British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Calls For December Elections

At this point, I assume BREXIT will never happen.

I remember being excited about it three years ago. Boris Johnson made a big deal about declaring Britain’s independence from the EU.


“LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally abandoned his promise of an October Brexit and pinned his hopes on a December election.

Two days after lawmakers stymied Johnson’s latest attempt to pass his European Union divorce deal, he said Thursday that the only way to break Britain’s Brexit impasse was a general election. Johnson said he would ask lawmakers to vote Monday on a motion calling a national poll for Dec. 12.

To hold an election Johnson must win a vote — by a two-thirds majority — among lawmakers. That looked like a tough task, with the main opposition Labour Party saying it would only back an election once the risk of Britain crashing out of the EU on Oct. 31 — its scheduled departure date — had been removed. …”

Richard Spencer was much more skeptical at the time, rightly so in hindsight, of BREXIT as a scapegoat for Britain’s problems. Everything we have seen since then indicates that the British people aren’t any better at governing themselves than the EU.

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  1. BJ is worse than useless. He is surrounded by kikes and pajeets. His Chancellor is a paki, so is his Home Secretary. As in the US, there is no real difference between the two main parties. They are controlled by the same people.

    • Blow Job is clearly a plant, but it is also undeniable that there has been a shift of political possibilities. The question is whether the Establishment will now be forced into a Brexit of some sort and what further changes to the political environment that will lead to. The hope is that the mainstream will then go in a more nationalistic direction.

  2. This economy zone of the British Islands is no longer a national union of the UK and The potato saint Patric saints . It’s better to break it off into five nations. Those nations are: The Isle of Man, England, Scotland, Wale’s and Gunnies land!

    That’s a True Brexit! The Union Jack flag (((fag))) is only combing the England Flag with the barbaric Scottish Flag!

  3. Hi folks….?!? Are we adopting Americanisms now? Howdy partnerrrr!

    Let’s hope the Brexit saga runs on and on. It is undoing of the charade and radicalising ordinary people.

  4. I hope the new election happens and Jeremy Corbyn wins, institutes full Communism and puts all the Jews in concentration camps and uses their money to fund Palestinian suicide bombers.

    Sure, he will also flood the country with Muslims but at this point, who cares? There is no hope, no salvation left for Cuck Island. They need to be left to their inevitable fate. The Britbongs have invaded, slaughtered and destroyed numerous nations on literally every single continent for centuries murdering millions of people, culminating in the holocaust of Dresden that killed hundreds of thousands – and they expect the world to forgive for this long history of genocide on behalf of their Jew masters? I don’t think so.

    The future of Cuck Island is to be either a mulatto nation, run by a Jewish royal family or an Islamic state. As for Brexit, that ain’t happening. A pathetic puppet slave state, that has lost 98% of influence on the global stage, isn’t going to suddenly control it’s own affairs. It’s a retarded reactionary fantasy from nostalgic old boomers who think they are going to get their empire back, lol. Even if they left the EU they would become someone else’s puppet.

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