National Review: A Nation Without a Chest

I’m an unreconstructed blood-and-soil Southern Nationalist.

As such, I’ve studied American Nationalism for years. I can tell you what has gone wrong with it because it has collapsed on our heads before in the South. It increasingly seems poised to do so again.

Grayson Logue:

“In The Abolition of Man, the author and lay theologian C.S. Lewis explains the importance of the “chest” in man. He describes the chest as the “middle element,” an intermediary “between cerebral man and visceral man.” It is the “magnanimity” and pluck without which “by his intellect he is mere spirit and by his appetite mere animal.” And as it goes with man, so it goes with the nations of man.

Present debates over America’s history and self-conception often swing between a strong sense of nationalism rooted in a particular culture, place, and identity on the one hand and a rejection of that particularized nationalism in favor of universal ideals on the other. These two poles represent the visceral and the cerebral ideas of the nation, respectively. Throughout its history, America has ebbed and flowed between exclusive and inclusive senses of itself, but the story has always been a national story.

Harvard historian Jill Lepore argues that we have slowly abandoned the national story at our own peril. In her new book, This America: The Case for the Nation, Lepore advocates a reformed liberal nationalism as an alternative to the rejection of the national story by the Left in general and left-wing historians in particular. …

Lepore makes the case that, wary of the sins of America and the excesses of nationalism, academics checked out of this battle beginning in the 1970s, abandoning their traditional duty to tell the national story. While she agrees with its critiques of nationalism, she argues that the academy threw the baby out with the bath water. The result? Illiberal factions and politicians filled the vacuum of scholarship and interest in American history, often coopting history for their own political ends: “When serious historians abandon the study of the nation, when scholars stop trying to write a common history for a people, nationalism doesn’t die. Instead, it eats liberalism.”

When we abandon the national story in favor of the cerebral, the visceral sense of nationalism rebounds, and often in illiberal and dangerous ways. Hence, the rise of far-right ethno-nationalism. …”

Allow me to tell you a story.

Let me know if this makes any sense to you. This is what I believe. You are reading my website. I assume you are interested in my take on this.

From the time of the American Revolution until the War Between the States, the South dominated the federal government and the East was the embittered section within the Union. During the Second Great Awakening, a wave of utopian religious fervor swept over the Deep North, which spawned a variety of destabilizing social movements: abolitionism, Mormonism, Adventism, Premillennialism, temperance, socialism, women’s rights, etc. Ultimately, the fruit of Finneyite Northern perfectionism was the War Between the States, which in the time of historians like Avery O. Craven and James G. Randall was understood as The Blundering Generation and The Repressible Conflict.

In any case, the Confederacy lost the War Between the States and the South was plunged into poverty and was marginalized within the Union for about 75 years. The triumphant Northern coalition dominated the United States from Lincoln to FDR in the Great Depression. They passed the Reconstruction Amendments which created a strong consolidated national government. They enacted a high tariff regime in order to stimulate domestic American industry. During the Great Wave, millions of European immigrants came to the United States to work in the Northern manufacturing belt. The South was reconciled to the Union in the 1890s after it was essentially conceded a status equivalent to home rule.

Among the millions of immigrants who came to the United States during the Great Wave were millions of Jews from the ghettos of Europe where they were already then notorious for their radical leftwing politics. They were infected with radical doctrines like anarchism, communism and socialism. Previously, the Jewish Question had been muted in the United States because Sephardic Jews who had settled in America via the Caribbean were culturally reconciled to racism, slavery and white supremacy. These Jews were engaged in business as merchants in our small towns like Montgomery and generally went along with the status quo not unlike some of our Asian minorities today. The Jews who came from Southern and Eastern Europe and settled in New York City brought with them a very different historical experience.

As the 20th century unfolded, these millions of Jews who came to the United States during the Great Wave and who overwhelmingly settled in urban parts of our Northern states began to challenge the Anglo-Protestant Yankee for social, cultural and economic dominance on his own turf. In between the FDR and the JFK presidencies, these Jews united with other elements in the Northern states like Irish Catholics to push their way into the political and economic elite and to break down the barriers to their climb up the social ladder. Previously, there were limits on the number of Jews who were allowed to attend Ivy League universities like Harvard. This was because it was recognized by Yankees that Jews would change the character of the American elite after hitting a critical mass. The “meritocratic” system that was put in place after the Second World War eliminated these barriers and created our current elite which is drawn from a variety of ethnic and racial stocks and which is increasingly intermarrying.

The roots of the present crisis of American Nationalism trace back to the Great Depression and the Second World War and the overthrow of Yankee rule which had lasted since the War Between the States. As Eric P. Kaufmann explains in his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America, there was a symbiosis between Jewish and Anglo-Protestant radicalism which largely took place between World War I and World War II that spawned the counter-culture. The counter-culture triumphed in the 1960s among the Boomer generation and its bohemian values of expressive individualism became the American mainstream. These values were diffused through the American population thanks to the new technologies of the mass media – radio, film, television – and the extreme concentration of media ownership. They were also inculcated in the Greatest Generation thanks to the GI Bill and the Boomer generation who were their offspring. The Boomers didn’t create these values. They were the first generation raised on them.

In the long sweep of American history, there have been three moments in which racial egalitarianism has had big breakthroughs and these periods have tended to be followed by much longer periods of retrenchment. In all three cases, the root cause was international conflict: Great Britain during the American Revolution, the Confederacy during the War Between the States and Nazi Germany during the Second World War. This last period of international conflict lasted from 1940 until 1991 because the United States and Soviet Union vied for global hegemony in the Cold War.

The effect of all these conflicts – the American Revolution, the War Between the States, the Second World War and the Cold War – has been to excite and stir up the liberalism of our Northern states. In New England, slavery was abolished during the American Revolution. In Yankeedom, segregation was abolished during the War Between the States. In Yankeedom, this new thing called “racism” was only discredited during the Second World War as Yankees came to define their own identity against Nazi Germany much has they had done during their Civil War against the Confederacy.

The Second World War against Nazi Germany discredited nationalism, racism and eugenics in the eyes of the Yankee elite. Yankee progressives like Oliver Wendell Holmes had been big supporters of eugenics until the moment it came to be associated with Adolf Hitler and could no longer in their view be reconciled with their liberal doctrine. Yankees like Madison Grant had also championed immigration restriction and Nordicism which was fashionable until both also came to be associated with Adolf Hitler. The postwar period was essentially dominated by Yankees taking the argument that was articulated in the Swedish social scientist Gunnar Myrdal’s book An American Dilemma that there is a conflict between the American Creed and the newly discovered sin of racism to its logical conclusion.

The Jim Crow South instantly became Nazi Germany and a foreign policy albatross in the emerging Cold War. From the Truman to the LBJ presidencies, Northern Democrats who had swallowed the new doctrine of anti-racism during the Second World War fought to dismantle segregation, which was bitterly resisted by Southern Democrats. Jews were heavily active in the Democratic Party pushing this new line of reasoning for their own purposes. They steadily alienated the South (the Dixiecrats revolted in 1948) until the New Deal coalition cracked and it boiled over during George Wallace’s presidential campaigns. Richard Nixon won the presidency and Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

In order to compete with the Soviet Union and to defeat communism, American Nationalism was transformed to service the needs of America’s new global empire. The racial and religious glue that had historically held it together was systematically stripped out to integrate the black population and so that Americanism as a universal ideology could gain traction in the Third World. Jews played a key role in creating this new version of American Nationalism. JFK’s redefined America as a “Nation of Immigrants” in an essay he wrote for the ADL. From this point forward, we begin to hear about our “Judeo-Christian” values as Jews were absorbed into the highest levels of the American elite.

During the Civil Rights Movement, the American elite came up with the idea of recreating the United States in the image of the United Nations, which is to say, as a nation-state held together only by cosmopolitan liberal idealism. After JFK was assassinated, we changed our immigration laws so that we could better fulfill his ideals of anti-racism, non-discrimination and America being a “Nation of Immigrants.” Led by his brother Ted Kennedy, the floodgates of Third World immigration were opened. Half a century later, the White majority in the United States is barely hanging on.

There were a number of other variables going on in the late 20th century: internal migration to the newly created suburbs, the rise of mainstream conservatism which was anointed as the official resistance to the liberal establishment during Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign, the fading of the Yankee elite and the growing radicalism our hostile Jewish elite. After ascending to the highest levels of the American elite, Jews turned on the historic American nation and began to dismantle it out of paranoia that one day it would rise up, cast them out of power and reenact the Holocaust in North America. They wanted to ensure that would never happen again so they have tended to support the abolition of our borders and the demonization of the declining White majority and have fomented hatred against Whites among racial minorities while systematically repressing even the slightest hint of racial identity or nationalism among Whites. They are also determined to antagonize and disarm White Southerners and debase and demoralize our people by promoting degenerates as role models for our youth.

The long term result of all of this is our steady march toward national disintegration the ultimate outcome of which will likely prove to be more permanent than the War Between the States for that was a war between Anglo-Protestants largely over the future of slavery. Conservatism which owes its wealth and power to its willingness to police the boundaries of “mainstream” respectable discourse increasingly lacks plausibility as the unraveling of our nation accelerates. Blompf presented himself in 2016 as the solution to this mounting crisis in White America but he has failed in office.

IT is indeed coming … we don’t know exactly what IT is or the exact form IT will take or what the outcome will be, but rest assured IT will likely be a violent and ugly transition period. We can perceive the gravity of IT already asserting itself as it draws closer. We can’t see IT yet over the horizon. IT feels dark and menacing like a plane crash. IT is a major source of anxiety in this country. The definition of IT is whatever is coming that is going to resolve this historical crisis and restore equilibrium.

Note: The Civil War and Great Depression book end two similar epochs of American history. This one is similarly closing out.

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  1. Don’t forget the Frankfurt School, the Frankfurt School. They settled in at Columbia in NYC after 1933 and never looked back.

  2. Keep up the great scholarship and posts.

    Trump was to give us 4 or 8 years before all the evil came crashing down on us but he has been totally defeated in what he promised and is surrendering more and more with each passing day it seems. What legal guns, how much ammo, reloading equipment, what survival supplies, medial supplies, food production items needed to be purchased — should be our top priority now.

    Our best hope is that these liberal blue states would all be nuked out of existence before this bloody uncivil war begins.

  3. Anyone with eyes to see understands what IT is going to be. The two sides are already lined up, and small wars are happening. The big one , World War 3, is the IT, and it is coming.

    • I strongly suspect that Russia and China, or at the least either one, will invade the United States once this second Civil War starts and the government has completely broken down. I wouldn’t be surprised if a ton of other nations join them, considering that the United States has a lot of enemies that are too afraid to resist it.

      • Enwar- I fear you may be correct. As a nation covenanted to God (whether you hold to that idea or not, HE does) God is not mocked. He WILL judge the nations ‘with a rod of Iron’ for their sins, and the Judaizing of this and other nations will demand a reckoning. It used to be our oceans were our natural ‘walls,’ but with modern transport, that is no longer a hindrance- just look at the Mexican/US Border.

        I fully thought that DT would be like Salvini is, in Italy- creating a climate of ‘Keep out, or we’ll make you stay out.’ Sadly, I was grossly mistaken. When a leader of Italy invokes the Blessed Virgin for his success at stopping the ‘refugee’ (cough, hack) influx, it almost [until I think of Bergoglio the Antichrist) makes me want to retire to Italy, and become a practicing RC, again…

        But yes- a world war (since all commerce, banking, fiat money, pedophile rings, drugs, sodomy, etc. are all interrelated in the West- AIDED AND ABETTED BY THE JEWS) seems the only logical conclusion to this mess. With even left and Right now saying ‘there is a conspiracy afoot’ with Epstein’s phony suicide, we draw closer to an Armageddon-like scenario… and I don’t even believe that claptrap of Scofieldism.

        • Father John,

          Do not think of Francis as representing Catholicism. He is an apostate and is heretical. And I pray to Mother Mary every day. The rosary etc. I believe in crushing the infidel.

          I should be a queen somewhere. Our defined dogmas state that no heretic/apostate can ascend the throne much less hold it. If Francis is not a heretic then no one is.

          • @Powell.

            Born and raised Catholic. Became a disaffected Catholic. Vatican II disaffected many Catholics, BTW. Won’t speak for any other Catholic, former or otherwise, but I see “Pope” Francis as not only a heretic, but an illegitimate pope.

            Never in the history of the Church did a living pope step down from the papacy. That’s a red flag that Pope Benedict did and I think he was constrained to do so.

            I believe Pope Francis is the Black Pope warned about in prophecy. He’s a Jesuit who are known for their black robes and sinister actions. The Black Pope was prophesied to be a false prophet who will assume the papacy last before he ushers in the Anti-Christ.

            He has creeped me out since Jump Street.

  4. pretty good precis of the Jew Problem in ‘Murkan history. But

    Ted Kennedy didn’t write the 1965 White Exclusion Act. TK was the shabbatz Goy frontman.

    the Act was written by YT-hating Jew-communists in the House of Repr., principally: (((Manny Celler))).

      • They got a hold of us long before the 1960’s as mostly everyone knows:

        “As LaPage points out, the parasite introduces other types of parasites into the host. We find that when the Jews obtained control of the United States Immigration Service in the 1890s, through such Jewish Commissioners as Straus and Cohen, the gates were opened for a flood of Jewish immigrants from the ghettoes of Europe, most of whom had been excluded previously on grounds of illiteracy, criminal backgrounds, and various forms of physical contagions or mental illnesses.”

        (c) 1968, The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 18

        “LaPage also says, “Parasites may cause biological changes such as species which cause changes in the host’s reproductive glands, parasitic castration, such as the parasitic crustacean Sacculina, which destroys the reproductive organs of the host, the short-tailed spider cram, Inacus mauritanicus, which is attacked by Sacculina neglecta. The effects of Sacculina cause seventy per cent of male crabs to acquire some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female. The abdomen of these males becomes broad, they may acquire, in addition to their male copulating styles, appendages modified to bear eggs, and their nippers become smaller at the same time.” It is inevitable that the enormous effect which the parasite has upon the host would result in some biological alterations such as the effect of Sacculina upon Inacus mauritanicus. We have seen in America during the past quarter of a century, coincident with the great power attained by the Jews in every walk of life, startling modifications in the appearances and habits of American males, as well as a vast increase in the public practice of male homosexuality. American males have taken on some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female, and they have shown amazing declines in such primary male characteristics as energy, aggressiveness, and physical strength.

        The traditional roles of the sexes have also undergone sweeping changes, due principally to Jewish agitation for “sexual equality”. This campaign has not resulted in sexual equality, since this equality could only be attained by eradicating all physical differences between males and females. However, it has resulted in a decline of masculine traits in the American male, as well as psychological confusion as to his role. This development can be equated with the pernicious influence which the parasite exercises upon the host, as LaPage describes the encounter of Sacculina with Inacus mauritanicus. Here again, we note the remarkable activity and influence of the parasite in relation to the reproductive and the excretory organs of the host.”

        (c) 1968, The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 18-19

        They do indeed have special powers. The big question is what is their source?

        • “They do indeed have special powers. The big question is what is their source?”

          Just a theory….that Yahweh is a true and actual Demon.

          • Powell,

            This is in response to your statement above on asking how many Catholics believe Francis has defected from the Faith.

            Not very many openly. Every Catholic I know including 3 priests that I asked believe he has gravely departed from some defined dogmas that all Catholics have to believe in. Most who know he is wrong in many areas are not going to call him a heretic/apostate openly. They prefer to believe he is just wrong and misguided not evil. The notable exceptions are all 3 priests I asked privately. They are more versed in theology than laymen and they find Francis despicable.

            I go by defined dogmas, canon laws, universal statements of the Doctors of the Church etc. To me it is not emotional just going by the rules.

          • I have seen mention of that theory before. There’s something truly demonic in that group. Perhaps Archons?

    • This bitch gives away her game in the first line in her shitty book:

      “Nations are made up by people but held together by history”

      No, Jew Bitch, Nations are made up by people but held together by >blood<

      No doubt, the "history" she's talking about is created by Jewish "scholars" – just like her.

      These fucking people and their endless sophistry. The bullshit never ends with these people

    • Never-mind, it’s not just a recap, but an analysis and a counterpoint. Pardon my poor reading for comprehension skills.

      I need to get some sleep!

    • The schmarter Jews like Lepore have begun to appreciate the FACT that the destruction of the White Helot Class aka middle and working class Whites, is not going to work out too well, in the end, for the Tribe.

  5. This is a well written post but I think the Jewish blame is exaggerated because of 3 reason

    1.As you pointed out, these racial issues and equality issues have existed long before the Jews arrived in USA and resulted in the Civil War

    2. The Jews in Europe were themselves liberalized by the same liberal ideas. This created a schism between Reform Jews that wanted to integrate into European society and race mix vs orthodox Jews. So these liberal ideas effect both White and Jews

    3.Capitalism. A lot of these issues would not occur without capitalism. Feminism can only exist because women are able to get the same factory jobs as men vs. in nature only men can hunt. Govt wanted more tax revenue so women working = $$$. Likewise, black culture has been pumped into Americans starting at least with Jazz in the 20s but definitely with Little Richard or Elvis the Pelvis (Original Eminem) in the 1950s. Our number 1 immigration issue is not the 65 Act but Reagan’s amnesty in 85 for illegals which was caused by Capitalism. And even the legal immigrants today are being brought on new H1B visas to undercut white tech wages which is not the purpose of the 65 Act.

  6. Great article, Brad. You make everything so easy to read. You revealed something in the story that many will probably miss:

    “Among the millions of immigrants who came to the United States during the Great Wave were millions of Jews from the ghettos of Europe where they were already then notorious for their radical leftwing politics. They were infected with radical doctrines like anarchism, communism and socialism. Previously, the Jewish Question had been muted in the United States because Sephardic Jews who had settled in America via the Caribbean were culturally reconciled to racism, slavery and white supremacy. These Jews were engaged in business as merchants in our small towns like Montgomery and generally went along with the status quo not unlike some of our Asian minorities today. The Jews who came from Southern and Eastern Europe and settled in New York City brought with them a very different historical experience.”

    A different historical experience for a very different people. The former being Ashkenazi Jews or European Jews with Turkic-Asiatic origins and not genuine Semites although some have probably picked up Sephardi or Mizrahi blood through intermarriage. The latter being Sephardi who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula and may even be related to the Mizrahi. The Mizrahi originated in North Africa and the Middle East and do have Semitic blood. The Palestinians who are being slaughtered by the fake Jews are probably descended from the biblical Israelites. Remember, in Clown World 2 + 2 = 5.

    I read that many Jews in the South were German Jews and that during the Civil Rights movement many did not like the new arrivals. I remember one line in particular but I don’t remember the publication. We need more polish and less Polish.

    I’m telling you the Ashkenazi are frauds and the real evil ones are among them. Time will reveal this and I hope I’m alive when it happens.

      • @Snow – what’s going on with you? I’ve always regarded your comments as intelligent and astute – but you seem to have gone a wee bit off the rails.

        Jews, dear Snow, are JEWS. Ashkenazis are just as Jewish as Sephards as Donmehs as Ethiopian as Mizrahi. Jew genetics are creepy; a blonde, blue eyed Mischlng Swedish Jew is more genetically related to a coal black Ethiopian Jew than to a an actual Nordic Swede. Here is a link to Occidental Observer’s Kevin MacDonald’s synopsis of the work of Ted Sallis. Read this, as a sort of preface, and then delve into Sallis.

        A Jew is a JEW.

        I can’t believe the way many on this site are making “excuses” for the Jews of Dixie. They may have been quieter than the Yanqui Raving Hebes – but Hebes they were and ARE. They were laying the ground work for the Jewish usurpation of America, long before the Grotesque Wave.

        • We can agree to disagree.

          I believe the Khazar theory and, obviously, you don’t. Zionism is an Ashkenazi creation.
          It is almost 3:00 AM but here’s a response:

          Many well known researchers like Texe Marrs believe they are Khazars. So did Eustace Mullins as does researcher Wayne Jett and many lesser known researchers..

          I am aware of Kevin MacDonald’s position. It doesn’t deter me.

        • Denise – I agree (at base) with your statement- on that, we are agreed. Beyond that, nyet.

          But the interactions I have had with Sephardic Jews, have been TOTALLY different than those of the ‘hook-nosed, greasy haired’ Ashke-NAZIs. Just as there are Noble Whites, and Troglodyte Whites, I am willing to give a Sephardic a second chance- but ALWAYS knowing they are Jews. “Wise as serpents, gentle as doves,” I believe Christ said.

          You folks who are always dissing the Christians for their compassion, act more predestinarian than the most rabid Calvinist, when it comes to YOUR religious viewpoints, wrapped in ‘scientism’- it’s almost as if, in denying the only theology that can stand up to apostate Talmudism, (i.e., Conciliar, Trinitarian Orthodoxy) you invent a caricature of it, (Paganism, Odinism, and all that other crap) that is, in your minds at least- totally “secular,” thinking it will literally ‘save’ you from your own proximity to the Jew. Dagda is merely a Golem for Satan’s chosen people, the Jews. You’re more Heeb than you think…

          MacDonald comes from Calvinist Scots, and his own Christian Celtic ancestors are laughing over his evolutionary presuppositions, as good a scientist as he was. When the Romans destroyed the lineages of the Twelve Tribes (and only two returned to Judea after the Babylonian Captivity anyway, so they were already ‘inbred,’ until John Hyrcanus admitted the Khazarian’s ideological ancestors (the Edomites) back into the ‘fold’ of Apostate Jewry, ca. 150B.C.- and proved that fact) NO ONE in Jewry after AD 100 could ‘prove’ they were racially pure anymore- and so, their own ideals of anti-miscegenation became the very curse that gave us the modern ‘Ugly Jew’ with the hooded eyes, the hook nose, the thick lips, the salacious glance, etc.

          Yes, Genetics do ‘out’ and that is why HW’s analysis was very good, as long as you realize that WE WHITES were trying to do that which YHWH God had long ago Commanded us to do- be racially pure, mate with only our own race, even our own tribe/country/language/religion, and not be whores and adulterers – either with foreign peoples, OR with foreign gods.

          So, to reproach someone for the sins of spiritual adulteration that you have clearly exhibited on this forum, going back years, show that you are no better than a whore, yourself, and have no place to judge. For you do not judge righteously, but act as a PHONY ARYAN, when you are as complicit as the most vulgar Jewess out there. Because you both deny your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. And your unrighteousness is as menstrual rags, before your God and Mine.

        • Denise,

          Jacob Rothschild admitted his family played a role in the creation of Israel. They did it because of Jerusalem. I read that Jerusalem is the center of the Earth regarding energy forces of some kind – something like that. He is a Luciferian/Satanist. They and people like them use ancient knowledge and energy to manipulate the planet. But he knows the power and the determination of the Jewish hive and they will get things done. The Rothschild goal was always Jerusalem and they got it.

          Also, this genetic testing is open to a lot of manipulation. One of the companies that does the testing even admitted they manipulate the results. A lot of Jews are into the sciences and, despite your belief about my beliefs, I do not trust them. I think a lot of these results are being manipulated so that everyone is part of one big happy family. Globalism. I don’t know for sure but that’s my feeling at the moment. I did read another article about genetics and the scientist in it stated determining one’s roots is extremely more complicated than these companies are stating.

          When it comes to history, I wouldn’t trust a Jew to relay the truth whether it about me or themselves. Case in point:

          “One of the Jewish vocations is that of dealer in old books and rare documents. In these dealings,
          records containing unfavorable references to the past can be sequestered and destroyed. Other rare documents, which contain no unfavorable references to the Jews, are sold to gentile collectors at huge profits. As usual, the Jew has it both ways, protecting his flanks by destroying all references to his activities, and financing this task with the gentile’s money.”

          (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 44

          It was one of the funniest books that I have ever read. Pure entertainment. The descriptions were so extreme and outlandish yet 100% accurate. If one didn’t observe or have any experience with Jews, it reads like a hilarious yet sinister fiction piece. The man summed every thing up nicely.

          Ashkenazis will be destroyed if the Khazar theory gets mass adoption. They have a tremendous amount of power to lose. They get a lot of support and a pass on everything wrong because of their historical origins that I call fake!

          You blame Jews for everything that ails us. I blame us more.

    • Remember Caddyshack? The movie was about a Jewish protagonist and his motley crew of misfits puncturing the superior pretensions and delusions of the WASP elite who owned an exclusive country club.

      Well, in real life, the Ashkenazi Jews were banned from country clubs owned and controlled by the more assimilated and established American Sephardic and German Jews who looked open them as lowly Slavic mongrels.

      Of course, they had to make the snobs Anglo Americans to present a united front. But it was really a rivalry between two disparate sets of Jews, one group which saw itself as more chosen than the other, if you will.

      • In the northeast or at least NYC/NJ, the fact is, all jews including germanic ones (Dutch and English included in germanic) were unofficially banned from the traditional anglo country clubs. It may have depended, but in general the jews weren’t welcome, of any stripe. They often formed their own country clubs that all the jews were allowed to join, or at least I guess the ‘classy’ ones, whichever they were (I’m not jewish so I don’t know how stringent these places were or which ones).

        There were profound tensions between the eastern european jews and the germanic and western european ones, but in my youth (Gen X) the jews weren’t ‘allowed’ into anglo country clubs, or didn’t really want to join them anyway.

  7. I’m glad to finally see you revise your views on the coming collapse (what you term, “It”)
    Those is us who have been preparing for this eventuality for some time now, welcome you.
    You have some serious catching up to do, but “we” in the preparedness camp are glad to help.

    I might even consider penning a primer for your blog, it’s THAT important that we are as ready as possible for the coming storm.

  8. This Adolf Hitler fella sure sounds like quite the based Chad. A leader that kowtowed to nobody and had a laser focus for the well being of his people Volk und Reich.

  9. As I have already stated elsewhere (no need to repeat it here) you date the taking over by the jews much too late. But a very interesting overview.

  10. Good article Hunter. There are important facts you left out, that being freemasonry. A secret society that follows the Kabbalah doctrine. Freemasonry built this country and was designed to destroy it. Freemasonry and its other satanic secret societies are the hidden enemy wolf among the sheep. The real shabbos goyim with their jews are destroying our nations. Seems everyone fails to mention these facts.

    • Yeah, if jews are the elephant in the room, freemasons are the giraffe (both animals are too peaceful though, but all metaphors have their limitations).

      • I often wonder why Hunter Wallace never points to these Jesuit fact secret societies? They are the elephant in the room and we all heard the expression, all roads lead to Rome, the black Jesuit pope. These are the people ruling the world along with their blame game jews. Every Prime minister, every President, mostly everyone in politics worldwide are Jesuit trained including females and are initiated into these secret societies created by the Knights Templar centuries ago.
        Is Hunter Wallace a Freemason or other? He sure avoids these facts.
        @Cuck Ryan
        Every time I bring up these facts to him on his boring ridiculous articles, he never publishes my comments. Don’t forget, cuck Ryan admitted having incested blue blood, the true rulers of our world that goes back to Babylon.

        • OK Brad it makes sense now not disavowing my last comment. It’s no wonder you’re pushing your blog and its readers to the communist left. When the SHTF there are people who know the real enemy hiding in their homosexual lodges conspiring against their own kind, White people. Are you almost a 33 degree?

          • Or do you hang out with David Duke in a White hood burning Christian crosses following Martin Luther making up and following fake history that your kind had been doing for centuries keeping humanity back?
            I’ll be surprised if this gets published.

          • Brad I was asking and you answer me back with a question, you never disavowed.
            Seems my hunch is right. That’s what deceptive people do when asked a question.
            The Jews are the problem everyone thinks, but no one ever looks at our traitorous people in these secret societies that enabled and helped these swine!

  11. You call tell a lot about a nation by who it hates. Modern liberal America hates white Southerners, Germans, and Arabs. Remember the old sitcom Benson? A dumb ass whites Southern governor, his equally clueless German secretary, and his brilliant black Lt. Governor who really was the power behind the throne. All they needed was a Arab terrorist and they could stereotype in one show all of Hollywood’s enemies~

    I think we should quit calling the United States a nation. It has become the “Anti-nation” in that is opposes domestically and internationally all legitimate forms of authentic nationalism and is willing to make war upon same by utilizing a form of yellow ribbon pseudo-patriotism whereby its white middle and working classes die in needless wars to advance a globalist agenda while also empowering the hostile trans-nationalist elite that really control America.

    America is always a nation in flux constantly searching for itself and constantly reinventing itself over its 200 plus year history. It should not take that damn long for a nation to discover who it is. If an individual widely veered between such various extremes his entire life that would be schizophrenia.

    • I agree that continuing to use the name United States as an actual cohesive cogent nation is perpetuating our demise. Instead, how about American Territories?

      Words influence thought and help to forge new political frontiers.

  12. Part of the jews’ success comes from their ability to confuse the gentiles about who the “real” jews are. After all, how can you effectively fight an enemy if there is no agreement on exactly who that enemy is?

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