Carlos Maza: Be Gay, Do Socialism, Deplatform Bigots

Take a look at the latest from the little tyrant who YouTube is catering to these days:

This is strange:

1.) Personally, I don’t give a shit about Carlos Maza’s takes. I don’t really feel threatened enough by his bullshit ideology to advocate censorship. My default reflex is to just ignore people like this and assert my right to criticize their perspective because I believe in freedom of speech.

2.) Similarly, I don’t advocate political violence either. It would never occur to me to assault anyone or “milkshake” anyone over their politcs. My default reflex is to just laugh at this pathetic faggot and dismiss the notion that a “proud” sodomite is in any position to lecture me about morality.

3.) I’m not the one who is “bigoted” here either. The definition of a bigot is someone who is intolerant of the views of others. The term was created to describe fanatics like Carlos Maza.

This is what progressivism has become though.

Carlos Maza doesn’t believe in “live and let live” or tolerance. He believes in violence and censorship. He believes in imposing his values on others and silencing everyone who disagrees. They are “fascists” for looking at this preening, hysterical little faggot and rolling their eyes.

One wonders … has Carlos Maza given any thought to the reaction that his views is going to provoke? He is the one who is crossing the Rubicon and endorsing political violence and censorship of the Right. The vast majority of his political opponents even on the “far right” still believe in free speech and simply want to be able to share their takes on social media. They want to ridicule Carlos Maza.

What if the Right jettisoned classical liberalism and started advocating political violence and censorship of the Left? What would happen then? Would they cry “fascism” after escalating and endorsing those tactics? I would rather not go to that place because I have dim view of fanatics. If this continues though, it is hard to see us not going to a place like that in a world in which Blompf has left the scene.

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  1. Would your Lutheran ancestors have stood by and NOT condemned such a vile, apostate, degenerate excuse for a man? No, I don’t believe they would have. What does Romans 1:32 say, Brad?

    WHAT DOES IT SAY? And don’t hide behind the ‘we’re under grace, not law’ antinomian BS, either.

    “DESERVING OF DEATH.” That’s what it says. We are in the middle of a war between Christ and BELIAL.

    This ass is a slave of Satan, and deserves whatever is coming to him. Don’t be lukewarm- God spits such out of His mouth…

  2. Is Vox providing around the clock security for this pompous self-important faggot?

    Carlos “power bottom ” Maza made a lot enemies of YT content creators by getting them demonetized. He probability already was a sissy, but now he will terrified to be out in public wondering if someone carrying a grudge is lurking around.

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