FLASHBACK: Looking Ahead, 2010-2020

Editor’s Note: I found this in the archives. I wrote this a decade ago when I was attempting to look into the future. I got some things right and some things wrong.

A few reasons for optimism:

1.) I predict advances in genetics will deepen our understanding of racial differences. The data will undermine the scientific legitimacy of Boasian style anti-racism. This information will continue to trickle down into the minds of educated people. I think HBD could go mainstream. It has the potential to become “common knowledge.”

I got this one partially right.

In the 2010s, there were advances in genetics which did deepen our understanding of racial differences and which have firmly discredited Boasian-style anti-racism. The deep human past is rapidly opening up to us due to advances in paleogenomics. The popular culture, however, has diverged from science due to the Great Awokening.

2.) In the decade ahead, what will Kevin MacDonald do with his time? I can only see him deepening his analysis of Jewish influence in destructive social and political movements. He has a strong foundation to build upon.

I got this one right.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a new book out on the evolutionary origins of liberalism which complements The Culture of Critique series.

3.) Kevin MacDonald has a small staff now. He has created the nucleus of a group with enormous potential. In terms of theory, imagine where we will be in ten years.

I was referring to the TOQ Online website.

A decade later, we still haven’t succeeded in building institutions around men like Dr. Kevin MacDonald. The TOQ Online website is nowhere near as influential as it was in 2009, but our sphere of the internet is much larger and much more influential than it was back then. As a political theory and economic paradigm, liberal democracy and neoliberalism are on the ropes and have suffered a sweeping decline in the 2010s.

4.) Four years ago, friedrich braun floated the idea of creating a multicontributor blog that would include daily commentary from the brightest minds in White Nationalism. We now have that in TOQ Online and TOO Blog. Finally, it is a reality.

I got that one right.

We have an ecosystem of websites like that now. I was writing at the time when our scene was transitioning from vBulletin forums to blogs and webzines. It later transitioned from blogs and webzines to podcasts and social media. The liberal establishment pulled the fire alarm after the 2016 election and now we live in an age of censorship.

5.) White Nationalists are taking their first steps into radio. Jim Giles has a regular radio show. Dietrich has Voice of Reason. James Edwards has The Political Cesspool. Ten years from now, I predict WN talk radio will be widespread and taken for granted.

Podcast Nationalism is now taken for granted.

TRS has been at the forefront of this. It was not something that we were taking for granted a decade ago. This was an advance. Give them some credit.

6.) Craig Bodeker has created an excellent documentary about race. This is a model for others to build upon. YouTube can bring WN video and racialist commentary to millions for little cost.

In this area, we succeeded beyond our wildest expectations in creating platforms and forced the ADL to step in and SHUT IT DOWN. It is an open question whether they will be able to get away with this in the long run. It depends on the future of social media and whether it remains consolidated and under the control of a few Silicon Valley monopolies.

7.) America’s immigration problem will only get worse. The Republicans will be under constant pressure to appease the growing Hispanic electorate. As the mainstream moves to the Left, a huge cross section of the Right will be pushed beyond the borders of respectability. This could possibly give us our first mass constituency.

This came true.

The immigration crisis did give us our first mass constituency. It fueled the growth of populism and nationalism all over the world. It gave us Blompf who didn’t live up to our expectations. In hindsight, we weren’t expecting to elect a nationalist president though as early as the 2010s, so I remain optimistic that we might get something better in the future.

8.) The internet isn’t going away. The print media is also drying up. Young people rely on the net to get the news. Ten years from now, the young will be middle aged, and the generations that follow will rely even more on the net. White Americans will find themselves in ever closer proximity to our ideas.

This also came true.

I wrote this when I was 29 years old. I’m about to be 39 years old and the generation that is coming up underneath me doesn’t get their news from anywhere but the internet. They don’t read print newspapers or watch much cable television owned by corporate conglomerates.

9.) Ten years from now, the new rhetoric of race and anti-Semitism will have completely replaced the old within the WN movement. The process is already well underway. The popular stereotypes found in the media will be ever more out of sync with reality. The improvement in our public image will result in more recruits.

More or less.

The 1.0 movement was succeeded by the 2.0 movement and now seems hopelessly antiquated. The 2.0 movement had its own problems and also seems increasingly antiquated. Overall, White Nationalism gave way to the Alt-Right which is giving way to something else which isn’t clear yet but which should be soon. We will continue to be a part of it.

10.) The influx of new supporters will reinforce the “mainstreamer” tendency. Suits and ties will be the norm. Costumes will be a thing of the past. The old rhetoric will be gone. Dysfunctional types will be nowhere near as prominent. Many of the issues that are debated today will have long been resolved.

The costume groups are the LWK and NSM.

They are nowhere near as prominent as they were in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. There has been a lull in street activism since Charlottesville, but in the event Blompf loses the 2020 election, a Democrat is elected and there is a resurgence in street activism it will incorporate the lessons of Charlottesville. Costume Nationalism is a thing of the past.

11.) The cultural ground has been prepared for a mass membership activist organization. In the next decade, I predict it will finally emerge. Someone will finally do it. The number of sane and normal people will reach a critical mass and will demand action. The Feds won’t be able to shut it down because everyone involved will be ordinary concerned citizens exercising their rights.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen in the 2010s, but I expect it will happen in the 2020s because there is now a consensus that real world networking should be done privately and without the media present. It didn’t happen in the 2010s because Antifa and the media were able to disrupt it. We had to learn some hard lessons to figure that out.

12.) The vanguard or spearhead of this social movement is already emerging. You can see it happening here at TOQ Online and at Occidental Observer. Ten years from now, the movement won’t be divided between “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists.” This will be a thing of the past.

This also didn’t happen.

There are still “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists” having the same classic argument. Neither of these camps has ever had the correct strategy. Critique is the right strategy.

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  1. Whenever you see anyone being blackpilled, it’s always good to remind them how far we have come from the dark times of the 2000s. Back then it was a handful of message boards filled with weirdo characters running fake religions out of their garage or pretending they are celtic feudal lords, racking up thousands of posts that amounted to just calling each other cocksuckers repeatedly. The Trump era has been bad, but I think we will emerge from the other side of it stronger than ever. The biggest problem of the next decade will probably come from increasingly desperate Republican entryists trying to divert our expanding numbers back onto the Republican plantation. “I know it didn’t work out last time guys, but this time we’re really going to make America great again, but only if you vote straight Republican.”

  2. The Great Awokening like the other Abrahamic cults/religions was spawned by an enemy alien tribe.

    The only race that’s taking advantage of genomic gene editing has been the East Asians. To date, they’ve been able to ignore zog’s obscurantist condemnation as well as the objections of creationists.

    Millennials and Zoomers have access to more information than any other generations in human history, but they’re also probably the most physically and mentally weak generations in human history.

    Jared Taylor and Dr. MacDonald are both senior citizens. Who is going to step up to take their place?

    Don’t be surprised if there are costumed Hollywood Nazis and klansmen larping as White advocates.They’ll either be agents provocateurs or imbeciles that still think we are in the twentieth century.

    • Interesting how anti-Christians such as yourself also have a fascination with chinese people and want to mix with them.

      • Please point out where I wrote that I want to “mix” with the Chinese, and if that was true (it isn’t) how being “anti-Christian” would factor into to that mindset.

  3. Society is closing. Weimerica is real. Paranoia will continue to rule the next decade. This will be reinforced by the “rewards” of snitching on a neighbor. What we see on Twitter with the doxxings of anyone with a White Racial Consciousness losing their job, school, or even being jailed like Jack Corbin will increase greatly.

    The “movement” won’t grow, but the awareness of the cause will. People will become to paranoid to join anything or trust anyone. High Trust becomes a memory. We will be atomized to at least the local level. This is your main concern now; your town.

    Neighborhoods, PTA meetings, and City Council meetings will be browner and more foreign. Virtue Signalling will become a survival strategy. We will be bullied into silence because the state and PUBLIC consensus is anti-White and will become more anti-White

    As local infrastructure and government becomes browner, militant lawfare led by browns against Whites will escalate greatly, including the seizure of properties (asset forfeitures) MURDER, (which will always be allowed by traitorous judges, and ignored by jewish media) and school bullying (which constantly leads to young suicides even now)

    ERPO legislation will only move forward, calibers will be banned, mag sizes banned, lead based ammo banned. Like we just saw with COLT they will simply stop producing AR’s and other weapons of defense. The 2nd Amendment will simply be skirted the way Big Tech skirts the 1st Amendment. They will add disarmament as a mandatory penalty on myriad offenses.

    Austerity becomes the norm. There will be food, gas and services, but they will be harder to afford. As planned, debt will become something everyone deals with. You will have a lower quality of living.

    Late 2020’s, a time of deeper browning, will start to mean 3rd world conditions: diseases (some we haven’t dealt with in years, especially SCHOOL OUTBREAKS) infrastructure failure: power, water, comms, roads etc etc. Those diversity hires are there to make sure things aren’t fixed. Think FEMA after any disaster, preventing the solutions.

    Blatant anti-White taxation. MARK MY WORDS, there will be legislation aimed at the middle class which we will nickname “the White tax.” Reminder: Nigger rule is always blatantly anti-White. See literally any niggertown anywhere, especially in the American South

    The internet, by 2025, will be functionally like TV or Radio. Completely FCC controlled and impossible for us to broadcast pro-White messages to any sizeable number of people. We will have basically no reach. Think 2000 all over again. Entire agencies will hunt anything that even hints at our sentiments online. This will easily be outsourced to Indians, like all tech support is now.

    South Africa will eventually ignite like a powder keg. For White Nationalists, this will be the 9/11 event of the 2020’s. The UN and various agencies will be sent in to arm the niggers and attack the Boer. God help them

    By 2030 America becomes some Hollywood dystopian hellscape like Escape from LA mixed with Dredd and Demolition Man. Gang rule on the streets, lying media, massive poverty, drugs, AND targeted attacks on Whites (like Ruby Ridge) from the Federal Government, who will no longer even try to interfere with Sharia no-go zones, MS13 Mexican drug cartels, remnant nigger gangs (who will eventually wane under Mexican and Muslim attacks and brown local-government rule who act aggressively against niggers)

    Scientific and medical advances will only be attainable by the elite, and you will only touch what poisons, lies, divides, and isolates you. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL more surveillance state and mandatory sentencing, more retroactive sentencing (think Twitter mobs over 1970’s blackface) license plate cameras, facial recognition, nascent social credit scoring by corporations.

    Best to go deep woods now, build communities and decrease any form of dependency. Go dark if possible. Cache supplies, keep everything offline. This country will go all the way down, and by design. Become tribal if possible, but don’t broadcast that. They hunt White clusters.

    By 2050 it’s over for America. It will be barren like rural Mexico. The elites will live in Astana and the like.

  4. Ten years can go quickly, can’t it!

    In terms of theory, imagine where we will be in ten years.

    This prediction failed almost completely. There is very little new being said today compared to ten years ago, and most racial commentary continues to revolve around “news and Jews” and “crime and IQ” (as the late Bob Whitaker used to put it).

    Craig Bodeker has created an excellent documentary about race. This is a model for others to build upon.

    In this area, we succeeded beyond our wildest expectations in creating platforms

    The bolded statement and your comment on it are talking about two different things. Pro-whites did indeed begin to make effective use of Youtube and Twitter before the hammer came down, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that followed in Bodeker’s footsteps and I try to pay attention to these things. Bodeker himself seems to have thrown in the towel.

    The immigration crisis did give us our first mass constituency. It fueled the growth of populism and nationalism all over the world.

    The apparent rise in nationalist and, perhaps, white racial consciousness has been almost entirely event-driven – namely, in response to immigration. This is unfortunate, since although increasing immigration does indeed reliably produce more pro-whites, it also makes the demographic problem harder to solve. By the time that whites are 5% of the population, white consciousness will abound, but a fat lot of good it will do anyone. So as Leon Haller (a name you might remember) liked to remind people, it’s a race between the “ripening harvest and the encroaching jungle.”

    The 1.0 movement was succeeded by the 2.0 movement and now seems hopelessly antiquated.

    1.0 was a complete freak show. The only reason to mention it is as a stark example of what not to do – but then again, that’s such an obvious lesson that anyone needing to learn it is probably not right in the head in the first place.

    Unfortunately, this didn’t happen in the 2010s, but I expect it will happen in the 2020s because there is now a consensus that real world networking should be done privately and without the media present.

    Why should it be any different in the 2020s when the very same factors – threat of employment discrimination, loss of social standing – that militated against mass membership ten years ago are not only still in operation but have been legally and socially reinforced? Anything’s possible, of course, but it’s silly to be blindly optimistic.

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