CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp: The Trump Administration Is For High Levels Of Legal Immigration

What’s the conservative position on immigration?

This is the consistent with the failure to build the wall, the failure to deport “millions” of illegal aliens, the expansion of H-2B visas, the GOP House voting to end of the country caps on tech visas and Jared Kushner’s plan to dramatically raise legal immigration.

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  1. Illegal immigration is a side show to keep us distracted from the much bigger issue: Legal immigration. But hey, as long as they come here legally, who cares about turning us into a minority in our own country?

    • Because of legal immigration, once red states from 40 years ago are now all blue thank you natural Mexican conservatives lol very cool

  2. …and still the White working class cheers MAGA or should I say MIGA.
    I just want to puke…

  3. The White Race will be a minority in America….one way or another. The Democrats are all for Open Borders which equals Votes. The Republican Party’s position has always been Talk about Illegal Immigration which means White Votes. However it’s rich Republicans who benefit from Illegal Immigrants working for $2 an hour. Trump is all talk. He got elected running like the old Reform Party. However he’s never gonna get anything done because he’s a “R” and he knows that’s who’s funding his campaign and guarantees straight Republican votes. We don’t win with Trump. We just become a minority no different. We Must Retake Everything! Deo Vindice !

  4. And why don’t they care at all about their Absolute Hypocritical Cuckery and Betrayal??


    Spitting right into the Face of the Base??

    Because the SHEKELS always keep flowing………


    • History is a series of northern invasions. There is an invasion from the north and a great civilization rises up. Then the civilization turns brown, goes down, and stays down.

      This is why we have to remove the Genetic White Liberal from our gene pool. The only way to do that is with identification and separation.

      • You are right, and it is also discouraging. There is no fresh group of untainted northern invaders. All populations are now infected with degenerate traitors or southern invaders.

  5. With Trump as president the U.S. is getting higher levels of legal immigrants and is also getting higher levels of illegal immigrants. We’re getting higher levels of illegal immigrants under Trump than under the other presidents. Contrary to his rhetoric Trump wants higher levels of illegal immigrants. He is NOT fighting to get a wall built. He doesn’t seem to be interested in getting a wall built anymore, the wall thing is history. So really, he wants higher levels of BOTH legal and illegal immigrants.

    The strange thing is : Alot of Democrats and alot of Republicans actually think Trump is opposed to immigrants and many Democrats actually think Trump is a racist against immigrants. In the meantime, the U.S. is getting more immigrants BOTH legal and illegal than ever before in history under Trump — and the Democrats actually think he’s racist against immigrants and alot of Republicans actually think he’s opposed to immigration. What a joke.

    I voted for Trump but I won’t be voting for him in 2020 [ not that Trump cares if I vote or not ]. The African illegal immigrants coming into the United States via Mexico and the legal African Somalis in Minnesota, the jews — who are totally gung-ho for massive immigration BOTH legal and illegal — the aztlan “dreamers”, and A$AP’s fans, they can all vote for Trump.

    The Jew Sigmund Freud, speaking about himself and his fellow Jews and Jew immigration into the United States at the turn of the 19th-20th century, Sigmund Freud said ” They don’t realize that we are bringing them the plague”. The Jew was honest about that.

  6. 1) ANY non-White Immigration IS, de facto, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. “Free WHITE Persons,” etc.
    2) “If this is divisive God help us.” GOD DOES NOT HEAR THE PRAYERS OF APOSTATES- and all of the PTB in these disunited States, are acting as despot antichrists in their own arenas, not even representing the Heritage Americans of their districts (witness the Resolution against Trump for speaking out for WHITE America!) and are under the CURSE of YHWH God, and His Son, King Jesus.
    3) Friendship with JEWS, is ETERNAL ENMITY with God. Trump is the new Julian the Apostate, and is a fool, and a tool.

    As Powell said, ‘How can a people infected with so many traitors survive?”
    A: It can’t. Partition, Secession, Nuke the Niggers, Spics, and Jews…. figuratively speaking, of course.

    “Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
    For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
    Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
    I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.” – Ps. 139

    • I used to read your blog before it was shut down. If only “Christians” understood the TRUTH as you have so long proclaimed it.
      A combination of CI and Orthodoxy seems to be as close to the original Church as could be.

      These End Times events are part of a cleansing process that is needed before Christ’s kingdom can be established on earth.

      I Peter 2:9 Knox Bible (KNOX) Not so you; you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a people God means to have for himself; it is yours to proclaim the exploits of the God who has called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.

  7. As a corollary to the previous post:

    “While he does not explicitly discuss it, a more concrete and ideological coherent idea and one of historical precedent, is that of secession. For all those who oppose the democratic order, secession is the most justifiable, logical, and practical strategy for the dissolution of the nation state. Secession movements, therefore, whether they do not outwardly condemn parliamentary democracy and only seek to establish a “better run” system, should always be supported. ”

    Grey Ghost, I believe you have the floor?

  8. It is sad when we consider the fact that Obama had a better immigration policy than Trump and deported more immigrants. It is also hard to believe that Eisenhower once had Operation Wetback in which he deported over 50,000 Mexican immigrants.The very name is based! Can you image any government program now using the word Wetback in its official title? It’s one thing to build a wall but what if the people you want to contain are already on the other side of the wall? Fully 1/5 of Mexico’s population now live in the United States. They are not going back. Spanish will eventually replace English in the United States and one of the consequences of the Browning of America will be rule by drug cartels in various cities. No Tricentennial! The United States is terminal and living on borrowed time.The only remaining artifact of a once great nation will be Mount Rushmore and the remaining lunar descent modules Apollo left on the moon. Future generations will study the rise and fall of the United States as a textbook case in how not to run a government and the discernment of the political toxins therein that destroyed it.

    There will be no majority white star ship crews in the 23rd century exploring the Cosmos like in Star Trek. They will be all Chinese instead! I am sure in the Kremlin and in Beijing they know America is terminal and are merely bidding their time. When we will realize this is truly a cause of separation or extinction? To be or not to be! The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! Demographic change will prove 1000 more deadly than climate change in the long run.

  9. Smart whites will flee this sinking ship while they still can in the next ten or so yrs…before its too late and the wall built is the one that keeps you imprisoned in a multicultural hell hole filled with violence and predation.
    Asian nations near China should be safer places than anywhere in the west by 2025 at the pace of the current trajectory

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