Barbarian African Horde Storms The Panthéon In Paris

Do you remember when Notre Dame Cathedral burned down during Holy Week in Macron’s France back in April? I don’t recall ever hearing an explanation of how or why that happened.


“PARIS (Reuters) – Hundreds of undocumented migrants calling themselves “black vests” stormed the Pantheon monument in central Paris on Friday demanding the right to remain in France.

Police on the scene told Reuters an estimated 200 to 300 protesters, mostly from West Africa, managed to get into the Left Bank mausoleum where national heroes including Voltaire and Victor Hugo are buried.

“We will remain here until the last one of us has been given documents,” a leaflet given out by an organizer read.

Young men were chanting “black vests” – a reference to the recent anti-government “yellow vest” protests – while marching around the monument, which is located in the heart of the capital’s Latin Quarter, an area popular with tourists. …”

How’s that for a coincidence?

Bradley J. Birzer of The Imaginative Conservative, the author of Russell Kirk: American Conservative and Russell Amos Kirk Chair in American studies and professor of history at Hillsdale College just got finished telling us this morning in The Federalist that Western civilization has nothing to do with race because St. Augustine of Hippo was a North African.

It’s preposterous!

Race is a modern social construct!

Such is the worldview from the pinnacle of elite conservatism!

Meanwhile, in Paris:

Sorry, I just can’t help it.

We’re supposed to look down on the Klan. I wonder what got into Yankees in the 1920s after The Birth of a Nation when they did a 180 on the South and the legacy of Reconstruction.

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  1. I guess we can all draw the same conclusion. This is how prior civilizations and peoples were wiped out.

  2. Liberals say they can’t tell the difference between the races, except when its time to blame Whitey for everything bad that happened in history and make us PAY and PAY. Now they are saying they can’t tell the sexes apart and anyone who can is a HATER!

    Its a wonder anyone takes these SICK FOOLS seriously.

    Those blacks look very threatening next to those precious statues. Every European is imagining them smashing them in a thug rage. Its obvious a terrible war is coming to Europe and millions are going to die. But that was always the plan, wasn’t it?

  3. Thank God the Allies defeated those terrible Nazis. A Paris without hordes of Africans would just be so intolerably boring.

    But seriously, these orcs will destroy those sites someday.

  4. I watched the first season of boardwalk empire it was alright definitely had a sopranos like vibe to it but it had too much swearing especially the blasphemy kind. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised its (((HBO))) afterall but its a shame Same thing with deadwood way too much swearing not even historically acturate

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