Review: Joker (2019)


As a Southern Nationalist, I loved Joker.

This movie is going to be an instant classic like American Psycho. I knew that I was going to like this movie after the reviews started pouring in and I began to grasp what Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was about. The point of Joker was to do something “irreverent” by turning the comic book universe of man baby Marvel bugman movies on its head while holding up a mirror to our own society and offering a compelling satire of it.

The character of Arthur Fleck was exactly what I expected. He is a mentally ill loner and social outcast who lives with his mother in the dystopia that is Gotham City in 1981. Fleck aspires to be a stand up comedian, but his own mother who is his only human connection doesn’t think he is funny. He eeks out a living as a mime for a company called Haha’s.

From the beginning of Joker, we are plunged into Arthur Fleck’s awful life as an urbanite and see his descent from extreme social isolation into violent psychosis. Gotham City has become sharply polarized into a world of haves and have nots and is lorded over by a tiny oligarchy led by the Wayne family. The streets are full of garbage, graffiti and giant rats. They are full of petty criminals and a gang of Hispanic thugs brutally assault Arthur and steal his sign.

The fact that Arthur Fleck is poor like the rest of the resentful urban proletariat isn’t what drives him insane. We quickly learn that he doesn’t have a father. Instead, he sees Murray Franklin – the host of a late night comedy show – as his surrogate father and dreams of being embraced by him. He uses public transportation which is full of rude black people who see him as a creepy White man. He is an incel who has sexual fantasies about the young black mother in his apartment building. The key sociological fact of Arthur Fleck’s pitiful life is that he inhabits a world of zero social capital: he has no girlfriend, no children, no father, no friends, no community, no faith, no prospects, no tribe. He has nothing to give happiness and purpose to his life. In his loneliness, he dreams about having a father, being a successful comedian, romantic relationships, etc.

Arthur Fleck does have a relationship with the state which has prescribed him seven different anti-psychotic medications to treat his mental illness. He tells the black social services employee that she never listens to him and asks him the same questions. She tells him that society doesn’t give a shit about people like him and that due to cutbacks of social services she will no longer be meeting with him and that he won’t be able to receive his medications because he doesn’t have health insurance. Even when he was on his meds though, Arthur was miserable (he had previously been institutionalized) and it is difficult to imagine these drugs making any difference in the downward spiral that is his life. It all comes to a head when he is assaulted a second time.

Arthur is riding the subway when three young drunk hotshots who work for Wayne Enterprises see him as a loser and start bullying him. He fights back and kills them. The incident becomes the biggest story in Gotham City. Thomas Wayne announces he is running for mayor of Gotham as someone who has “made something of himself” and denounces the killer clown who murdered his employees who he describes as good men. Gotham’s underclass identifies with the killer clown who killed a few of the rich assholes who are exploiting them and start a protest movement of people wearing clown masks. Fleck revels in his newfound notoriety. He tells the black social services worker in their last meeting that finally people are beginning to notice him.

The unraveling of Arthur Fleck’s only human connection with his mother is what sends him over the edge. We learn early on that she is obsessed with Thomas Wayne who she used to work for thirty years ago and is always sending him letters. Fleck opens up one of his mother’s letters and learns that he is the bastard son of Thomas Wayne who has abandoned him. Naturally, he becomes obsessed with the Wayne family and his real father. After seeking out and confronting Thomas Wayne, he learns that his mother Penny was a paranoid schizophrenic who adopted him, the story of Thomas Wayne being his father isn’t true and that she was institutionalized in Arkham Asylum. Fleck has a total mental breakdown after going there and retrieving her records. He finds out that he was a victim of severe child abuse by one of his mother’s boyfriends in his youth. In a rage, he kills mother who has suffered a stroke and is recovering in a hospital.

Arthur Fleck’s relationship with his surrogate father Murray Franklin similarly takes a nosedive while his mother is being treated in the hospital. Murray uses one of Arthur’s appearances as a stand up comic in which he bombs and creeps out the audience to make Fleck the punchline of a joke in a skit. He is invited to appear on The Murray Franklin Show, which has been his lifelong dream, so that Murray can make fun of him some more to his face. It is the weight of these two blows from his purported father and surrogate father that transform Fleck into Joker. He fully collapses into a violent psychosis and starts to live in his fantasy world.

The saddest thing about Joker is that Fleck doesn’t really begin to live until he becomes the comic book villain and takes out his wrath on society. He agrees to appear on The Murray Franklin Show. Shortly before being introduced by Murray as Joker, we see him looking at a photo that is signed “T.W.” on the back which suggests that Thomas Wayne is actually his father and that the institutionalization of his mother was caused by her abandonment and that the adoption had been engineered by Wayne to cover up a sexual liaison with one of his working class employees. Now fully transformed into the Joker, Fleck tells a joke about our society’s standards of humor and morality and condemns the society that has abandoned him and treated him like trash which he finishes by shooting and killing Murray who he says is getting what he deserves.

The assassination of Murray Franklin by the Joker sparks an uprising by the underclass of Gotham City. The clown army liberates the Joker from police custody and kills Thomas Wayne and his wife. After recovering from a car accident, Joker stands before the howling mob of clowns as their liberator. The movie ends with the Joker locked up in Arkham Asylum which leaves the audience wondering how much of what transpired toward the end of the movie was ever real. Was he captured after the riot? Was he just living in his own head in the asylum?

If you loved American Psycho and Fight Club, you will almost certainly love Joker which is of the same caliber. This movie is superficially about Arthur Fleck’s descent into nihilism, mental illness and violence. This is why the media is condemning it as “dark.” At a deeper level though, the movie is really an indictment of the social order that Arthur Fleck lives under and which has left both him and the majority of the residents of Gotham City feeling isolated, exploited and powerless. Liberalism and free-market capitalism has created a meaningless world in which the social fabric has been severely frayed and has enriched only a tiny minority.

American Psycho, Fight Club and Joker could be watched as a trilogy. Patrick Bateman represents the meaningless life of the upper class in this society whose empty lives are based on status signaling games and material consumption. The Narrator in Fight Club represents the meaningless life of a middle class automobile recall specialist in a world based on consumerism. Finally, Arthur Fleck in Joker represents the pitiful lives of the suffering underclass where both social and economic capital approaches zero. He says in the movie that he isn’t political and believes in nothing except that actually he does. Like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, the Joker sees the world he hates burning and says it is “beautiful.” All three movies are told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator undergoing a mental collapse into violent psychosis. It is easy to imagine all three characters – Patrick Bateman, Tyler Durden and Joker – being institutionalized in Arkham Asylum.

It is really Clown World that has gone mad though. Human beings aren’t supposed to live under these heartless and unnatural conditions – the pure anonymity of the marketplace and the modern street – in which our common culture has been decimated and hollowed out. It is only natural to desire liberation from such a world. This is the world that George Fitzhugh described in his books Sociology for the South, or, The Failure of Free Society and Cannibals All! or, Slaves Without Masters. I found myself in the theater last night watching Joker while drinking a Bourbon and Coke and thinking … yeah, you will get that when liberalism is taken to its logical conclusion.

I didn’t come out of the movie admiring the Joker, but I do understand him. He is right about living in an unjust world. It is our world and it should be changed.

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  1. “American Psycho” was one of the most boring movies I ever saw. The constant amoral self-obsession made the character into a sociopathic automaton. The murders were done as a form of temporary entertainment, to feel powerful, or whatever. I did see the movie as a reflection of the emptiness of a society focused on self-fulfillment and consumerism, but to be centered on such superficiality is pretty dull. So I then couldn’t help but see the movie and main character in the same light.

    • Mr. Little, a movie can still be good even if it doesn’t have a conventional plot or character arc. Suppose you meet a classy dame and she asks you what your favorite movie is? What do you think her reaction will be if you tell her it’s Smokey and the Bandit III?

      • If you still use terms like “classy dame,” your girlfriend is probably made of plastic and is inflatable. I was in Orson Welles’ “The Other Side Of The Wind,” and anything made by Orson will impress a pretentious liberal whor…I mean, lady. Try using that one when you get tired of blowing up your date.

  2. Nah. This is a world I don’t want to be anywhere in or around. Taxi Driver in contrast has some very positive White morality and good ideas of chivalry and justice. The Director Martin Scorsese is Italian White, not Jewish and pretty much his movies and TV miniseries show this difference. Scorsese doesn’t have that Jewish Talmudic hatred of our people – this movie with (probably) some upper class rich Whites ruling Gotham City/New York (yeah right guys) seems to have that.

    In Taxi driver a regular White Italian guy looks at the filth of New York City and he’s repulsed by it, he wants to do something about it, there are two very beautiful White gentile women in “Taxi Driver”, one a young prostitute Jodie Foster. The Taxi Driver main character wants to do, does do what the German Socialist Nationalist young hero Horst Wessel does – rescue a beloved young White women from the life of street prostitution, Communist, racial alien pimps. In Taxi Driver this prostitute pimp world is represented by a (feather not dot) Indian pimp.

    Two other excellent tough urban movies with positive, White Christian themes are:

    On the Waterfront – Directed by Elia Kasan, starring Marlon Brando
    True Romance – written by Tarantino but directed by White British guy Tony Scott

    I’m pretty much going with the idea that we should go full out Benedict Option with Hollywood movies or else, in addiction – encourage some Covington “Brigade” type ways of thinking/acting.

    I’ve always been up for inciting Islamists to go to war with the worst, most vicious, hateful and corrupt Jewish Hollywood, Jewish porn industry.

    Just get some White guy with a terminal illness to change his name to Abe Goldberg, open a PO box with Hollywood CA address and start putting the word out that Abe is doing casting calls for movies about Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” , pseudo porn movies with the daughters of the Prophet Muhammed doing the worst HC porn with ugly Js., put out word celebrating the worst Stern Gang/Irgun slaughters of Palestinian Arab Civilians.

    J Hollywood must have produced 5,000 movies inciting Blacks to envy, hate and kill us, inciting Blacks to desire get sexy White women, of course so many movies about Southern Whites being sadist racists or even Vampires “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer” . Don’t see why the favor can’t be returned. Some of the NS Germany anti J movies are not bad – the Judd Suss is good.

  3. Hey Hunter/B,

    Could I call you today to discuss what you/we think best about my future writing, participation with OD? Why don’t you tell me a specific time to call (today or this weekend) and I’ll call, you’ll recognize the 312 area code. I have your phone number, mine is new after I got targeted by Communists and Blacks thugs. Take care.

  4. Good review. I don’t ordinarily go to see movies. Gave up on Hebrewwwood many years ago. I may go see this one.

  5. I might actually see this. Can’t even remember the last new movie I watched. It has been years. I only ever stick to the classics at this point.

  6. The Clown World of Pepe revealed on the big screen and not confined to 4chan.

    Halloween this year is going to be special.

    The GOP, CPAC 2020 and TPUSA surely must be frightened that the Arthur Flecks of America are waking from their slumber as wage slave normies and will crash their party uninvited.

  7. Good review, seems like a thoroughly depressing, albeit entertaining movie.

    I’ve always had a particular fondness for the dark and nihilistic genre in both literature and film. I’ll cop to first watching the film, then reading the book for both adaptations mentioned above, and those not mentioned.
    American Psycho
    Fight Club
    No Country For Old Men
    The Killer Inside Me

    In the case of American Psycho you should read the book, the movie really isn’t faithful to the story. The violence in the book is even more graphic and disturbing. But, the way Bret Easton Ellis depicts violence is far different than the way Chuck Palahniuk depicts violence, every single character Palahniuk writes about is mentally ill.

    Fight Club is about Multiple Personality Disorder/Schizoaffective Disorder, whereas Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is Bret Easton Ellis cleverly creating a composite of an East Coast scion and Ted Bundy/Edmund Kemper. His character is a psychopath, but not psychotic, and certainly not one a well-adjusted person should empathize with.

    These kind of movies and books are psychologically poisonous. Joker seems to be cast as an aspirational character than a cautionary example of embracing nihilism and pessimism.

  8. Someone recommend me in this site a movie called The Greatest Story Ever Told, fantastic unbelievable movie.

    Spoiler Alert: the protagonist blew his head out on his mistress’s lap

  9. Interesting movie but predictably the ( Hollywood, ) left can’t help but mix white Joker with a black girl. You demonize “free market capitalism ?!” What other financial system EVER worked as well and propelled an actual middle class upwards ? Yes … it wasn’t really “middle” but “working,” class and things have gone down since. But MOST people are “unwashed masses,” wouldn’t have made it that far under any other system. The enemy is “predatory capitalism.” Rules with teeth need to be put in place to prevent the haves from not loving the have nots as themselves.

    • ” The enemy is “predatory capitalism.” ”

      Excellent point! Or as I call it “capone capitalism”.
      Maybe “Maddoff capitalism” would be better.

  10. “After recovering from a car accident, Joker stands before the howling mob of clowns as their liberator. The movie ends with the Joker locked up in Arkham Asylum which leaves the audience wondering how much of what transpired toward the end of the movie was ever real. Was he captured after the riot? Was he just living in his own head in the asylum?”

    There’s probably the reason this got greenlit despite its superficially possibly White-sympathetic themes. It’s the jews telling us “your ideas that you will ever break free of our control are insane delusions, you are just imagining freedom in the asylum where we rule over every aspect of your lives, and you are helpless and forced to live in a fantasy world because we own you — forever.”

    Rat bastards.

    • @Flaming Wignat
      “There’s probably the reason this got greenlit despite its superficially possibly White-sympathetic themes. ”

      I figure the writers are Alt-Right Jews cashing in on their inside knowlege of the (((Alt-Right))). The ones that conned whitey into voting for hard core Zionism again.

      White liberals will see it and think, ‘We didn’t try hard enough to save these boys.’

      @Hunter Wallace
      “Was he just living in his own head in the asylum?”

      I saw a movie recently that covered something similar. It was about a serial killer who lived in a delusional world where everything was sunshine and roses. His dog and cat talked to him. His victims thanked him for putting them down, and lived in his fridge as his pals after their deaths.

      His euphoria reminded me of white liberal euphoria as they destroy the West with Dieversity. Their unshakable belief they are doing God’s Work is exactly like the Evangelicals.

      The Voices (2014)

  11. After reading your plot summary this seems like a typical jewish pathologization effort of White males (that anybody could expect otherwise after it became clear that producers, writers and the director of this flick were jewish is mind boggling). And many such efforts will pave the way to White genocide. “You are only shooting freaks, remember the “Joker”-movie” the jewish commissars will tell the handily weaponized POC when the shootings begin.

    I will certainly pass watching this jewish poison.

    Nota bene: Our race is certainly in a bad shape after the unrelenting attacks by the masters of psychological warfare since 1910 (give or take 5 years). We have certainly many flaws and should analyze them honestly. I somewhat doubt that HW is the right person to do this since he seems not to have much empathy for people he deems to be “losers”.

  12. Just another creepy dismal movie brought to us by the same creepy sinister soulless types. Nothing of value, no inspiration or innovation, EMPTY !

    • Tim Pool in his review of “Joker ” found it morally ambiguous. He also thought the film was filled with left wing themes.

  13. I liked DeNiro as Murray Franklin. His TV studio assistant, the guy who told Joker to address Murray as Mr. Franklin, is the jewish comedian Marc Maron, whom I saw perform live last week at the Laugh Factory.

  14. Was the underclass which sympathized with the Joker depicted in the movie as White only, mostly White or racially mixed? Let me guess beforehand that is was not the latter.

  15. You have to be truly immersed into to this (((American))) subculture in order to pay money to watch this disgusting juden-produced crap! I haven’t paid to watch a movie since 2004. If you want to watch something make sure to at least fulfill your patriotic duty and download it or watch it for free online. No money for the disgusting freaks in Hollywood and their satanist agenda.

  16. Kind of saw this one coming – and it is definitely a place, way of thinking that a healthy White person doesn’t want to go down. It leads directly to things like insanity, nihilism or that overwhelming feeling that nothing can be done….. either suicide or just separatism is cowardly – F**** them ways.

    For those who are interested in these very gritty, realistic urban stories I can recommend some related movies, stories where all doesn’t get lost and good White men don’t just give up, they fight in realistic ways and do good things.

    I highly recommend the movie “On the Waterfront “- staring Marlon Brando, directed by Elia Kassan (Kassan flirted very much with Jewish Communism but broke with it in a major way and he was reversed blacklisted by the tribe)

    Taxi Driver – staring Robert Dinero directed by Martin Scorsesse (this ain’t a Walt Disney everything is nice and safe feel good movie. This movie has very honest, accurate racial realities, sexual realities – but evil is defeated at least temporarily.

    The story of young Berlin SA fighter Horst Wessel – you physically and spiritually confronts the worst street criminals, pimps and rescues a young German women from the worst forms of prostitution, pimps, Conservatives who don’t care about our fallen young people.

    Horst Wessel story is true and it’s an amazing true story. There was at least one Black and White NS German movie that referenced Horst Wessel – I’ve only seen a few scenes such as the one where his middle class German mother wants him to continue his college education and he points to a group of Communists parading below and tells her “The Enemy is marching down their in our streets, they are deceiving and enslaving our workers. I must get down there with our workers and fight to save them, fight to save our country”. Or something like that.

    I don’t have a single book referencing the Horst Wessel story – but can recommend the chapter on him in “to Die for Germany”.

    I can also share some personal New York City stories of my face to face encounters with insanity, racial terrorism, the worst heroin and crack cocaine houses just a a few blocks from where I lived. It is true that I and those like me felt and steel feel resentment and yes HATRED for the wealthy, cowardly Whites like the Bush Family, Mittens Romney, Mike Huckabee, George Will, Rand Paul or certain of my very close relatives who simply did/do nothing about the tens of thousands of regular people being abused or worse in our cities., too busy watching the Negro Felon League, playing golf, fiddling while Rome burns.

    I strongly recommend staying away from this “Joker” movie and please shield impressionable young people from being corrupted by this film and other films, television and music that promotes this view – at this stage of fallen civilization I wouldn’t be very concerned with books of this genre. Reading a book is always better than most alternatives.

  17. Very good and detailed review.

    I was quite interested in this movie, as it was outshining between all the usual crap.
    But the fact that it was made by jews and that it was heavily praised by the leftist mainstream media here in Germany made me very skeptical.
    Can as well be regarded as another attempt of the jewish masters to show the world how degenerate and disgraceful “Whitey” has become by now.
    We are more or less clowns now, embracing our own demise.
    So in the end it is typical Juden-wood. Just more subliminal than usual.
    This review spared me some time and money. Danke…

  18. Jewish trash. HW, you and your wife should of kept that money you wasted and put it towards your sons pre-school 4K tuition.

  19. We’re having a conversation about a literal dancing marionette.
    A Hollywood jew who’s strings are being pulled by other Hollywood jews.

    This is why we’re being marginalized.

    Kill your TV then get back to me.

  20. Batman is the bad guy. He punishes the social outcasts, misfits, and deprived to keep the modern neoliberal dystopia afloat. Say what you want about the Jokers of the world. They exist in an environment that denies the human experience (Gotham). The sickness is deep, and it’s symptoms aren’t going away because one billionaire vigilante is playing criminal whack a mole. In fact, I hope Batman becomes Blackman and all his enemies are white – the good guys.

  21. I’m not sure what’s up with this trend of right wingers disengaging with modern culture to reinterpret media and the it’s stories.

    This is a very bizarre phenomenon I don’t like. The reason why the Alt-Right grew was it’s scathing takes and interpretations. To take the heroes the Jews give us and turn them into the villains is an incredibly powerful force for opening peoples eyes.

    We want dialogue with mainstream narratives. We need to keep up the critiques.

    So, thanks HW, for pushing ahead even when many are refusing.

  22. drogger | October 5, 2019 at 12:20 pm |

    There are other ways Frodo.

    Yours was a False Dilemma fallacy.

    There are so many ways White European societies can have stable, positive, good governorship with rich and working class get along OK, good, men and women, mothers and sons get along good. This “Joker” world isn’t the only way it has to be or else it’s the Koch brothers way.

    Not, not even close.

    Here’s the false dilemma fallacy:

    (also known as: all-or-nothing fallacy, false dichotomy*, the either-or fallacy, either-or reasoning, fallacy of false choice, fallacy of false alternatives, black-and-white thinking, the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses, bifurcation, excluded middle, no middle ground, polarization)

    Description: When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes. False dilemmas are usually characterized by “either this or that” language, but can also be characterized by omissions of choices. Another variety is the false trilemma, which is when three choices are presented when more exist.

  23. There has been a lot of sniping about paying shekels to see “Joker,” and therefore by extension providing financial assistance to Hollywood and Madison Avenue jews.

    It’s entirely understandable that we do not and should not ever put money in the pockets of these poison merchants. But how many of us provide them financial aid by buying a alcohol, tobacco, books, or some other item that goes into their coffers to be used to advance their malevolent agenda?

    Miller brewing company supports the illegal immigrant marches as do Bank of America. Coca-Cola, AT&T, and a myriad of Woke corporations openly support “Pride” parades and the LGBTQ objectives. Try to find a company with a workforce of over 50 employees that doesn’t discriminate against straight White men through the Orwellian named “affirmative action.”

    How many of us can pass the purity test of not feeding (((the beast))) consciously or not? I am pretty sure we are all guilty of throwing shekels at the descendants of the Sanhedrin on occasion.

    “Joker” is triggering both left, right, and center. It exemplifies the breakdown of Western civilization and social communities that are impossible to ignore.

  24. My impression from what I hear (i.e. didn´t watch) : suggesting to Whites to react with VIOLENCE and PATHOLOGY to our plight. See… to me, it has never occured to go on a rampage… or to play sick, the poor mental person, play the victim, whine, blame, complain. I look for doable solutions. Why don´t we see Whites react in a constructive, optimistic, creative manner to the war waged against us?
    Now… granted… this is a film, it´s art… it´s fantasy, artistic expression… but we have learned that we are conditioned to a large part by the media that we consume. This all seems to me pretty much to be pointless violence-mongering. That´s just not stuff that I like to let into my brain… there´s any number of other stuff that´s more worth my time. But I´ll admit that, for entertaining purposes, I do every now and then enojoy some Hollyywood product that may seem questionable by the standards that I named. So… that´s what comes to my mind… fwiw…

  25. If you look at the structure of the story Joker is a functional anti christ. Shooting the Comedy Late Night host is a fun house mirror of the temple money changer scene. Spoiler alert. There are various stations of the cross. It’s like a freak show passion play. When his fellow clowns are in his apartment you even have the two thieves story right before the death and studio shooting and resurrection scene.writer inverts the mother and son relationship between Mary and Jesus. Son of Wayne son of Franklin son of a bitch son of Man.

  26. Joker is an inversion of the Passion Play. It could have been titled The Passion of Arthur Fleck. The writers took the template of Christ, terrible mom, terrible orator, bastard, bad worker, narcissism, delusions of grandure and gave the kids their Jesus in hiding behind caked on make up.who gets to have a ressurection. This is a very interesting story structure. The black girl is even his Mary Magdalene.

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