Ohio Federal Prosecutor Warns “White Supremacists”

I’m confused.

I was under the impression that the mass shooting in Dayton was connected to Antifa. There is no reason to believe that “white supremacy” had anything to do with that incident. Shouldn’t the Blompf DOJ be investigating Antifa given the death toll from the fanatic in Ohio?


“Good morning. Thank you for coming today and thank you to all of the local police chiefs who are here.  Special thanks to Chief D’Egidio who drove here from New Middletown.

We are here to announce the unsealing of a federal complaint against James Reardon, age 20, of New Middletown, Ohio.  He is charged with one count of making threats using a facility of interstate commerce. …

I want to start by thanking the community. This case is the result of a concerned citizen who took the time to point out Mr. Reardon’s social media activity to a New Middletown Police Officer. This case is just one of several over the past few weeks that are the product of our friends and neighbors seeing something, and then saying something. …

Now let me speak generally to those who are advocates for white supremacy, or white nationalism.  I am talking directly to you.  The Constitution protects your right to speak, your right to think, and your right to believe. If you want to waste the blessings of liberty by going down a path of hatred and failed ideologies, that is your choice. 

Democracy allows you to test those ideas in the public forum.  If you want to submit your beliefs to the American people and get their reaction, please be my guest.  Keep this in mind, though.  Thousands and thousands of young Americans already voted with their lives to ensure that this same message of intolerance, death, and destruction would not prevail – you can count their ballots by visiting any American cemetery in North Africa, Italy, France, or Belgium and tallying the white headstones.  You can also recite the many names of civil rights advocates who bled and died in opposing supporters of those same ideologies of hatred.  Their voices may be distant, but they can still be heard.

Go ahead and make your case for Nazism, a white nation, and racial superiority.  The Constitution may give you a voice, but it doesn’t guarantee you a receptive audience. …

Together, we represent the absolute best of what America has to offer.  Our skin is every color you can imagine, our families come from a hundred different countries and a hundred different faiths.  What makes us different doesn’t split us apart, though.  Those differences are insignificant compared to what is the same about us – we are united in our commitment to each other, to our families, and to our communities.  We are the living embodiment of everything you say is impossible.”

It’s true that this is a democracy.

It’s true that we have the right to test our ideas in a public forum.

It’s true that there is a national election coming up next year too in 2020.

In the next election, I will do everything in my power by using my voice on this platform to discourage people from voting for cuckservatives partially because the Blompf DOJ has been such a massive disappointment that I am honestly left pining for the days of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. None of this prattle from cuckservatives about “law and order” has benefited us in the slightest.

Note: Blompf has sprung A$AP Rocky from imprisonment in Sweden, thousands of violent felons with the First Step Act and has done nothing about chronic Antifa violence or the leftwing strongholds that routinely issue stand down orders to their police departments.

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  1. “It’s true that this is a democracy.”

    NO IT IS NOT !!!

    This is another Jewish inversion of reality.
    The founders HATED the idea of a democracy.

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding on what’s for lunch………Franklin

    • This AG, Justin Herdman is both a moron and liar. The US was conceived and built by White Supremacists. America was 90% White, up to 1969. Look a the faces at D-day, all White, no black or brown. Only Whites did combat in WWII (YEAH, >1% In a few poc PR platoons for the cameras)

      DOJ is packed with (them). Is Herdman one?

  2. Americans gave up their lives for due process and liberty from tyranny, not for commie-red flags and Maoist mental gulags. It is obscene to try to analogize or valorize the number of americans who died for civil rights with the number who died in war, on its various fronts. Mostly what this tool is lobbying for here is internet censorship. He’s conflating the notion of a receptive audience with equal access to the mode of free speech.

    Herdman is a name that can be english, scottish or irish usually, protestant or catholic. But Catholics are the ones who speak this way – invoking american sacrifice in the same breath as political repression. Anyone curious about Roman Catholicism in its modern state iteration should study the legal and criminal justice system in Italy. It’s utterly shocking in its lack of anything remotely resembling due process, and separation of powers. There is no such thing as free speech. This is a basic tenet of Romanism. Interestingly, fewer and fewer top government official types are listing their religion or even specific ethnic background on Wikipedia.


    • Very, very dangerous.
      Everything that AG said was deceitful.
      That speech was as political PC as anything from the USSR.

  3. When they want to lock up white people for posting memes, social media is a “facility of interstate commerce,” subject to all sorts of laws and regulations. Otherwise they are purely private companies that can do whatever they want and should never be regulated because of free market libertarian values.

  4. So, whenever a white male shoots up the place he’s a nazi and a domestic terrorist guilty of hate crimes. But whenever a colored gent or a Mohammedan does the same thing it’s because he’s “mentally unstable” or due to “unknown motives.”

    Equality under the law my TOOKAS.

  5. Britain is definitely leaving the European Union on October 31st.
    Isn’t it odd that this simple fact should arouse such controversy?
    We voted to leave, after all, by a margin of over 1 million back in June 2016.
    Yet in the three years since a small, unrepresentative, but asymmetrically powerful group of Remoaner hold-outs – in government, in the Civil Service, in the media, in academe, in the legal profession, in finance, in big business – has thrown so many spanners in the works to try to thwart democracy and to stop Brexit happening that it seems almost miraculous that we’re finally getting out
    — breitbart europe

    I remember the excitement in the vote which strengthened nationalists everywhere. Trump can’t fix anything. Only a new nation, a new start for white Europeans would. Now that is something positive!

    May God Save the South!

    • I dare say it will be miraculous if you get out. It isn’t over until it’s over. Even if the most hoped for happens on Oct 31 (Halloween coincidentally) UK government will not give up on its anti-White agenda.

  6. The genuinely funny element of the pathetic bleating of the Dept of Jew FAGGOTS is that they know they are wrong. The rant is so DESPERATE. It’s a complete lie; delusional, really. When you are foaming at the mouth like that – you know you are LOSING.

    They are all going to have their hands full, with the mutli cult, sooner than they can ever imagine. They think they got theirs, so they can bully the one demographic that DOESN’T cause problems, and keeps everything going.

    I’m already beginning to see the seams cracking, in ordinary, day to day life. General competence is degrading, things aren’t getting fixed, people don’t know….what..they are…doing…and don’t care,,,,

    Babble on, Badge Fags. I’m laughing at YOU.

    • “I’m already beginning to see the seams cracking, in ordinary, day to day life. General competence is degrading, things aren’t getting fixed, people don’t know….what..they are…doing…and don’t care,,,,”

      Denise – you are Spot On – I’m so glad to see others noticing the same thing. Ramzpaul made a similar comment a few days ago on Twitter – that we’re going to start seeing a declining infrastructure. But like you, my wife and I are already seeing it – pretty much everywhere and it seems to be accelerating.

      I’m speculating that it’s a combination of Diversity (incompetence) and a matter of Whites just not caring anymore.

      Several months before the first Boeing jet took a nose dive, I told a Leftist childhood friend that because of Diversity we’d be seeing “planes fall out of the sky” – this rattled him (but didn’t change him) because my prediction came true in a short amount of time – twice.

      But that’s not just some sheer outlier – we’re seeing it on a day-to-day business – at retail stores, in medical facilities, automotive shops, and … in the defense industry.

      Per another of HW’s articles – even if one wanted to “save America” – it can’t be saved. We would be working against a majority of minorities, White Leftists, and White RepublicCucks.

      The New World Order has been planned for a long time – and it’s coming together. Best one can do is find a place to that’s off the beaten path or else move to a foreign country that’s not really on the radar screen.

      • Yes, Jim. Things like roads aren’t getting fixed. The Orcs and their (((patrons))) don’t care, as long as they are getting theirs, for now.

        Those badge fags – do their really think they are going to maintain their status, once things really start to go down the drain? Really? Are they planning to grab what they can, and move to Costa Rica, or some such place, and enjoy whatever uhhh…proclivities they currently indulge?

        They are MENTAL.

        I forgot about all the literal collapses – the planes falling out of the sky. That female diversity bridge that collapsed almost immediately after being built, at Florida International (hahaha!) Jewniversity.
        I’m going to remind people of those events.. We had an early omen, decades ago, in 1986, with the Diverse Challenger explosion. The o rings were blamed, but it was really the fault of (((politically correct))) morons – who didn’t do their job.

        A current tragedy just occurred – a woman named Debra Stevens, White woman, drowned due to driving into a flash flood, in the pre-dawn hours of 8/24/2019. This happened in AR. Stevens was delivering papers. She apparently couldn’t see what she was driving into. The Orc 911 dispatcher, who was on her last shift, was extremely callous. The po-po dept is trying to hush everything up, naturally. The situation is genuinely tragic.


        Behold the pic of the Orc “professional”.. This is what those GOD DAMNED DISEASED BADGE FAG VERMIN are defending.

        Those Race Traitor UNWhites are the WORST garbage on Earth.

    • I’m seeing it too, Denise. One instance – the case of Katie Brennan in NJ versus her alleged Beaner Rapist. The two were working for Governor and Communist in Chief Murphy when, in Jersey City one night after a campaign meeting, Beaner offered the then 29 yr old Brennan a ride home. He claimed to have to use her bathroom later at night after probably hearing that her husband/boyfriend was out of town, and once inside her apartment forced himself on her as her story goes.

      Brennan is pure irish celt. The somewhat darker shade of red hair, the prototype celt features…she and her Roman Irish ilk sold the Anglos for what they thought was immunity – for a time. But the clock is striking twelve and Cinderella has to go home.

      Jersey City and Hudson County are dominated by the hispanics at this point and have been for some time. They’re at least the plurality and political majority. Some of the hispanic women have sided with her, while some key power players have not. It’s a story of the Millennial Female’s ultimate reckoning with reality, and of the Irish Princessa’s nightmare date with SpicPolitick.

      She isn’t backing down (her fight for ‘justice’ has been going on for more than a year), and neither are ‘her people.’

      • Anglo – I know.

        Whites like Brennan have been deceived their entire lives. She obviously swallowed the lies; how would she know any better? So many Whites have a very, very hard lesson to learn. At least she wasn’t murdered. I hope she’s learned her lesson. I’m glad some Latinas have sided with her; I’m certain they are fed up to the gills with the abuse wreaked on ’em by their “macho” males.

        True Celts rarely back down, ; }. Especially we Women. We’re the ones that used to force the Celt males out of the huts, to face and fight invaders. If the pretty, preening men didn’t want to do their duty – the women would put their shields and spears into their hands, shove them out the door, and tell them to come back WITH their shield – or ON it. (Dead warriors would be brought back on their shield).

    • And check out Virginia:


      This article leaves out her own history of Romanism, summed up in this quote from another article: “I will say for the record that my father was severely beaten in Catholic foster homes and I am an atheist,” Donegan said in a subsequent call. “My father was orphaned at age 4, sent to live in Catholic foster homes and severely beaten until he ran away at age 14.”

      Most are also purposely ignoring her best joke: “Dr, lawyer & priest on Titantic [sic]. Doc: save the children! lawyer: f— the children! Priest: Is there time?”

      It’s not meant to be funny in the giggle-y way, in case anyone tries to misinterpret me.

      Chaos is sure breaking out as the Uniparty (I’d say the left but it’s really not just them) gets stalked by its own lies.

      Ralph Northam would be truly loathsome if he weren’t so damn cute. I am getting old 😉

    • Yes Denise, I’ve noticed the seams cracking everyday too. You can’t have a 1st world country with a 3rd world population. Do these White hating psychopaths really think dirt magic and word magic will save them?

  7. This country is a tyranny of the majority, not a republic, and our choices are limited to either total or near-total white hatred. The elites in gov’t, media, and education are all for silencing and punishing dissidents not going along with the multicultural agenda. Still want to work within a system that hates you? Still think voting for anyone in the anti-white Uniparty will accomplish anything positive for you? Do you think your vote counts or matters? Look to build something outside the system. They don’t care about you; as much as you can, ignore the system that wants to destroy you for not being another ignorant sheeple.

    • Think your tax dollars are going for your benefit or welfare?

      Just had to add that on. Whatever happened to no taxation without representation?

  8. White supremacists are the only group it is acceptable to attack. Moslem females make anti semitic remarks and we are treated to a long rant on the evils of white supremacy. Antifa shoots up the place, and we get another virtue signaling diatribe on the same topic.

  9. He needs to be hatred, he needs to be hated for persecuting and tormenting the innocent. How dare he attacks those who have done no wrong simple for holding thoughts and opinions different from his Jew masters? How dare he? I hate that rotten fucks guts.

  10. “White supremacist” means any White person who doesn’t want his race abolished.
    “No room for White supremacists” means no room for Whites.

  11. First of all it is not a Democracy. That is merely the facade behind which a hostile anti-white elite reigns supreme. Second of all Hitler was not a “White Nationalist” He believed in German supremacy and considered Eastern European Slavs as an inferior branch of the white race. How ironic it is that these same Eastern Europeans are the only ones in the EU fighting for racial survival and against Mama Merkel’s plan to turn Europe non-white!! Hitler could make the claim of being a nationalist until he incorporated the rest of Czechoslovakia into the Reich instead of just the Sudetenland. After that he become an Imperialist and not a nationalist. I suspect this government official lives in a non-diverse area. Regardless the United States is terminal not because we say so or anything we did bit it is living contrary to natural law and will not survive to see its Tricentennial.

  12. …….“No room for White supremacists” means no room for Whites……

    That’s exactly where it is going, step by step.

  13. There is a great public distrust of DOJ,FBI and DC regime only power is the megaphone and the military swat team.They’re not patriots of the Constitution to serve and protect citizens of the red,white and blue from terrorist,south of the border and black crimes.

  14. Let’s not forget the Miami, Florida bridge collapse as an example of Third World competence in the U.S. on March 15, 2018. The people involved were overwhelmingly Hispanic with big participation from female Hispanics. All of this was highlighted on the now bankrupt company’s website touting their diversity. After their bridge collapsed killing several people, not so much.

    The morons moved the bridge into place on a Sunday while traffic was allowed to continue driving under the bridge. Cracks were observed in the 175 foot long structure which grew by several inches before installation. The design lacked redundancy meaning if one structural member were to fail the structure would collapse. The bridge collapsed while being moved into place killing several drivers passing under the bridge. The span that collapsed weighed 950 short (2,000 Lbs) tons.

    At least the design was “innovative” according to the company’s publicity.

    This is what will happen to the U.S. electrical grid when the country goes full Third World. The electrical grid requires constant TLC by skilled people at all levels to remain reliable. It also requires a constant flow of money to function.

    The example of Third World California’s problem with bankrupt PG&E causing fires and blackouts is in our future. South African levels of failure will follow. The country will cease to be a serious place by that time.

    A question worth asking regarding the future of the U.S. is: “What will happen to the U.S. Government’s nuclear arsenal when the country disintegrates?” The world was fortunate that there were no nuclear explosions when the USSR failed. It’s unlikely we will get that lucky twice.

  15. Trump rallies draws nearly 50,000 on one side with another 50,000 Democrats on the other side. Then the Trumpers can look around and understand who THEY are and who is the enemy. It would be a good education for the police and military forces, too. Seeing only white people on Trump side and a Stew of Jews, blacks, Chinese, mestizos and queers on the other side will educate more of these nitwits..

  16. You have to remember one thing, in this contemporary era, to even get on a short list to be a candidate for a US Attorney Office, you have to not just recite the platitudes of ZOG you must accept ZOG as your god and saviour. Herdman has sold his soul to the global-satanic order and everything he say is lies from the forked tongue of satan himself.

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