American Greatness: Cuck Elegy

A few generations ago, people like David French who are traitors to the South were driven into exile. They weren’t looked up to as leaders. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I can see why it was necessary. I can also see why people like French are selected and promoted as “respectable” conservative thought leaders by the media and it is not done by anyone who has our interests at heart.

American Greatness:

“There is a category of lowly man
Intoxicated by his own brand
Of valiant salvation for
Those lowly outcasts, meek, cash-poor
This worm sees in minorities
A proxy for his purity
The perfect opportunity
To show his deep immunity
To any selfish, racist cause
Like enforcing domestic laws
Those can be altered as niceness dictates
Anything to root out hate!
Root out the immigrant’s opposition!
Commence the liberal inquisition!
Those redneck fools deserve to languish
The worm blames sloth for all their anguish
Heritage nation, consumed by vice!
You just need to be more nice!
The global south deigns to redeem you
Be grateful, for they generate revenue
For the masters you’ve failed to serve
Those men, the worms, who pose to conserve
Those values you have clearly lost
This is the Capitalist Pentecost
Submit to the modernist’s spirit of avarice
Defer now to the mocha-skinned Lazarus
Know this, you are more rich than him
If not in cash, then in your white skin
The worm is possessed by cool-kid perception
Considers himself a great exception
To all those evil, racist whites
Whose recalcitrance impedes his rights
To trample on their spirit more
To profit from the endless wars
And from the labor multiplied
And from the masses demoralized
Who still turn to the worm for guidance because
For America, he professes love
Not for her people (those, he hates)
They are but low-life reprobates
But for what nation she could be
If she increased her liberty
And turned her unscathed, generous face
Toward parasites that “earn their place”
And spread her ample, gentle thighs
For those who come and tribalize
And offered her abundant breast
To those who maybe pass a test
And even those who don’t, you see
Deserve a similar amnesty
For their natural state is to conserve
Just like the posture of the worm
Unscrupulous venality
A winning slave morality”

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  1. That is an awesome poem Very talented whoever wrote it. Where does Frenchie live? Perhaps its time to boycott in front of his house like Antifa dd to Tucker Carlson.

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