Elle: Victoria’s Secret’s New Campaign Features Transgender and Plus-Size Models

This is liberalism now.

Give it an inch on the grounds of fairness and it will take a mile. There are absolutely no brakes on this train as it levels and destroys all natural distinctions in the name of equality.


“What does the new Victoria’s Secret look like? For starters, the hired its first transgender model, Valentina Sampaio, earlier in August and its first plus-sized model Ali Tate earlier this week. Next up? Victoria’s Secret is making sure its new cast of Angels are represented in all of its stores.

According to WWD, this month Victoria’s Secret is collaborating with Emily Bendell’s Bluebella, the UK-based lingerie label that has long been dedicated to empowering women, on a collection that “celebrates inclusivity and strength—each piece is designed for modern, empowered, and confident women.” The advertisement for the collection, which features May Simón Lifschitz, Ali Tate Cutler, Olivia Sang and Laura Rakhman-Kidd, are not only online at victoriassecret.com, but in stores as well, including the New York City flagship shop on Fifth Avenue and London’s Bond Street location …

For the uninitiated, Victoria’s Secret has been scrutinized for its lack of inclusivity in the past following former L Brands’ chief marketing officer Ed Razek’s comments about transgender and plus-size models. …”

For those keeping score, liberalism began its campaign against racial distinctions between the 1940s and 1960s. It has long since progressed beyond that to the point where it now wants to abolish distinctions of beauty in this latest campaign against the prejudice of lookism.

It wants to abolish natural distinctions of sex between men and women so that little boys can be transformed into little girls and vice versa. It wants to decriminalize the border to abolish distinctions between nations. It wants to have the government confiscate firearms from private citizens. It proposes to give free healthcare to illegal aliens. It wants to revoke the tax exempt status of churches, colleges, universities that oppose gay marriage. It wants Silicon Valley to censor the internet to eliminate all dissent from the liberal narrative in the mainstream media. Almost as an afterthought, it wants to “declare war on White Nationalism.”

Who is the “extremist” in our current social order? It is the people who still have same beliefs as their ancestors or that they did about these subjects five years ago.

Note: It is only October 2019 so we likely still have some more slippery slope to slide down.

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  1. Is David French going to be one of the transgender models in the future? What about if he shaves his ugly face?

    • French wouldn’t pass as a tranny too butt ugly and that juden tier big nose he has, however he can be a drag queen and take part in Americas greatest liberties drag queen story hour…

  2. Must be a “cohencidence”, lol. Transgender models and Plus-Size models right after Epstein is “suicided”. I guess Epstein was opposed to Transgender models and Plus-Sized models so His handler Les Wexler who owns Victoria’s Secret had to get rid of Epstein, 🙂

    • Yeah i’m sure thats the reason epstein was killed he didn’t like trannies…, it had nothing to do with the fact he had blackmail on zogs allies. I mean epstein might not even be dead some rumors he was just flown to a remote island to keep him from testifing on prince andrew and the clintons

    • Snowhitey,

      Our society is an aberrant abomination of itself that if it were an person, in a chance moment of clarity, he or she would jump out off the top of the Seattle Space Needle.

      The (((torchbearers))) of degeneracy have flipped the script on what was carved in granite as unquestionably viewed as standardized behavior (I.e., conform or be cast out). The West still suffers from this cultural whiplash, and it continue to circle the toilet bowl, until it removes the infestation of alien merchants that control all the levers of what are considered acceptable norms.

  3. You notice how only the black looks like a real female? I guess the Asian’s face does but the body is questionnable.

      • Normally I’d be inclined to agree. But aesthetically, thicknesses’ face has the same trapezoidal tranny dimensions as Shanghai surprise on the left. Negroid women’s faces are totally un-appealing on a primal level. And the Asian “woman” is probably a trap, just for some “gotcha goyim, you just oogled a tranny!” angle.

  4. Oh baby! How hot is that picture?

    First you have the tranny standing there, with an “I am woMAN, hear me roar” stance. Now we know what Victoria’s secret is.

    Next, we have the nappy headed hoe for those into bestiality. Dark meat .

    Now we move on to the Thai ladyboy , did she have an “eggroll”? we”ll never know.

    And finally, the linebacker. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a woman with a strong jaw, who could kick my ass.

  5. They’ve been selecting androgenous models since the seventies. It’s just the end game now. Are we even human anymore?

  6. *I think David French wears ladies’ undergarments, because he’s a creepy-looking sex pervert.

    *Why are fat girls being promoted as the new standard for beauty but fat guys aren’t?

    *Why should we care about a new ad campaign from a lingerie maker?

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