Mike Pence Drops By Chabad of Poway

Fresh off his speech to John Hagee and the Christians United For Israel conference, Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to the Poway synagogue that was attacked by John Earnest back in April to wear a yarmulke again while pledging to fight anti-Semitism:

Don’t listen to the Blompf shills who are going to try to get you to come crawling back to #MIGA2020. This administration is the property of Sheldon Adelson and Bernard Marcus.

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  1. What a completely useless position the American Vice Presidency is and has always been.

    I”m not sure who first said this but it’s a great quote:

    “The Vice Presidency ain’t worth a warm bucket of piss!”

    Look at all the worthless Vice Presidents in my lifetime:

    Lyndon Johnson
    George Herbert Walker Bush Sr
    Walter Mondale
    Dan Quayle
    Dick Chaney
    Joe Biden
    Paul Ryan (candidate, didn’t win couldn’t even carry his own state of Wisconsin)
    Not something Pence

    In my lifetime, the American Vice President only does this:

    Breaks a Senate vote Tie
    Goes to funerals of heads of state that are deemed lesser heads, not worthy of a Presidential visit
    Serves a specialist interest group like military contractors (Dick Chaney) or now Christian Zionist prostitutes/idiots.

    I haven’t done a great street demo since we did the anti Tyson Foods, “No Sharia in Tennessee” protests many years back (time flies when you ain’t having any fun) . The anti Sharia protest in downtown Chicago wasn’t that bad, I got to do some good chants.

    I’d love to do some street demo where we marched with portraits of Christian Nationalist savior/Czar Vladimir Putin – I love that guy!

    Here’s a repost of some sexy but not slutty Ukrainian gals expressing their desire to have a leader like….

    Vladimir Putin.

  2. Imagine if these Israel Firsters were as committed to fighting anti-Whitism as they are committed to fighting anti-Semitism.
    It’s awfully hard to see anti-Whitism if you’re anti-White.

  3. Pence is succeeding in his plan to spend the next year on his knees in front of the jew, in order to land a high shekel paying job after November 2020 …he is going to get pushed aside by Blompf in order to make way for Nikki Haley as the new VP on the ticket.

    MIGAtards and Boomer Cons rejoice!!!

      • More importantly, Jews are not Semites, and the whole charade of ‘Anti-Semitism’ is nothing but a RED Herring.

  4. Inch by inch Trump is sliding towards war with Iran similar to Europe in 1914. The results of a war with Iran will be disastrous in too many ways to enumerate. One of the things such a war would do would be to force the U.S. Government to bring back conscription or give up the war.

    The conflict between the bought and paid for scumbags in Congress, Republican & Democrat alike in thrall to Israel and the public which wants no part of war and will defy the Government on conscription would be tremendous. How can draft dodgers from the President on down call for conscription and get away with it? Hint: they can’t.

    • The only reason they would need conscription would be a ground invasion. I don’t believe even they are stupid enough to consider that.

      • They would have to if Iran invades Saudi Arabia, which is possibly coming down through southern Iraq and Kuwait … I, for one, would be happy to see the IRGC defeat and subjugate the Wahhabists.

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