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  1. what this dope Coulter doesn’t get

    is that Drumpf’s bogus battle with the “Deep State”

    is how he prevents his brain-dead supporters from noticing

    that he has betrayed them on most every populist promise he made.

    it is entirely a globo-homo dog-and-pony show.

    • I think Coulter knows it but won’t say it, because she knows every last door would close to her, because conservatards are such useless dumbfucks.

      What Coulter doesn’t get is America is already over, and the next logical step is dictatorship. Its just a matter of who has the stones to snatch the golden ring first, and rule with an iron fist.

      • “What Coulter doesn’t get is America is already over…”. Really? You think Ann doesn’t ‘get it’???

        “Women should get married in their 20s, have children, and stay away from politics, journalism, and activism…all that energy should go into the raising of children.”


        • You don’t get what she is saying at all.

          She says women go crazy, enter politics and wreck nations, if they don’t have families of their own. She thinks if they have children, they won’t turn into loony old cat lady liberals.

          I disagree with this based on what I see. White liberal women are batshit insane, regardless of them having families, because the CrAZy is in their DNA.

  2. I like where Ann dissed Trump’s Shiksa’s daughter Ivanka – said Ivanka was just a shoe’s saleswoman and shouldn’t have been brought in as a key White house adviser. Ann said Jimmy Carter never brought in his brother Billy Carter.


    Ann is pretty straight on, except when she personally insulted me, said I wasn’t a real writer.

    Well I’ve moved on.

  3. Mataxas is willfully in denial. I can’t stand blue pilled boomers like that. Imagine thinking Trump is doing a damn thing for America.

  4. Guaranteed that Ann has a substantial stash of preps/ammo/firearms etc in a Red State somewhere because she gets the crux of the matter which is (again for the people in the back) WE’RE NOT GOING TO VOTE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS.
    The Democrats will immigrate their way to dominance of the Electoral College. Trump is the last Republican President EVER.

    After that it’s the remaining GOP sellout before they abandon ship.

    The good news is that this vacuum will create a place for White refuge and assertion of our right to exist. The silver lining is we will no longer rely on the obsolete ballot box and will toss it into the dust bin of History. A strong, pro-White Party will emerge that will finally fight for our interests.

  5. Other than her refusing to “honor her father and mother” by having no keeds and doing audultry with Jews, Indians and who knows what else. She has some good ideas, for a mixed breed, Catholic father protty mother

    Oh and the adams apple.

  6. So as usual, everyone bitching about Trump, but offers nothing better. I do appreciate Trump has showed the media for the crock of BS they are all the time and that we are run by a deep state permanent bureaucracy.

    • Please. All women have larynges (plural of larynx). The only reason a man’s larynx ‘sticks out’ is due to the larger/longer vocal cord contained therein. Ann (being both tall and skinny) has a larger than normal larynx FOR A WOMAN, but she’s just too skinny for her height. If she put on twenty pounds, you wouldn’t notice it as much.

  7. Ann has stayed surprisingly sane, bright and still looks young and pretty on TV, videos. When I met her in person at the NYC “Holiday” party she looked old and frail and then she ripped in to me a vicious, many old b**** way.

    I’m over that, but I’m not being invited to any of these NYC “Holiday” parties.

    I’m surprised that frankly she hasn’t gone bad insane or just completely lost her temper and beat the living daylights out of the likes of Christian Coalition’s Ralph Reed.

    Ann does a good job of verbally abusing the long castrated Christian Coalition – I also love how she bitch slapped down President Trump’s Shiksa daughter Ivanka (Ivanka was my choice for traitor of the year 2 years ago) – said Ivanka was just an expensive women’s shoes saleswomen, also said Jimmy Carter didn’t make his brother Billy Carter a senior adviser like Donald Trump has made Ivanka.


  8. Someone | October 13, 2019 at 10:39 am | Reply
    “So as usual, everyone bitching about Trump, but offers nothing better. I do appreciate Trump has showed the media for the crock of BS they are all the time and that we are run by a deep state permanent bureaucracy.”

    I respond:

    We understand your “feelings” on this, but we’ve been down this road so many times – a great White Conservative savior, cowboy Reagan on a White horse riding in from (Where ?Hollywood California?) or even Bush St. who headed the CIA and then it pretty much all comes for naught, but Conservative inc and just regular White Americans say – “well look at the alternatives, it could be so much worse”.

    I say what’s needed is to do what GLR told us we had to do way back in ~ 1966. Get out of the Conservative sand box, which has long since become filthy used kitty litter.

    I would also add that we have to get away from putting all our time and hopes in Presidential elections, Presidential saviors – it’s not fair and open to us. It’s pretty much a fixed horse race.

    When we don’t have horses in a horse race, it’s foolish to waste all our time, money, hopes in hanging out at the race track. There are other places to be.

    We need to go state and local – we haven’t had anything like a tough populist Southern Governor since the days of Lexter Maddox and George Wallace. There have to be some well known, well liked Southern folk hero out there? Do all the SEC football coaches suck at politics?

    I highly recommend keeping a very, very low profile this next full year during the cursed Presidential circus. I recommend taking a strict “I have nothing to say” approach to any offers of mainstream media or even Conservative Inc media offers – it’s not a fair platform to present our views and reach our people.

    Instead it’s just a concerted effort to identify, out, dox anyone with sensible views on immigration, crime, racial realities, Islam and of course the JQ. The media led by the New York Times editorial board has openly announced that their plan is to now destroy President Trump and all Alt Right positions by smearing Trump Supporters as beyond the pale RACISTS. That’s the plan. So when the TV crew comes to film you, look at your gun collection and pretend to give your/our positions an honest hearing, NO – that’s the same as welcoming in the DEA, FBI, US Marshall Service accompanied by the ADL and SPLC.

  9. Based on most of the comments posted here I think it’s safe to say that white America is not only doomed but that the overwhelming majority of whites will do absolutely nothing about it.

    “You get what you fucking deserve.”

    – Joker

  10. Look at it like this: history has afforded us a golden opportunity to discern and analyze the toxins that are killing-and will kill-the United States so that said toxins do not take root and grow in the White Republic.

  11. They might as well do away with presidential elections and just make the head big-shot jew of the jew chabad lubavitchers the president of the United States. The big shot jew chabad lubavitcher president can be the president for life and when that jew president drops dead just make the next jew big shot head chabad lubavitcher jew the president for life ad infinitum.

    It wouldn’t be pretty but it would be A LOT more honest than the way things are now ; A president who is supposedly a “Non-Jew”, supposedly a “Presbyterian”, a daughter who supposedly was born NON jew but converted into a chabad lubavitcheress, how much plastic surgery she went thru to make it look like she’s not a Jewess, who knows, but I’m sure she had a lot of plastic surgery. A son-in-law who is a chabad lubavitcher.

    Ivanka’s mother Ivana is a JEW, so Ivanka did NOT convert from being a Christian to being a Jew. If she converted, she converted from a liberal Jewess to a chabad lubavitcher Jewess, that was her “conversion”, from one branch of Judaism-Jewism to another branch of Judaism/Jewism. EVERYONE In President Trump’s family is a JEW, including his parents who were Jews, but we’re expected to believe he’s NOT a Jew even though everyone in his family is a JEW and his parents [ who are both deceased ], they were JEWS. But he himself is *wink* *wink* not a Jew.

    Ivanka gets a lot of plastic surgery to make it look like she’s not a Jew, then after all the plastic surgery so she won’t look like a Jew — after all the plastic surgery she looks like a NON-Jew — then when she looks like a NON-Jew she converts from being a Christian into being a Jew, LMFAO!!!! Truly, we live in clown world.

  12. It would really be a plus if A Coulter and people like her who DO NOT CUCK, and are unwavering Pro-Western values Pro Americans & pro nationalists, where voted in political representative office.

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