Charlie Kirk Continues To Be Needled By Insurgent Groyper Nationalists

I think these clips are from his latest stops in Iowa and New Hampshire:

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    • Groypers are going to have a cuckservative type question ready for the screeners, then when they’re given the microphone they can ask their actual question. These tpusa college tour stops are being live streamed, so the questions will get asked, but whether or not charlie “the enuch” kirk answers is not assure, and they won’t allow for follow up questions either.

    • I reckon so.

      And thus ends the experiment of the false doctrine of “America is an Idea”, BS that the conservatives have been peddling for decades.

    • If I were there I wouldn’t have a question, just a comment: Charlie Kirk and his ilk suck. I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

  1. Hey shabbas goy, hamm, I mean Charlie Kirk. About your ‘greatest” ally crap.

    My answer to you and your LIES that you peddle about America’s “great” ally is this guy…….

    Is Israel “Our” Ally in the Middle East?

    To those who say that the USS Liberty incident, is a “conspiracy”, I say that they are a lying disrespectful piece of sht and a TRAITOR

  2. Just a thought.

    The event/presentation by C Kirk and others is named, “Culture Wars”, right?
    Whose Culture is being presented by C.Kirk and his guests, in these talks ??
    Is it an African Culture ??
    Is it an Asian Culture ??
    Is it a Middle Eastern/Arab Culture ??
    Is it a Inuit Eskimo Culture ??
    is it a White European/American Culture that C.Kirk and his friends are presenting AND defending??

    How can you CONTINUE to enjoy this American White Culture WHEN there are no more White Americans to propagate it ???

    Are Cultures and Civilizations INHERENTLY linked – (HEREDITARY) – to the people to the race that gave birth to them, or are cultures nothing more then “ideas” that can be adopted by anyone and survive with anyone ???

    • According to kosher kahnservatives like Charlie Small Face every group is entitled to their own culture except white people. For some reason we have to share our land and resources with everyone else. Toilet Paper USA is fake, gay and astro-turfed “opposition” to the Left that is meant to steer racially conscious whites into a dead-end.

      • “that is meant to steer racially conscious whites into a dead-end. “

        Exactly why I despise this type of conservative cuckery.
        Because it destroys the lives of Whites who are not yet red piled.

        C. Kirk, also panders to the zionist jews – This is a person who is WELL AWARE on the the real history of the jacobins and the French “revolution” (genocide).

        So I have to assume, C.Kirk is a dangerous gate keeper for the JQ.

        Thank God for the American Nationalist, for exposing this clown.

    • FYI- Anglin’s Daily Stormer told his followers to do exactly what this column is discussing. I think it’s a brilliant strategy. Muzzle us in one arena, and we multiply to declare the Empire/Emperor has no clothes, in a thousand other spots. BRING THE EMPIRE DOWN!

  3. Kirk (“church” lol) and TPUSA are basically the GOP version of a Leninist vanguard. Their goal is to educate the proletariat lest they stray too far from the main talking points.

  4. I’m not the biggest fan but I gotta give a little credit to the Nickers and the Groypers. Excellent work men, many whitepills. Also IMO this is IRL bullyciding.

    • I support this action.

      We don’t need to succumb to our own version of Trump Derangement Syndrome where we must take the opposite position on everything because we disagree with someone on this or that issue.

      • I absolutely agree, Fuentes just has a tendency to punch right and act like a little cunt. Hes good at what he does though and hes got the Zoomers zoom’n all over Kirk. Keep up the excellent work men.

  5. There is no point to talking to someone as dishonest as Charlie. The people who take the mic should just make statements and leave.

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