Jared Kushner Tells Republican Donors Ex-Cons Are Registering To Vote Republican


Why didn’t anyone think of doing this before?


“Jared Kushner told Republican donors that felons are coming out of jail and registering as Republicans, according to sources who attended a donor retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last week.

Behind the scenes: “I guess climate change is not their No. 1 issue,” Kushner joked of the former prisoners, according to sources who attended the dinner where Kushner spoke. The audience of Republican donors burst out laughing at this comment, these sources said. The remarks came as Kushner and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discussed the prison reform bill that Trump signed into law at the end of the last Congress.

Now that I think about it, why wasn’t criminal justice reform, Israel and tax cuts the top three issues of Blompf’s 2016 campaign? Could it be because that’s not what we wanted?

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  1. The opioid epidemic that hit rural white working class the hardest is shifting to the urban areas. These black felons going to be released are mainly drug dealers. To survive they will go back to drug dealing and pushing it on their neighborhoods. Overdose rates are all ready up in DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

    The web site (Gun Memorial) documents daily gun victims with their pictures. The victims are majority black and Hispanic at lest 10 daily. It’s a race drug gang war statistically documented daily for all to see. However no one on the mainstream political spectrum right or left wants to solve this problem.

    It’s low intensity warfare with brown against brown, black vs black. If it’s getting worse in London it’s going to get way worse in the States.

    The Kushner family, accelerating the optics and statistics, for good and bad.

  2. Getting rid of this Kushner co-president/ bastard is reason enough to wish to be free of “king of Israel” Trump.

  3. Kushner must have this talking point on the manuals for his paid shill internet posters. I swear I have seen this exact claim in a bunch of places across twitter, comment sections, message boards. Always from the usual astroturf personalities like diamond and silk or TPUSA.

  4. Many felons probaly look at Trump as the Paycheck President like he says. However felons don’t have voting rights. The liberals have been pushing for letting felons vote for years. Of course the Republitards copied the idea looking for Votes. The 2 party system is a big joke on White Christian America. Deo Vindice !

  5. Drumpf will get the same 10% of the ‘groid vote, 15% of the Jew vote, 30% of the spic vote that he got in 2016. But the electorate will be 2% less White. He stands an excellent chance of losing to whomever the dems run.

    • He’ll definitely lose and its all his fault for being a potato. Even if he magically keeps one of his campaign promises before the election which sure as shit isn’t going to happen he will never do anything bout voter fraud or birthright citizenship but hey he did release asap rocky so theres that…

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