#YangGang Cancelled For Now

This sucks.

I was looking forward to the debates.

The across the board social liberalism has steadily worn on me and this is the point where it just became too much. So it is back to the fence for now.

There is zero chance that I will be supporting Blompf in 2020. I will probably just wait until a better candidate comes along who combines a reasonable position on immigration and other social issues with a populist economic platform. The Yang campaign has echoes of Ron Paul in 2012. There is a large audience for such a candidate, but no one is currently running on that mix of issues in the 2020 election.

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  1. Can we stop doing irony politics and focus on building a pro-white political party now?

    I saw a hipster style Yang mural in Brooklyn. Those are the people Yang appeals to.

    • I wish this moronic irony bullshit, which has degraded discourse in these spaces for going on half a decade now, would blow over completely and for good.

      There is a lot to be said for boring, straight-forward, plain-vanilla making a good point and moving on. In an internet context, the Will Westcott account on twitter does this particularly well (as one example).

    • Irony and humor are great tools, the problem is complacency with what the subtext of the joke is and what direction it’s pushing. Also an apathy from content producers that jokes and memes pick up momentum and may lead to a place the OP never intended.

      A prime example of that was tds making Spencer’s “ah-heh” into a meme. I called out trs for that, not knowing if mike & sven had malicious intentions or not, but they never acknowledged the reality that many people did interpret the meme as a signal from trs that Spencer was a joke and people who had previous grudges with Spencer could repurpose the meme with a directly malicious intentions.

      Our big problem is that whites are isolated from power with a desire for hierarchy so we start henpecking for rank in a insular community

      The jokesters will say “it’s just bantz” or locker room talk but if you’re a propagandist for the movement your langue should never be as careless or reckless as locker room talk, so that argument is simply a dodge from people who are either A) Malicious themselves B) ego-maniacs, unable to self reflect C) apathetic to the responsibility of leadership. No matter how you slice it, it’s unacceptable.

      As to your point on a “pro-white party” I’m not sure what the point would even be? What is a political party? Legal documents? This sort of marshal view of politics is completely out of touch with the modern political process. Political parties are not a single entity organization(to the extent it ever was, its dramatically less now). Modern day political “party’s” is a constellation of political and non-political non-profits(eg evangelical churches for R’s and unions for D’s), media appendages, lawfirms, think tanks, charities, lobbying firms etc etc

      Saying “I’m starting a party” is like starting an llc but without any capital for a retail property, distribution line on your product, advertising, small business attorney or accountant.

      There’s so much infrastructure to build up, and it doesn’t even have to start big.

      This is why I’m growing weary of “fascists” aka disgruntled bigoted right wingers. Bigots will have to be abandoned from pro-white movements, bigotry isn’t an ideology but pathological tribalism. No political force ever came to be for simply having a disgust for an out group, the in group needs something to bind them together as an in group.

      I knew a girl on ourside who got her PhD from an Ivey league school and is intelligent beyond her book smarts. On top of the “get in the kitchen” comments she was in touch with some big names in this thing(more on the paleo side) the guy wanted her to jump on his podcast with him, with the intent of building out her own women focused podcast. She declined and was focused on building a white support group that had a clinical license, this very large name in the movement couldn’t put her in contact with anyone in other cities who could actually run the support group in their city.

      Building up something like that takes a lot of time, and decent financial cost but with no up cummies. It won’t grab headlines, it’s not sexy but it’s having these types of organizations in place that’ll give political party’s legitimacy.

      It’s truly pathetic we don’t have clinical trained therapists who could run a chapter in their city, and speaks to my exhaustion of praising ruralites. It’s all empty calories, what can ruralites even do? Unless you’re actually attempting a violent revolution, organizing ruralites is an extremely low priority. Our engagement with them should really only be charity work to generate goodwill with public and build legitimacy. I want to help them, but they’re incapable of helping us(and don’t naxalt me). Legitimacy is either granted by the elite or its earned the hard way by building networks that can systematically generate connections with the public.

      We won’t win by merely passing out food to people, we need thought leaders and political engagement but there’s so many things people can do depending on their skill set.

      Too many people on “our side” only seek out punitive responses to our problems; some powerful anti-white should go to jail, thots need to be shamed, we need to suppress homosexuality, we need to lock up blacks for longer sentences, we need to deport immigrants etc

      What you won’t hear is “we need to start x non-profit to help white people”

      This is why I completely counter signal anti-cosmopolitanism, anti-urban living etc. I understand what site I’m commenting on and I wouldn’t expect a country kid from the south to move to nyc, but we’ll encourage people who were born and raised in cities to move out and pay homage to ruralites in an almost religious like sanctity.

      We need pro-white leftist who are inclined to form networks. That can build into a party. Even things like non-political white support groups for sobriety or interracial crime, leftists will do positive social work without an expectation of converting people on the spot. Our guys would want to start lecturing junkies about the sachler family and their relationship to white genocide. Our guys do not have the restraint to not overtly politicize it.

  2. May I dare say that white nationalists have egg on your faces again? Same mistakes over and over. Better not to vote than to vote for evil. I am a school girl and I know that. Oh well. I will be respectful and say no more.

      • spahnranch1969,

        It is possible that the USA is terminally ill. In which case I understand the strategy of vitally weakening America. I know a good portion of the world will not shed any tears for the USA.

        • It is reality not a possibility. The insane States of America would be a better name or perhaps the United Soviets.

          • Heartland,

            I know but I try not to unduly upset white Americans that I think the USA is falling apart. This makes a lot of Americans mad. My observation is that most Americans have more faith in the United States than they do in God.

    • Are you really a schoolgirl, Christina? You sound much older. I assume you mean college?

      • Joseph,

        Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I am a school girl. I am smart in some ways and learning in other ways. It was less than 2 years ago that I learned that there were different types of screw drivers. I thought a screw driver was a screw driver.

        This last Christmas I was helping my father with Christmas lights. My older brothers had somehow disappeared. Anyway my father directed me to a bunch of lights and plugs. He told me to bring him the male plug. So I held up one plug in one hand with holes in it and another plug with prongs and I said—“Papa which one is the male plug? So my father laughed and said—“Christina use your imagination”. So I blushed and brought him the one with the prongs!

        Yes. I know the difference between Adam and Eve. I was just caught by surprise. I am the product of an excellent private education from Mexico and the USA.

  3. If you ever want to secede from Clown World, you have to stop supporting their presidental candidates.

  4. New York chinaman’s immigration policy is definitely a non-starter.

    UBI was a fantasy, and even if it was implemented, I don’t believe that it would have mellowed out the racial tensions in this country. Those conflicts arise from multiracialism, multiculturalism, and kumbaya egalitarianism. Behavior has a strong genetic component, therefore, a $1000/month wasn’t going to change the “it’s all about the Benjamins” mentality.

    Oh well, that’s how the fortune cookie crumbles.

  5. Like I and others have said, UBI was the issue that got us interested in Yang. I found most of his ideas ridiculous or destructive, but UBI could be used by us to live as we saw fit. It could be used as a tool of “positive accelerationism,” you might say. Maybe someone with a more appealing set of policies will show up. Not this election season, but the next. No matter what happens, we need to distance ourselves from this diseased and failing system, imho.

  6. Don’t adopt the narrow-mindedness you rightly decry. Andrew Yang does not just have the right main policy of increasing society’s payoff to its citizens from the wealth they all help create, but he is not a hater, so he will listen to everyone respectfully in formulating other policy like immigration. The key is to create a national sovereign wealth fund to pay for the UBI. I can email you the details if you are interested.

    • Not really.

      He has just been emphasizing all the standard, boilerplate Democrat issues over the past two months. It has steadily eroded away the populists who were originally attracted to his campaign. It is more a culmination of frustration. He is just not where we are at on social issues.

      I’m still going to cover the debates and pay attention to the race. I still support UBI and a lot of his policies. As of now, I just see no one that I am currently ready support mainly because of their toxic positions on immigration. Maybe a third party candidate will run?

          • D is not trying to help. She’s merely

            telling the truth. As to HW’s about-face on Genghiz Yang:

            well done. You came to your senses much quicker than you did with Drumpf.

            next step: stopping looking for “a candidate”. Because:

            Whites are not going to vote themselves out of a Judeo-globalist ethno-deathtrap that

            has already snapped shut. We’ll break the Jew-trap by

            other means. Or

            we’ll die in it.

      • What finally broke me on Yang wasn’t just immigration, but his pandering on abortion and LGBT stuff. Still, of the Dems, I do hope he wins, though I think his chances are very slim. What is so stupid though is that any of the Dem candidates could pivot to the center and be against amnesty by running to the right of Trump on this issue while also being pro-union, etc. But none of them will. The weapons is just lying there ready to be picked up and none of them will do it.

  7. Hey Hunter,
    Glad to see that you are no longer supporting Yang Gang. I was one of the few who never did. Yang was always way too far left on social issues for me, even before his recent immigration comments. There is a place for compromise in politics, on morally neutral issues, but yang was never within the realm of what I see as supportable.
    Yang in the background, forward for our people and heritage!

      • Trump set a precedent… open borders through the asylum loophole and non-enforcement of the existing laws, even non-enforcement of deportation orders.

        Everyone gets to move “left” from there.

        We should expect that the days of candidates being “not that bad” on the border are over.

        Strategic voting is fine, but none of these candidates will stand up for us, we’re on our own.

      • Sanders just makes no damned sense with his support for mass immigration.

        Look, I’m quite a leftie on economic issues, and it should be beyond obvious (and it was all the way into the 90’s) that immigrants hurt the workers/proletariat in numerous ways.

        Bernie’s Jew blood is just winning out, it seems.

      • No, Sanders was pushed Left just like Biden and Yang were. Sanders was initially pro 2nd amendment and was against open borders. He said he wanted a Scandinavian-style socialism. Much as Conservatards like Hannity liked to portray Sanders as a Stalin-style communist, Sanders wanted to incorporate what he saw as the best of both Scandinavia and Vermont.

        I still suspect that Yang is trying to set up his 2024 presidential bid and this 2020 campaign is just laying the groundwork for it. I guess if he had not jumped on the open borders bandwagon, he would have been pushed out too early to make an impact.

        What I’d like to see is some enterprising White appropriate any of the popular parts of the Democrat Platform, i.e. Yang’s UBIdea. There are a number of other things being overlooked by both parties that some smart White could incorporate like, at least, making college loans out there at least interest-free and tax deductible, not taxing the elderly’s social security payments, allowing any of the elderly who had to take early retirement to work as much as they want to without it affecting their social security check, allowing dependents of welfare recipients to work without it impacting the welfare payments.

        • Your suggestions are sensible, practical, more politically neutral, and less radical than UBI. They could gain traction among a variety of otherwise disparate interest groups. Even if only some were actually adopted at first, they could go a long way – more than UBI IMO – toward helping Whites who are struggling.

      • Tulsi Gabbard perhaps especially if Trump attacks Iran. I for one do not believe the Drone was over international waters when it was shot down. The U.S. has just lied to me one two many times…weapons of mass destruction, Gulf of Tonkin…war to end all wars, the war to make the world safe for democracy…it just goes on and on. Even former president Jimmy Carter admitted the United States was the most warlike nation in human history. He also said it was now nothing but a Plutocracy for sale to the highest bidder.

  8. Just another reason why our side must be the ones who offer these issues to the public instead of system politicians who get it right on a few issues but fall well short of what’s needed.

  9. Yang is NOT the answer. The answer is simple. Making it happen is complex, but the answer is easy. Re-elect Blomph and use those 4 years to create The Confederate Party complete with a Confederate Constitution, and present a plan to re-structure America into about 4 new Republics.

  10. Why not just stick to being an advocate of Southern Independence? Which is plausible within the context of a Northern Alliance – where there will be enough intra-alliance trade and military power to make Dixie viable as a distinct cultural entity

    The alt right, yang, etc are all sad and harmful detours.

    PS The map thing where you outline Dixie in a red marker is actually the right thing: if you can’t picture it, you can’t think it, and it will never happen. Just add a map where Dixie isn’t all alone in the world; a map of the friends of Dixie as you hope it to be – aka the Northern Alliance.

    See it. Think it. Say it. Do it. Enjoy it.

    • If you think only of Dixie you think to small. We need all of red state America to come together and form a White Heartland Republic! Red state America is 85% of the land mass and yet power is concentrated in a few blue stats containing mega-cities. There is no longer a solid south but there is a solid heartland that has existed for decades and manifests itself in every election of which the South is a part. Expand your vision from Southern Nationalism to Heartland Separatism! Dixie can be an integral part of the White Heartland Republic but it seems idiotic to just concentrate on the southern states and leave the rest of red state America hanging out to dry.The Heartland is a mixture of the Germanic and the Southern due to immigration from the South and Germany and Scandinavia. With the Heartland we can be a world power. With the South just a regional power.

  11. I’m still voting for Yang or Tulsi or Bernie in the primary and over Trump, unless we have some significant pro-white candidate.

    But it was wrong to invest in them seriously and think they’d solve our problems.

    Sovereignty and political power are real, we can’t wish them away or pretend robots will fix it.

    If anything, it matters more. Who owns the robots? Us? Or Zuckerberg?

    Nobody except us will stand up for us.

    Not that much has changed, except that our message is more relevant than ever and we’ve been lazy about pushing it.

    We must discredit the GOP, spread a white separatist, white preservationist message to all relevant sectors of the population using all legal means, inculcate people with a morality based on nationalism, endogamy and group solidarity and demand the right to lawfully separate from the system, time and time again.

    That will be denied, of course and we will have to bide our time, but sooner or later, as the empire declines, an opportunity to move for unilateral separation will arise, and what happens then will depend on how we’ve influenced the attitudes and values of the white population.

    It’s really not that complicated and we have not even come close to exhausting the fundamental, by the book kind of stuff that is perfectly legal.

    TL/DR: We should be running our own educational candidates, not hoping for charity from a random elite foreigner.

  12. I wish I knew of a solution, even if it is a long shot. It just seems like we are boxed in.

    Plus, com’on, collapse regional economies? Yeah right.

    • The solution, as it has always been, is war. Civil War II. It was there in nascent form at Charlottesville, and the mask of the godless Left was torn away, to see the Beast beneath. When you’ve got SWAT teams DEFENDING ‘Drag Time story hour’ at a Public Library, you ALREADY are in Satania.

      Secession- real, bloody, warring secession of like-minded individuals, who REFUSE to be owned by the Moloch State…. seems our only ‘out.’

      • We saw how stacked the deck was in Charlottlesville. Im fairly certain that would result with people dead or in prison, with no positive results. As far as “like minded individuals”, who would that be? Nationalists in America can’t agree on The most basic of issues, and rush to attack and back-stab each other. There is no cohesion. There are also no numbers-a couple hundred people cant make a difference in a nation of hundreds of millions.

        The nationalist movement isnt equipped for any kind of conflict, armed or otherwise.

  13. It is essentially a requirement for Dem presidential candidates to support amnesty, much like it is a requirement for Republican presidential candidates to support the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection act.

  14. Every possible candidate will be “too liberal” on immigration. It needs to be completely shut down. We have enough people. Let the intelligent ones help their own countries.

  15. I’d love for you to write a serious piece, to include historical references, on “Are we going to VOTE our way out of this”.

  16. I am done voting for these scumbags and crooks and idiots and creeps and puppets of a foreign country. I don’t give a rat’s ass what any of these candidates say. Who has actually done something about what I see as the greatest problems? Nobody.

    So that’s who gets my vote.

  17. Glad you’re finally recovering from the case of temporary insanity. I point all this out months ago.

  18. It was inevitable. The fence ain’t comfortable, but it’s the place to be for now.

  19. Imagine if all the energy used to promote Yang was used to publicize the Epstein case. We could do amazing things with that story if we made it a main focus of our messaging. There is no story in America today that paints our enemies in a worse light than the Epstein scandal. Of course doing so would necessitate turning on blump totally, something that even most blump-crititical alt-righters are afraid to do.

  20. I’m delighted to see you off the Yang Yacht, Hunter. Even though I think Yang is likeable, I can’t get behind any liberal, no matter how appealing UBI might seem.

    At any rate, Tom Kawcyznski is running against Trump in the GOP primary. While primaries involving a sitting President are always forgone conclusions, I’m hoping that Tom will be persuaded to run in the general election so WNs have a conscience vote in 2020. Like you, there’s zero chance that I will be voting for the Orange Rabbi.

    Read Tom’s most recent posts on Gab to get a feel for him. He’s not perfect, but he’s definitely pro-White, and he’s fed up with Trump’s betrayals. I think WNs should rally behind explicitly pro-White candidates.

    • Thanks for letting us know about him. Why wouldn’t white nationalist leaders be supporting this man instead of an anti-white Asian who supports open borders? Our leaders have failed us badly by pushing Yang while TOTALLY ignoring a real pro-white candidate.

      Irony politics is a form of cowardice. It comes from the hipster subculture of 20 years ago.

      We need to get out of that entire mode of thinking. Nationalists in Europe don’t think or act like that even a little bit.

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