Bruce Springsteen: Trump Doesn’t Grasp The Deep Meaning Of What It Means To Be An American

The Boss has responded to Blompf.

Blompf doesn’t have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American.

Rolling Stone:

Bruce Springsteen laughed off Donald Trump’s recent comments about him during a campaign rally, with the singer adding that the president “doesn’t have a grasp” on what it means to be an American.

Springsteen’s remarks came in an interview with CBS This Morning, which first played the clip of Trump denouncing Jay-Z, Beyoncé, “Little” Bruce Springsteen and other artists who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. …

“We’re living in a frightening time,” Springsteen added. “The stewardship of the nation has been thrown away to somebody who doesn’t have a clue what that means. Unfortunately, we have somebody who doesn’t have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American.”

Donald Trump is 73-years-old.

Bruce Springsteen is 70-years-old.

Both Trump and Springsteen are Boomers. They are both from the New York/New Jersey area. They both came of age in the late 1960s/early 1970s. They both spent the prime of their lives as famous men in late 20th century America. They both grew up on television values.

In The Boss’s view, Blompf has betrayed the deep meaning of what it means to be an American, which he defines in his music as a peculiarly Northern, White working class, Catholic immigrant working in an industrial area life experience. Blompf isn’t a man of deep ideas and his immigration rhetoric was a product of his gut instincts, sheer opportunism and his advisers giving him his 2016 campaign message which struck a chord in the electorate.

History only moves forward and Springsteen’s America is rapidly changing. For most of the 19th and 20th centuries, the American North was defined by being unsettled. It was racially homogeneous, but it was ethnically and culturally diverse. Unlike the South with its agrarian economy and racial caste system, it was largely populated by recent European immigrants who worked in the Northern manufacturing belt or on small farms in the Midwest. Northern politics came to revolve more around ethnic, cultural and class cleavages. In the absence of large numbers of non-Whites, White racial identity became very weak.

America as a whole is becoming Mississippi. This is one of the most salient facts about American politics in the 21st century. The North and West have changed much more rapidly than the South. California blew right past Mississippi to become majority non-White in a generation. Alabama and Arkansas are now whiter than Bruce Springsteen’s New Jersey. The South has become more like the North, but the North and West have become more like the South.

The Boss appeals to a nostalgia for an America that is increasingly remote. If you are a young White male in the North and West, you are much more likely now to be native born. Your ancestors have been here for a few generations. You naturally speak English. You probably don’t work in a manufacturing job in Detroit, St. Louis or Philadelphia. You don’t nostalgically remember the Civil Rights Movement or the Summer of Love. You remember the Iraq War, not Vietnam. You get your news through your smartphone, not through network television.

The caste system that we live under today in 21st century America is woke supremacy. If you are a cisgendered heterosexual White male who lives anywhere in the United States, you are to blame for everything that is wrong in the world. You should be very sorry for benefiting from your white privilege. You are the oppressor of women, People of Color and the LGBTQ community. You are destroying the planet and causing global climate change. This is much more likely to be your life experience, not being a European immigrant who works in a factory.

Diversity is no longer a feature of the Deep South. Only around 54% of blacks live in the South in 2019. The rest of them live in big cities in the North and West. The overwhelming majority of Asians, Hispanics, Jews and Muslims also live outside the South and you are more likely to encounter them in the North and West where previously homogeneous communities are now being exposed to the wonders of diversity that they have heard so much about on television. Minneapolis has been overrun by Somalians like Rep. Ilhan Omar while Nashville has been overrun by MUH KURDISH ALLIES who were brought there by refugee resettlement agencies.

The “frightening time” that Springsteen laments is our new reality. It is not going away either and will only intensify. It is the postwar era that is fading and our national reckoning with the long term consequences of all of the various social revolutions of that era is approaching.

What does it mean to be an American? That’s up for grabs, Bruce. I wish I could tell you. No one really knows anymore!

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  1. Springsteen is a liberal, but in the older, more populist, working-class way, like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Blormp is just a buffoon.

  2. Springsteen is as remote from the blue-collar experience as George Soros. He’s an upper-class elitist lefty these days. I always thought he was incredibly overrated and pretentious. If you want to refer to boomer-era music that relates to the lower classes, stick with John Fogerty.

    As a Minnesotan, I saw the Vietnamese boat people come here, followed by the Hmong, then the Mexicans, and now the Somalis. The Asians pretty much stayed in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The Eighties was a time when we had more Vietnamese restaurants than anyplace else in the US, in fact. But the Hispanics and Somalis have spread all over the state. I expect to see Jose working the farms around Worthington in the southwest corner of the state by Iowa, but not Ahmed. Ahmed doesn’t usually work on the farms, however. We’ve just imported so much vibrancy from Africa in ‘sota that our betters in gov’t put them anywhere and everywhere. If not for my deep attachment to certain people, I would’ve left here long ago.

    • Sorry Rich, but there’s nowhere left to run. I’m your eastern neighbor, and in my state,White folks fled the diversity in Milwaukee and Racine only to find it followed close behind. Nowadays except for the far north, it’s everywhere.

    • “If not for my deep attachment to certain people, I would’ve left here long ago.”

      At some point Rich, White folks won’t be able to run anymore. They’ll haf to fight where they stand, with no more lines of retreat.

      Unfortunately, most Northerners haven’t had much experience in dealing with Messicans and Africans in America, or with Amerindians or other Asiatics.
      And unfortunately, this hard won experience is fading from the consciousness of Southerners. Or more precisely, squeezed out by a constant barrage of Communist lies and political correctness.

      • Brian and James, I’m aware that we really can’t run anywhere. Whites went to the burbs, and the nigras followed. Followed by the latinos and ragheads. We went rural…same shit, different day. Mainline churches empty, and mosques take their place. And so on. Which is why I’ve commented in various posts that we need to organize and come together. I don’t see it happening through either branch of the Uniparty, so we’ll have to go through the long slog of setting up our own Oranias. Unless the majority of pale people suddenly wake up out of their CivNat trance and clamor for an Orban-style party and leadership, which I don’t see happening.

        Hell, most Whites I know are afraid to openly say they don’t want blacks and Hispanics in their neighborhoods because of the crime and plummeting property values they bring. Or that their local schools have become dumbed down and much more violent. They’ll drop their voices or get close to me if they do say something so heretical. So people like us are a distinct minority. We can’t count on much help from most other Whites, at least for now.

        • Rich L,

          To hell with the sheeple cowards. I’ve been active irl since the early 90s. Back then it was like trying to yell over an approaching hurricane to be heard. Hardly anyone would take our warnings of the browning of America seriously, let alone the talmudic hand running the show. The only thing we had better than today was that the thoughtcrimes BS wasn’t in full swing, but we still had our run-ins with the jdl, sharps, and feminists.

          Whites that aren’t a part of the solution are part of the problem. At this point, if they cannot connect the dots, they’re not only useless but blindly stupid. I no longer have the patience or inclination to wake up ‘blanko consumerist’ conservative or progressive liberals.

          • November, while you were already out of the Matrix in the 90s, I was into Chomsky and radical egalitarianism. I believed Western civilization was THE great historical evil. In order for the multicultural, multiracial, borderless worldwide paradise of total equality to be achieved, it had to die. What I would’ve thought of you (or myself as I am now) would make the most hardcore Antifa thug blanch.

            Yet, somehow even I managed to wake up to the reality of the world and accept it. There’s hope in that.

      • “Unfortunately, most Northerners haven’t had much experience in dealing with Messicans and Africans in America, or with Amerindians or other Asiatics.”

        You’re giving Northerners wayyy too much credit.

        Since at least the 1960s Northerners have been exposed to environments where divershitty was present and acted in accordance to its nature. Northerners have observed divershitty in their travels, at work, in the military, while attending college, on television, in newspapers and magazines, while participating in various outreach programs, while walking the streets, driving through and around the “bad parts” of town, flying into/out of airports, eating in restaurants, etc., etc.

        Northerners are not homebodies. Divershitty is not a secret. Noting and confirming the consequences of its steady growth is not rocket-science. One has to be deaf, dumb, blind, and retarded to “not know.”

        There are other reasons not limited to the North and not flattering to the white race.

    • One of my earliest music staple diets, CCR !

      Loved them then and love their music now even more then ever.

  3. I was glad when this liberal boycotted NC because of the bathroom law. I would just hope this pro(?) pervert would make it permanent.

  4. Blompf and Hellary both bend a knee to the same tribe behind the never ending social revolutions and upheaval in the Occident.

    Springsteen is a pompous leftist poseur like Bono from U2. Both are immensely famous and wealthy and out of touch with Jonh and Jane Q. Public.

    Other than a few songs, I never really liked Bruce and company. Their infamous 3-4 hour concerts would have been like the ‘resist’ segment of SERE school.

  5. It’s easy to define the American ethnicity: whites who were born and raised in the U.S. That’s it. There was/is an American civilization and culture. If you’re white and grow up in it, you’re stewed in it. Regional differences are small and unimportant. Perhaps the only native born whites who aren’t automatically Americans in ethnicity are those born and raised in Hawaii.

  6. in fact

    Springsteen’s ‘Murka is the same as Drumpf’s:

    both live in a daily warm shower of Jewbucks.

    any “conflict” between these 2 hacks is

    mere rhetoric.

  7. “which he defines in his music as a peculiarly Northern, White working class, Catholic immigrant working in an industrial area life experience.”

    In cultural terms, everything is defined as peculiarly Northern. Which is why television and other mass media content describe a life experience completely outside the life experiences of Southrons and rural Westerners.

    For instance, Westerns from 1960’s television persistently showing wagon trains bringing setters from Massachusetts to West Texas and Oklahoma.
    In real life, Texans and other Southrons settled West Texas and Oklahoma, as part of the natural Southern line of westward expansion and settlement on the Dixie Frontier.

    Even now, there’s constant reference made to Northern culture, that’s simply foreign to me.

  8. and Obongo did? These NPC’s will never grasp that the federal government doesn’t care about Americans, and never has beyond using them to generate tax revenue and be cannon fodder. Votes don’t matter. There are rulers and the ruled. Plain and simple.

  9. F&ck Bruce. F&ck Pink Floyd, Kieth Richards & Mick Jagger and any other celebrity that sold their soul. Many times it’s been shown that the loudest S talkers were paid or black mailed to attack Trump. All the scum are outing themselves. Here and there though, you have your Ted Nugents. A REAL white boy rocker … that didn’t sell out.

    • Woah there gray ghost but why f*ck pink floyd? Say what you want about the other members but Roger Waters understands the threat of Zog and unlike springsteen Pink floyd has made some damn good tunes and albums Nugent is sort of a sell out tho hes a gun freak but his amnat fagotry can only get so edgy Agree about the rolling stones they became irrelevant after sticky fingers

      • Thom,

        I totally agree with you. Pink Floyd rules. “Dark Side of the Moon ” is a masterpiece. Roger Waters is sorta woke on the JQ/Zionist question.

        Personally, “Tattoo You” was the last good Rolling Stones album. But yeah, I cannot stand the “Glimmer Twins.”

        Gray Ghost needs to put down that bottle of Evan Williams and build his Confederacy 2.0 . But he’s still rubbing his rabbit’s foot hoping for a second term for Blompf and more “winning.”

  10. Bruce Springsteen is a limousine liberal and nothing more. How the hell would he know what it is to be an American ? The guy is insanely wealthy and like the rest of the wealthy they are far removed from today’s ” American Experience ”

    Make all the derogatory comments you want about the president but at least he gets it and that’s why he’s in the White House because the working people , the real Americans are the ones who support the president.

  11. Out of touch liberal bastard highly overrated singer and musician imo Old Boomer faggots love him pretty much sums up my opinion of him

  12. Bruce – “just call me Bruce” – might just be right.

    The real meaning of America, for anyone with the most elementary historical knowledge, is based on the ETHNOS STATE!

    Hence the form of government, which is a Constitutional Republic and NOT a democracy !!

    In the Preamble of the US Constitution the founders refer to their PROGENY which is IMPLIED to mean their offspring which is from European lineage !!!!

      • Back in 2015, I discovered The Daily Shoah. You can clearly see the influence that Mike Enoch had from Opie and Anthony. I’d also add something else, part of why the Alt.-Right is so appealing is the humor. Conservative, Inc. is so lame, that it offers nothing in way of humor. Between the religious types that freak out over use of terms like “Dildo and Poz” (they get more freaked out over people saying the term than they do with actual Dildo and Poz) and the policing of racial language-you can see the appeal.

        Opie and Anthony were great. It’s a real shame they broke up.

        • I agree.
          The Alt-right had and still has great attraction points and healthy outlooks.

          We need to keep the positive ones for our movement and let go of the menial worthless ones.

          Humour is always a great fly paper, now we need to add good wholesome identity based substance too.

          I was not familiar with this duo, Opie & Anthony, but I’m downloading their podcasts already.

          • @eksothen
            Couple of things. First, the influence of O&A can not be discounted. Second, I agree with yo regarding a wholesome identity based substance. Conservative, Inc. is always a day late and a dollar short. You can see that they are trying to sell the Shabbos Goy Charlie Kirk to “The Kids”. Too many of “The Kids” were exposed to the likes of TRS and you can’t sell them on the “edginess” of Charlie Kirk. (((Benny Shapiro’s))) appeal is largely to boomer grandparents that worry about “Nazis” being created on The Right.

            Since you liked O&A, check out Nick DiPaolo (he was frequently on O&A’s show). DiPaolo is really funny.

  13. Silly me, I thought Springsteen was a Heeb. Apparently, I wasn’t alone in this case of ethnic/religious misidentification. This article goes into detail about Springsteen’s Jewish connections and why many others perceive him to be Jewish.

    As for what it means to be an American, I haven’t the slightest clue. The only thing that I know for sure is that, I am not one. Even though, my family arrived on this continent when there were only English colonies on the Atlantic coast… they helped to establish The Republic of Texas… and members of my family have been in practically every war this country has been in… I have been told repeatedly by politicians and the media that, because I don’t condone or support homosexuality, miscegenation, integration, or immigration, I am not an American. After hearing this so many times, I have decided that they are right. Not only am I not an “American,” I don’t even have any desire to be one. I am a Texian and a Confederate and that is enough for me.

    I don’t get teared up when I hear “The Star Spangled Banner.” I loathe “The StatJew of Liability.” I have rewritten “The Pledge of Allegiance” as a denunciation and a refusal. I rewrote “The Battle Hymn of The Republic” as a rebuke against Northern sanctimony and thievery. I don’t feel a sense of commonality with Yankees or those on the Left Coast. I may be able to reach a consensus with them on some issues, but on others, we are usually not in agreement. And, I am certainly not going to go out of my way to extend courtesy to, and cheerfully interact with, people who look down on me and who smugly believe that they are better, smarter, and more sophisticated than me due to geography.

  14. I went to a Ted Nugent show recently and it was great.Very high energy! I’d probably fall asleep within 20 minutes at one of Snoresteen’s shows. The fact that the geriatric dinosaur media fawns over him says it all.

  15. I went to high school with Bruce. He was the biggest pot head in Freehold. Why do these musicians think they know everything after learning how to play guitar?

  16. Well, of course those people who live in America who put the concerns of America first, ideally would be called Americans, and would most certainly be White Europeans. However, nonwhites including Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese and jews, have never put America first and in fact it is quite obvious they put their own ethnic groups first without any consideration of what’s good for America or the common good. Blacks only care about black issues centered around free stuff and they have been empowered by the jews to do whatever they please. Hispanics, many here for centuries, do not put America first. They only care about hispanic issues, and jews, the arch culprits in our subversion, create division any way they can leading nonwhites against us.

    Whites and their once orderly societies and White homelands are targetted for destruction. America was an almost totally White nation, founded by White Europeans with Christian values. Nonwhites have not only refused to assimilate into White culture, but with the leadership of jews, they are all working together to destroy America by changing it from a once moral country with high standards set by hundreds of years of trial and error, into a chaotic, warlike, criminal, state, in which American Whites are not included, smeared as racists, and viewed as unamerican and subversive if they dare insist the US government abide by the principles laid down by the Founders and the US Constitution.

    This ‘American’ thing was based on the idea that people are created equal. But that statement was written exclusively for a White America. It was written before the Founders, the first Americans, knew America was going to be inundated with non-white races by immigration policies written by nation wrecking jews.

    If these nonwhites are promoted as ‘Americans’, as the jewsmedia is doing, then count me out. Truth be told, we simply are not equal. Race matters. Racial differences breed different behaviors. It’s pretty obvious that different races can’t really live together unless it’s understood that it is equal rights for all, special rights for no one, but that will never happen as long as there are jews in the mix creating all sorts of situations that are destructive to an orderly, moral, society.

    • great presentation of the issues and good analysis…..

      Allow me to add.

      The founders were and are, 100% right.
      We are all Created equal, by they Creator. But due to inherent nature and nurture, WE DON NOT remain equal !

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