Trump: We Were Cocked and Loaded and Ready To Retaliate Last Night!

Well, this is reassuring:

I missed Tucker Carlson’s take on this last night and Sean Hannity’s warmongering about bombing Iran:

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  1. The big divide between the Dems and the Rs on Iran/Saudi/Yemeni issues is unusual and striking. Most of the time, American FP is conducted unanimously.

  2. If Iran could bring down an unmanned stealth spy plane how much harder would it have been to bring down an American fighter jet or bomber?

  3. If Trump has any political sanity at all he will avoid war with Iran at least until after the election. The powers that be-Neo-Conservatives within the Deep State-want a war with Iran because they know if it develops Trump will lose his re-election. If he can’t see that he is a dumb a*s!

    • But the drone was flying in international waters! When a drone flying in international waters is shot down, you just have to go to war.

  4. Slightly OT: Has anyone noticed that normies are starting to come back to Blompf, even though they’re disappointed he hasn’t come through on his main promises? I keep reading the same talking points, like, “But he has gotten so much done,” “He can’t do it alone,” “No one man can save us,” obstructionist congresscritters, etc., etc. The excuse making is starting to get more widespread and uniform. The cheerleading over Iran is really disturbing.

  5. Hey Trump, the 150 billion WAS THEIR MONEY THAT WAS OWED TO THEM. I know you would rather have given that money to Israel. Iran was abiding with the nuclear deal, but the US pulled out of it. They should build nukes as soon as possible to protect themselves. One thing the Bully US has shown is that it will not invade a country if it actually has nukes.

  6. The US never gave Iran $150B, you Orange Dumbass – Israel has received that over the years.

  7. Zio cuckservative Ms. Lindsey Graham is a disgrace to not only Southerners but to Whites worldwide. That this war mongering closeted queer can lisp with a South Carolinian accent unadulterated bullshit unchallenged is more evidence that there are no grownups in D.C. (sans Tulsi Gabbard) in regards to foreign policy.

    Cannot Ms. Graham just enjoy celebrating “pride month?”

  8. When are the Democrats going to impeach this con man? I want to see the federal government completely destroyed via both parties. The blacks can do whatever they like to the cops because the cops are not our allies and haven’t been since they were actual peace officers. When was that? The 1940’s??? Who else on here thinks even U.S. soldiers would fire on us if ordered to do so? I think a majority of them would probably do so. God knows what weapons they’d be willing to use as well.

    The destruction of the nation we are loyal to has everything to do with globalism. Our enemies are globalists whether they know it or not. It’s a master plan and they don’t have a clue. But, then again, many pro-Americans don’t have a clue either.

    Just saying…

  9. Drones are the most cowardly things ever, and expensive to boot. Put a pilot in the air, put some skin in the game and stop being such an (expensive) pussy.

    • True, but they are the future of warfare for any country with the IQ and industry to build them. Saving your own blood while spilling the other guys’ blood is how you win wars.

  10. If the drone was unmanned, no harm done. No one was hurt.

    America knows if they put troops into Iran the Persians will rip their guts out.

    Stick with the drones. Ideal weapon for cowards.

  11. The murderous , genocidal child raping war mongering money changers in the temple are the enemy of humanity , not just the European peoples.
    They really are the children of evil…or the devil, or however you want to phrase it.
    Is there on facet of the immoral culture or one crevice of the DC “swamp” or one version of degeneracy or gluttonous behavior that these disgusting subhuman vultures aren’t involved in or completely in charge of?
    A smart man once said that –
    “A country has the Jews if deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.”

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