo shouldn’t be throwing rocks in his glass castle.

    Southern’s last documentary was good but missed the most important parts, what racial group is responsible for the invasion into our White homelands. Yes, she’s just a whore to them also, just a shiska trying to get ahead. She’ll come back with new rhetoric soon after just announcing she’s getting out of politics and public life. Then she’ll be just a whore again with another pimp with ferocious hand-rubbing. After all, once a whore, always a whore to ever pays better.

  8. To be fair, Milo defended Pederasty rather than pedophilia. Make no mistake, it’s still appalling and repugnant. But there is a defense between the two crimes.

  9. Lauren is still a “gateway drug” to the hard stuff like O.D. and Murdoch Murdoch.

    “Sho we meet again, Djokthcer Murr-dock!”

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