Jared Kushner: Trump’s Immigration Plan Will RAISE Legal Immigration From 12% to 57%

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

The same old conservatism but now featuring flags and firecrackers:


Who can object to that?

“Conservative liberalism” is the lesser of two evils.


“White House senior adviser Jared Kushner pitched President Donald Trump’s Cabinet members Tuesday on a 600-page immigration proposal that he and some congressional Republicans are urging their colleagues to consider before Congress leaves Washington for its monthlong August recess, according to three people involved in discussions.

The draft legislation, which would end legal loopholes affecting border enforcement and establish a merit-based system for immigrants seeking to legally enter the U.S., comes months after the White House first announced Kushner had created an internal task force with the singular goal of developing a comprehensive proposal on immigration and border security — something the president’s aides want him to cite as he makes his case for reelection.

“We’ve worked with roughly 25 Senate offices in consultation on this legislation, so there’s significant Republican buy-in,” an administration official briefed on the proposal told POLITICO. “The purpose of today is to bring the Republican Party behind a very serious proposal that we can all get behind, and from there we can hopefully engage in negotiations.” …”

THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD KUSHNER for this wonderful “America First” immigration policy and foreign policy! Together we shall Make Israel Great Again while Making America Brown Again!

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  1. The “lesser of two evils” is another way of saying the “greater of two evils.” How to boil a frog, and all that.

  2. The normie blog I still read is filled with comments about how clever Blompf is. The one comment I made about the lack of deportations has been ignored. Because…We’ve got the most awesomest economy evah, and boy, he sure makes the dumb Demoncrats mad! That mindset is why many of us here have commented that we need to look to each other for support. Those same Trumptards who were angry over illegal aliens in 2016 are now having severe cognitive dissonance, and going full MIGA for 2020.

  3. Winning again! Just like Pres. Jared . . . er, Donald promised. Just like DJT said, I’m tired of (his) winning already, can’t wait to see what four more years of this bullshit will bring. Just remember, Democrats are the real racists.

    The long con, he is a pro.

  4. Making Amerika Great Again by ways and means of a chabab jew. I’m sure it will work out just fine as the jews ferociously rub their sweaty grubby rat paws watching the decline of White people on a graph.
    I’m more interested in GTKRWN! Seriously… Had enough yet?

  5. There’s another Video of Trump circulating. Epstein arrives with Congressman Tom McMillen and Ghislaine Maxwell at a political fundraiser and Trump’s got the cheerleaders from Buffalo Bills dancing. He paws one. Then goes over to greet Epstein and McMillen at the entrance to venue stands with Epstein and points at the Cheerleaders and says “that one is hot.” And Epstein cracks up laughing.

    It’s pretty clear that Trump likes women with big tits, big hair, fleshy asses. And that Epstein does not. Yet they gotta keep linking a Yid who developed a taste for 14 year old white virgins and an awkward white who demonstrably likes aged mutton.

    Yet here we are again. Lol. And no doubt it’s all a cover for this racial betrayal of American whites.

  6. All the PUAs couldn’t get enough of yapping about how “alpha” Dump was…how “alpha” is it to be led by Jared? LOL!

  7. The fact of the matter is almost every high school in America has adopted a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based curriculum at the bequest of the Feds. They are going to be mighty disappointed when corporate America hires Indians, Pakistanis, and Taiwanese at the expense of Americans because they will work cheaper. It is indeed all about the Benjamins bit in a different scenario here! Thank you President Javanka!

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