James Allsup: Beyond Trump

The latest polls have Blompf losing in a landslide to Joe Biden:

It appears that a significant chunk of White voters who were part of his former base have abandoned him:


Who has bailed on #MIGA2020?

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      • They’re both too young. If we want to conserve civilization, we need to find men who are mature, not children who are barely out of college. Yes, he’s good. But better to have them as speech writers, putting in their time as they rise UP the ladder of any movement. The biblical example is that men are tried in the furnace of statecraft, (and sometimes even war) and not given a ‘bully pulpit’ the first day out. Even King David had to serve and be involved with the court of Saul, before he was acclaimed King. Just my two cents. YouTube popularity is the modern day equivalent of Beatlemania. And screaming hormonal fans- whether of DT or John, Paul, George, and Ringo, are just as easily turned to pink hat wearing idiots, as they are MAGApedes.

  1. We sure will never get anything with Trump in office. He’s nothing but a Joke. He’s the tool of the Rich Jews. We can only go Beyond Trump…..the end of the Conservative vs Liberal game and the rise of Nationalism…putting our people First in the World! Deo Vindice !

      • At least give Pierce some attribution. LOL. Btw, you aren’t George Will’s mother are you. That’s about the only mention he would get anymore.

  2. Republican victory or defeat in elections is a very simple proposition. Nationally the Party is run by the country club set. When they go for minority votes, they always lose. When they get enough white workers’ votes, they win.

    Liberals, conservatives, social scientists and practical men have less intelligence than an insect. They are the Eveready men. You see, if an Eveready Man runs into a chair leg, he will just keep going and going and going, staying in the same spot.

    An insect will go around.

  3. The populists have bailed on him – the very block that was always the most important and gave him his victory. Some of us have been talking about this very group for the past 2 years and that the conservative economic/foreign polices he was advocating was going to alienate them. I wont even bring up immigration as the whole debacle of the last two years on the border speaks for itself.

    Trump is over – the populist working class are fed up with him. Beyond Trump indeed.

  4. Biden would have beaten Trump in 2016 too.

    Recall that Hillary Clinton was one of the most polarizing figures in history and could not even stand on her own two feet in public.

    America is dead. Trump’s presidency was/is a chance to prepare for what comes next. Too bad the time was squandered.

  5. The voters who are fed up with him are the pro-whites/white nationalists, and the paleocons. Neocons, jews and cuckservatives are his main supporters now, (i.e. sean hannity types and freeper types)

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