David French on Fatherhood

David French:

“When I was 7 years old, my father resigned from his job as a college professor. It was a critical moment in his career and created real financial risk for his young family. But he felt that he was being asked to violate his principles–and nothing was more important to him than a strong moral code.

That bold decision was a model of my father’s approach to raising his kids. Walk your talk. Live your values. Provide for and protect your family. He told me to be kind to women, sure, but I watched him love and honor my mother. He exhorted me to work hard, but the lesson stuck because I saw him grind night after night as he went back to school to get another degree and took on side jobs to help pay the bills. …

With good reason, many of the most harmful attributes associated with traditional masculinity are being re-examined. But as we reckon with the damage of these freighted expectations, we can’t lose sight of the essential role fathers play in shaping sons into men of character. . .

As a father, I constantly ask myself the question, “What can I do to show my son the way?” That’s one reason I joined the military later in life and deployed to Iraq. I did not want to pressure any of my children to follow my literal lead and enlist, but rather to demonstrate to them as best as I could what it looked like to be more committed to your country and to your family than to yourself. …”

David French wanted to show his son how to be a man. He wanted to be a living example of manliness. So he allowed his wife to adopt a black kid from Ethiopia and joined the military to be deployed to Iraq. It takes a real man to kill Mohammad in Anbar province.

I suppose that is why he has this gig preening as a conservative in Time and The Atlantic. The political establishment needs conservatives like David French who are deracinated and indifferent to the future racial and cultural composition of the United States, but also dumb enough to encourage their sons to go fight wars for Israel in sandboxes like Iraq. He is a useful idiot to them.

Note: Suppose the political establishment actually plunges us into a devastating war with Iran which is 3x the size of Iraq and 90% to 95% Shia and destabilizes the Shia Crescent all the way to Lebanon. What would be the consequences of that for mainstream conservatism?

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  1. So NR puts out a story encouraging young people to join the US military, the same day of a false flag attack. Color me surprised.

  2. All one has to do is a little research on who/what was being accepted into the US military during the era little boy french entered the US Army. Many enlistees with multiple felonies and gang affiliations were accepted during the Iraq war to fill the ranks.There are many articles on the lax acceptance standards during the Iraq war. Recent studies show the US military is now filled with bloods, crips, and latino gangs. Unfortunately when there is an unpopular war the Pentagon and the Sec. of Defense scrape the bottom of the barrel to fill the ranks. The title to the youtube video is not about the Iraq war but it shows a clear picture of what is done during an unpopular war to fill the ranks. Hundreds of thousands of men who were initially rejected because of low IQ (what used to be called retarded and now called something like mentally challenged) during the Vietnam war were miraculously later found acceptable to go to war. My point is frenchy boy was in the US Army during one of the scraping of the barrel periods.

    Military Granting More Criminal Waivers
    By Joel Roberts
    February 14, 2007 / 10:14 AM / AP

    McNamara’s Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War


    • Those bloods, crips and latino enlistees will have no problem hunting down whitey and dealing with us mercilessly if they ever decide to turn the military on us.

      I read once that the Vietnam war had more fragging incidents than any other war we’ve ever had the misfortune to be in. Every one of those incidents was perpetrated by a POC.

  3. I don’t relish a mandatory draft, because we have a son of that age bracket. But if you are going to have a valid military, you DON’T take niggers, spics, thugs and the like. No wonder we ‘won’ WWII- the vast majority of the armed forces were patriotic White Boys.

    If all the Armed Forces did was protect our country [BUILD THE WALL!] and were kept out of Israel’s war machine, I would see benefit in removing all women/fags/trannies from the military, and ‘regressing’ to an all-white male fighting force- but only to defend and protect- NOT to aggrandize and conquer for GloboHomoSchlomo.

  4. Ironically, as I sit here in a fast food restaurant grabbing breakfast before I begin a day of labor as I read this article, what do I behold but a middle aged White man eating breakfast with his little brown daughter. But, he is wearing his “proudly served” U.S.M.C. veteran ball cap! David French vibes…
    Today is *Flag Day* in Muhrecia for those who worship at the altar of 1776. I will not be celebrating it…

    • Good Lord, it gets so tiresome. .. I work in a beautiful, upscale community (i.e. high-income WHITE); and patronizing the library there I see numerous beautiful White women with a couple of beautiful White children out doing errands- — and toting one very Black, obviously adopted third-world tot, while White Daddy is hard at work in some corporate shark-tank.

      I always spare a thought for the White children of those families- – the REAL children . What a horror show!

  5. French is the perfect beta, deracinated, self hating white male that anti-Whites would love all White men to emulate. Useful idiot indeed.

  6. Lots of potential dads gets wasted. War with Iran is the last nail in the White American demographic coffin.

    • I could see the criminal USZOG bombing Iran, and not much more. Attempting to invade and occupy it would be completely insane and they will not go that far.

  7. He is the model of a beta cuck. Not just his actions and behavior, but he looks like a beta cuck too.

  8. By their fruits, they are known.

    Kill Gazans on Israel borders.

    But, for the U.S.A?

    Dats Rayciss…….

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