American Mind: Four Things Every American Should Know About the Declaration of Independence

Jonathan W. Pidluzny:

“And every month brings new evidence that Americans don’t know their history, and that, unsurprisingly, colleges and universities aren’t teaching it.”

I’m familiar with our history.

“News from the United States, that slave states were being added to the union—strengthening the political influence of slaveholders and deepening the country’s sectional divide—led the Frenchman to worry that America’s failure, at this crucial juncture, might doom the liberal democratic experiment everywhere.”

Yeah, what a terrible thing that new Southern states like Texas, Arkansas and Florida were being added to the Union, as had been the case since the Constitution was ratified and Kentucky was admitted to the Union by the Founders. Obviously, the Western territories belonged exclusively to virtuous Yankees who opposed the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican War.

“Things got worse before they got better. And Tocqueville was right: the Union faced no greater challenge than the evil of slavery. It took a civil war and the collective effort and sacrifice of an untold number to move the country beyond the compromises brokered with the slave states in 1787, a terrible minimum price to pay for a single union.”

In other words, it took a civil war to overthrow the White Republic, Constitution and the voluntary union of sovereign states that had been established by the Founders and to establish the consolidated despotism in Washington and the corporate oligarchy that lords over it which we live under today. We jettisoned the American Founding in order to replace it with a new one that was forced on the country at gunpoint by the Radical Republicans during the Reconstruction era.

“But it is hard to imagine that Abraham Lincoln, anti-slavery activists, or civil rights reformers could have been successful in the long effort to end slavery and segregation if not for the powerful aspirational language woven by Jefferson into the country’s DNA. …”

They misrepresented Jefferson long after he was dead.

In Jefferson’s lifetime, there was a push in Virginia to colonize free blacks in Africa and to tighten up slavery by prohibiting free negroes from owning firearms (1832), preaching (1832), consuming alcohol (1832), to even live in the state (1831) or vote (1850). The Virginia state legislature repeatedly appropriated money to get rid of them. Not only was miscegenation illegal in Virginia until the Loving v. Virginia case in 1967, but White women were banished from Virginia for engaging in it.

First: Don’t let anyone tell you Thomas Jefferson didn’t mean to include African Americans when he wrote “all men are created equal.” His original draft included among justifications for independence King George’s use of his veto to encourage the trans-Atlantic slave trade, or as Jefferson refers to it, “this execrable commerce.” In what would have been the strongest language in the Declaration, he calls slavery a “cruel war against human nature itself,” and acknowledges the violation of “its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people” carried “into slavery in another hemisphere or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither.”

Thomas Jefferson believed slavery was a curse and his solution to the problem was always gradual emancipation followed by colonization. He absolutely did not believe in racial equality.

“Delegates from Georgia and South Carolina objected to including the language in the final draft—because they knew exactly what it meant. And while it’s true that the Constitution prohibited the abolition of the slave trade for 20 years, Congress did act to end the “execrable commerce” in 1807—in a law, signed by President Jefferson, that took effect January 1, 1808, the first day it was constitutionally permissible for the Congress to do so. Similarly, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 prohibited slavery in, and thus the admission of new slaves from, the Western territory. On balance, then, as Lincoln argued in his “Cooper Union Address,” the Framers had good reason to think they had put slavery on the road to extinction.”

Yes, the Founding Fathers of the Deep South (South Carolina and Georgia) were adamant that they would not ratify the Constitution unless it secured slavery and they got their way at the Constitutional Convention. Blacks were counted in the Census under the three-fifths ratio and the Constitution provided for the capture and return of runaway slaves.

Slavery was not “put on a road to extinction” because of the end of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade or the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The slave trade was unnecessary because American slaves were the most fecund population on earth. In Jefferson’s lifetime, Alabama and Mississippi were carved out of the Mississippi Territory, the Louisiana Purchase added Louisiana and Missouri to the United States and Kentucky and Tennessee were admitted to the Union as slave states. The sectional balance of power was only tipped decades later when California became a free state.

Second: Not without justice, history has not been altogether kind to Jefferson’s legacy. A slave holder himself who, due to his profligate habits, could not have manumitted his slaves if he wanted to, Jefferson nonetheless hoped the United States would one day abolish the institution. In 1820, he wrote to John Holmes on the subject of the Missouri Compromise. In the letter, he calls slavery a “heavy reproach,” pointedly rejects characterizing human beings as “property,” acknowledges that “justice” requires freeing the slaves, and expresses hope for a “general emancipation” over time.

But the main point of the melancholic letter is to criticize a law he believed would deepen sectional hatreds and, in his judgment, make emancipation harder to achieve. He calls the law “the [death] knell of the Union,” an “act of suicide. . . and of treason against the hopes of the world,” ending the missive by expressing profound disappointment in the political class that succeeded the Founding generation: “I regret that I am now to die in the belief, that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776, to acquire self-government and happiness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons, and that my only consolation is to be, that I live not to weep over it.”

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison opposed the Missouri Compromise because it stigmatized slaveholders. Chief Justice Roger Taney struck down the Missouri Compromise and affirmed that only White people could be American citizens in the Dred Scott decision in 1857. Lincoln was outraged by the Dred Scott decision for getting rid of the “sacred” Missouri Compromise and disingenuously tried to attribute his position to Jefferson and Madison.

Third: As Providence would have it, a most worthy son did come along to realize the promise built into the Founders’ experiment. Abraham Lincoln believed that the “plain unmistakable language of the Declaration” was designed to guide later efforts to restrict and ultimately to end slavery. In an 1857 speech criticizing the Dred Scott decision, he rejects Chief Justice Taney’s argument that Jefferson could not have intended “all men” to include the descendants of slaves because “they had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order.”

Clearly, Thomas Jefferson did not believe in racial equality as he had advocated the colonization and removal of blacks to Africa since the time he wrote the Notes on the States of Virginia. Black citizenship with the exception of Connecticut was a New England custom.

“It is in this context, three years before he was elected president, that Lincoln most beautifully articulated the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. He points out that the soaring universal language of the Declaration was not necessary to achieve its immediate object.”

This was all explained in the Lincoln Catechism:

II. What are the Ten Commandments?
Thou shalt have no other God but the negro.
Thou shalt make an image of a negro, and place it on the Capitol as the type of the new American man.
Thou shalt swear that the negro shall be the equal of the white man.
Thou shalt fight thy battles on the Sabbath day, and thy generals, and thy captains, and thy privates, and thy servants, shall do all manner of murders, and thefts as on the other six days.
Thou shalt not honor or obey thy father nor thy mother if they are Copperheads; but thou shall serve, honor, and obey Abraham Lincoln.
Thou shalt commit murder – of slaveholders.
Thou mayest commit adultery – with the contrabands.
Thou shalt steal – everything that belongeth to a slaveholder.
Thou shalt bear false witness – against all slaveholders.
Thou shalt covet the slaveholders man-servant and his maid-servant, and shalt steal his ox and his ass, and everything that belongeth to him.
For on these commandments hang all the law and honor of loyal leaguers.

X. Have the loyal leaguers a prayer?
They have.

XI. Repeat it.
Father Abraham, who art in Washington, of glorious memory – since the date of thy proclamation to free negroes.
Thy kingdom come, and overthrow the republic; they will be done, and the laws perish.
Give us this day our daily supply of greenbacks.
Forgive us our plunders, but destroy the Copperheads.
Lead us into fat pastures; but deliver us from the eye of detectives; and make us the equal of the negro; for such shall be our kingdom, and the glory of thy administration.

“Americans could have claimed independence on the basis of their rights as English colonists to representation. For Lincoln, the Framers’ purpose was lofty, obvious, and undeniable.”

For the record, they actually did base American rights on the colonial charters, the British Constitution and their own traditions. Some of the Founders also believed in natural rights while others like John Rutledge of South Carolina and James Duane of New York did not.

“They “meant simply to declare the right, so that the enforcement of it might follow as fast as circumstances should permit. They meant to set up a standard maxim for free society, which should be familiar to all, and revered by all; constantly looked to, constantly labored for, and even though never perfectly attained, constantly approximated, and thereby constantly spreading and deepening its influence, and augmenting the happiness and value of life to all people of all colors everywhere.”

They did no such thing.

While this is true of New England’s history, the exact opposite is true of the South which became more conservative over time. This is why the Dred Scott decision was celebrated in the South, but was considered outrageous in New England. No one else in this country believed in taking liberal abstractions to ever greater extremes.

“Lincoln would rise to national prominence the next year arguing that Congress has the power, and indeed the responsibility, to prevent new states from entering into the union as slave states.”

Jefferson and Madison had both rejected this argument during the controversy over the admission of Missouri.

“As Harry Jaffa reminded us, Lincoln understood that public ambivalence to the expansion of an evil institution would destroy the American spirit by eroding Americans’ commitment to the Declaration’s truths. After seven debates, reprinted in newspapers around the country, he lost the Illinois Senate seat to Stephen Douglas. But the Lincoln-Douglas debates made Lincoln a viable candidate for the Republican presidential nomination two years later. …”

Why did Lincoln lose to Stephen Douglas?

The Little Giant convinced Illinois voters that Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in order to flood the North with free negroes.

“Three years after that, with the country embroiled in a terrible civil war, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation and, at Gettysburg later the same year, he gave the most famous speech in American history. Reminding those assembled that “our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” Lincoln called for a “new birth of freedom” so that “these dead shall not have died in vain.” Underline that point in red: The most famous speech in American history is about honoring those who died in the Civil War by fulfilling the promise of the Declaration. …”

Lincoln destroyed the Constitution and the Union of the Founding Fathers and replaced it with one in which the states are vassals of Washington. True Conservatives praise Lincoln to this day while griping about all the negative consequences that have inevitably flowed from his war.

Fourth: In his immortal 1963 “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., allied himself with Jefferson and Lincoln—“extremists” in the cause of justice. He articulated a Lincolnian understanding of the country’s principles and, in asking his countrymen to live up to them, he reminded Americans that even “before the pen of Jefferson scratched across the pages of history the majestic word of the Declaration of Independence, we were here.” He was optimistic that his great movement would finally succeed, centuries after the first Africans were brought to the colonies in chains and more than one hundred years after Lincoln, because he was asking Americans to live up to principles they believe in: “We will win our freedom because the sacred heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are embodied in our echoing demands.”

MLK was correct to align himself with the memory of Lincoln in calling on the federal government to crush the Southern states in pursuit of some abstract notion of liberty and equality, but certainly not of Jefferson. The Confederacy through the Old Republicans like Nathaniel Macon and John Randolph and the doctrine of state sovereignty were the true heirs of Jefferson.

“The same year, John F. Kennedy gave one of the most courageous presidential speeches of the 20th century. Referencing the events in Birmingham, Alabama, and the deployment of the National Guard to make possible the admission of two qualified African American to the University of Alabama, he asked “every American” to “stop and examine his conscience.” How is it that a Democratic president, at a time the party’s Congressional delegation was still dominated by segregationists, had the fortitude to admit, “We face. . . a moral crisis as a country and as a people?”

Simple: JFK understood the country’s principles, he knew they were good and right, and he believed the time had come “for this Nation to fulfill its promise.”

The Lincoln-JFK-MLK understanding of this “country’s principles” and this nation rising to “fulfill its promise” is a consolidated despotism that uses military force to impose fads on its own citizens. It also has no problem treating foreigners even worse. Among other victims, it has followed the example set by Lincoln in killing millions of Germans, Iraqis and Vietnamese in the name of “democracy.”

“Simple: JFK understood the country’s principles, he knew they were good and right, and he believed the time had come “for this Nation to fulfill its promise.” When he asked Americans to live up to that foundational promise, he pulled no punches: “One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free. . . We preach freedom around the world, and we mean it, and we cherish our freedom here at home, but are we to say to the world, and much more importantly, to each other that this is a land of the free except for the Negroes; that we have no second-class citizens except Negroes; that we have no class or caste system, no ghettoes, no master race except with respect to Negroes?”

It is hard to imagine a president from either party making as principled a speech today. It’s not hard to guess why

No, I can easily imagine President Kamala Harris or President Corey Booker invoking Lincoln’s memory to justify reparations for slavery or some other unconstitutional power grab and dramatic curtailment of the rights and liberties of White citizens in the name of fighting “racism.”

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    • Denise,

      As far as I can make out Lincoln’s family moved to Indiana when he was 7 years old in 1816. Therefore being born in Kentucky did not seem to shape his views. He later moved to Illinois. He was a northerner American.

      He did admire the communist, free mason, and satanist revolutionary Italian Garibaldi who he offered command of the American armies to. Garibaldi refused. He was too busy attacking the Catholic Church in Italy.

      • Christina – Hunter and others seem to be losing the thread. Blaming “Yankees” instead of JEWS – and the weakness of White men everywhere, over centuries, for dancing to whatever ruinous tune the Jew plays. Dividing Whites into North and South is simply more Divide and Conquer. I know there are regional and ethnic differences in the various White ethnies – but don’t we know, by NOW – by NOW – that division only enables our destruction?

      • Just friendly reminder that psychopaths have great mobility. Luck of empathy makes them very mobile. Serial killers and homosexuals are most known examples

        Magic mud theory does not work, genetic is the key. Pay attention to that when somebody from Poland or Hungary tries to ask you about white nationalism. Those are our liberals who we managed to kick out.

        Mr. Lincoln was typical psycho .White person who wanted paradise on Earth and for this noble cause,, some collateral damage was justified. Like all the rest of the people with “Great Idea ”

        Leave the Jews alone. The greatest enemy is the burning eyed white person who fights for better world. Long long time ago, there were no Jews to stand on the church door on Sunday morning ready to scream a witch.

        • Juri – I have always found your comments to be very insightful. Especially your observation that “Liberals Whites” are the way they are due to genetics. That observation contains the total ring of truth.

          Your analysis of Lincoln is spot on, re: his public persona, is spot on. He was a shape-shifter; he only cared about saying and doing what could accrue acclaim, glory, and power for himself. He would change his position on ANY issue, literally from one moment to the net, depending on whomever he was speaking to. His behavior is one of the primary reasons I think he was a Zhid. He behaved like one his entire life. You are 100% correct about Do Gooder Whites. They are a MENACE. I won’t leave Jews alone, though; they are enabled by the Deranged Do Gooders. But they don’t have to do what they DO, and they NEVER did.

          Jews and their Do Gooder White Golem are a toxic mess, that will destroy Life on Earth is given a shred of a chance.

    • @Denise

      “Lincoln hailed from Kentucky. KENTUCKY. And he was besties with Karl Marx. What does this tell you?”

      He was the cracker front man for the New England Yankee Establishment, who had him killed to keep him from outliving his usefulness to Massachusetts and her dictatorship over the former United States.

      • @Owen – once AGAIN – Lincoln was run by the JEWS. If he wasn’t an actual genetic Jew – and I suspect he was – he certainly behaved like one his entire life. He was killed by JEWS. BOOTH was a JEW. He was killed over MONEY. The Greenbacks. Just like Germany.

        The “Massachussetts dictatorship”??? Are you MENTAL? Did yo mammy drop yo on yo haid when you was a baby, or something?

  1. In other words, Jonathan W. Pidluzny wrote another “The Yankees dindu nuffin’ piece.

  2. When I see that old image of US Army soldiers (some clearly Jewish) with guns headed by bayonets, pointing them and sticking them into the flesh of White Southerners who want to remain segregated from African Americans…….

    It does infuriate me as a Yankee.

    The American experiment could have worked but slavery ensured it was doomed from the start.

    How many millions of Central Americans did/do we import to do all the work we didn’t/don’t want to do?

    They’re not going home.

    For centuries, Whites wanted to signal their superior class status to competitor Whites.


    • @Dissident – why blame the real cause of your problems on the source. Just Blame Yankees. ‘Cuz that will fix everything.

      Slavery itself devalues labor. Literally. The plantation system KEPT the South poor, and agrarian. Wealthy Whites preferred their Plantation Black slaves to their own kind, and screwed over the “White trash” every chance they got. Southerners were screwed over BY Jews from the beginning. Virginian George Washington allowed the Jew slavers to stay in America. The (((Civil War))) itself began to the South’s cotton production cutting into the Rothchilds’ Egyptian cotton profits. But it’s all the fault of some apple farmer in New Hampshire.

      • Two good posts above. I’m feeling like some folks here are more concerned with getting their slaves and CSA back rather than any kind of white preservation strategy.

      • You can only grow cotton in tropical climates. Ergo you can’t really have a field worker force of whites. They’d drop dead from the heat.

        That Sun Belt from the equator to the tropics and slightly above required a work force that can be put there for hours in baking heat.

        Once you have engines not so much.

        The problem in the future is that there will be infinity blacks in Africa jumping on planes to live in Europe and North America. Unless someone nukes em now or soon, we are going to be overrun by billions of darkies.

        • Let us not forget there was a biological advantage to slavery. Negroes had more immunity to malaria than did whites. Employing poor whites would have resulted in a much greater death rate than Negroes.

          Most, indeed the overwhelming majority, of Jews today in America have no colonial antecedents but came over in the 1880s in massive numbers from Eastern Europe along with Southern Europeans which eventually led Congress to pass the 1924 Immigration Act (AKA The National Origins Act) which banned whole nations and select people in their entirety in favor of a most favored status for Northern and Northwest Europe. Those who run the media and banking today who are Jewish are direct descendants of that 1880 immigration wave.

  3. An estimated 1/5th of the Union Soldiers were immigrants, fresh off the boats from Ireland and Germany, conscripted to fight Lincoln’s war, of which they knew nothing. Some 48’er German Socialist revolutionaries were cognizant of their subversive roles. One such German officer in the Federal Army had the audacity to lecture to captured Confederate General Richard Taylor, son of former U. S. President Zachary Taylor, assuring him, with a guttural accent, that he would teach him to be a good American. Yankee busy bodies and foreign insurgents seem to go hand in hand. Universalists, Abolitionists and Communists appear to be cut from the same cloth. The North bred all of the organized crime syndicates from the Irish to the Italians and Jews that rose to prominence and became influential in politics from local to international. The Socialists and Anarchists that tarnished the labor movements that came into being as a result of Northern exploitation of the working class, were comprised of people like Emma Goldman whose sole purpose was to sow the seeds of discord. When her paramour Alexander Berkman attempted to murder Henry Frick of Carnegie Steel, the workers were incensed that he had dealt their cause a terrible blow and cast them into a negative light, just when they were beginning to get some public sympathy.

    The South simply wanted to be free from the North. When we passed each other on the street, we greeted one another. We didn’t see a need to dam up every creek, level every mountain, fill up every canyon, or pave over every field. We didn’t care about keeping up with the Jones’ and we weren’t willing to spend every waking moment trying to make money. We enjoyed the outdoors, fresh air, clean water and tranquil meadows. You might say that we were the prototype environmentalists. To the typical Southerner, health was happiness and materialism was unknown. In our manners, our customs, and our aspirations, we were, and often, still are, as different as night and day. It is reflected in the music. Songs about the North are brassy and flamboyant, arrogant odes of fame and braggadocio. Tunes focused on the South usually reflect a preference for simple pleasures and family ties.

    • Sweet Tap Dancing Kee-rist. You comment is so full of horse manure, and self delusion – I don’t know where to begin…….

      You do realize that Goldman and Berkman and Commies and Anarchists are JEWS, right? I’ve been told that “your” Southern Jews were OK, though. Helpful Jews like Judah Benjamin……….

      By simple family pleasures – do you mean boinking Negroes in the slave quarters? Or in the Quadroon brothels?

      You are completely demonizing Northerners, and romanticizing the South. Southerners are JUST as greedy and back stabbing as any-one else. You cannot be more exploitative than the plantation system. The labor of paid workers is devalued. Literally devalued. Southerners fought technology. The wealthy ones loved to lord is over their pet Darkies and the so called “White Trash”. Not keeping up with the Joneses = laziness, perhaps?

      There’s a scene in “Gone with the Wind” in the beginning of the film where-in all the aristocratic Cavaliers are whooping it up over how they are gonna whup them Damned Yankees. Rhett Butler – a man who actually traveled, and SAW conditions on the ground, warned them, essentially, that the North was industrialized, and had up to date munitions, and tons of people from all walks of life that could be utilized to fight a war, and that all the Southerners had were their big MOUTHS. I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the essential message.

      Nothing’s changed in 160 years.

      You are DELUSIONAL. I’ve personally witnessed the back stabbing and treachery of Southerners, to each other, and every one else. But stay in your fantasy land; see all the good it does you.

      • You are the one who is delusional, and your tone and phrasing are indicative of Yankee smugness. I could go into a lot of detail about how men such as Jefferson Davis, the man who, as Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce, was responsible for the updating of the Federal Army, or Robert E. Lee, a man who was offered overall command of it, understood full well how the odds were stacked against them. They certainly didn’t need a fictional character from a book to inform them of this imbalance. As Lee said after the war was concluded, they could have pursued no other course without losing their sense of honor. And, as Jefferson Davis prophetically wrote, “The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may come at another time and in another form.” The object to which Davis was referring was States Rights, not Slavery. And, the time has arrived in the forms of Immigration, Minority Grievances and Gay Marriage, to name but a few.

        I, too, have deep suspicions of Judah Benjamin. There always seems to be one of them around in some position of influence. When all of the other prominent men of the South were writing their memoirs, Benjamin was burning all of his personal papers. It would be very interesting to see what was contained in them.

        The rest of your comment is typical of the kind of insults and slanders that we here in the South have grown accustomed to… Nothing has changed in 160 years, and that is why we can never be friends. However, Copperheads are always welcome.

        • I appreciate your grasp and analysis of history, Cowtown Rebel. It’s a welcome addition to the comments. I also agree with Denise that the lower class is often used and exploited by the elites, not to mention manipulated. Those elites often use Jewish money to get their way. As many others have pointed out, Jewish elites were the junior partners of the WASP elites in the US until after WWII.

          Admiration for Fitzhugh aside, I’m strongly anti-slavery. I’m also for racial separation and anti-usury, both of which blunt the ability of TPTB to easily divide and conquer us peasants. FWIW. And I’m a Northerner from Minnesota, with family history (on my mother’s side) that includes Swedish utopian socialists that housed black miners on the Iron Range when no one else would, so anyone can learn, grow, and change for the better.

          • Thank you, Rich. I’ve become somewhat reflexive and have developed a tendency to generalize, as a defensive/offensive measure against the barrage of accusations and insults that come at the Southern White Man from every quarter; up to and including his own brethren. My knowledge of history is nowhere near what I would like for it to be, and I am constantly learning new things. I’ve often pondered what, other than some accreditation, qualifies one as a historian. Surely, you must know something of world history, have a general timeline committed to memory (I don’t). But, beyond that, I tend to think you would have to specialize. I just can’t imagine that anybody (except Brad) could absorb the entire history of the diverse civilizations and related significant events across seven continents. Also, It seems to me that the study of some historical eras are taken very seriously, while others appear to evoke an air of frivolity. By that I mean, compare the term “Egyptologist” with the more dismissive “Civil War Buff.”

            Many in the South were anti-Slavery, or at least professed to be. I think it boiled down to a matter of economics. There was a clear profit incentive to bring the Negroes here, there was only the matter of how to offset the debt incurred to consider with returning them; which would have been tremendous. That being said, the South, although dependent to a large degree on the slave labor on large plantations, was not responsible for the slaves being brought to the Western Hemisphere. After going through a series of previous nations engaging in the trade (Portugal, Spain, France, the Netherlands, England) the Trans-Atlantic importation of Negroes became firmly centered in the colony of (((Rhode Island))) until it was internationally banned in 1808, at which time the illicit practice shifted to New York. In fact, bringing African Slaves to the Colonies or to the Southern States was just a side line. The bulk of the Negroes, ninety four percent, shipped across the ocean were taken to the Caribbean and South America. The other six percent ended up in the U. S. Ships operating in The Trans-Atlantic Slave Triangle took sugar from the plantations on the Islands and in South America and carried it to Northern distilleries where it was made into rum. From there, the rum and other commodities were taken to Africa to be traded for Slaves, who were then exchanged for more sugar upon their arrival in the New World. This continued during the war while the U. S. Navy was blockading Southern ports and preventing even the barest of essentials from reaching the people. The trade did not cease until 1888, 35 years after “The War to End Slavery” had ended; when Cuba and Brazil became the last countries on this side of the globe to abolish slavery.

            The conspiracy of the elites to divide us is clear. That’s why I laughed every time I heard one of the news agencies refer to a Russian Oligarchy. I noticed that they have stopped using that phrase. I think it’s because people began to consult their dictionaries and realized that we have an American Oligarchy.
            I know I was telling anyone who would listen. I started by randomly asking people, when the subject of Russian interference was broached, if they knew what an oligarchy was? Most were somewhat embarrassed to admit that they didn’t. I told them that was the reason the media was using that word, because most people are unfamiliar with it and it sounds very sinister (it is).

            We had a couple of short-lived French utopias here in Texas. One was out by Mineral Wells, and it fell apart, partially, because the industriousness of some was negated by the laziness of others. Also, it seems a romantic triangle developed between a female in the commune and two of the male leaders. These are the factors that doom every cooperative effort: ambition, avarice, jealousy, lust, are just too much a part of human nature for everyone to get exactly what they want and still be able to achieve equality in outcome. Another Socialist community called La Reunion existed for a short time near Dallas, and the iconic, 1980’s era, downtown tower is named for it.

        • Judah Benjamin helped fiancee the Reconstruction era Klan from his exile in London.

          • @Heartland. Yes. I’ll bet he did. How did that work out? Until Whites learn to EXCLUDE ALL OTHERS – especially JEWS – we ARE doomed.

        • Cowtown Brain Damaged – “we can’t be friends” because there is very obvious mental deficiency, on your part.

          Have you ever been to ANY Northern States? LOL! Obviously not. David and Lee LOST. They are dupes for Hebe grifters and parasites like the classic JEW Benjamin? You have “suspicions” about him? Jews “There always seems to be one of them around in some position of influence”??? You are just….dimly suspicious of the centuries of malevolence and mayhem they’ve wreaked for EVER? Ummm..have you ever had your IQ tested? I’m curious as to your genetic legacy…Jews have been KICKED OUT OF EVERYWHERE – but you are totally committed to blaming New Hampshire apple farmers and Massachusetts lobstermen for the destruction of Dixie. Uh huh. I don’t need to see actual test result to guess your IQ range .

          I can tell you what was in those papers Jewdah Benjamin burnt. It was the instructions, from the Hebes in London, on how to destroy the Confederacy, and get OUT with as much cash as he could grab. Cuz that’s what he DID.

          The Jew also left the “honorable” STOOGE Davis and Lee literally holding the bag, and paying for the “rebellion”. FYI – the South was 100% correct in attempting to leave – but the South LOST, fore the reasons I illustrated in the Rhett Butler cameo. FYI – Mitchell was still very close to the events of the Rothschild War, when she wrote “Gone with the Wind”, in terms of years and proximity. Her assessment, via the words of her immortal creation Butler. was a brutally honest understanding of What Went Wrong.

          I regard Davis as unbelievably STUPID. A monstrously idiotic stooge from start to finish. A Sucker Deluxe. But so many Christians are. Lee – I’ve always held Lee in high regard – but if he actually said what you’ve quoted – he’s dropped dramatically in my estimation. WHY fight a war, and expend resources in time and blood – which are the real treasures – for “honor”? THERE IS NO HONOR IN LOSING A WAR, AND DESTROYING YOUR OWN KIND. If you are going to fight a war – you do what you need to do to WIN.

          This is an illustration of what Juri means, when he says White Liberals are genetic abominations. This INSANE, SUICIDAL pre-occupation with totally egomaniacal “honor” among White men is one of the chief reasons we are getting killed off. It’s all about VANITY and EGOISM. All of it.

          Same on you and shame on them.

          • Denise, It is obvious that you spend a great deal of time alone with your cats.

            Your hero, Abraham Lincoln, rescinded Grants infamous Order Number 11, which had demanded that Jews leave the Department of Tennessee. Lincoln said that there were too many Jews fighting in their armies and supporting their war to risk alienating them.

            I would not set foot on Yankee soil. I’ve worked for many years in hospitality and I have met people from all over the world and from all walks of life. While it is true that there is good and bad everywhere, I know where I don’t want to go and why. One doesn’t have to take a trip to Hell to know that is an undesirable place for a vacation. And, why would I want to spend my time with people whose attitudes about me and my ancestry are likely reflected by you?

            What I don’t understand is why Yankees care so much about how we think and act? It has been a puritanical obsession with them from the beginning. This idea that they are tasked with bringing enlightenment to us poor Southern people. The fact that they repeatedly threatened to take their toys and go home, but didn’t, should speak volumes. Especially, when we decided to save them the trouble, they acted the part of a jealous spouse and refused to allow an amicable divorce. Why? To free slaves? No! To maintain the mystic chords of memory and bonds of affection? No! To continue to exploit the Southern people and to keep their ports from coming into tariff free competition with their own? Bingo!

            It would probably surprise you, but Jefferson Davis, as a Senator from Mississippi, was extremely conciliatory towards the North, and argued against secession. So popular was Davis, that none other than Benjamin Butler had submitted his name as a potential candidate for the President of the United States. When the war came, Davis envisioned himself as leading military forces from Mississippi. But, the people of a newly formed Confederacy called upon him to lead them, and he felt obligated to fulfill this unwanted responsibility. He was a man of honor and integrity to the very end. He remained in prison for two years, when all he had to do was repent and swear an oath of allegiance. He insisted on a trial, because he knew that he could not, justifiably, be convicted of treason. Even Salmon Chase was rumored to have agreed with him, saying, “if you bring these leaders to trial, it will condemn the North, for by the Constitution, secession is not treason.” Davis spent the remainder of his days defending the South and reminding us of the righteousness of our cause.

            No one can foresee the outcome of a large scale conflict. There were many occasions when the South had victory in sight. After the first fight at Manassas, when Yankees were sent skedaddling back to Washington… After second Manassas, where Pope’s army was thoroughly routed… At Chancellorsville, when Jackson flanked Hooker (origin of the term for a prostitute) and rolled up the Yankee front. These battles did a great deal to drain resources and enthusiasm from the North. The twin Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg breathed new life into the Northern war effort. But, after the battle of Chickamauga, and even with the subsequent breakout from Chattanooga, war weariness began to rise in the North again. Peace Democrat, Candidate, George McClellan, may have won the 1864 election had it not been for Lincoln imprisoning newspaper men who opposed him. Also, the Union occupation of Atlanta helped to reinvigorate the Union’s lust for the blood of Southerners.

            Finally, Gone With The Wind is a romance novel, mostly enjoyed by Women, who, for some reason, regard Scarlett O’Hara as a heroine, rather than the conceited, spoiled and uncouth Brat that she was depicted to be. And, if there were fewer naysayers like Butler is portrayed, and more who wholeheartedly supported The Cause from the start, we may have achieved our independence, and whatever problems we had, or have, down here, would no longer concern the likes of you in the least.

      • Elites who’d found a legal way to secure coexistence in late 1700s found their interests were diverging by 1850s to the point of mass violence.

    • My ancestors came over from Germany in 1848. Although often called a “Liberal ” revolution we must realize nationalism at that time was considered liberal and the conservative position was monarchy. The 1848 revolution definitely has a Folkish element to it.

  4. Well, if there’s one thing I’d never have expected to see, it’s Abraham Lincoln quoting John C. Calhoun (without citation, I might mention) …

    “The assertion that ‘all men are created equal’ was of no practical use in effecting our separation from Great Britain ….”
    –Abraham Lincoln; Speech on the Dred Scott decision; June 26, 1857

    “[The proposition that ‘all men are created equal’] was inserted in our Declaration of Independence without any necessity. It made no necessary part of our justification in separating from the parent country, and declaring ourselves independent.”
    –John Calhoun; Speech on the Oregon Bill; June 27, 1848

    (The Lincoln link that I just pasted above is within the Jonathan Pidluzny piece that you yourself linked, Mr. W.)

  5. Constitution was a modus vivendi between types of propertied people lenders, slavers, merchants, great land owners/speculators brokered by Hamilton to overthrow the revolutionary republic. It was a coup.

    It largely excluded poor, indebted and small holding whites who’d done the fighting. Lots of soldiers returned home and the stinking pols had confiscated their existing plots of land and houses.

    The constitution lasted for several decades until the slaver owners and Southern land owners did not get on well with the rest of the bosses and that oligarchy was ruptured. Ordinary whites fighting it gotnthe same treatment as returning continental soldiers.

    After the civil war it wasn’t the same country and was more of an Industrial Imperium.

    Ww2 changed the US into a global Empire run by Jews.

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