Trump: If Iran Calls Me a Moron Again, They Will Be Obliterated!

So, this is the state of American foreign policy:

1.) Yesterday, Blompf imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran after retreating from the brink of going to war.

2.) Speaking in the Oval Office, Trump declared that “Ayatollah Khomeini” would not “be spared from the sanctions.” He died in 1989.

3.) Iran’s President Rouhani responded by calling Blompf a retard.

4.) Blompf is now on Twitter threatening to obliterate Iran for calling him a retard.

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  1. The sad thing Trump is as good as it gets and is living proof to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear that the system cannot be reformed from within.

  2. How the f*ck does the AP think that the White House is”afflicted with mental retardation ” breaking news?!?

  3. Trump is so concerned about the suffering Iranian people, then he threatens to obliterate them.
    Neocons and their Shabbos Goy lackeys are bloodthirsty psychopaths.

  4. I shouldn’t be laughing because this is a very serious situation but anyone who uses their brain can see how utterly brain-dead American foreign policy is. Trump is threatening a man who has been dead since 1989. Then he threatens some more about obliteration.

    Yeah I’m sure the rest of the world is just going to sit back and let you “obliterate” Iran with what? Nuclear weapons? I’m sure Russia, China and India being next door would love that.

    I want to see these idiot neocons try and start a draft which is what will ultimately be required for Iran. It will take millions and massive casualties to subdue Iran. Can you imagine the protests in the streets at the Trump admin bringing back the draft?

    Trump said Iran didn’t understand reality but they (just like China) understand it all too well which is why they mock him.

    • Trump is running his great big retarded mouth. The Pentagram itself is against attacking Iran. If we stage an attack, THEY have the power to destroy the global economy, as well as Israel itself.

      Re: “the draft” alas there are thousands of genuine retards in Muh Military that would go – but we have Private Sheffey Army now. Do you remember Private Sheffey?

      All the intelligent, functional White men left in Zog’s Army in in Special Forces. I hope every last one is slaughtered, because THEY are the paid whore Janissaries of Israel. So screw ’em. Can you see Private Sheffey “fighting for muh freedumb” in Iran? HAHAHAHA! I’d love to see THAT.

      • would love to watch trannys and nignogs get their guts ripped out by Persians in a bloody war for these evil kikes , but then again it just hurts Iran more than my amusement is worth.
        We are not psychopaths like these disgusting subhuman jooz

  5. Iran’s leaders should know better than to use ableist language against the President of the United States.

    Intelligence-based discrimination is a form of social injustice deeply entrenched in the modern society and impacting people’s lives every day. Intelligence discrimination should be addressed the same way as race, gender or age discrimination and legislation shoulbe be enacted to ban unfair treatment because of intelligence, or preception of intelligence. Affirmative actions for disadvantaged people due to low intelligence are badly needed.

    Therefore, we demand international laws to ban discrimination based on IQ, perceived IQ or similar measures. We call on governments to implement policies prohibiting preferential treatments for people with high achievements or IQs. (Perceived) Intelligence should not be a factor in job application, scholarship application or school admission. Fools should not be afraid that showing their foolishness may have negative consequences.

    We also calls for affirmative actions for fools. Foolish children should receive more lecture time from teachers. Test scores should be normalized against students’ IQ. Fools should receive more relaxed standards for job performance, for example, more time to complete a task than that given to a “smart” person. Fools should receive more training from employers. Fools should not receive lower salaries than smart people. We call for government agencies to enforce these regulations and to accept complains from fools for intelligence discrimination.

    • Now all the retards in America – which is a very high number I will add – have hope that they, too, can be President.

      Well played Retard Trump.

  6. Neither Russia or China will ever come to the aid of a Muslim country.Russia is opportunistic; they are in Syria aiding and abetting a holocaust by Assad of Sunni Syrians. because they can. if we intervened in Iran, w they would not do a thing about it. Merikans are obsessed with either china or Russia getting in a war with US, neither has the will to do so over any Muslim country. Russia supposedly sided with the Arabs against Israel. How did they ever help the Arabs by selling them outdated weapons to go up against Israel’s state of the art weapons?By propping up brutal regimes that keep the people backward and subjugated? Russia is no friend of Muslims; they murder them and persecute them in Afghanistan and in Chechbya.

    • @Nellie Bly, Russia fought to keep Assad in power because they were afraid of losing their sole warm water naval based in Tartus. It was a strategic move by the cunning Russians.

      Russians are chess masters.

      • Assad doing a holocaust of sunni Muslims? Dude wtf are you talking about? and if anything Putin has lately been screwing assad around hard and the reverse is happening to Syrian Christians and shia, yazdizi Muslims Also Putin is being best buddies with Bibi, putin does exactly what his Zionist oligarch handlers tell him to do

        Every opportunity putin has recently had to justifiably attack Israel and show some backbone he has stood down like a complete an utter bitch Putin is just as jew controlled as trump its a shame so many fall victim in the rightwing to nazbol propaganda that they have this pathetic Russia strong admiration of the king of slavs bullcrap I partly blame anglin and duginists for this. Russians are not chessmasters they are kikemasters and they follow not orthodoxy like so many claim but the jew devils wishes

  7. Trump said the same thing about Ilhan Omar, that she “doesn’t understand reality”. The woman, whatever you think of her grew up in an African refugee camp, worked the system to come here, did dumb-ass jobs, learned English to speak it well, won elective office, became a thorn in the toe of the Jews – she’s the one grounded bolt-like in Reality. Trump is on some rarefied oxygen-depleted planet surrounded by ziocons so that line of his is a giveaway that he doesn’t get what historical moment he’s living in.

  8. It’s truly embarrassing. Have you read the comments on other platforms regarding this imbecile? MIGA, the parrots are in control!

  9. This is all staging, play acting. NYC is going to get nuked and Iran is going to get blamed.

    • “NYC is going to get nuked …” – Oh, well then. Getting rid of that many Jews… sounds good to me. Never like Manhattan, anyway.

    • @Robert Browning, it’s almost a fair trade, if you could throw Silicon Valley, D.C., and Tel Aviv into that equation.

  10. Good, accelerate more Trump. I can’t wait for the pictures of thousands of dead Iranian babies who would of died at the hands of every Trump voter.

    I will be making sure you all see these pictures everyday and remind you that YOU did this. Not Trump, not Bolton, not Israel…YOU, with that so-called non-violent vote of yours..

    Imagine knowing your vote would of killed 1000X more babies than Brenton Tarrant. Then talk about how “non-violent” you are haha. Trump may do the deed but you signed off on it.

    Imagine how many sleeper cells and/or immigrants who will attack us on our own streets if Trump started a war with tons of dead babies, you will all be hiding in your homes…..

    holding out for a Tarrant.

    • Trump didn’t run on that platform, moron. We were the first to condemn him on his missile strike in Syria.

    • @Silverdawn — Nope! I reject completely your very Jewy attempt at guilt-tripping. No one on this blog, not a single one of us, has any more or less control over the actions of ZOG than you yourself do. Which is ZERO. Any of the pre-approved koscher candidates running in 2016 would be on the exact same trajectory as Orange Man where Iran is concerned. Just with less outright retarded statements.

      Show all the dead Iranian babies you want .—- You’ll get ZERO White guilt from me !

  11. Whatever. Caring less and less every day. The current path leads to death. Maybe unleashing Chaos is good.

    • I stopped putting energy and hope in this system a very long time ago.
      Its about to start hittinh the fan soon in this country.

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