City Journal: A Platform of Urban Decline

As with the truth about mass shootings, you will never hear the truth about interracial violent crime either in the mainstream media because the facts contradict the narrative of black victimization and “white supremacist domestic terrorism.”

City Journal:

“Just this month, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its 2018 survey of criminal victimization. According to the study, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites last year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent. That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.  

Blacks are also overrepresented among perpetrators of hate crimes—by 50 percent—according to the most recent Justice Department data from 2017; whites are underrepresented by 24 percent. This is particularly true for anti-gay and anti-Semitic hate crimes.

You would never know such facts from the media or from Democratic talking points. …”

9 to 1 in 2018?

It is increasingly hard to find this information even in the alternative media. The Council of Conservative Citizens kept close tabs on interracial violent crime until the Dylann Roof shooting happened in Charleston. The mainstream media demonized the CCC for reporting on the issue and publicizing the one-sidedness of black-on-white violent crime. It has no problem, however, accusing Trump of being a literal white supremacist who is morally responsible for mass shootings. He is also presented as a monster who separates families at the border.

Note: A Gallup poll released yesterday found that 69 percent of Democrats trust the mainstream media, but only 15 percent of Republicans do. As recently as 2015, 32 percent of Republicans trusted the media.
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  1. Since (((certain people))) and their agents read this blog, I’ll come out and say that I don’t hate other races, but they seem to hate me and my kind. That’s according to the gov’t you and yours seem to control. My wanting to congregate mainly with my pink-hued brethren is a matter of statistically-proven necessity. You can avoid the consequences of your poisonous decisions made on our behalf in gated communities and the like…for now. The societal breakdown you promote will make it your doorstep at some point; rest assured of that. The destruction you hope for will touch all sectors of society. And your numbers are fewer. Kakistocrats need to read more history.

  2. Is there any way you can post the new articles at the top and older ones below?

    This new format is frustrating to navigate.

  3. Hello Hunter;

    A point made a few months ago on AmRen was that government statistics deliberately understate the number of crimes committed by minorities by reclassifying minorities as white. This was most pronounced with Hispanic criminals being usually labeled white even though booking photos showed some of them as black as the ace of spades. It is highly unlikely that whites account for even 5% of interracial crimes, most white people especially super liberals avoid coloreds like the plague.

    BTW, where are the other races in this wonderful, diverse, multicultural utopia we live in? Is it only whites and blacks who are involved in crimes? There are Asian and Hispanic gangs and everyone knows about the wonderful diversity MS 13 has enriched the country with.

    Hispanics are constantly committing crimes and have a visceral hatred of blacks especially in Los Angeles where Mexicans have driven most blacks out of Compton and Watts. Mexicans have also committed crimes against whites trying to gentrify the Boyle Heights neighborhood too, they are vicious bastards. Heather MacDonald will only go so far in her writing, she is afraid to bell the cat like the rest of good “conservative” media.

  4. If you follow the narrative, thousands of Blacks are being slaughtered every day by Whites. Especially by White teenage girls and old folks, which Blacks kill a lot of, and which they claim is retaliation for it being open season on them.

  5. Many poo-poo’d the work ccc was doing, and would isolate their work and say “facts aren’t going to change anything.”

    In isolation, yes. But gathering lists is vitally important. It grounds your own observations in facts and the historical record builds weight to your claims.

    Pro whites haven’t emphasised intelligence gathering nearly enough. It’s often very costly, boring thankless work. People don’t get excited to meet a researcher at a conference, they want to meet the propagandist they’ve seen on TV and social media.

    Keeping categorized records is a thankless job, and if you don’t have a propaganda wing to amplify your findings it feels pointless. However even if the propagandists budge their way into the conversation without their own data they’re reliant on the enemies intelligence.

    Pro-whites for many years were playing the role of defenders, defenders of the west. This lead to an inherit disinterest in fact finding/intelligence. Everyone already knew everything and if we could only get those bad elites/actors out of it everything would fall into place. Whether that was true or not(it wasnt) that’s a luxury we can no longer afford.

    Why haven’t any pro whites set up their own polling firm? Several decades ago during the 60’s you had not top tier elites but millionaires none the less funding resistance to the anti white agenda to a much greater degree. That cash was all eaten up propagandists and klan larpers who did nothing of importance, and who would rather lose than alter their messaging to win.

    Polling can be propaganda wins, people are attracted to other peoples interests and where the heard is at but more importantly polling illuminates not only where people are at but what motivations are driving them to that. What to attack them on and how much pressure to apply.

    I know everyone in the pro white movement are big brains who already know everything but even if you’re more or less right in your analysis not knowing the battlefield is self inflicted handicap. Pro whites are more concerned with petty vindictiveness and “staying true” than actually challenging themselves to win. Let alone fund pro white intelligence gathering organizations that would require millions of dollars annual funding.

  6. There’s really no need to keep close tabs on this information. Everyone knows the score and White flight attests to it.

    • @more of the same Look Out! We got a massive brain coming through!

      While i don’t disagree white flight on a subconscious level is about running from diversity, their rational brain is not.

      It’s like how DR3 may have been used as cover for actual racists at one time who if given the opportunity may have attempted backdoor segregation through zoning laws.

      The fact is, whether DR3 and white flight was first practiced by racially aware whites, after generations of lying to themselves and others, most if not all, now believe their own lies.

      The white flight cope taps into an old frontier pysche of americans. Even if their families spent generations living in cities before desegregation, enough John Wayne movies convinced them they were a cowboy out on the frontier. And they weren’t running from black people, they’re just too much of a rugged individual to be apart of the community, they homesteaded that ex-burb ranch home with a riding mower!

      This is why in the 80’s/90’s and early 00’s(depending on your part of the country) suburban faggots kept moving farther and farther out even when the new development of their suburb was being filled up with other white people.

      White flighters wouldn’t just stand up for segregation if given the opportunity. They would actively resist it, their inner cowboy would come out and they’d start rooting and tooting about how they just want to be left alone, from everyone! and they wouldn’t be lying. Most suburban white flighters are extremely anti-social.

  7. Colin Flaherty has a daily weekly podcast you would do well to ingest.

    A few Chicago cop blogs are essential as the are.

    Knowing the truth and situational awareness could save your life and your families.

    If jewsmedia and globohomoschlomo is touting a phenomenon, ignore it and focus on its polar opposite.

    The logos of the universe is pretty plain to see, are you able to see it?

    Praise Yahweh

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